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0 Chapter List 78 Am I That Easy To Lie?
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I was so happy. I thought I could touch Mengzi's legs, but Mengmei played a game with a word game.

     Ye Shu was secretly depressed, had to admit it, picked up the white silk and threw it to the bathroom.

     "Hey, wash your stockings by yourself, and you can't steal the blood in the bowl. Remember this."

     Ye Shu yelled at Xiao Leng's room and didn't bother to care about her. This student Su Xiao Leng is really not a well-behaved loli.

     He wandered to Liu Youyou's room, and as soon as he screwed the door in, he saw Liu Youyou typing in front of the computer, chatting very intently, as if he had encountered something of interest.

     Ye Shu leaned over and said: "What are you talking about? It's been several hours. Xiao Leng promised to let me control the corpse, and I will control her in seven days."

     Ye Shu casually talked about controlling the corpse, but Liu Youyou didn't care, and chatted with people in the group fiercely.

     Ye Shu looked puzzled, but saw many monsters talking in the group chirp chirp twitter twitter, and from time to time large paragraphs of text appeared, while Liu Youyou carefully checked other people's text and often copied it.

     "The immortal crematorium is haunted... Dayan Mountain wolf demon eats people... Dingning district cat demon weapon fight... Master Parrot calls for hourly workers, what the hell?"

     Ye Shu looked at it for a while and couldn't understand it at all. Liu Youyou copied a piece of text information, and then sat down with satisfaction.

     "This is the Reward Task in the Tianleifeng area. I complained in the group before that I couldn't practice. They told me that I could do the task to get the soul pill. It was great. I was going to do the task."Liu Youyou said cheerfully, looking like an impatient. Ye Shu frowned and said: "I probably understand, don't worry, your brain is not working well, first explain to me the origin of the Reward Task in the Tianleifeng area."

     Ye Shu's words made Liu Youyou's mouth pouted, and he raised his hand to hit him: "Your brain is not good, I am very clever."

     "Well, you are very smart, can you tell me about this Reward Task?"

     Ye Shu grabbed Liu Youyou's hand and smiled. Liu Youyou was lightly snorted and began to explain in detail.

     "First, the Tianleifeng area is the area of more than a dozen cities around us. Because Tianleifeng is the highest and is an iconic mountain, it is collectively called the Tianleifeng area. It is managed by the headquarters of the Tianleifeng Monster Office. In other cities, Reward Task is also from the headquarters."

     This is very easy to understand. Ye Shu has seen the monster market in autumn. It is really a monster mountain and monster sea. More than half of the monsters in the Tianleifeng area have come.

     "The Bounty Quest System has been around for a long time. The Yokai Alliance started to implement it when it was founded. The main purpose is to make full use of the alliance members to help maintain social stability. You know, many strange things are beyond the reach of humans and need to be handled by monsters."

     That’s right, there are too many strange creatures in this World, supernatural monsters are everywhere, which can easily lead to confusion, and the monster alliance can’t always send lawmen to deal with it. This Reward Task is to let "Scatter the Monsters" do things, and at the same time Can also temper the demon.

     "You can get a low-level spirit pill for the worst mission. It's really great. Give me a little bit time and I can definitely survive the catastrophe."Liu Youyou chuckled, earnestly from ear to ear. Ye Shu touched his chin and muttered: "I have a question, can anyone do Reward Task? If you can do it, why didn't you know it before? Could you not meet the requirements? The monster office didn't tell you that What about Reward Task?"

     Liu Youyou is currently only Two-Tailed Demon Fox, a monster who receives the minimum allowance, and his strength is very weak. Ye Shu's question was also out of consideration of her strength.

     "Requirement? What can be requested?"

     Liu Youyou waved her hand indifferently, but she still typed and asked the monsters in the group: Can anyone do these tasks?

     The monsters in the group admired Liu Youyou very much and responded enthusiastically.

     "The minimum requirement is to cross the calamity, but don't be afraid. I will do the task every day and take you. It is very simple."

     "It's been three years since I crossed the catastrophe. Which mission of Tianleifeng I haven't done? Come with me, and I will take you to the Immortal Crematorium tomorrow to get rid of ghosts. Haunted there often, there are many tasks and many rewards."

