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0 Chapter List 87 Scared To Pee
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Tibetan Mastiff ran to the Monster's Office with Aiqier, while Ye Shu and Liu Youyou took the bus and arrived after over half an hour. From a distance, they could see the lights in the yard of the office and the Tibetan Mastiff sitting at the door. Playing with Aqier. Tian Lai Novels

     The two ran quickly, and Ai Qier saw Ye Shu finally come, and jumped directly into his arms to act like a baby.

     Ye Shu squeezed her little face, and walked into the yard with Liu Youyou and the Tibetan Mastiff.

      It's already the night, and the aunts in the Monster Office are all off work, but Wu Meow is still waiting.

     A group of people walked into the lobby and immediately saw Wu Miao sitting at his desk drinking water, with a few empty bottles beside him.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, Wu Miao saw him coming, and said coldly: "Here, let's start, where's the vampire?"

     Ye Shu put down Aiqier, Aiqier resisted the stranger a little, and her expression was a little timid, just like a shy little girl.

     Wu Miao was stunned when she saw her, frowning suspiciously: "That's her?"

     "Yes, this is the international friend Ai Qier, very powerful, how do you check it?"

     Ye Shu replied, Wu Miao's gaze swept across the Tibetan Mastiff again, and finally continued to stare at Aiqier, very disappointed: "I thought it was a powerful vampire, but it turned out to be a kid. Did you fool me? It's boring, let's go."

     She was quite disappointed. She originally planned to fight hard, but turned out to be a child. Who wants to fight with the child?

     Ye Shu squinted, neither fast nor slow said: "Miss Wu Miao, don't be arrogant, I am not laughing, she will be scared to pee...to scare you."His mouth was quick for a while, and he said "urine". The disappointed Wu Miao burst into anger and gritted his teeth: "Did you see the water bottle on the table? I drank a lot of water deliberately. I am very anxious now. To prove it to you, your vampire can't scare me!"


     Big sister, are you confused? I have never seen someone like this...

     Liu Youyou was also a confused face, and the Tibetan Mastiff was dumbfounded with his tongue hanging.

     Only Ai Qier was very angry, she thought Wu Miao was scolding her big brother.

     "Who are you, why are you so impolite, don't scold others."

     Wu Miao stagnated, his anger was cut off halfway, and it was not easy to scold the kid, so he could only shout to Ye Shu: "Come on, aren't you good? Let this little guy do it!"

     Seeing her like this, Ye Shu was quite distressed, did he go too far, driving the kitten crazy, hey, sin.

     Helpless, he touched Ai Qi'er's head and said: "Qi'er, scare her."

     Ai Qier was already a little bit angry, and she immediately bared her fangs when she heard it, and barked several times at Wu Meow.

     Suddenly an evil spirit that did not belong to the East filled the fields, and Liu Youyou's skin became cold next to him, and the Tibetan Mastiff fell down like surrender.

     Wu Miao took the brunt, facing her Majesty with no Power of Resistance, she trembled violently in fright, and sat down on the chair, her face pale.

     Ye Shu quit while one is ahead, so Aqier retracted her fangs. Ai Qier was coldly snorted, holding Ye Shu's thigh to ask for credit.Wu Miao almost slumped on the chair, her fingers still shaking, and her face was white and red, and her crotch was...wet.

     Ye Shu said "Cannot help but laugh" in his heart, hurriedly said to Liu Youyou: "All right, it's over, quiet, you go outside and wait for me, I will go through the procedures with Wu Miao."

     Liu Youyou glanced at him suspiciously, but went out obediently, bringing Aiqier and the Tibetan Mastiff outside.

     As soon as they left, the lobby was empty. Wu Miao couldn't bear and covered his face wail, and almost died of crying.

     Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, has to acknowledge, Miss Wu Miao is indeed too miserable, but she did it herself.

     Her personality is very similar to cats. Animals like cats are very neurotic and will always make behaviors that ordinary people cannot understand. The cat demon is still a demon in nature, so Wu Meow is also more neurotic. He drank water and provoked himself, and then was scared to pee.

     Her crotch was wet, even her boots were already wet, and some parts were still dripping on the ground.

     Ye Shu couldn't look directly, his eyes were too spicy.

     He smiled dryly and soothed: "That...Miss Wu Miao, don't cry, no one knows. Or else you go take a bath first, I won't be in a hurry to handle the procedures of the task."

     Wu Miao didn't listen to him at all. She covered her face and cried more and more fiercely. When she cried, she suddenly began to hiccup and intermittent hiccups.

     So the cat cried a few times and hiccups, making the scene very embarrassing.

     She herself was so embarrassed that she didn't want to cry. She stood live without hope and looked at Ye Shu stupidly: "What else do you want to do... just do it."Miss, don't give up your life, the days in the future are still long.

