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0 Chapter List 82 Just Touch And Run, So Exciting
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shuwan didn't expect Xiao Leng to come back suddenly. He was playing happily. When she was caught on the spot, Spiralling Ascension to Heaven, the ceiling would be broken. Tian Lai Novels

     "Stop...Sister, stop, I'm going to die."

     Ye Shu whirled and danced in midair, call loudly. In fact, Xiao Leng was very measured and wouldn't hit him to death, but this time and again, he couldn't escape with his head full of bags, and his head turned dizzy, making him feel sick.

     "Twenty, twenty-one...just thirty shots, please bear with me."

     Xiao Leng smiled sweetly, just a word from Meng. She smiled only once, and then coldly, a blast of crackle rattle hit Ye Shu completely.

     After thirty strokes, she finally put Ye Shu down. Ye Shu lay on the ground with a few bags on his head. He wanted to vomit but couldn't vomit it out. It felt like losing his virginity.

     "You... why did you come back? Didn't you go shopping for clothes..."

     Ye Shu was live without hope and was about to cry. He looked up at Xiao Leng. Xiao Leng's face was cold and said, "Sister Youyou forgot to bring her wallet. I flew back to get it halfway, can't you?"

     All right, that cheating vixen, why did you forget to bring your wallet? Pit myself miserably.

     Ye Shu got up weakly, rubbing his head and grinning dryly: "Then you go get your wallet, no need to be worried about me, I'm fine."

     He was afraid of Xiao Leng one more time, and quickly urged Xiao Leng to fetch his wallet and leave. Xiao Leng tilted his head slightly, and sold him cute: "Then I'm leaving. If Mr. Pervert is not afraid of death, please continue to play with my body."

     This is really a lady, am I that kind of person?"What a joke, how can I play with your body? I don’t care about female sex. I just want to implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, single-minded practice of the core values of socialism, in order to realize the Fourth Motherland A modern and hard work!"

     Ye Shu swears loudly with his arms akimbo, Xiao Lengchan gently blinked her eyelashes, and smiled at him sweetly: "Then I will rest assured."

     She was finally willing to leave, took her wallet and left.

     Ye Shu relaxed, ran to the balcony and glanced downstairs, but did not see Xiao Leng.

     She might just float away, after all, Liu Youyou is still waiting. But it is also possible that she did not leave, instead hiding at home staring at Ye Shu.

     Although Ye Shu likes waves, he can't be too waves. I admit it today, and next time I catch the opportunity, I will let Xiao Leng's body call "O'Neill sauce" again, shouting special a hundred times!

      time is still early, Ye Shu has nothing to do. After returning to the room to see the sleeping Aiqier, he started playing on the computer.

     The play came in the evening, Ye Shu stretched out and heard the sound of opening the door, Liu Youyou and Xiao Leng finally returned.

     Ye Shu thought of Liu Youyou's white silk in his heart, and quickly went out to watch.

     I saw Liu Youyou carrying large and small bags, not knowing how many bags of clothes he bought. Xiao Leng beside him was also happy. When he came back, he floated back to the bedroom and got into his own body, and then ran out.

     "Go, let's go to the bathroom to look in the mirror and dress up. My sister will help you dress up beautifully."

     Liu Youyou took Xiao Leng to the bathroom, the two girls were very excited, looked doesn't look Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu squinted, he really has no position, he is your "owner" anyway.He couldn't help shouting: "I'll be your adviser, you need a handsome man to evaluate."

     He couldn't help but squeezed into the bathroom. The two girls looked back at him, like two tigresses.

     Ye Shu immediately ridiculed, scratching his head and flashing people: "I'm sorry to go to the wrong place, I just want to pull Baba."

     He didn't dare to go into the bathroom to see Chunguang, and the two women locked the door to cut off his sight.

     Ye Shu secretly curled his lips, and didn't give it if he didn't aim. Is it rare for me to succeed in socialism?

     He went to the sand to watch TV and waited for the two beauties to come out. As a result, two people came out after a full half an hour. Ye Shu glanced at him and was immediately surprised.

     Liu Youyou wore a women's white-collar shirt on the upper body and a hip skirt on the lower body. The black-and-white combination outlined her perfect figure. Especially the hip skirt, tightly showing her straight buttocks.

      What nice curves is talking about is Liu Youyou. She herself has a big chest and a thin waist. Dressed up as a white-collar worker in CD City, she is so sexy that she spurts blood.

     And Xiao Leng is always cute, but she didn't wear a uniform anymore. Instead, she wore a blue dress with white knee socks, highlighting the zettai ryōiki between the thigh and abdomen!

