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0 Chapter List 74 Miss Sister, I Think...
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu was scolded by Liu Youyou as soon as he woke up. He was unable to make any sense of the matter. He was completely seduced by the charm just now. Where did he know what happened. 』』

     "What? Xiao Leng is here?"

     Ye Shu rubbed his head and said, Liu Youyou patted the water angrily: "You don't need to wash it, you are a pervert!"

     Youyou got angry, Ye Shu roughly understands what was born, and Xiao Leng must have spoken out in the ambiguous short period of time.

     However, you can't go at this moment, you have to coax your own fox.

     Ye Shujian smiled, shyly leaning forward and said: "My fault, my fault, we still have major issues to discuss. Regarding the corpse control technique, don't be angry, let's continue talking."

     Ye Shu's face is thick, Liu Youyou rolled the eyes, there is nothing he can do with him.

     "You decide for yourself. If you really want to control Xiao Leng, I will talk to her first. After all, she is too powerful, and it would be too terrifying in case of backlash."

     Liu Youyou is very worried that Xiao Leng will go back. The evil spirit is not a solitary soul, unbound ghost. Xiao Leng is a tyrant among ghosts.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment, or decided to use the corpse control technique. I learned it all by myself. What should I do? It is also used for the safety of future lives.

     "Control it, we need a strong bodyguard."

     Ye Shu made the final decision, and Liu Youyou waved his hand: "I still want to take a bath... Go and ask Xiao Leng to come in, you are not allowed to come in again, this is a private space for girls!"

     Liu Youyou drove people away and drew himself into the water. Ye Shu glanced at the location of her mountain, secretly sighing that it was a pity that the two beautiful mountain peaks had been missed in vain."Also what are you looking at? Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking, you crazier!"

     Seeing him stealing a sight, Liu Youyou couldn't help but complexion turned red, and opened her mouth again.

     Ye Shu left with a whistle: "Why don't I take a shower on my own?"

     "You! Come back to me and see if I won't kill you!"

     Liu You cursed quietly, Ye Shu laughed, and quickly slipped away. A wave of molesting is enough. You can't be forced to be cheap.

     He went out to find Xiao Leng, who rarely stayed in his bedroom, sitting at the desk with his chin on his hands, not knowing what he was thinking about.

     She turned her back to Ye Shu, her ponytails tied softly and cutely, a small piece of snow-white neck was exposed, and her collarbone was faintly visible.

     And below her spine is the amazing waist. Continue to look down. There are two slender legs wearing white tube socks, with small toes on the ground, and two arches of feet are bent.

     so cute!

     Ye Shu sighed secretly and knocked on the door.

     Xiao Leng turned his head slightly and looked at him with cold eyes. Ye Shu smiled and said, "You are looking for you, if you have something to tell you, can you go to the bathroom and chat with her?"

     Manipulating Xiao Leng's corpse is too much, it's better for Liu Youyou to come forward and discuss this matter. It's hard to say that he is a big man.

     Xiao Leng is nodded, don't look at her cold expression, in fact, she is a youthful adolescent girl in her heart, not indifferent to outsiders.

     She got up and went to the bathroom, Ye Shu took this seriously. Just standing outside the bathroom waiting for the result.

     However, Liu Youyou and Xiao Leng didn't seem to talk about corpse control, but...have taken a bath together?Ye Shu heard the sound of water and laughter, a royal sister and a loli seemed to be playing in the water.

     Ye Shu was curious, and when he listened, he immediately heard Xiao Leng's cold and unexpectedly cute voice.

     "Sister Liu, why are you so big?"

     "I'm old, and you will have a good education, and you will also have one in the future."

     "But I'm already dead."

      The conversation of déjà vu plunged the bathroom into a dead silence. Ye Shu almost laughed, and quickly patted the door: "Youyou, have you finished washing?"

     His interruption broke the dead silence, Liu Youyou naturally understood what he meant, and began to shift the topic to corpse control.

     Accompanied by the sound of water and words, the two girls stayed in the bathroom enough for over an hour.

     Ye Shu couldn't figure out how they did it. It was a woman's Innate Skill.

     Fortunately, after all they finished talking, Liu Youyou came out first in a bathrobe, and Ye Shu quickly asked, "How?"

     Liu Youyou pointed to the bathroom and said: "I have made it clear to her, she hasn't made her answer yet. After all, she has no special relationship with you. It might be difficult to accept her being manipulated by you in the future, but she is very repulsive of men. of."

