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0 Chapter List 98 Scourge
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

This vaguely black-faced guy is obviously a savage ghost, totally unreasonable, dare to eat people and ghosts.

     At this moment, it patted it with a big hand, seemingly not afraid of the Yang Qi on Ye Shu's body. Ye Shu didn't dare to face it, because he felt that this was not a normal ghost, and the human yang energy might not be able to resist it.

     He quickly turned back and over the morgue. Li Gui's big hand slammed on the morgue, smashing the morgue.

     The harsh sound alarmed the entire funeral home. The wild ghosts hiding in the dressing room of the remains screamed and ran, making the dressing room a mess.

     Liu Youyou and Ai Qi'er have also crawled out, calling Ye Shu's name loudly.

     Ye Shu worried that Li Gui turned his attention to Liu Youyou and Aiqier, and quickly waved his hands and cursed: "Fuck you mother, don't think that you will be great if you grow tall, I will kill you!"

     He yelled at Li Gui, but Li Gui did not divert his gaze. He stared at him Lihou, then rushed away, vowing to shoot Ye Shu to death.

     It was fast, faster than drifting. Ye Shu couldn't avoid it this time. Seeing Li Gui's big hand, he was about to slap himself in the head, and Ai Qier over there suddenly shouted: "Scram!"

     Aiqier's two fangs exposed outside, her eyes flashed with red light, and the nearby Yin Qi was dispersed in an instant.

     Li Gui stagnated and turned to look at Aiqier, a grave expression appeared on his vaguely rotten face.

     It no longer paid attention to Ye Shu, but turned and approached Ai Qier, staring at her cautiously and angrily approaching.

     This was the first time that Ai Qier could not frighten the enemy with her fangs, which shows that this ghost is unusual.But Aiqier was not afraid. She seemed to be "in the play" at the moment, her eyes were cold, her expression proud, like the emperor of Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens, raising her head to stare at the ghost.

     Li Gui stepped forward a few steps without daring to approach, and stopped three meters away from Aiqier, with a low roar from his mouth.

     Ye Shu walked around Li Gui cautious and solemn, and saw Fang Zhiqian shivering in the corner, while Liu Youyou was also moving back, gradually moving away from Li Gui.

     Only Ai Qier and Li Gui confronted each other in the field. Ai Qier was cold and arrogant, and the blood red in her eyes was shocking.

     Li Gui roared irritably from time to time, but never dared to approach Aiqier.

     Ye Shu was a little relaxed, but he was still worried inside.

     This ghost is unusual, obviously afraid of Aiqier, but refuses to leave. Although Ai Qier is very powerful, she has no experience with the enemy after all. If the ghost is not afraid of death attacks, Ai Qier may not be able to cope.

     At this moment, it's up to which party is the first to counsel.

     In such a stalemate, Ye Shu had already joined Liu Youyou, and both moved to Fang Zhiqian.

     Fang Zhiqian's expression of horror narrowed a little, and stammeringly said, "It's... it's a kid raised by someone else, who has no consciousness... only to help the owner."

     Although Fang Zhiqian is a weak solitary soul, unbound ghost, he has been dead for many years after all, experienced and knowledgeable, and he can see that Li ghost is not a normal ghost.

     Ye Shu was taken aback. It seemed that the person the ghost eater saw was indeed a ghost raiser, and this ghost was the little ghost he raised.

     Now it’s troublesome, the kid is the master’s tool, fierce and unafraid of death, it is really possible to attack Aiqier.While worrying, Li Gui suddenly roared and pounced on Aiqier.

     Ye Shu was shocked, it seems that the ghost raiser ordered Li Gui to do something.

     He rushed over quickly, but saw that Aiqier was like a person, and he suddenly rebuked. Some blood-red phantoms appeared around him. Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a pair of red wings growing behind Aiqier, like a bloody bend. month.

     Although it is only the night-blooming cactus shows once, the power of hiding the sky and covering the earth is like a god of thunder from the sky, and shows no mercy hits the ghost. Li Guiru was hit hard, and he kneeled down with his legs bent.

     Ye Shu and Liu Youyou stared wide-eyed, looking inconceivable. Ai Qier said coldly: "Scram!"

     Li ghost rolling and crawling, stumbled out of the dressing room, howled and rushed into the cremation room, and disappeared.

     The whole funeral home was calm again, and many hidden ghosts came out heart alarmed, trembling in fear, looking around in confusion.

     Ye Shu reacted and hurriedly hugged Aiqier. Ai Qier softened instantly and retracted her fangs. But she was very hot, and her face was red, as if she had been roasted by fire.

