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0 Chapter List 96 A Heartbreak
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Unexpectedly, I encountered a ghost in the crematorium!

     When she was recruited by Master Yang to the basement of Boss Su, she had a relationship with Ye Shu and coveted Ye Shu's blood. She wanted to follow Ye Shu brazen faced.

     At this moment when they meet again after a long period of separation, it can be said that the ghost eating is broken. If it weren't for the Yang Qi on Ye Shu's body, she would definitely fall into Ye Shu's arms.

     "Handsome guy, people have been thinking of you. For this day, I even went to learn makeup, Meimei, I'll go and show you makeup right away."

     Ghost eaters happy and excited, Ye Shu couldn't help smiling bitterly. This female ghost was nothing more than her own blood and wanted to follow her. At the moment, she was like a good girl with unrequited love.

     "Don't have to, let's just say something straight, I'm here to exorcise ghosts. Recently is that you are doing trouble? Want to hurt others?"

     Ye Shu went straight to the subject, and the ghost eater shook his head again and again: "Why? I won't harm people. The ghosts in our immortal crematorium are all good ghosts. People are not only beautiful, but also kind."

     The ogre looked aggrieved, and his bursting face looked quite scary.

     Aiqier interjected: "Then you were scaring us in the drawer just now. You see your face was so ugly by the fire."

     Aiqier children's words carry no harm, the ghost eater immediately became half-dead, and said with his arms akimbo: "Do you know how to talk? I am...smoky makeup, What do you know?"

     A ghost is a ghost who loves beauty and cannot tolerate others calling her ugly. Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, pulls away Aiqier to stop her from speaking."All right, ghosts, don't be angry. I really have business. Since you are the ghost of the immortal crematorium, you should know that the monster alliance sends people to exorcise ghosts every month, right? Nothing went wrong before. How did you scare people into a silly month?"

     Ye Shuzheng asked, the ghost-eating star was obviously taken aback: "Is there? Although some ghosts like to scare people, they are never too much. If someone comes to exorcise ghosts, we also give face. In fact, we have excellent ghost king trials every month. It's noisy, but it's not harmful."

     The ghost eater explained it in detail, and Ye Shu asked some more questions, probably figuring out why the funeral home was haunted.

     After there were more ghosts from the immortal crematorium, family gangs were formed, and disputes continued. In order to better help each other and reduce disputes, the ghosts here will select the best ghosts to be the king of everyone, referred to as the ghost king, unify the crematorium, and reasonably allocate the time and qualifications of each ghost to absorb the stigma of the corpse, referred to as Dividing the yin to the household has greatly promoted the harmony between ghosts and ghosts.

     "I understand this. It's inevitable to select the ghost king. It's unavoidable, but you don't have to choose every month, right? Choosing once a year is redundant."

     Ye Shu was surprised, the ghost-eater rolled up a wisp of show, and a little girl said in a gesture: "You know something, handsome guy, everyone wants to be a ghost king. It's a month long. Think about it, We are solitary souls, unbound ghosts, and we may be caught by bad guys at any time. We will reincarnate without paying attention. We don’t have much time to be happy, so we must take turns to select ghost kings. It is said that we will be selected once a week starting next month."

     Mom's mentally retarded, ghosts in the city can really play.Ye Shu curled his lips and nodded: "Okay, I understand. But last month, a ghost-expelling monster was really frightened. There is still one. The corpse burner almost burned his own hands. Lying in the hospital, really you didn't do it?"

     After hearing this, the ghoul looked thoughtful and said: "There was something wrong last month. I went to a man and was not there. Ah, don’t be jealous. People are the only one in my heart, but sometimes it is inevitable to betray you in order to take a breath. , 嘤嘤嘤."

     Ye Shu almost squirted, and Ai Qi'er poked her head out and glared at the ghostly. Liu Youyou, who had been silent, also narrowed her cold eyes.

     Ye Shu hurriedly raised his hand to stop: "It's alright, let your current ghost king come out, I'll talk to him."

     "Today, the ghost king has been impeached. The new ghost king will be selected at 12 o'clock tonight. They are warming up. Come and sit in first. You are welcome, just treat it as your own home."

     The ghost eater enthusiastically invited Ye Shu into the cremation room as a guest. Ye Shu was helpless, but he didn't expect to catch up with their ghost king selection tonight.

     He couldn't help but picked up Aiqier inside, and Liu Youyou also followed in dissatisfiedly.

     There was a strange smell inside, and a crematorium was still breathing fire. The ogre smiled and grilled his face, and put on another smoky makeup before turning off the fire.

