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0 Chapter List 91 Smash A Catfish Monster
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The pitch black along the Xishui River, the sound of the river flowing melted into the night, seemed a bit strange.

     The dog barking came from far away, making it difficult to determine the direction of the barking.

     Ye Shu left the rented house with two little loli and walked to a place with street lights.

     With the light of the street lamp, the frightened little girl finally stopped crying, lying in Ye Shu's arms and gently twitching her shoulders, extremely exhausted.

     Ye Shu remained silent, looking at the river bank in the distance, and could vaguely see some wild dogs running.

     At this time, the barking of the dog suddenly approached, as if they ran back again. Ye Shu couldn't help but caught the weasel?

     But that's not right, the barking of the dog is still fierce and strong, if you catch a weasel, it is definitely not such a sound.

     Did the weasel run this way? Wild dogs are chasing over?

     Ye Shu frowned, and quickly left with the two little girls, lest the weasel come back to see them fly into a rage out of humiliation.

     But already comes without enough time, Ye Shu only heard a sharp roar, a black figure rush forward from the nearest roof, is it a weasel or who?

     The bastard actually came back, so much faster than the wild dogs.

     Ye Shu's mind is startled, and his reaction was quick. He turned around to block Aiqier, reached out and grabbed the jade pendant hanging on his neck and shouted, "Xiao Leng!"

     Suddenly, a gust of wind blew up, and the door of hell opened in the dark night, and the wordless and uncommunicative girl with two pony tails and white silk floated out.

     The weasel was already close to Ye Shu, just two meters away. As a result, he was so frightened that he screamed and stopped the sprint abruptly, hitting the ground like a top, and rolling a few times.Just yin air frightened him. Where did he dare to attack Ye Shu, after rolling on the ground a few times, he jumps up suddenly and plunged into the Xishui River.

     And Xiao Leng floated in the air with a confused face, tilted the head to see Ye Shu: "What are you doing? I slept well."

     Ye Shu was so depressed that he was about to vomit blood, his bodyguard was sleeping? if not because of the compulsory manipulation of the corpse control technique, he still can't summon her out, this girl is too irresponsible.

     "Don't be cute, did you see the weasel just now? Catch him back."

     Ye Shu pointed to the smelly Xishui River. Xiao Leng frowned and said speechlessly: "Do you want me to enter the river? Would the dirty white silk make you more excited? It's really abnormal."

     I go!

     Miss sister, all at what time, can you not stay? Ye Shu rolled his eyes, this Xiao Leng was too dirty and didn't want to do it.

     "Forget it, you go back to the jade pendant, don't leave too much Yin Qi."

     Ye Shu didn't expect Xiao Leng, Xiao Leng was reluctant to do so, yawned floated back to the jade pendant.

     At this time, Ai Qier said: "Big brother, just let me clean him up just now, you blocked me."

     Ye Shu was startled and couldn't help but pat his head to be annoyed. Yes, Her Majesty is here. He always regards her as the loli of lacking the strength even to truss a chicken, ignoring her ability. Maybe we have caught the weasel.

     He smiled bitterly: "I'm sorry, Qi'er, I always forget your status, and I will definitely let you do it next time. You are much better than some cute evil ghost."As soon as the words fell, the jade pendant on his chest suddenly floated, and then he slapped Ye Shu on the face, making him scream. This damn little cold is taking revenge on himself!

     Ye Shu was inwardly cursed, and the wild dogs were also approaching at this time. The Tibetan Mastiff ran the fastest, and Liu Youyou also leaped with his tail.

     "Did you see the weasel? He ran this way."

     Liu Youyou anxiously said, she is much stronger than the weasel, but Du can't keep up with the weasel, and this chase is useless.

     Ye Shu pointed to the river and explained it, and the dog monsters all barked at the river, but no one wanted to go into the river.

     The river is very shallow, but it is too dirty to look directly at. The weasel lurks at the bottom of the river, and the group of people and dogs are not willing to go down.

     Liu Youyou retreated several steps: "Don't let me go down. It smells like a cesspool."

     As she said, she took the little girl in Ye Shu's arms: "She is the victim, so pitiful, let my sister hug."

     The little girl was timid, didn't dare to say a word, but still let Liu Youyou embrace.

     "I'll take her to talk alone, Ye Shu, hurry down to catch the weasel."

     Liu Youyou said solemnly, holding the little girl and walking away, probably asking her if she was violated.

