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0 Chapter List 141 This Loli Is Not Too Cold
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ai Qier Don't Sleep During The Day, look at the sunshine!

     Ye Shu was stunned, and ran in and asked: "Qi'er, what are you doing, don't touch the sun."

     Aiqier squatted under the window, a little timidly said: "Big brother, I suddenly can't sleep..."

     The little girl seemed to think she did something wrong and was somewhat scared to be blamed. Ye Shu drew the curtains first, then picked up Ai Qier and said, "Aren't you afraid of the light? It's dangerous."

     Vampires are afraid of light, this is common sense, they will melt when the sun shines, and it is too messy for Achille to open the curtains.

     "I'm afraid, but it seems...not very afraid..."

     Ai Qier herself was also very puzzled, Ye Shu frowned in thought, is it possible that after the Second Evolution, Ai Qier was not afraid of the light?

     This is too bad, right? A vampire who can face the sun has eliminated the weaknesses of his own race.

     He hesitated for a moment and walked out of the bedroom in his arms: "Qi'er, let's try it, but don't touch the sun first, just see if you can adapt to the daytime."

     Ai Qier immediately to get agitated, a little timid, she hugged Ye Shu's neck tightly, her big eyes twinkling and she was so matte and tender.

     Ye Shu was very careful, opened the door and blocked Aqier's eyes, before slowly walking out.

     The early morning light illuminates the entire hall, this is the day of open and aboveboard.

     Aiqier cautious and solemn moved Ye Shu's hand away, opened her eyes to look at the daytime world, and stared at the sunlight on the balcony.

     "Big brother, the day is so beautiful."

     Aiqier said with joy, as if a child got candy.Ye Shu felt relieved, she could adapt to the day, what about the sun?

     He didn't dare to try this easily, for fear of accident for Ai Qier. But Aiqier was obviously very curious about the sun, her eyes fixed on the light on the balcony.

     "Big brother, I want to go there."

     Aiqier pointed to the balcony, seven points expecting three points timid in her eyes.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment still agreed. Sooner or later, he had to try.

     He carried Aiqier to the balcony and stood beside the light. Achille's little face was full of tension, but after all, she was curious and stretched out her little hand to the sun.

     At that moment when she touched, she shrank back in shock, and then biting the lips out again.

     Ye Shu stared at Aiqier's little hand closely, her little hand was white and her fingers were small, slowly sinking into the light.

     Nothing unusual!

     That little hand flipped the palm of the back of his hand and touched the sun as much as he wanted, nothing unusual.

     The excitement on Ai Qier's face couldn't be suppressed, she jumped out of Ye Shu's embrace, and ran into the light, turning around like a butterfly.

     "Look, big brother, I'm fine, hehe, it's so warm."

     She seemed to be in light, and thousands of rays of light spilled on her skin, making her instantly full of vitality and color. This little beautiful woman in the making is like Fairy Maiden descends to the Mortal World.

     Ye Shu was dumbfounded, and he was surprised to recover his wits for a good while.

     Aiqier can act during the day, in other words, he can take her for a long journey.

     This is really an eye-opener, so lucky.

     "Qi'er, besides warm, do you feel what else is there?"Ye Shu squatted with a smile, and gently squeezed Ai Qier's face. Ai Qier was excited and shook her head again and again: "It's just warm, so comfortable."

     But as soon as she finished speaking, her little brow suddenly frowned: "It seems...a bit tingling."

     She touched the exposed skin and began to feel discomfort.

     Ye Shu hurriedly took her away, avoiding the sun. Aiqier was very reluctant, pitifully said: "It's just a little bit of pain, my okay big brother."

     Ye Shu knew that after Ai Qier's Second Evolution, he could adapt to the day. But after all, sunlight is the biggest natural enemy of vampires. With her current ability, she still can't fight against it. It will cause discomfort after being irradiated for a minute or two. If it is irradiated for ten minutes, it is estimated to be melted.

     "Well, big brother got it. Don't be careless, just touch the sun occasionally. Don't stay in the sun all the time, or you will die."

     Ye Shu sternly preached, Ai Qier nodded obediently, and reached out to touch the sun again, then grinningly retracted, very naughty.

     Ye Shu smiled in his heart, kissed her little face and said, "I will take you out to go shopping later, so that you can get used to it. By the way, buy some long-sleeved clothes and hats. We are going to travel."

     When Ai Qier heard that she was happy cannot be more, she didn't care about traveling far, as long as she was with her big brother.

     At this moment, the little cold came out again, looking at Ai Qier in surprise, as if doubting life.

     Ai Qier laughed at her and shared her joy as impatient: "Sister Leng, I can touch the sun!"Xiao Leng rarely showed an astonished look, and looked at Ye Shu for confirmation. Ye Shuye nodded with a smile, Xiao Leng blinked her eyelashes twice, and then said: "Will Mr. Pervert also take her far away?"

     "Of course, the three of us traveled far together."

     "Then I can rest assured, there are children, Mr. Pervert probably not openly and without fear took advantage of me."

     I bother!

     Ye Shu's face twitched, and he was too lazy to deal with this disobedient cute girl. He took Aiqier to change clothes, and then took her out.

     It's been a long time since Achile went shopping, she was too happy now, and it was daytime again, she was even more happy, just like the liveliest bird.

     "Big brother, can I go on a roller coaster? Mastiff said that human roller coasters are fun."

     "I also want to go to the aquarium to watch fish and fireworks. I want to see so many things."

     Aiqier couldn't calm down, Ye Shuquan agreed, and she would take Aiqier to do everything she could do now.

     So they first went to the city to buy clothes and hats, and then went to the amusement park to have fun.

     Aiqier is wearing autumn clothes, completely wrapped from head to toe, and wearing a cute hat, covering her face.

     In this way, the sun can't shine on her, and the pedestrians can't see her clearly.

     But despite this, Ai Qier still attracted many people's onlookers, some even squatted rudely to look at Ai Qier's face, and they were dumbfounded with amazement.

     Ye Shu was upset. After playing enough, she hugged Ai Qier and left. Ai Qier was still happy, with joy on her face under the hat.

     "Big brother, I'm so happy, the hat is so beautiful."This kind of round basin hat is very suitable for Aiqier, and there is a gift belt on it, which looks like a small top hat in England.

     Ai Qier liked it very much, and Ye Shu also liked it. He looked itchy, and after thinking about it, he also bought a black peaked cap and put it on his head.

      one big and one small Both wore hats and walked down the street holding hands, attracting countless heads.

     Ye Shu felt warm in his heart, looked down at Ai Qier, and Ai Qier raised her head and smiled at her, laughing out two small dimples.

     There was a warm feeling in Ye Shu's heart in vain, as if he finally had father and daughter love at this moment.

     (There are two more chapters to be updated later, about ten thirty) (to be continued.)
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