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0 Chapter List 159 Step By Step
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The scattered beans turns into soldiers of the little paper man really suppressed everyone, and Young Master Yinghe lost face and left with the officials accompanying him. 』

     Soon, there were only a few black-robed law enforcement officers left in the research institute on alert, and Xiaopa smilingly reporting to Bai Ling.

     Bai Ling nodded coldly, glanced at Ye Shu and disappeared with a swift sound.

     Xiaopa was relaxed, and hurriedly ran to Ye Shu and asked, "Why is the real person Zishan helping you? What is your relationship with him?"

     Xiaopa actually knew the real person Zishan, Ye Shuqi said: "What is the real person of Zishan in the alliance? How do you know him?"

     Xiaopa lower the voice and said: "The instructions above must be courteous to the real Zishan. Didn't you see Young Master Yinghe running away? This real Zishan is not easy. How did you hook up with him?"

     Ye Shu casually said a few words, without telling Little Paddo, he was going to the dungeon to be punished.

     The little paper man collected the beans and jumped down first. Ye Shu hurriedly followed, seeing Xiaopa envy and envy.

     Running down the steps, Ye Shu quickly returned to the residence of the real Zishan. The real person Zishan was standing under the window that day with his hands in hand, startled in a daze.

     Ai Qier lay on the futon origami, very happy.

     Ye Shu sorted out his clothes, and went to say to the real Zishan: "Master, I'm back."

     The real Zishan nodded, asked faintly: "Do you know what is most important in cultivation?"


     "No, it's xinxing. Don't fight with others in everything, don't get ahead in the event. The cultivator should maintain a calm mind and not mess with the Taoism."The real Zishan said it was true, and Ye Shu repeatedly confessed his mistake: "Master, the disciple knows that he is wrong, and he will never to stir up trouble again."

     Real Man Zishan glanced at him: "You still can't understand the true meaning of Dao Xin, and your temper has not stabilized. I hope you will have some understanding by studying Yin Shu."

     It's hard to change a person's personality. People like Ye Shu are all over the world, and the real person in Zishan is naturally able to discern. he by no means Punish Ye Shu. After the discussion, let Ye Shu stand under the skylight.

     Ye Shu stood under the skylight and took a glance, but couldn't see the ground at all. Because this is the Underground Third Level, this skylight does not directly lead to the ground, but is inclined, connected to the ground like numerous twists and turns, and there are many fallen leaves inside.

     Ye Shu watched for a long time, except that he could smell the air outside, he couldn't see anything.

     He couldn't help asking: "Master, does this skylight have any deep meaning?"

     Zhen Zishan lightly smiled and didn't know where to find a stone, and then he scratched the wall.

     Soon, he drew many lines with different directions. These line segments were not parallel to each other, so they were arranged on the wall like this, which made people feel ignorant.

     Zhenren Zishan again grinds out a white dot on both ends of each line segment, and then passes the stone to Ye Shu: "You continue to draw lines to connect these line segments."

     Ye Shu naturally did so, and he drew many more lines to connect the line segments on the wall together.

     At this time, many line segments formed a long curved line, covered with white dots, which looked a bit like a starry sky and stars map.Ye Shu looked at it earnestly, although he felt that it was definitely not easy, but he really couldn't see anything.

     "Master, what exactly is it?"

     He asked again, and the real Zishan pointed to the skylight: "The skylight channel is just such a line, curved to the ground. This is a kind of azimuth map called to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), and the step is Yubu. , Created by Yu Dao when he ruled the water, contains the big map of mountains and rivers thousands of years ago. Dou is the Beidou and contains the mystery of nine days. To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is the root of Taoist magic. Casting, squeezing, arranging, and engraving are all formed on this basis."

     This sounds complicated, but Ye Shu was pleasantly surprised and full of expectations.

     "Master is going to start teaching me?"

     Ye Shu rubbed his hands, the egg was full. Zhenren Zishan shook his head: "What I'm talking about is Yang Shu, not Yin Shu, but you can change your mind to learn Yang Shu. Talisman, hand determination, formation, and magic are all Taoist essence, I can teach you one by one. "

     Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitch, Zhenren Zishan still wants to fool himself with him for a hundred years of hard practice.

     He actually yearned for Yangshu. He was domineering even thinking about it, but he really didn't want to waste hundreds of years.

     "Master, I really can't, I will learn Yin Shu."

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, and the real Zishan sighed softly: "Well, Yin technique is Yin technique. Open your eyes first, you sit down."

     Although Zhenren Zishan was very sorry, but he was also simply, Ye Shu hurriedly sat down and said, "Open your eyes, what is?"