     After that, she floated out directly from the vent, saying that she was going to inform everyone of the guests.

     As soon as she left, Liu Youyou immediately pinched Ye Shu's old waist and cursed: "Okay, you son Ye, be merciful everywhere, even this kind of female ghost, your taste is really good."Ye Shu was grinning in pain, and begged for mercy again and again: "Misunderstanding, she has fancy my blood, and always wants to follow me like Xiao Leng, I am such a dedicated person how can it be agreed yes or no?"

     "Yes, elder brother won't agree. She doesn't look good and has short legs. Big brother doesn't like touching it."

     Ai Qier helped Ye Shu to speak, but Liu Youyou became even more angry and twisted fiercely: "Why does Qier know that you like to touch your legs? You are a pervert! Have you done it to Qier...too much!"

     I wipe! Ye Shu burst into tears with pain, and quickly winked at Ai Qier, and Ai Qier said solemnly: "Big brother has never touched my leg, but he will marry me when I am twelve years old."


     Ye Shu was about to vomit blood and died, Liu You was so furious that he would be beaten up by holding him down, making him bloody nose and swollen face, whine on for days.

     Fortunately, at this time, the wind was blowing, the cold wind blew in from the vents, and a large group of solitary souls, unbound ghosts floated in like Ganji.

     Most of them are of the same level as green and bald, and they are very weak, but there are also some powerful evil spirits that look terrible.

     Ye Shu smiled and greeted casually. All the ghosts looked at him in surprise, talk in whispers, there's some left. The ghosts smelled Ye Shu and began to swallow.

     In such a chirp chirp twitter twitter, the sound of erhu suddenly came from the vent.

     Ye Shu looked up and saw that in the vent, a thin man with sunglasses was pulling his erhu with his legs up.This man is estimated to be more than 50 years old. He is a decent Chinese tunic suit, a pair of clean sunglasses, and a pair of black cloth shoes. He is not a common chord.

     The sound of the erhu is long, and it is exactly the "Two Springs Reflecting The Moon" by the blind A Bing, which sounds very nice.

     Ye Shu couldn't help clapping his hands and praised: "The old gentleman is amazing, dare you ask the name of your respect?"

     Ye Shu gave such a compliment, the old gentleman shook a bit, took off his sunglasses with shaking hands, his eyes were teary.

     "Since the Republic of China, the old man has never been praised by anyone. I don’t want to be praised by you today. I am really surprised. As the so-called a song that wrench the heart, where can I find a soulmate in the world. If you don’t dislike it, the old man will give you a hand again. "Lofty mountains and flowing water"......Ah!"

     The old man didn’t finish, he was kicked and rolled down screaming. A group of late ghosts foul-mouthed in the air vent came in: "Fang Zhiqian, do you have to block the hole? The early death of the Republic of China Now, it's so sorrowful every day to express condolences, so annoying!"

     A group of ghosts laughing heartily, the cremation room was filled with happy air.

     The old Mr. Fang Zhiqian got up in embarrassment, picked up his erhu and sunglasses, sat aside, and said without confidence: "This is not sadness and joy, lofty mountains and flowing water meet friends..."

     "Where did you go a few days ago? You must have gone to the Chenghuang Temple to steal someone's tribute again."

     The ghosts did not listen to him, and deliberately shouted loudly, Fang Zhiqian flushed, and the blue veins on his forehead burst out, arguing: "Why are you so innocent? The old man is a scholar, what about scholars? Can it be called stealing? A gentleman is poor, but stealing can be punishable..."When the ghosts listened to him, they were stubbornly choking, and they couldn't help laughing. Fang Zhiqian laughed silly after seeing them laugh, and the cremation room was filled with cheerful air.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou looked at each other, neither of them understood the situation.

     At this time, the late evil spirits floated in front of Ye Shu and shouted: "Where are the living people? I want to die? We don't give the face of ghosts, even if she is the flower of the crematorium, this is the principle. problem!"

     They straightly gave a disagreement, Ye Shu frowned, and Ai Qier beside her leg suddenly shook her hips: "You are too much, why are you bullying the old man? You also scold my brother!"

     Ai Qier was angry and wanted to stand up for Fang Zhiqian and Ye Shu. When the ghosts saw a little Lolita cursing, they laughed wildly again.

     Achille snorted annoyed and opened her fangs suddenly: "Woof!"

     For an instant, the cremation room fell silent, and a large group of ghosts retreated in fright, some of them stuffed their heads into the crematorium.

     The ghosts with bad attitudes were also very scared, and they quickly showed a flattering smile, and stooped to apologize: "Little sister...Don't be angry, you what's the matter."
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