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0 Chapter List 148 Summon Xiao Leng
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The little princess Xianglang got angry, grabbed the withered wreath and left.

     Ye Shu secretly hurt herself, squatted down to look at Yue Po. Yue Po didn't know if she was too tired and slept so hard that she didn't even wake up with such a big movement outside.

     Ye Shu shook his head, sighed secretly for committing evil, and then hurried away.

     The little princess Xianglang walked quickly and had already walked out of the office. Ye Shu ran after him, but there was no one everywhere now, and all the security guards seemed to have gone to the lobby.

     Ye Shu caught up with the little princess and said, "Don't leave, my daughter is still being surrounded."

     The little princess was coldly snorted and strode into the hall.

     A large group of people here are watching the excitement because Boss Zheng hangs up. Many people were laughing, but the security guards were panicked. This boss Zheng is one of the biggest money owners in the store. He suffered heavy losses because of an accident.

     Ye Shu looked around and saw Ai Qier sitting innocently on the sand, her little face full of innocence.

     Boss Zheng kept twitching, and two doctors who didn't know where he got it were giving him first aid.

     The little princess squeezed the crowd and shouted, "What are you doing?"

     Yue Po's granddaughter still has a good background. The security guards did not dare to be disrespectful to her and quickly explained: "Princess Qian, this kid kicked Boss Zheng's lower body, what should I do?"

     "This child is my friend, I want to take it away, you can ask Yuema to deal with it, I don't care."

     Princess Qian is quite a rascal, and she pulls Aiqi'er and leaves. A group of security guards looked at each other in dismay, but did not stop.

      group of three quickly left the nightclub and ran into the dark streets.Ai Qier immediately became less naive, with a look of excitement, she jumped into Ye Shu's arms and acted like a baby: "Dad, I'm good."

     It's awesome, it's dead.

     There is still some bad water in this simple little girl secretly, maybe she has the potential of a wild child.

     Ye Shu kissed her and looked at Princess Qian again: "The matter is over, it's your turn to help me. I'm looking for a place called Zishan with Taoist temples on it."

     Princess Qian waved her hand: "I see, many dryads will give me face, and the dryads will go out of their way, and there is no mountain on the ground to find."

     "Then I'm relieved, but what are you going to do next?"

     Ye Shuduo asked, Princess Qian grabbed the wreath and looked at it, revealing a cold smile: "She cares about the wreath so much, I want her to beg me, and I will throw it into the river when she finishes begging, and I will anger her."

     I don't know how many years this wreath has been preserved. The broken grass flowers are already brittle. If they are thrown into the river, they will probably fall apart completely.

     Ye Shu frowned: "Princess Qian, are you a bit too much? Don't you think it's strange that your mother-in-law is sleeping? She is a big monster."

     Princess Qian complexion turned cold: "What do you want to say?"

     Ye Shu said with a sigh: "Your mother-in-law is really overwhelmed with grief today, not only because of her old lover but also because of you. I feel that she has endured So many years and is about to collapse. If you throw the wreath in In the river, she might be crazy."

     "Crazy is best!"

     Princess Qian cursed coldly and turned around: "Let's go, I'll let you know if I have news."

     She strode away, going to the bank of Xianglang River and waiting for Yue Po to come and beg.Ye Shu watched her walk away and quickly disappeared into the night.

     Ai Qier pouted: "Dad, did we do something wrong? Shouldn't I kick that man?"

     The little girl saw that the atmosphere was wrong and thought she had done something wrong. Ye Shu shook his head hurriedly: "No, you played well, you played the essence."

     Aiqier immediately laughed again: "Well, my mother taught me to kick it when she said she was right. The structure of men and women are different. If you kick a man's egg to pieces, he will be finished."

     Ye Shu pressed tightly underneath, fucking an egg, what damned thing Daphne taught, so scary.

     He touched Aiqier's little head and held her to chase Princess Qian.

     I am also responsible for this matter. I can't just leave it alone. I have to check the situation.

     He ran, but did not catch up with Princess Qian. Ye Shu hurriedly asked passers-by to ask, and then ran towards Xianglang River in the correct direction.

     Princess Qian must be in Xianglanghe, she is about to "duel" her grandma.

     Soon, Ye Shu arrived at Xianglang River with Aiqier, looked for a while along the riverbank, and saw Princess Qian.

     Princess Qian is leaning on the riverbank and smoking a cigarette, her red head is messed up by the wind, and she looks very bleak.

     Ye Shu didn't approach, found a place to hide, watching Princess Qian.

     After a while, a group of people rushed over and Yue Po was in it.

     Under the street lamp, Yue Po's face was pale, as if she was about to kill.

     "You damn girl, really reckless, I'll kill you!"Yue Po cursed and approached Princess Qian. Princess Qian snorted, lifted the wreath, and stretched out the guardrail: "If you dare to take a step forward, I will throw this grass away."

     Yue Po was trembling with anger, but she didn't approach anymore, shout oneself hoarse, "You are crazy yes or no? Why do I have such a granddaughter like you!"

     A large group of security guards look at each other in dismay. They are also very embarrassed in the face of this situation, and they have to back down slowly to avoid suffering.

     Only the grandmother and granddaughter were accusing each other, and no one would take a step back.

     Princess Qian followed the devil with a wild laugh and shook the garland. Some pieces of grass fell down. You could see the complexion big change.

     "You stop me!"

     Yue Po was almost roaring, Princess Qian laughed: "I don't want to talk nonsense, just tell me, do you know it wrong?"

     Princess Qian also had red eyes, her fingers were trembling, and her heart was filled with pain that could not be vented.

     The moon woman was all white and drifted away. At this moment, she felt old and decrepit, as if she was tens of years old.

     "You can't help it!"

     Yue Po roared again, tears had already flowed out, and she was palpitating. She was as stubborn as Princess Qian, completely unwilling to compromise.

     The security guards onlookers retreated farther, trembling not to say anything.

     Ye Shu pursed his lips and watched, these two people were really stubborn, what a bad temper.

     Ai Qier hugged Ye Shu's neck tightly, and felt the pain of the two people, and pity could not help but surge.

     "Dad, they are so pitiful."

     Little Lolita's tone seemed to cry, Ye Shu thought about it, and suddenly felt the jade pendant on her neck moving.He hurriedly grabbed and said: "Xiao Leng? Come out."

     Xiao Leng floated out and said coldly: "Mr. Pervert is getting too much. At what time, he has strengthened his corpse control technique. Why can't I go in and out freely?"

     Ye Shu brow raised, where do I know, it’s either the king or the panda blood.

     "Just leave it alone, what are you doing? I have no time to worry about you."

     Little coldly snorted, looking at the river bank: "There are two ghosts here, crying all the time, they are so noisy."

     Two ghosts?

     "It's not two ghosts, it's two tree demons, you are wrong."

     Ye Shu rolled his eyes and said, Xiao Leng wrinkled his nose, and pointed to Princess Qian and said: "It's just two ghosts floating in the middle of the two of them, crying and persuading them all the time, but they are so weak that they can't even show their appearance. Maybe you have been dead for many years, and you haven't taken the Yin Qi, and you will dissipate if you don't reincarnate."

     Xiao Leng said seriously, Ye Shu couldn't help being surprised when he was surprised. Could it be Qian Princess's parents?

     "Xiao Leng, can you help them show up?"

     "Yes, Mr. Pervert." (To be continued.)
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