     Ye Shu hugged his hands and shook his legs, staring at the river sadly, what should I do?

     A large group of wild dogs were also anxious on the shore, and the Tibetan Mastiff flung his tongue stammeringly and said: "Big...Big brother, let's...move a rock...to smash him."

     The water in the river is very shallow, and the weasel should have been crawling and hiding at the bottom of the river. Moving a rock can indeed hit him. If he was smashed, he would float."Okay, let the dogs pick up the rocks. The bigger the better, I'm going to shoot, Master."

     Ye Shu waved his hand, and the Tibetan Mastiff was immediately screamed. Hundreds of wild dogs ran away, and soon ran back with stones of different sizes. The Tibetan Mastiff pushed a stone the size of a basketball.

     Seeing the stones piled under his feet, Ye Shu immediately grabbed the stones and threw them.

     He remembered the approximate location where the weasel fell, so he slammed towards that location. He smashed a dozen pieces and didn't respond. He picked up the big rock that the Tibetan mastiff had pushed back and threw it down suddenly: "I can't kill you!"

     The big rock fell, arousing a large amount of water, and then there was a bang, as if it had hit something, and the sound was different.

     Ye Shu and all the dogs were overjoyed and stared at the river. In the blink of an eye, a dark and fat body came out, his head held high and glared at the shore, the two tentacles at the corners of his mouth flew with anger, and a big bag on his head was blue and swollen, very funny.

     The dogs seemed to feel uneasy and shrank their heads. The Tibetan Mastiff also said solemnly: "So powerful's monster."

     Only Ye Shu smiled and waved at the big fat man: "Hi, brother, it's me, big brother."

     Isn't the catfish monster in the river or who?

     The catfish monster also saw him, and couldn't help but be overjoyed: "Brother, why are you here, I saw you as soon as I shit, why did you hit me?"

     He calmed down, and Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry and said: "Sorry, the monster alliance is catching the weasel. We took the task to do it. I almost forgot that you are the king of the river of Xishuihe. Now, how disturbing is still looking for forgiveness.""It's easy to say, weasel, right? I just said what he did by jumping into the river suddenly. It turned out to be a crime. Lao Tzu has long seen him not pleasing to his eyes. He peeed into my river every day, Niang Xipi!"

     The catfish monster cursed casually, and then slapped the palm of his hand to the surface of the water, and the surface of the river 20 meters away suddenly split, a strong stream of water stod straight, rushed out a dark and dirty weasel and hit the shore. . This bastard swam so far furtively.

     "I stunned him, eldest brother, you take it for business. By the way, is the vixen out of prison? Do you want to sit in my house? It's very comfortable, like a hot spring."

     The catfish monster is really a straightforward monster. Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitch hurriedly smiled and said, "I'm out of prison. I'm still in a hurry, so I won't go to your house and sit next time."

     The Catfish Monster didn't force it, and waved his hand and left: "Then I will continue to shit, and you just smashed it."

     He twisted his ass and dived into the bottom of the river, Ye Shu was funny, he wanted to laugh when he saw the king of the river.

     The Tibetan Mastiff took the wild dogs and surrounded the weasel. The weasel had been stunned, and his body was smelly and there was black water, which made people cover their noses.

     Ye Shu ran to the weasel's rented house and brought a bucket of water to wash him down. It was clean.

     Then he went to find a rope and tied the weasel to a zongzi.

     At this time, the weasel finally awake leisurely, looking at a large swath of wild dogs around him in horror.

     Ye Shu stared at him coldly and said: "Wake up, do you go by yourself or do I drag you away?""Yes, please let me off, I was only possessed for a while, and I was deceived. Really, I didn't want to catch a little girl. I took the wrong path just to practice."

     To practice? Ye Shu brow raised, and Ai Qier behind her suddenly poked her head out and smiled at the weasel: "Don't lie."

     Her sweet laugh was so heart-warming, the dogs all around screamed drunkly, and the weasel was even more stunned and couldn't help swallowing saliva.

     Ye Shu patted Aiqier on the head, not allowing her to show up. Then he gave the weasel a kick directly: "Still pretending to be garlic? Look at your disgusting look, you are still torturing that girl, what a bastard thing!"

     The weasel screamed in pain, begging for mercy: "Big brother, I only love the little girl. Although I beat her, I still like her, and I didn't violate her. It's just that she is disobedient and always wants to resist me... Being bewitched by others and wanting to use blood to cultivate is really not for the purpose of infringement."
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