     It was basically impossible for her to go through the procedures for herself. She didn't even want to go to the bath, so she broke the can and made people have no alternative.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but feel distressed. After thinking about it, he wanted to make a face of embarrassment and whispered: "Wu Miao, you don't have to be so sad. In fact, I...I also pissed the pants last time."

     He naturally lied, but when he panicked, Wu Miao immediately moved, and a light appeared in his eyes.

     "At what time?"

     She asked eagerly, and seemed to be looking for a hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother.

     Ye Shu scratched his head embarrassedly: "Last time, after you urinated, I ran out and also couldn't bear. On the street... At that time, there's some left pedestrians watching me, it was really shameless to live."

     His acting skills can hit ten, Wu Miao regained his vitality, biting the corner of his mouth and staring at him: "Really? Aren't you embarrassed?"

     "Yeah, I'm ashamed, I almost wanted to hit the wall and die when I went back."

     Ye Shu quietly responded, as if telling a secret. The corner of Wu Miao's mouth curled, and she couldn't help but smile to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     But she immediately endured it again, afraid that Ye Shu would be sad.

     "Actually, it doesn't matter. What are you afraid of as a man? I don't feel embarrassed even if I'm like this."

     Wu Miao's yin and yang reversal was so good, Ye Shu secretly rolled his eyes, and smiled like an old friend: "That's right, it's all over, you don't be sad, go take a bath, I will help you mop the floor. ."

     Wu Meow complexion turned red, looked at a pool of water on the ground, face blushing, and ran to the bathroom without a word.Ye Shu was relaxed and finally got it done. This cat is really cheating, otherwise it's really hard to get it done.

     He blew the whistle and mopped the floor clean, Wu Miao also came out thoroughly, and his face became much gentler.

     Ye Shu hurriedly went over and smiled and said, "Examiner, can you give me a task?"

     Wu Miao was still a little embarrassed, did not speak, just nodded, and then took Ye Shu to open the computer registration file.

     After registering, as long as the weasel is brought to the office, Liu Youyou can receive a good spirit pill.

     However, when registering, Wu Miao suddenly became serious and stared at the screen and said: "Quest Update is here, and the headquarters of the Tianleifeng office has come to announce that the weasel has taken a ten-year-old girl, suspected of being imprisoned, and the degree of difficulty has increased. "

     Ye Shu was taken aback, is it impossible to claim the increase in difficulty?

     "Will Liu Youyou still be Task accepted? We are very strong."

     Ye Shu asked hurriedly, Wu Meow nodded: "You have that vampire, it's okay. But the weasel has imprisoned a human girl. If you let him run away, he might kill in anger. According to my experience, he was kidnapped. That girl is a hostage. You must not let him escape. You must also find his lair and rescue the girl. The reward is three intermediate spirit pills."

     The difficulty has increased and the rewards have increased.

     Ye Shu thought for a while. He had Xiao Leng, a daughter, and a dog monster. It shouldn't be a problem to catch the weasel.

     He was still Task accepted, Wu Miao also registered Liu Youyou's name, and the procedure was completed.Upon completion, Ye Shu left immediately. Unexpectedly, Wu Miao stopped him suddenly, his eyes drifted and said: "Wait, did you actually comfort me on purpose? You don't have the one on the street."

     I rub, this guy calmed down and his IQ recovered?

     Ye Shu's heart jumped, busy devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence and said: "I really pissed the pants, or pissed under the full light of day, which caused me serious physical and mental trauma, so painful."

     He said firmly, but it was a pity that Wu Miao's IQ gradually went online and he became more and more suspicious.

     "You are always rude, teasing me every time, I can hardly believe you."

     "Well said, in order to make you believe, next time I will open a room with you alone to talk slowly, bye."

     Ye Shu lifted his foot and walked away, Wu Meow clenched the teeth, watching him become more suspicious, and blocked his way with a leap.

     "You can tell me clearly now, are you peeing at all!"

     Let me go, big sister, do you have this kind of person? It's just abnormal.

     Ye Shu was a little anxious, this neurotic cat had to toss himself, he really had no alternative.

     He immediately planned to come cruelly and began to untie his pants. Wu Miao was taken aback and scolded him for what he was going to do.

     "You don't believe the last time, then I will come again this time, and I will pee my pants in front of you so that you can be full.

     Ye Shu took off his pants, "Men's pants are very thick, you can't see clearly, I only wear pants for you to see, don't blink."

     However, Wu Miao was already flushed with embarrassment, turned her head and ran away."Enough, you scumbag, you bully me every time, I'm unlucky. But this is the last. Next time I will tell Bai Ling that she is a red robe lawman, and she learned from Dongyang's auntie Yi, a sword cuts you off... you wait to die!"

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