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0 Chapter List 150 A Bald Head Drilled In The Grass
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yue Po has found Zishan, she deserves to be the tree demon of Xianglang, she has a lot of energy. 』』

     Ye Shu was happy and excited, holding Aiqier and heading straight to Meizi Road.

     It's already late at night, but the nightlife of Meizi Road is still colorful, unusually bustling with noise and excitement.

     Ye Shu had already to drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road. When he reached Meizi Road, he drilled that alley and entered Yue Po’s nightclub.

     The nightclubs are still turbulent, men and women are indulging in sensuality, and ordinary people simply cannot accept it.

     Ye Shu quickly covered Aiqier's eyes and entered Yue Po's office under the leadership of the security.

     As soon as I entered the office, I saw a young girl sitting on the table talking to Yue Po, very full of youthful energy.

     Ye Shuduo took a few glances and thought that this big girl is really good, not only beautiful, what is more important, there is a lively vigor, just like the proud weeds in the jungle.

     The wild grass also looked back at him, showing white teeth: "I took my daughter to the kiln most of the night, it's amazing."

     This sound is very familiar, Ye Shu was startled, and when he took a closer look at her face, he couldn't help but said in surprise: "Princess Qian?"

     Princess Qian turned her ears to show her a little more quietly: "Of course it's me."

     "Oh, not bad, I don't see that you are still a little beauty."

     Ye Shu joked, Princess Qian covered her mouth and chuckled: "Unfortunately, you are not the type I like, so don't get too close."

     She is also bold and unrestrained, Ye Shu laughed, and put Achille down to say hello to Yue Po.

     With a smile on her face, Yue Po was very kind to Ye Shu."I won't waste your time. I'll give you a map. The map of Pingxi City Mountain Range. Zishan has already been marked. You can find it yourself."

     Yue Po said, took out a rolled map and handed it to Ye Shu. Ye Shu spread it out and saw that the entire Pingxi border was greet the eye. The cities, towns, roads, and mountains inside were marked absolutely clear.

     He glanced specifically, and saw a red dot in a place, it must be Zishan.

     "The name of Purple Mountain is not found in the classics, but 20 years ago, there was indeed a View of Complete Dao Path. There is still one Zishan Village under the mountain. Now it is uninhabited, and there is no tree monster. You are lucky, I just found it. It was only asked by a tree demon who lived near Zishan many years ago."

     Yue Po laughed and said, Ye Shu repeatedly thanked her, can't thank sb enough.

     There is no need to say more polite words, Yue Po and Princess Qian presumably didn't want outsiders to disturb their conversation. Ye Shu collected the map and said goodbye, and only checked the map carefully when he returned to the hotel.

     Zishan is so far away that it is on the border of Pingxi. The mountains there are continuously and uninterrupted, and dozens of kilometers further south are the boundaries of the small Nanyang country.

     In such a place with inconvenient transportation, the village has long been deserted, even the Miao people do not want to live, and there are no people on weekdays.

     Ye Shu determined the location and route, and also had plans.

     Zishan Taoist Temple has long been deserted, I am afraid that the real person Zishan has also left. But he has no extra clues, this Zishan still needs to take a look. Moreover, there is a town of Zishan in that area, which is regarded as a border town, can perhaps inquire some news.

     Ye Shu made up his mind, cleansed and slept, and it's time to do business tomorrow.Naturally, Ai Qier came to wash with him again, very lively, and the two also had a water fight, happy laughter and cheerful voices.

     Nothing happened all night. Ye Shu woke up at noon the next day and looked at her side. Her left daughter and right Xiao Leng, really said "the happy fate of the man from Qi (who had a wife and a concubine)".

     Xiao Leng didn't know at what time he came back, lying next to Yu Pei to sleep.

     Ye Shu pushed her: "Wake up, End of the World."

     Xiao Leng rolled over, slapped Ye Shu's face again, and then sat up with a dazed yawn, "Don't mess with Mr. Pervert."

     Ye Shu's eyes squinted: "I'm going to do business today. Give me the jade pendant."

     When Xiao Leng heard it, he immediately drifted away. Ye Shu curled his lips and said: "Come back!"

     Xiao Leng could not move, showing a vigilant look: "Mr. Pervert wants to do what? I will tell Sister Youyou."

     "Don't pretend to be garlic, and get into jade pendant!"

     Ye Shu thoughtfully manipulated, and Xiao Leng suddenly full of sorrow: "Can't you not proceed?"

     "You old special run around, I can't indulge you anymore. Go to Zishan first and then come out."

     Ye Shu was so tough, Xiao Leng tilted his head: "Take the white silk for you."

     "I bother!"

