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0 Chapter List 115 Thank You So Much
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After entering and exiting the coffin, it took less than ten minutes. Ye Shu was still in a slightly awkward state. He touched his throat and rubbed his stomach again, and then he lifted the lid of the coffin and closed it to the governor.

     "My lord, rest in peace, the Han people are great for ruling the country."

     Ye Shu said goodbye, and covered the coffin, and the governor would sleep here.

     Inside the tomb, the melee continues, the two sides are fighting endlessly, the more fights the more brave is.

     In particular, the army of insects is simply a thing against the sky. Under the control of Om Shark, I don't know how many law enforcement officers have been swallowed.

     Ye Shu No matter good or bad is also standing on the side of the marshal, looking at the marshal as if he could not win, he couldn't help being impatient.

     He dragged Liu Youyou to the corner first, then observed for a while, grabbed a scimitar on the ground and approached the Om Shark furtively.

     The Om Shark stood in the rear, commanding the army of insects to attack the law enforcement officer. In the dimly lit tomb, he was the most conspicuous, because the searchlight happened to illuminate him.

     Ye Shu quietly approached and raised the scimitar to give him a shot. Unexpectedly, the buzzing shark was very alert. It seemed to realize the movement behind him, and suddenly looked back.

     Ye Shu was holding a scimitar and quickly looked around at the scenery, scratching his head with the scimitar by the way, scratching his scalp.

     "Master Omsha, although I hate you, at this moment I will dedicate myself to the Holy Spirit!"

     He devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence cried, grabbing a scimitar and rushing forward. Omsha looked at him coldly, not paying attention to it, and his attention shifted away.

     At this brief moment, Ye Shu turned around abruptly and slashed. Although Om Shark reacted quickly and moved his head, Ye Shu was still slashed on his shoulder with blood spurting wildly."You dog, I killed you!"

     He was furious and cursed, Ye Shu ran away and sighed secretly. He wanted to kill Om Shark with a single knife. Who knew Om Shark reacted so quickly that he didn't hit him in the head.

     There was no chance now. He ran into the chaotic battle situation, and the Om Shark stared at him, and countless insects left the battlefield, all rushing towards Ye Shu.

     \The insects suddenly withdrew, not only the law enforcement officers, but even the ghost faces were stunned, and they all looked at Ye Shu who was running wild.

     Ye Shu secretly regretted it, why is he so cheap? The law enforcement officer's heavy casualties is better than his own death. I really shouldn't go to hack a shark.

     While cursing secretly, the worm from the rear had already rushed over, and immediately surrounded Ye Shu, and countless slimy fetuses buried him alive.

     Everyone saw heart alarmed, body leaping, and the battlefield calmed down. Both sides took a step back and temporarily repaired.

     Only Ye Shu's screams resounded through the ancient tomb, making people's scalp numb. The Omshark was still bleeding from his shoulder, but he laughed wildly, following a demon: "Damn Han, this is what caused me to be offended!"

     His strong physique, and the gloomy eyes under the devil mask made those black-robed law enforcement officers feel jealous. The ghost face people are also very afraid of the Omshark, one by one, they dare not make a sound while holding a scimitar, and even gasping is suppressed. The injured people dare not cry in pain.

     The only person here who is not afraid of Om Shark is the saint. She walked out of the darkness and said coldly: "Om Shark, are you crazy? Such an urgent and important moment, it is too much for you to take away the insect and punish a congregation. Irrational!"Facing the holy woman's scolding, Om Shark didn't care, but looked at the black-robed law enforcement officer arrogantly: "You bastards, are you scared? Laozi\worms are all removed, go!"

     He provokes the marshals, and all the marshals show coldness, but he didn't attack rashly. Obviously, he suffered a loss.

     Om Shark saw that the law enforcement officer was shocked and turned to pilgrimage to the saint woman: "Go to the blood sacrifice\King, here I will deal with it."

     The saint's face was not good, but she was still nodded and walked to the coffin.

