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0 Chapter List 166 Koyama
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The mandrill surrendered directly.

     Ye Shu had nowhere to do with his tremendous strength, and he was very uncomfortable. He had to disperse the Strength of Ghosts and Gods and let Xiao Leng leave his body.

     The mandrill knelt down on the ground, already convinced by Ye Shu, it kept screaming, as if to say whats the matter.

     Ye Shu didn't understand at all, Xiao Chuang understood, and translated: "It asks you what is the relationship with Real Man Zishan and why you understand these spells."

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows. It turned out that Mandrill had realized that he was related to the real Zishan, so he surrendered. Previously, it also took the Yu step. I am afraid that it learned a lot from the real person Zishan.

     "You can still understand Mandrill's words, then tell it, I am the first direct disciple of the real Zishan, and I specially obeyed the order of the master to come and release it to the mountains."

     Ye Shu said to Xiao Leng, Xiao Leng nodded, and began to scream, I don't know what to say, maybe it is a language unique to the ghost world.

     After the mandrill heard it, his eyes immediately turned red, twitching his shoulders, crying and crying, with a grieved child-like.

     Xiao Leng communicated with it, said a lot of things, and told him about the real life of Zishan.

     It took a long time for the mandrill to stop crying, silently glanced at the Taoist temple, and then flew down the mountain and walked away.

     "It just left? What does it mean?"

     Ye Shu suspiciously, Xiao Leng explained calmly: "I said that the real Zishan can't escape from the world, and I hope it will live its own life instead of wandering around Zishan.

     Ye Shu sighed, this mandrill is also quite pitiful. After waiting for twenty years, it is now considered free. I hope it can live comfortably in the future.

     "Okay, it's solved, let's go back."Ye Shu stopped staying any more and motioned to leave. Ai Qier jumped directly into his arms, Xiao Cooling shook her head: "I don't want to touch your jade pendant, call me if I have something to do."

     She drifted away capriciously again, still disgusted with Ye Shu and Yangyi.

     Ye Shu have no alternative, you can't force Xiao Leng into jade pendant.

     He had to shook his head, holding Aiqier down the mountain. As a result, the mandrill did not go far, and returned, whispering to the two of them, and constantly waving.

     Ye Shu and Ai Qier didn't understand, but they ran over. The mandrill immediately walked into the jungle, leading the way.

     The two followed all the way and walked for a long time until they reached a cliff.

     There are dense mountains and grasses, sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, and I look a little flustered. The mandrill jumped off the cliff, and their faces changed with fright.

     "Don't jump off the cliff, let me go!"

     Ye Shu hurried to the edge of the cliff to look down, but saw a tree growing on the cliff ten meters below, and the mandrill was standing on it.

     "I'm scared to death, what are you doing?"

     Ye Shu shouted, the mandrill stepped on the branch, and used its claws to cut away a bunch of dense branches and leaves, revealing a bird's nest the size of a millstone.

     This bird's nest is a big one, and it looks very strong. There are three small black and white alternating small mandrills lying in it, only the size of a palm, very cute.

     Ai Qier burst with joy: "Dad, what a cute little monkey."

     Ye Shu was surprised that Mandrill had three children. In other words, the mountain also has other Mandrill.

     He looked puzzled, and didn't understand why this mandrill showed its children to himself.

     "What do you want to do?"Ye Shu asked again, the mandrill raised his head screamed, then grabbed a small mandrill, climbed up the rock wall with one hand, and handed the small mandrill to Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was puzzled and did not answer. But Ai Qier took it and held it in her arms happily: "Hehe, so cute, I want to raise it."

     When Dashan Mandrill saw her take it, he showed a look of dismay, then beat his chest, Double Claw Spread, very awe-inspiring.

     It didn't scare Ye Shu, it seemed to show Ye Shu how powerful the Mandrill was.

     Then it jumped off the cliff again, picked up the remaining two small mandrills, crawled along the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, and disappeared in the mountains and jungles below, fearing that it was about to enter the original mountain.

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows, thinking about it. It seems that Mandrill wants to raise its children by itself, and its children will protect themselves.

     Mandrill is a kind of ghost, knowing grace, and thinking is not understandable by ordinary people. Perhaps sending a child is to indirectly repay the real Zishan.

     Ye Shu lightly smiled in his heart, looking down at the small mandrill in Aqier's arms. The little mandrill is yawning, so cute.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but extends a finger and touched it, but the small mandrill bit him on the spot, which made Aqier laugh.

     "Dad, it only likes me, don't touch it."

     Damn, a little monkey will choose the owner.

     "Looking at it so fierce, call it Monkey Sun, and we will raise it slowly.

     Ye Shu laughed and said, Ai Qier immediately objected: "It's terrible, I want a cute and beautiful name."Achille seemed to treat the mandrill as her child. Ye Shu shrugged: "Then think about it for yourself, take whatever you like."

     He lifted his foot to leave, and Aiqier fell into distress and began to think.

     As a result, she thought about it for a long time, and she was still thinking when she returned to the hotel.

     The small mandrill was very lively, and after getting out of the backpack, it jumped around, even jumping on Ye Shu's head.

     Ye Shu tried to clean it up, so it jumped into Aqier's arms again to seek shelter, it was witty.

     "Dad, don't bully him, help others think of names."

     Ai Qier's little brain is not enough, and she started acting like a baby. Ye Shu scratched his butt and said, "Let's call it Monkey Bajie, it sounds good, it is invincible."

     Achille stomped her foot: "Huh, smelly father."

     She took the little mandrill to take a bath, and ignored Ye Shu. Ye Shu laughed, and went to sleep with something to eat.

     The next day, he alone came to the monster office in Guicong City. Because Ai Qier has a pet to accompany her, she is not afraid of being alone, and it doesn't matter if Ye Shu stays alone in the hotel.

     He came to the office this time mainly to want to know more that monster meeting, which was held the day after tomorrow. The battle seemed to be huge.

     As soon as Ye Shu arrived at the monster's office, he immediately found that the courtyard was crowded with people inside and outside.

      Various sorts and varieties of monsters are squeezing in, and the staff member in the office is desperately shouting: "Don’t worry, review comes one by one. If you are too weak, don’t try it. You won’t be famous for participating in the monster conference. Times."It turns out that these monsters in Guicongcheng came to sign up for the monster convention. Because there are too many people, they must be reviewed one by one, which is very troublesome.

     I'm afraid I'm going to smash my head these few days.

     Ye Shu walked in without a door outside. He was sore, but his shoulder was slapped. A familiar voice came: "Brother Ye Wen, why are you here? I'm just looking for you. I heard that you have been discharged from the hospital. "

     Ye Shu looked back, it wasn't who Xiaopa was.

     "Why are you looking for me, kid? And I'm not discharged from the hospital, is that you made me crazy."

     Ye Shu squinted and said, Xiaopa laughed: "Oh, for convenience. Come with me, Miss Bai Ling wants to see you."

     Little Pala took him and left, but walked to the building opposite the courtyard.

     Ye Shu asked suspiciously: "Bai Ling sees what am I doing? I'm afraid of her. She kills people if she doesn't agree."

     "I don't know. You are always here. I don't know how many men want to talk to Miss Bai Ling."

     (To be continued.)
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