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0 Chapter List 132 Paternity Testing
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the bathroom, Aiqier's happy laughter and cheerful voices kept on, naive and innocent like lilies. 』』

     Ye Shu smiled and gave her a bath, but didn't think about Bloodline Mark anymore, wait for the paternity test and then consider it.

     Not long after, Aiqier took a bath and ran out after eating the blood cake. She was going to take the dog to take revenge tonight and kick the drunk.

     Ye Shu watched her jump on the back of the Tibetan Mastiff from the balcony and disappeared into the alley.

     As soon as Ai Qier left the house, Liu Youyou came out again and ran over and said, "Have you pulled her head out?"

     "I should have it on my bed."

     Ye Shu responded and ran to the bedroom. Liu Youyou also followed, and the two lay on the bed looking for for a good while, and found a few long pieces of gold.

     "It's enough to have these, and pull out a few of your heads."

     Liu Youyou collected the gold and asked Ye Shu to pluck a few of his heads.

     Now the sample is ready, just go to the doctor for a paternity test.

     "Is your head accurate? It's a big deal, and you can't make mistakes."

     Ye Shu attaches great importance to this matter, and feels a little uncertain. Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him: "Basically it can't go wrong, wait for my news."

     Liu Youyou returned to the room with two samples, she was more concerned about this matter than Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu's sighed saying in his heart is quite complicated. He was 80% sure that Daphne was indeed raising herself in captivity, in order to make herself a ration for Aiqier.

     The problem he faces now is how to treat Ai Qier, if Ai Qier is really own daughter, raising that's the end of it, what if not? Are you still willing to be taken advantage of?The more he thought about it, the more irritable he became. He patted his face and jumped out of the bed.

     He turned on the computer and went online and started searching for "Pingxi Purple Mountain".

     The Taoist temple of the real Zishan is in Zishan, and you have to find him yourself.

     What surprised Ye Shu was that Pingxi couldn't find the place like Zishan. Now that the scientific and technological information is so high, it is easy to find a real place. If you can't find it, what does it mean?

     "Did Master Xiong make a mistake? Or that Zishan is too remote to be recorded on the map?"

     Ye Shu murmured to himself, he even thought that Xiong Batian had a wrong memory. It was a bit troublesome now. Without the help of the Internet, it would be so difficult to find a Taoist temple.

     Ye Shu searched for a while, but found nothing, even if the place name Zishan appears, it is also not at all in Pingxi.

     He had no choice but to give up.

     At this time, Xiao Leng ran over and said with a smile, "Mr. Pervert, we have dinner."

     Ye Shu got angry when he heard the meal. When he took a bath before, he let Xiao Leng cook, and when Xiao Leng was happy, he rewarded himself. The result was so bad!

     "You damn loli, don't cheat me, yes or no?"

     Ye Shu fiercely said, Xiao Leng showed an innocent expression: "I didn't cheat you. I used my feet and my ass. It's all up to you. It's just that you are unlucky and let Youyou see it."

     "You still quibble, see how I can deal with you!"

     Ye Shu rolled up his sleeves and walked over, Xiao Leng raised his foot and ran, running smoothly, seeming to have complete control of his body.

     Ye Shu hummed and shouted strongly: "Bring me back!"Xiao Leng stiffened and stagnated on the spot when he moved. Ye Shu laughed, he seemed to be much better, \Wang added panda blood, and his strength greatly increased.

     He came with interest and waved his hand: "Hurry back!"

     Controlling again, the stiff Xiao Leng really turned around and walked back, her face was stunned, and her eyes were very surprised.

     "Hey, have you seen me great? I will be officially promoted to The head of the family in the future. As for you, be a maid for me, quack."

     Ye Shu was so happy in his heart, Xiao Leng looked at him as he walked, and his face calmly said: "Mr. Pervert has finally revealed his evil face, you nasty Lolicon."

     Being so righteousnessly accused by Meng Sister... so hey.

     "Isn't it? I'm the stubborn Lolicon, bite me if I refuse to accept it."

     Ye Shujian smiled and twisted his ass towards Xiao Leng, a wave of ultimate mockery.

     Xiao Leng's eyelashes blinked, still calm, but turned back and shouted, "Sister Youyou."

     Ye Shu was serious right away, released the corpse control technique, and smiled softly: "Xiao Leng, it's time for me to eat, let's serve."

     Xiao Leng glanced at him and continued to shout, "Sister Youyou."

     "I wiped, you are too much, stop barking, I am teasing you."

     Ye Shu hurriedly covered her mouth, Xiao Leng bit his teeth, and the pain made him move quickly.

     "What is Mr. Pervert afraid of? Why not go on?"

     Xiao Leng strongly counter-killed, Ye Shu couldn't help her, and suddenly remembered something.

     "Hey, speaking of it, you still owe me something, what about a good maid outfit?"Before going to Dayan Mountain, Xiao Leng promised to wear a maid costume to show himself, but unfortunately the timing was wrong, and he has not seen it. Now he has to make up for it when he comes back.

     When Ye Shu mentioned this, Xiao Leng immediately averted his gaze: "I don't wear it, it's very troublesome. Who told you not to watch it last time."

     "Just once."


     "Really only once."

     "Really don't."

     As the two went back and forth, Ye Shu was defeated again and went to eat with hatred. Xiao Leng glanced at him a few times and smiled softly.

     That night passed. After daybreak, Liu Youyou went to the hospital to toss about the paternity test.

     Ye Shu was fine, and began to enjoy the free and easy life.

     But it's too peaceful and boring. He doesn't want to play on the computer anymore. It feels boring. He doesn't seem to belong to this Normal World anymore.

     He pondered it, and remembered the book.

     "By the way, "A Daughter's Daughter Is a Daughter", I haven't read it yet, I have to study it carefully."

     Ye Shu ran to find the book. He didn't have any evil thoughts, but he really cared about the vampire royal family, so he really understood it after reading it for himself.

     I searched all over the house, where's the book?

     The book should be in Liu Youyou's room, but Ye Shu couldn't find it after searching for it several times, and there was no place in the rest of the house.

     Finally he asked Xiao Leng directly: "Do you have a book that has not seen? It's very shabby."

     Xiao Leng touched his face in front of the mirror, and said calmly, "Achelle seems to be reading a book in the early morning."Ye Shu was taken aback, then surprised, ran back to his bedroom.

     Ai Qier was lying on the bed and sleeping soundly, Ye Shu moved over and moved her body, and she realized that the book was opened, and Ai Qier was pressed under her body.

     His face was dark, Damn, and Achille watched "A Daughter's Daughter Is a Daughter"?

     He quickly took the book, face full of black lines, hoping that Aqier has not seen something unbearable to look at, Amitabha.

     Ye Shu hurried away with the book, but Xiao Leng came over curiously: "What is this book?"

     She raised her hand and snatched it, Ye Shu rolled the eyes: "Don't look at it, give it back to me."

     Where Xiao Leng was willing to be obedient, he grabbed the book and ran back to the room, probably watching it slowly on his stomach.

     Ye Shu was about to use the corpse control technique to retrieve the book, but Liu Youyou came back with a shoulder bag with a serious expression.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and hurriedly went over and asked, "Is the result of the paternity test come out?"

     "How can it be so fast? At least seven days."

     Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him, Ye Shu suppressed and asked anxiously: "Then why do you look like this? You hit a ghost?"

     Liu Youyou kicked him, stopped talking, then went back to the room in silence, leaving Ye Shu with a confused face.

     What's wrong with the stupid fox?

     (To be continued.)
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