     The law enforcement officers were anxious again, and they obviously knew the importance of the king, and they all grabbed their swords and planned to attack again.

     The second death fight between the two parties was about to live, and at this brief moment, Ye Shu suddenly stopped/stood, who was sentenced to death by everyone, his whole body was covered with insects, and he couldn't even see his face.

     But he kept laughing, yelling: "It's so itchy, go away!"

     At this time, Ye Shu was also dumbfounded. He thought he was bound to die. Unexpectedly, these \worms didn't bite him after they pounced. Instead, they licked constantly, like a pet licking their owner, and he licked him sick. It's itchy again, I can't stand it anymore.

     He bounced vigorously, throwing away the slimy \worm on his body, showing a tearful face with a smile.

     The tomb fell into dead silence for an instant, and both the ghost face and the law enforcement officer were stunned, not to mention the Om Shark, his mouth was wide open, staring at Ye Shu inconceivablely.

     The saint over there was also stunned, thinking that she was wrong, and rubbed her eyes like a cute girl.

     Ye Shu ignored them, struggling to get rid of the insects. He was entangled and irritated and returned the fire: "Damn, get out of here!"\Insect may realize that his displeasure finally retreated, but still surrounded him like Myriad of Stars Surrounding the Moon.

     Ye Shu was really sick and nauseous, these insects felt like vomiting at first glance, and he couldn't accept them.

     In fact, he also wanted to understand why this happened. It must be Wang's sake. He found the treasure himself, but he didn't know if he would suffer in the future.

     Thinking about this, he rolled the eyes, smiled inexplicably, and looked at the Om Shark.

     "Master Omsha, Frankly, in Xia Yewen, three-year-old control\, the master is Huang Feihong, who taught me \sixty-four skills, I'm here to ask."

     He smiled and said, suddenly picking up an orchid finger and placing it on his chest: "This is mercy, my Buddha."

     He stuck his hand out and shouted in his mouth: "Kill him!"

      The densely packed \worm immediately crawled towards the buzzing shark, making a sharp cry.

      The crowd of onlookers who did not understand the complete truth were dumbfounded, and the ghost-faced man and the law enforcement officer hurried back to avoid suffering.

     Om Shark’s pupils shrank and his eyes were flushed: "You... how can it be!"

     He yelled fiercely: "Presumptuous! Kill him for me!"

     He also ordered the \worms, a large group of \worms immediately fell into a sluggish state, and it was neither a step back nor a step back, and they were anxious between the two.

     Ye Shu coldly smiled and put on a Kame Hame Ha pose: "This is an electromagnetic gun, die!"

     He shouted again, \The insect immediately moved forward half a meter, but was immediately stopped by the buzzing shark, unable to move forward.The two of you come and go, Ye Shu is very relaxed, because he does not have fears of trouble in the rear, within own body. There is a king, these bugs will not bite himself, but the Omshark is different. He is only practicing skills, not \The king is backing.

     Om Shark also knows this, and the more strenuous he feels, it is a little harder to control the bug.

     This was a sign of backlash. He was shocked to break out in cold sweats and his legs trembled.

     Ye Shu looked at him with a pale face, and when he stepped on the spot, he assumed a posture of horse-stripping, "Wing Chun pulls his fingers!"

     After a snap of fingers, the army of insects rushed towards the Om Shark completely, and the Om Shark retreated again and again. The saint held him back, spreading his hand, and a golden silkworm gu flew up in the air with a low insect sound.

     Those \worms suddenly seemed to be discouraged, and didn't dare to go any further.

     Ye Shu secretly surprised himself, Golden Silkworm Gu is the king of Gu, \Insect is a variant of Gu, and he would recognize Golden Silkworm Gu as the king.

     He hesitated for a moment, that hum shark flustered and exasperated barking, it is estimated that he is letting the saint clean up Ye Shu.

     But the saint was very dignified and did not clean up Ye Shu. She looked over her head as if she realized the danger.