     "Yin Shu is based on the Nine Nethers, summoning Strength of Ghosts and Gods, but you can't even see ghosts. How can you learn it without opening the eyes of the sky?"so that's how it is, open your eyes and see ghosts, this is the most basic step.

     Ye Shu immediately got serious and sat cross-legged with his head facing the skylight.

     Zhenren Zishan sat behind him, squeezed his spine with his palm, and then slowly moved down.

     "The liver opens up to the eyes. You must protect your liver from now on."

     The real Zishan said solemnly, and Ye Shu repeatedly nodded expressed his understanding.

     Master Zishan's palm was very hot, covering the area of Ye Shu's liver, and he did not move for a long time.

     After a while, he flicked his fingers and tapped a few points on Ye Shu's liver.

     Ye Shu felt a warm current rising, very strange. Without thinking about it, the real Zishan said again: "Get up and walk, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology)."

     Ye Shu quickly got up, and then stunned: "What?"

     "Looking at the line, raise your left foot first, take a step, one after the other, one yang and one yin, the beginning and the end are in sync, and the feet are placed in a T-shape."

     The real Zishan explained, and he started to take directions. Ye Shu hurriedly watched to learn, but because it was the first time, he could not walk well at all, and finally tripped himself.

     Zhen Zishan shook his head: "Study slowly. Although this is Yangshu, it is also the foundation. You must learn it."

     After he finished speaking, he went to see Aiqier's origami, smiling kindly and pointing to Aiqier's origami man.

     Ye Shu didn't get distracted, and continued to walk this Yubu Beidou position.

     Don't look at the lines are simple, but it's really difficult to walk. He is sometimes irritable and careless, and the real person Zishan will immediately scold: "Don't be distracted. The land of the abbot is the heaven of nine layers. You must have the intention to enlighten God."To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is a solemn footwork. The ancients walked the astral deities, took the Beidou, went to the sky, and played in the air. After leaving this position, you can see the emperor borrow the gods.

     Real Zishan was so serious that Ye Shu didn't dare to neglect, so he focused on walking slowly and carefully.

     The breeze gradually blows in through the skylight, and the lines on the wall seem to be clearer. Ye Shu gradually enters the perfect state, his footwork is gradually improving, and there is a hint of demeanor between the twisting of his body.

     But Zhen Zishan was not satisfied. He felt that Ye Shu was playing a monkey, completely without gaining approval from the heavens.

     So Ye Shu kept walking and walked all night.

     It was night when he came to the institute, and it was dawn now. The light penetrates through the skylight, and the skylight of numerous twists and turns is bright.

     Ye Shu sweat all over the face, if not for his strong physique, he would have been exhausted.

     Looking at the real person Zishan and Aiqier, both of them are sleeping, very comfortable.

     Ye Shu wiped away the sweat, feeling that his leg was already numb, and it was sore.

     He exhaled loudly and continued to walk, but he tripped again and was discouraged.

     "Damn, take the fucking snakeskin bit!"

     He scolded and planned to rest, but at this moment, the skylight suddenly lit up, and the sun was actually shining in.

     Ye Shu was shocked and rubbed his eyes inconceivable.

      It should be noted, the structure of the skylight is to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology). It is not a straight chimney. The inside is winding and light can come in. Also just sufficed, how can sunlight come in? Is it possible that there are many mirrors inside?Ye Shu was really dumbfounded in this brief moment, the real sunlight on his body made him warm all over.

     He was shocked, and the picture to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) on the wall seemed to come alive. There were endless stars swaying, arousing the might of nine days.

     He calmed down instantly, closed his eyes, and slowly and steadily resumed his direction.

     After a set of actions, Ye Shu stood up with his legs back, feeling the boundless nine days, Overwhelming Righteous Qi, fully satisfied.

     "Yes, raise your head, close your eyes, and warm your eyes with the sun."

     Real Zishan didn't know when he got up, so he said softly. Ye Shu nodded, raised his head and closed his eyes, letting the sun shine on his eyelids.

     After a while, his eyes pierced, and then he seemed to have a golden light. The moment he opened his eyes, the whole world changed.

     But a closer look shows that the sky and the earth are still the sky and the earth, and the skylight is still the skylight, but the sun is already vanished.

     "With the eyes open, I will teach you the Maoshan Five Ghosts Manifestation Art. This is the only Taoism you can use, and you can't ask the real Five Ghosts. Would you think about it again and learn Yangshu from me."

     "No master, I long for Yin Shu." (To be continued.)
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