     "Miss Liu might as well follow me, the frog spirit in Dongting Lake, remember me? Although I have only recently survived the catastrophe, my strength is already very strong. You and I support each other and advance and retreat together wouldn't it be beautiful ?"

     This group of sex monsters is so enthusiastic that the group is about to explode.

     Although Liu Youyou was disappointed, she also moved a little, she really wanted the Essence Pill. But it's a bit inappropriate to drink and eat with other monsters.

     She glanced at Ye Shu squintingly, asking him for advice. Ye Shu curled his lips and said: "These monsters keep in mind constantly for you, and they want to soak you all day long. If you follow them, my green hat will be a little uncomfortable."Liu Youyou pffft, his sly eyes rolled, and a bit of evil spirit rose in his heart.

     "My husband is jealous? It seems that I haven't petted him for a long time."

     Liu Youyou's face was charming, playing with the old almanac. If it was before, Ye Shu would definitely be numb and heartbroken, but now that he is so familiar, he has no response, and he reached out and held Liu Youyou’s forehead and said: "Don’t spring, I’ll tell you the business, since you haven’t Don’t do the Reward Task if you have the strength. Although the big guys are comfortable, but if you encounter hard stubbornness, the big guys may not be able to protect you. Let's take the minimum security and survive the robbery."

     He did not approve of Liu Youyou's leapfrogging to do the task. Since the Monster Alliance has set the minimum requirements, it must be reasonable, and the task must also be dangerous, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

     However, Liu Youyou was still heartbroken, opening Ye Shu's hand and muffled: "I'm 180 years old, so old. Mr. Tree said that I missed the best time to evolve, and the larks looked down on me, and I didn't accept it!"

     Youyou is a simple vixen, not a stubborn monster at ordinary times, but now she is stubborn, which shows that she is really anxious, even a girl has self-esteem.

     Ye Shu stopped talking, and finally touched her head and said, "Well, I will accompany you on the task, but I have to wait for me to control Xiao Leng. With Xiao Leng, it is much safer than the big guys in your group. ."

     At the current stage, Xiao Leng is the OP, and Ye Shu also agreed with Xiao Leng in consideration, otherwise it would be impossible for him to agree.When Liu Youyou heard him say that Xiao Leng also showed a pleasantly surprised look: "Yes, I have forgotten Sister Xiao Leng, you must control her quickly, the three of us will fight the world, hahaha, it's hopeful that we can overcome the catastrophe!"

     Liu Youyou's temperament is easy to be silly, Ye Shu is funny, and his expression is quite doting. Seeing him with such a look, Liu Youyou felt inexplicably warm, and blinked and became charming again.

     "Husband Your Excellency, do you like white silk very much?"

     "Yeah... no no, why did you suddenly ask this, I am a serious person, not that dirty."

     Ye Shu waved his hands again and again, but he didn't dare to admit that Liu Youyou was a jealous jar after all.

     Liu Youyou looked angry and amused when he saw his guilty conscience. He moved his eyes and looked down at his white slender legs and said: "Don't lie, it's not a big deal. If you like it, I can Try to put it on... Ah, so shame..."

     Liu Youyou couldn't help covering her face, her face hot. Ye Shu looked at her blankly, his eyes sharpened.

     Okay, you fox, you still want to do me tricks? She must have realized that she has a soft spot for Xiao Leng Baisi, so she has to punish herself. At this moment, I want to provoke myself, if I get a set, I will definitely be scolded as a pervert, and then beaten up and lose money.

     So the truth only has one, that is Liu Youyou is testing herself!

     Ye Shu indifferent smile, am I such a fool? He stood with his hands on his face and said devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence: "Miss Fox, in a seven-foot man in the hall, with his head on top of the sky and feet on the top of the air, he has great talents. Although he is no better than Guan Zhong Leyi, it is definitely not Ximen Qing’s disciples, still hope the girl respects herself."He said this, Overwhelming Righteous Qi went straight into the sky, Air Of A Gentleman swept the sky, and even the sky was almost destroyed by his force.

     Liu Youyou looked at him stupidly, stuttering for a moment.

     "Oh... I always think you like Xiao Leng's white silk legs, so I want to try the white silk too. Now it seems that I misunderstood you. Husband, you are such a good person."

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