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0 Chapter List 102 The Time For The Decisive Battle Has Arrived!
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The motorcycle galloped and returned to the small apartment in the south of the city under Fill the Heavens with Stars. 』

     Ye Shu was tired and became a dog, and when he got home, he hurriedly washed for nothing, whole body is smelly and sweaty.

     Seeing him look tired, Ai Qier resolutely rolled up her sleeves and ran into the bathroom to bathe him.

     "Big brother, you have worked hard, let me help you wash it."

     A daughter is a daughter, how well-behaved and cute, so sensible. Naturally, Ye Shu would not refuse, and under the rubbing of Aqier's little hands, he perfectly contented and faded away from exhaustion.

     At this time, the sky was getting bright, Ye Shu went to bed under the covers, and Ai Qier got in too. The petite body was as light as nothing, twisting against Ye Shu's chest.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, touched her little head, and went to sleep.

     When I wake up, the sky is still gloomy. It seems that it is already the next night, and Ai Qier is gone next to him. I guess I ran to look for the dog.

     Ye Shu scratched his head to get up, and as soon as he opened the door, Xiao Leng jumped out, "Mr. Pervert, I'm ready to cook."

     Xiao Leng is accustomed to the soul entering the body at home. She has a physical body at this time. She looks more textured and vigorous, and also more cute, and the corners of her mouth are still smiling and gentle.

     She was so gentle only when she called Ye Shu to eat. Ye Shu squinted and smiled strangely: "It's not anxious to eat, Xiao Leng, have you forgotten something?"

     Xiao Leng looked at him confused: "What's the matter? I don't remember."

     "You fell to death that man in black. As punishment, you have to fly fifty times, forget?"

     Ye Shu laughed strangely and couldn't help but become happy. The chance for revenge came.Xiao Leng still looked at him in confusion, arching his nose and said, "But, before you fell that person to death, if you scolded me, you have to fly fifty times. If you say, you will save face outside and fly when you get home. Yes, so we cancel each other out."

     I wiped it and forgot it!

     Ye Shu's old face twitched, and his mother was an egg. This revenge can't be avenged, but after some thoughts, he smiled with a pleasant countenance and said: "Oh, it does offset, then I won't punish you. These two days I don’t have time to feed you blood rice. Uncle will go and adjust blood rice for you right away."

     Ye Shu smiled and went to the kitchen, Xiao Leng dazed for a moment, in the eye flickers suspicious.

     "Mr. Pervert should care about me so much? I think you have a conspiracy."

     Xiao Leng followed up in the kitchen. Ye Shu secretly curled his lips, adjusting the blood rice and replied: "What are you talking about? You are a thousand Eldest Young Lady Jin, put down your identity and become my cook, I am the blessing of three lifetimes Ah, raising you are mine duty, as it should be by rights."

     Ye Shu was talking nonsense, Xiao Leng was more suspicious, his beautiful eyes blinked, staring at Ye Shu closely.

     Ye Shu quickly adjusted the blood rice and ate it directly to Xiao Leng. Xiao Leng smelled it before eating, still staring at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu indifferent smile: "Although I am handsome, you don't have to look at me all the time."

     "Mr. Pervert, please restrain yourself. I don't think you are handsome."

     "Wow, what you said is a bit hurtful, please don't speak without conscience."

     "I touched my conscience to speak, you are not handsome."

     The two quarreled, but Ye Shu was defeated. He waved his hand and acknowledged: "Well, I won't fight you anymore. Is blood rice delicious?"Ye Shu became more gentle, Xiao Leng was un'ed, still staring at him suspiciously.

     "Cough cough, eat more if you are delicious. By the way, if you are full and detached, I will also feed your corpse and drink blood."

     Ye Shu indifferent said, Xiao Leng's eyes moved and stared at Ye Shu, "Mr. Pervert, why do you want to feed my corpse and drink blood?"

     "This is the step of corpse control, I forgot to tell you, this is... seven bowls but Guimenguan, which means that you have to drink blood for seven consecutive days. After seven days, you don’t need to go through the Guimenguan. Our corpse control is also very successful. ."

     Ye Shu broke off for a while, and smiled in his heart. Xiao Leng looked at him without blinking, weighing up sb's words and observe their facial expression, always feeling that he had a conspiracy.

     "Mr. Pervert seems to be making a crooked idea, just covet my body so much? That's a corpse. Even if you call you Ernie Chan is just your wishful thinking, I won't call you."

     Xiao Leng said coldly, shows no mercy struck Ye Shu's fragile mind. Ye Shu squinted, shrugged and smiled: "I don't care if you shout or not. This is just a step in corpse control."

     Xiao Leng looked at him suspiciously, and nodded in agreement.

     Ye Shu chuckles in his heart, but his face is calm.

     After that, Xiao Leng left his body. Ye Shu rationally and clearly structured Xiao Leng's body with a small bowl of blood, manipulating the corpse's throat and swallowing it, completing the first day's enhanced corpse control.

     With the beginning, the second day, the third day and the fourth day all came, and it didn't go well.The home is also very peaceful, mainly because Liu Youyou has been cultivating, and Aiqier is Concealed in the Day, Reveal in the Night. Normally, only Ye Shu and Xiao Leng stared at small eye in Big eye stared at small eye. Go boring.