     The next moment, the mountain above it suddenly burst, a moonlight shed, accompanied by a red shadow, a stern sword aura across the half-moon ring, all the ghost faces around screamed and flew out, already losing combat power.

     In the field, Hong Ying fell to the ground, but she was a tall woman wrapped in red robe, with a long sword around her waist as if it had not been sheathed.

     The Om Shark and the saint in the field have a surprise, the old boy Om Shark is also fierce, biting his tongue fiercely, forcing a bite of blood, and then controlling the insect again.This time, the insect was controlled by him again, and all of them pounced on the red-robed woman.

     The red-robed woman moved her wrist, and the blade was unsheathed, turning into an afterimage of sword light, cutting the worm into meat foam.

     But there are too many insects, Om Shark has already gained time with this hand. He roared and shattered the black clothes on his body, revealing a disgusting body covered with insects, and then rushed to the exit of the tomb.

     Many black-robed marshals tried to stop, but they were injured by the insects. They couldn't stop them, and the Om Shark ran away smoothly.

     The saint was also a clever person. She was very calm and wanted to run, but after glanced at the wounded and wailing congregation, she did not run, but tenderly shouts and instructed the golden silkworm to pounce on the red-robed woman.

     The woman in the red robe was Bai Ling. Seeing the golden silkworm Gu pounced, she could not help the grave expression, freed her hand to drew a short knife from her waist, and swiped across the air.

     A demon energy hit the golden silkworm Gu, forcing it back. The saint drank again, and the golden silkworm Gu suddenly let out a loud cry.

     For a while, the poisons in Dayan Mountain seemed to be guided. Countless ants, centipedes, and poisonous snakes... crawled or flew in through the night and surrounded the white silk.

     Ye Shu looked surprised, Golden Silkworm Gu is so stunned? What is this principle?

     He didn't dare to approach, looked at it from a distance, and the others did not dare to approach. The contest between Bai Ling and the saint was obviously beyond the reach of ordinary people.

     Bai Ling is worthy of being a red robe law enforcement officer. She was besieged by insects and various poisons not the slightest, showing timidity, and she moved very fast. After a sword split a gap, the short knife was thrown out, even the golden silkworm Gu plunged into the wall.

     The Golden Silkworm Gu wailed and burst out a burst of Golden Blood. And the saint was also groaned, with blood overflowing from the corners of her mouth.But Bai Ling's action gave \worms a chance, her arm was stuck by two \worms, and a piece of meat was bitten off on the spot.

     Poisons were rampant in the tomb, and poisons continued to invade in the gap above the mountain. Ye Shu even discovered a python.

     The scene was too chaotic, and Bai Ling and the saint were both injured.

     The saint’s Golden Silkworm Gu was also injured and was pierced into the wall unable to move a single step. The saint hurriedly took off the short knife, put the golden silkworm Gu into her hand, and then stared at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shuzheng could look hard, and now the saint looked at herself, could not help but wonder.

     Without understanding, the saint ran towards her suddenly, grabbed him, and ran towards the tomb door.

     The golden silkworm Gu lights up with golden light again, and some insects also crawled to the door, scaring the marshal away.

     Ye Shu was dragged by the saint and rushed, and after a while he rushed out of the tomb door and saw pith-black night outside.

     "Can't go down the mountain. We walk north and enter the mountain. They can't catch it."

     The saint muttered to herself, pulling Ye Shu towards the endless mountains to the north.

     Ye Shu was dumbfounded and stopped quickly: "Don't... Sir Saintess, the little... the little one will stop the chasers for you, please run first!"

     The saint frowned and scolded: "No need to stop, this time I suffered heavy losses, I can't leave you behind."

     Wow, Miss Sister, you are so kind, but I really don't want to run.

     Ye Shu was anxious, the saint didn't care about him, she was very strong, and dragged him like a dog.

     "I will take credit for your work when I go back. If you follow me in the future, I will not treat you badly."

     "That... thank you so much..."
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