     In the end she went in with a grievance, Ye Shu perfectly contented, and after slapped Yu Pei a few times before he stopped laughing.

     After some cleaning, Ai Qier got up and got it done. She put on a wrap coat and a small top hat, and she was a beautiful woman in the making.

     Ye Shu also put on a peaked cap and took his daughter's little hand out.The journey is far away, with cars and trains taking turns, and the two of them have been waves on the way, playing everywhere, and it was the third day when they arrived in Zishan Town.

     Zishan Town is located on the border of Pingxi, facing the Mangman Mountain. It is the last place that the car can reach.

     The folklore here is simple, there are not many people in the town, and they are basically ethnic minorities. They go to bed every day and night, and they are only farming during the day and there is no entertainment.

     The arrival of Ye Shu and Aiqi'er undoubtedly caused the town to have a storm, and they ran to see the freshness.

     Some little boys kept staring at Aiqier, their faces flushed.

     Ai Qier matured prematurely, she seemed to understand the eyes of the boys, and could not help being coldly snorted, making Ye Shu tighter.

     Ye Shu then visited the mayor. He was a Hmong and could speak Chinese. He couldn't help but shook his head when he heard Ye Shu's purpose: "Zishan Village had been haunted by ghosts before. It was so prosperous before, but people were scared off. Go there. I can't find any real Zishan."


     Ye Shu was surprised. There was a real person named Zishan who was sitting in town. He was a Taoist priest who could chase and kill giant pandas. How dare ghosts come to make trouble?

     "Old sir, can you tell me more specifically?"

     Ye Shu questioned, the mayor recalled: "About 20 years ago, everyone heard a strange cry one night, which was particularly infiltrating. After that, villagers often saw a strange black shadow running and scared everyone. I didn't dare to go out. Some people said that the thing was a mandrill, black and white alternating, and it was used to eat children.


     Wait, black and white alternating? Is it a giant panda?It is very possible that Xiong Batian had an antagonism with the real Zishan back then, perhaps he had fought in Zishan. The appearance of black and white alternating is only a panda.

     But Ye Shu didn't say much, and after asking about the way to Zishan Village, he took Ai Qier out.

     Before leaving, the people in the town were discussing spiritedly, and it seemed that they had talked about taboo things, and the look in Ye Shu's eyes was not right.

     Ye Shu doesn't think there are any mandrills, besides, mandrills are just a kind of monkey, not a monster or weird. Villagers like spread falsehoods, not at all surprising.

     He walked forward with Aiqier. The road was full of various waves and a picnic. He arrived at Zishan Village near dusk.

     From a distance, the village is in a slightly low basin, surrounded by mountains, and there are small streams passing by in the village. With the autumn wind swaying, the village is full of green moss, which is exceptionally beautiful.

     Standing on a stone, Ai Qier said joyfully: "Dad, this place is so beautiful, let's come here to live together in the future."

     Ye Shu squirted, you little girl at what time knows to "live together"?

     He patted Aiqier, and stood on the stone and looked at the surrounding mountains. After a while, he locked on a hill opposite the village.

     The hill is very short, with sparse woods and overgrown weeds. A dilapidated stone house can be seen on the top of the hill. The walls are painted with red paint and there are two pillars standing on it, forcibly decorated into a Taoist temple.

     Of course, this Taoist temple has been broken, I don’t know how many years of windswept and battered by rain, the paint is very serious.

     Ye Shu locked up and didn't look at it much. He dragged Ai Qi'er straight into the village, walked through the ancient stone roads, and rushed to Zishan.The mountain road in Zishan is also a stone road, but it has been occupied by weeds, and it is difficult to see the stone road.

     Fortunately, Zishan is low and the two bodies are strong, and they reached the top in a short while.

     You can see the lobby inside the Taoist temple at first glance.

     Said to be the lobby, it is actually the shrine with memorial tablets. Inside, the censer futons are scattered all over, and the fallen leaves are crowded with all corners, and there is no trace of life.

     But Ye Shuduo couldn't help but stunned, because there were three fresh fruits on the ground, and they didn't know what fruits they were, they were just under the tablet.

     This is so weird, it's impossible that the wind blows the fruit in, right?

     He was surprised, and there was a sudden noise from the weeds next to him.

     Ye Shu hurriedly pulled Aiqi'er back a step, and yelled, "Who?"

     The person in the grass was also taken aback by Ye Shu's cold drink, Ah”'ed only to open the waist-high grass, revealing a shiny bald head.

     Ye Shu and Ai Qi'er were both stunned. The bald-headed look and handsome features were actually a pretty nun. They were hiding in the grass in a panic to look at them, where would they dare to get out.

     (To be continued.)
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