     Over-the-knee socks are much longer than mid-tube socks, and the temptation has also doubled, which makes people excited.

     "Beautiful, it's so beautiful, come, come closer, let uncle examine you carefully."

     Ye Shu had an idiot look, Liu Youyou smiled, and Xiao Leng glanced at him lightly: "Mr. Pervert, do you still want to hit the ceiling?"Ye Shu's neck shrank, and she fucked up, this female ghost was too arrogant.

     He stopped teasing, and the two women went back to the bathroom to fiddle for a while before they came out perfectly contented.

     Ye Shu glanced at them secretly, seeing Liu Youyou returning to the bedroom alone, and quickly slipped over.

     As soon as the door opened, he squeezed in and locked the door again, chuckled. Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him, with a shy smile on the corner of his mouth.

     "Quickly, where's Bai Si?"

     Ye Shupan was at this moment, really wanting to see the sexy vixen wearing pure white silk.

     Liu Youyou is very shy, but after all he has agreed, and now he has to satisfy Ye Shu, a pervert.

     She rummaged in the bag and found two white silks, which she put on in annoyance.

     This over-the-knee white silk is very suitable for Xiao Leng's style, highlighting cuteness and purity. Liu Youyou is more suitable for black silk, but she is also very charming in white silk, mainly because of the contrast.

     Such a sexy vixen is dressed in white silk and has two slender legs tightly joined together. Which man can not be crazy.

     Ye Shu saw it be full of praise and gave a thumbs up and said: "It's so beautiful, your legs are really superb."

     "You look dead, okay, look and see, I'm going to take it off."

     Liu Youyou blushed and began to take off the white silk. Ye Shu couldn't be easily satisfied. He leaned over and smiled: "Wait, Youyou, I used to sell clothes. I was called the little prince of fabrics. Because any fabric, just let me I can tell if it's a good fabric by touching it."

     Liu Youyou does not understand such thing, wondering: "Why are you talking about this?"Ye Shu said with a righteous expression: "You don't know that some humans do nothing in order to make black-hearted money, and fabrics are not absolutely safe. The chemical substances in many fabrics are serious and can cause harm to the human body, such as white silk. Don't be alert. Come, let me touch it to see how the quality of the white silk is."

     Ye Shu stretched his hand on Liu Youyou's legs, Liu Youyou's eyes were wide, and his pretty face was dark. He grabbed his arm and threw him over the shoulder and threw him directly into the bed.

     "You are so perverted! I only told you to see, I didn't tell you to touch it, huh, you are too lustful, I have to take care of you, otherwise you will become How come?

     Ye Shu got up with a wry smile: "Just a moment."

     "Do not!"

     "Just a moment."


     Liu Youyou ironed his heart and refused to touch, and even akimbo preached Ye Shu not to be too sullied.

     "We are going to do Reward Task. We will go to the monster office to pick up the task tomorrow morning. You can rest assured that for several days, you have taken so much advantage. Xiao Leng said you are abnormal. You are honest with me. point!"

     To be reasonable, these days are very relaxed and turbulent, but sincere heart has not taken any advantage, every time I die halfway, depressed to death, and be called perverted, I am not convinced!

     Ye Shu whispered to himself, and then thought of the task to be done tomorrow. I don't know what year or month to get what he wanted. This wave of cheapness must be accounted for.He immediately got out of bed and said with a serious expression: "I understand, I have had enough these days, it is time to do big things. As The head of the family, I will take the responsibility of taking care of you, please rest assured, I will not Not a man obsessed with beauty... Hey, Meteor!"

     Ye Shu suddenly pointed at Liu Youyou's back, Liu Youyou looked back. In this second, Ye Shu's wild horse splits the hooves, the old ape bows, and the Black Tiger Rip Out The Heart is in the willow with lightning speed. Youyou touched her thigh, then ran away.

     Liu Youyou dazed for a moment, squeezing his fists and gritting his teeth, so annoyed that he smoked: "Asshole, I can't beat you to death!"

     "It's genuine, can be worn, quality leveraged."

     Ye Shu ran so fast, he rushed back to the room and locked the door.

     Haha, run after touching it, it's really exciting. He rubbed his fingers, and the vixen's white silk legs were like praise, soft and warm, making people linger.

     He was perfectly contented, and Aiqier on the bed woke up and sat up to look at him in confusion.

     "Big brother, you... smile so good... so weird."

     As she said, she retracted into the quilt a little frightened, and peeked at Ye Shu with two big Shui Lingling eyes, as if she felt that Ye Shu would do bad things to her.

     Ye Shu's old face twitched, slapped his face, you laughed and laughed, scared my daughter!

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