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0 Chapter List 135 Fellow Daoist Where He Is Here
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the bathroom, Liu Youyou hadn't stopped his shame. Tian Lai Novels

     Outside the bathroom, Ye Shu is perfectly contented, has to say, faint little hands are like praise, it feels so wonderful.

     Moreover, the two still feel in love with each other. Everything where water flows, a canal is formed, is romantic and exciting. I don’t know where is higher than Yangyi.

     Ye Shu was so happy in his heart that he went to cook in person to prepare a big meal for Liu Youyou.

     As soon as he was cooking, Xiao Leng also ran over, looking at him strangely, his eyes were a bit wrong.

     Ye Shu's heart jumped, I wiped it, it was too much just now, and forgot that there is one more omnipotent ghost at home.

     He immediately stared at Xiao Leng: "What is your look?"

     Xiao Leng looked disgusted: "Nothing, Mr. Pervert, please don't cook, lest it get dirty."

     What do you mean by smudging?

     Ye Shu whispered, "Stu Xiaoleng, I think sometimes you have to stay in the room, and there are some things you can't peek."

     Xiao Leng gushed: "What are you saying?"

     She doesn't know at all, Ye Shu was dubious, waved and said, "You should read a book, I'll make this meal."

     Xiao Leng looked at him disgustingly, and then walked away.

     Ye Shu didn't bother to care about her either, cooking quickly, and when Liu Youyou came out with a blushing face, a table of food was already on the table, and the aroma was overflowing.

     "Lady, come and eat."

     Ye Shu's face was gentle and pampering, Liu Youyou glanced at him, and his ears started to red again.

     "You are so perverted, it's too much, you won't be allowed in the future!"She cursed in a low voice, Ye Shula sat down, leaned close to her ear and said, "No more hands, use legs."

     "Go to hell!"

     Liu Youyou with great difficulty The restlessness that was suppressed was hooked up again, wishing to kill Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu flirted with it and got into a wave, and quickly fed Liu Youyou a meal.

     After a while, Liu Youyou finally calmed down and said while eating: "The results of the paternity test should come out. I'll call to ask."

     When she said about it, Ye Shu's heart trembled and frowned nodded.

     Liu Youyou called immediately, Ye Shu listened, but he didn't hear any useful information.

     Not long after, Liu Youyou came out with a solemn expression: "The similarity reached 90 percent, 9.99, it can be confirmed that it is biological."

     Ye Shu's heart loosened and tightened, and fell silent.

     Qier is her own daughter.

     His mind was empty, he obviously had many things, but he was empty in this brief moment, unable to organize effective thinking.

     Liu Youyou said solemnly: "That's good, it's her own daughter anyway, maybe Daphne didn't keep you in captivity, everything is just a coincidence."

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly and shook his head: "I'd rather not be my daughter, so that I can resist even if I am used in captivity. But now I am a daughter, and I don't know what to do. How to handle in the future? There will be father mating. My daughter uses me and eats me, which is too uncomfortable."

     Ye Shu couldn't lift his energy, Liu Youyou didn't know how to comfort him, and then called again: "Let me ask Mr. Tree, now only he can show the right path for you."Indeed so, Mr. Tree is an old man with ample experience. I didn't know the relationship between Ye Shu and Ai Qier before, so it might be rewarding to talk to him.

     Ye Shu waited eagerly, and Liu Youyou and Mr. Shu talked for half an hour before hanging up.

     "Mr. Tree said that the blood family has a secret method called Blood Embrace. He doesn't know exactly how it is. But Blood Embrace can make children. Aqier may only have your genes, not your biological children. You and Dai Fanny has never done it."

     Liu Youyou's expression improved a lot, but Ye Shu was dumbfounded, embracing blood?

      what is this the secret law against the sky?

     It was hard for him to believe it, but it was what Mr. Tree said, he had to believe it, and then... fell into distress again.

     "So, Qier in the end is it not my biological daughter? It hurts too much."

     Ye Shu was about to cry, and Liu Youyou comforted: "Don't worry, things have not been determined yet. Daphne will show up sooner or later. Just ask her before that, if you want to be strong, don't take it lightly."

     Ye Shu sighed: "Forget it, no matter what, the soldiers come to the soil to prevent the future flooding...Uncomfortable, I want to cry, can the lady help me?"



      After have eaten and drunk to one's heart's content, Ye Shu and Liu Youyou are full of energy and go out together.

     It is still broad daylight, clear and refreshing autumn weather, clear and boundless sky, it is a good time to cross the catastrophe.

     Liu Youyou rushed to cross the robbery, completely unable to hold back temperament, and dragged Ye Shu away.Ye Shu was calmer, touching his chin and asking: "You have no experience. I think the monster Dujie in the group will ask someone to help you carry it. Do you carry it yourself?"

     "Miss Wu Miao said, with my ability, I don't need to ask for help from others, and if I cannot get the benefits of the catastrophe, I won't look for it, I will break through this day!"

     Liu Youyou was very nervous, and Ye Shu was amused: "Okay, don't cry when you get chopped into pig heads."

     "You are a pig head, hurry up, Miss Wu Miao will pick us up to Tianlei Peak later, and Mr. Tree will be there too."

     This is good, two seniors watched, there will be no accidents.

     The two hurried to the intersection and waited. Not long after, Wu Miao appeared in the car.

     "Get in the car, the weather is so good today, rarely seen, it's the best way to cross the robbery."

     Wu Miao was quite enthusiastic towards Liu Youyou, not as cold as before.

     Liu Youyou pulled Ye Shu into the car, Wu Miao glanced at Ye Shu and gave him a squint.

     The car quickly drove out of the south of the city and hurried directly to Tianlei Peak.

     There are many mountains in the area of Tianlei Peak, and there are also cultivating monsters in the mountains. Throughout the year, there are always a few monsters crossing the catastrophe.

     And the top of Tianlei Peak is tall and erect, reaching through the clouds, as if piercing the sky, it is the best place to cross the catastrophe.

     The monsters in this city basically go to the top of Tianlei Peak to cross the robbery, and Mr. Tree is taking care of it, What can you have against it?After a while, the car arrived at the foot of Tianleifeng Mountain. Wu Miao took Liu Youyou straight up the mountain, and Ye Shu was going to follow the mountain, but Wu Miao glared at him: "Are you not afraid of death? Later, the sky will be mighty and the thunder and thunder will pour out. , You go far, don’t even get close to Tianlei Peak, the farther the better."

     Ye Shu was startled when he heard it, so serious?

     He didn't dare to go up right away, but just pulled Liu Youyou and kissed him: "Don't panic, lady, the Xiang Gong will go to another mountain to look at you."

     Liu Youyou un'ed and kissed him too, and then followed Wu Miao, who was unhappy, up the mountain.

     Ye Shu also looked around, locked a high mountain in the distance, and ran over.

     In order to see the situation of Youyou Dujie, he had to climb another mountain to look at.

     There was no road in the forest, Ye Shu walked hard, with great difficulty reaching the foot of the mountain, and was about to go up the mountain. Unexpectedly, there was a thunder from above, and large black clouds really dense came.

     He was shocked, what the hell, there are monsters crossing the robbery on this mountain? Shouldn't the monsters in this area go to Tianlei Peak?

     (The four chapters are over, thank you 795435 for the 11644 starting point reward.) (To be continued.)
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