     You must know that vampires are cold-blooded creatures and have no heartbeat. Aqier's fever is too unreasonable.

     "Qier, are you okay?"

     Ye Shu looked at Ai Qier up and down, and Ai Qier's slender eyelashes blinked and his body began to cool.

     "Big brother, I'm fine. Was I very good just now?"

     It's amazing, it's amazing.

     Ye Shu secretly exclaimed, this is the first time she has really seen the majesty of the Queen. If Ai Qier is an adult, she really doesn't know what kind of situation is against the sky.At this time Liu Youyou also came over, bewildered and uncertain and said: "This little guy is really amazing. It seems that the reunification of the Western blood is expected in the future. When it's over, those guys like to invade the East once they are unified."

     Liu Youyou smiled bitterly, and Ye Shu rolled the eyes: "Don't talk nonsense, besides, this matter is a secret, don't say anything, Qi'er's identity cannot be known to outsiders."

     Liu Youyou waved his hand to show that he understood. Ye Shu looked around. Large and small ghosts surrounded him. It seemed that Ye Shu and others had driven away the ghosts.

     "Brother, you are really awesome, you have driven away such powerful ghosts."

     "Right, right, too awesome, if it weren't for you, we might be eaten by a dozen ghosts."

     They kept flattering, and the ghosts came out of the crowd, sweetly and cutely said: "As expected of the man I fancy, thank you for saving our brothers in the eternal crematorium. To repay you, the slave family decided to devote my life to ,muah."

     Ye Shu wanted to vomit blood, Liu Youyou stared at ghosts with a dark face, full of jealousy.

     "Don't be kidding, this matter is very serious, Fang Zhiqian said, that ghost is a kid raised by someone else."

     Ye Shu said sternly, calling Fang Zhiqian who was still shaking by the way. Fang Zhiqian nodded like garlic: "Yes, it's a little ghost. The ghost eater is right. There must be a ghost raiser wandering in our back garden. He wants to use us to grow his little ghost."

     The ghosts don't know much about the ghost raiser. At this time, Fang Zhiqian said that they were all lost.

     "What does it mean?""That's a way of raising ghosts. Nowadays, in a society under the rule of law, there is an alliance of monsters, and no bad guys dare to kill people wantonly. They raise little ghosts and kill ghosts if they don't kill. Our immortal crematorium is targeted Yes, he raised us in captivity and fed him as snacks to his little devil."

     Fang Zhiqian explained in detail, it was still standard Mandarin, and the literary old sayings were not pinched. The ghosts heard it clear and direct, and they were all frightened.

     "What? We were raised in captivity?"

     "I fuck his uncle's third aunt. We have always bullied people at our immortal crematorium. Where have you been bullied by others?"

     "Go, go to the back garden to find him, find out and kill him, eat one bite of meat, shit!"

     There was a shout, and hundreds of ghosts were excited and angry. But after yelling for a long time, there was no one to start the battle.

     Ye Shu curled his lips and said, "Go."

     "Yes, go, hurry up."

     "Lead the way at the door, why is it blocked?"

     "That's right, hurry up, I want to be the ghost king, take the lead."

     There was a burst of ink, and no one dared to go ahead. On the contrary, there was another gust of cloudy wind blowing from the vent, which scared the ghosts and screamed, and quickly scattered and fled.

     Ye Shu was surprised, Li Gui came back?

     However, it was not a ghost, a ghost in front of the door flashed, and a cute girl wearing white silk and uniform skirt with double ponytails appeared.

     Ye Shu was relaxed, and then he was so angry that he opened his mouth again: "Student Su Xiaolen, I think it is necessary to educate you, so that you understand how to protect the owner correctly."Xiao Lengchan looked at him dumbly: "Mr. Pervert Why did you ask? I have been on the periphery. I tried my best to protect you."

     This damn cute girl is really so cute, and she is so cute and cute that she is fascinated by the ghosts here.

     A large group of solitary soul, unbound ghost greeted her with Goddess-like, and wanted to lure her to join the immortal crematorium, and the name of the flower was also given to her.

     Ye Shu was speechless, Xiao Leng looked at the enthusiastic ghosts, suddenly raised his hand and spread out his palm: "I found a baby bug, it's so cute, do you want to raise it?"

     The baby bug was only half the size of a thumb, but the shape was too weird. It was actually a fetus with a slimy liquid on it. He was wriggling with his limbs on Xiao Leng's hand, and his whole body exuded a frightening breath.

     The ghosts were so scared that they backed away again and again. Fang Zhiqian was the most exaggerated, and his voice was dumb: "\...\...\worm!" (teng)

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