     On the fifth day, Liu Youyou could figure out that it was closed. Ye Shu hurried to look at her, only to see that she was radiant, with two tails swaying around behind her ass as if she were shiny.

     "Look, I have a third tail!"

     Liu Youyou became exhilarated and shouted, Ye Shu went behind her and took a look: "No, just two."

     "I have a feeling, it must be out, you look through it."

     Liu Youyou was so excited, Ye Shu stretched out her hands and opened her two big tails, and she saw a small tail hidden inside.

     This tail is only three centimeters long, and it is covered with fine hairs, like a newborn monkey, laughing to death.

     Ye Shu could not help but howl with laugther, Liu Youyou bit his eyes and stared, and kicked it over: "You are not allowed to laugh, people grow out so hard!"

     "Well, the lady has worked hard, come, Xiang Gong will give you a bath."

     Ye Shu cannot help laughing, touching Liu Youyou's short tail, Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him and hummed: "I wash it myself, you never want to take advantage!"

     "Youyou, this is wrong with you. Can you take advantage of your husband? I did two tasks for you. I'm exhausted. Give me one."

     Ye Shu brazen faced leaned forward, Liu Youyou snickered in his heart, hit him and said, "Then you have to go and tell my mother first."

     She ran away with a silver bell laughing, looking very happy. Ye Shu couldn't help but smile, the little lady was really naughty.As soon as Liu Youyou left the customs, the house suddenly became alive, a demon and a ghost were always talking on chirp chirp twitter twitter, and sometimes they would go shopping and shopping together, which fully displayed the girl's nature.

     As for Ye Shu, he naturally squatted in a dark corner and counted: It's the sixth day, it's time to show off, Xiao Lengjiang...hehe.

     Thinking about this, he hurried to bleed and feed the corpse. It was midnight, Xiao Leng and Liu Youyou went shopping in the afternoon, and they haven't come back yet.

     Ye Shu swiftly fed the corpse with a sixth bowl of blood, and then he could not help but howl with laugther, and he was very happy.

     "Little cold sauce, go peel me an apple."

     Ye Shu grinned and sat on the bed, manipulating the corpse. The corpse sat up straight, and obediently went to peel the apple.

     On the 6th, I will have confidence, and it is time to enjoy the gentleness of a wave of cute girls. Ye Shu lay down on Xiao Leng's bed comfortably, and continued to say to the corpse: "After you cut it off, put together a fruit plate to feed me."

     Xiao Leng's corpse naturally followed suit, not to mention how well-behaved. Not long after, she came in with the fruit plate and fed Ye Shu with her hands.

     Ye Shu was too happy, resting his head with both hands, and eating the apple fed by Xiao Leng with his mouth open. It was a delight.

     But soon, a yin wind blew, and the little cold ghost noiselessly appeared and got into the corpse.

     Ye Shuzheng was enjoying his eyes narrowing, but the corpse's hands suddenly increased, and he poked an apple straight into his throat, causing him to cough to death.

     "Mr. Pervert, next time you can eat bananas, I will poke your throat well."Xiao Lengjiang’s sharp voice came, Ye Shu stood up with a carp, not afraid, but secure in the knowledge that one has backing said: "I knew you would know Sudden Appearance. I have been waiting for you. Today I want to Pk with you Imperial City, Battle to the death! ”

     Ye Shu rolled up his sleeves, Xiao Leng said calmly: "Oh? Then you can fly to the sky first."

     As the wind rolled, Ye Shu slammed into it.

     "Stop! Let's open and aboveboard duel, don't be afraid to tell you, you have been caught in my tricks, the last bowl of blood, you are afraid that you will fall in love with me, I am not joking with you, this is an enhanced version of corpse control Surgery, so you can't take care of your life!"

     Ye Shu yelled in the sky, Xiao Leng raised his face to look at him: "Mr. Pervert is really coveting my body, um... well, what do you want?"

     Xiao Leng put Ye Shu down with a cute face. Ye Shu twisted his neck and touched his head, like a turned serf singing.

     "Stu Xiaoleng, from now on, you can't refuse my reasonable request. If it's disobedient, I'll hit your ass, understand?"

     After listening to him, Xiao Leng lowered his head and thought for a while, then raised his face and said, "Why is it a spanking?"

     "This is not the point. The point is that you cannot refuse my reasonable request."

     Ye Shu explained, Xiao Leng said, "I understand, you plot actively lie to me, use the so-called enhanced version of the corpse control technique to get me in the middle, and then threaten me just to beat me. Fart. Mr. Pervert, your pervert is refreshing for me. I think I should tell Sister Youyou."

     After she finished speaking, she ran out with her little feet. But there was a door opening from the door, and Liu Youyou came back.Ye Shu immediately vomited blood, this damned loli "declared war" on him. This is the end of the matter. As a man, you must be tough and not counseled!

     "If you are ruthless, someone from me, Ye, will take your insidious trick today, and I will beat your ass!"

     (In the next chapter, spanking and training welfare, thank you brothers for their support over the past decades, meme da)
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