     This is reasonable, although Xiao Leng is acting as his own cook, but the true intimacy has not been established yet, it is indeed too much to control the corpse and soul.

     Ye Shu thought about it for a moment, then straightened his collar and said, "I'll go and tell her in person, it's time to perform a real lip service."

     Liu Youyou is nodded with approval, and Ye Shu is the party involved, so he should talk about it.Ye Shu walked into the bathroom with his feet up, and as soon as he entered, he saw Xiao Leng sitting in the bathtub, with two small feet placed on the bathtub gently.

     Her petite figure, this pose looks like being wrapped in a bathtub, very small and cute.

     Ye Shu looked away and said, "Student Xiao Leng, you take a bath too."

     Xiao Leng whispered: "Well, I haven't taken a bath in the past few days after you left, because my body joints are very stiff and it is difficult to take a bath by myself.

     It turned out to be like this. She asked Liu Youyou to help take a bath, and the two of them took the opportunity to wash together.

     A demon and a ghost are quite compatible.

     "Oh, yes, did Youyou tell you that? I think...just to manipulate..."

     Ye Shu went straight to the subject, Xiao Leng gently nodded, with no expression on her face, and she couldn't figure out her thoughts.

     Ye Shu hurriedly carried out educational work: "In fact, this is cooperation and mutual benefit. I feed you, it is against the sky, against yin and yang. This extremely mysterious and abstruse thing can't help but be vigilant, you see, we helped you get rid of it, you It’s less sad and more adorable, which shows that the external situation can change the ghost’s resentment."

     Ye Shu actually didn't understand the yin and yang, he only knew that the ghost raising technique was dangerous, and the corpse control technique could reduce the danger.

     This is equivalent to using a rope to trap one’s imprisoned ghost, five bodies build the foundation of a wire rod, and the brave jade pendant to control the soul. From now on, there will be an invisible line between oneself and Xiao Leng. In theory, Xiao Leng can be controlled. .

     He explained, Xiao Leng was still coldly silent, and his two white feet didn't sway, and he quietly put on the bathtub.Ye Shuxin couldn't persuade her. Just about to continue his mouth-cannon attack, Xiao Leng pointed at his feet suddenly: "I have cramps. Can you help me put my feet down?"

     Ye Shu squirted, you're cramping, you thought you were hesitating.

     Ye Shu hurried over, leaned over and gently grabbed Xiao Leng's feet, and slowly dropped them into the water.

     Xiao Leng exhaled, his legs are much more comfortable.

     "What did you say?"

     She retracted her feet and raised her head to ask, Ye Shu said it again, trying her best to speak as beautifully as possible, so that Xiao Leng was moved.

     However, Xiao Leng is a smart girl. She grasped the point and poked Ye Shu's heart straight: "You want to manipulate me? Why do you have such a perverted thought? I have followed you."

     Miss sister, what you said is wrong. Manipulation is manipulation, and perversion is perversion. How can you confuse one thing with another?

     Ye Shu explained bitterly, "Student Su Xiaoling, I think you have misunderstood me, I am doing it for safety, not for other reasons."

     "I don't believe you. Even though I know you are a good person, I still care about seeing you take the opportunity to touch Sister Liu's place, and you always peek at my white silk legs, sometimes facing me. The ponytail laughs strangely, I can't let you control me."

     The 16-year-old cute girl sat in the bathtub with her head slightly tilted, and said this calmly and indifferently.

     Ye Shu corner of the eye twitches, cheeks twitched, what kind of cute loli is this guy, Nima is a black-bellied queen, she has already seen her every move in her heart!Ye Shu Jing was unable to respond, his abnormality seemed inexplicable, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness in his heart, and even began to reflect, is he really abnormal?

     Xiao Leng stuck his toes out of the water, playing with bubbles, his tone was still cold: "You not only like white silk and ponytails, but you are also obsessed with my college uniform. Besides, you like big breasts, and you also like my flat land one could gallop. Loli’s legs straight across, even my waist, I don’t think a normal girl can let you control it."

     Stop talking, I'm guilty!

     Ye Shu was crying, Nan Wu Amitabha, he was sinful, and he was hopeless.

     He facelessly faced Elder Jiang Dong, hanging one's head dispiritedly and walked out. Liu Youyou waited for a long time, but when he saw his bird-like look, he couldn't help but wonder: "What happened?

     "After defeat, I can't tell her. I want to be alone, thinking about how to be a noble person, a pure person, a moral person, and a person who is free from low-level tastes."
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