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0 Chapter List 168 Shuaibi
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu didn't expect that Zishan's real apprenticeship was so formidable. Not only did he flicker to the amnesty of the lark family, he also deceived Bai Ling 200,000.

     This business can make a lot of money. He took the bank card and devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence waved his hand: "Do something for you, not to be shirked without dishonor!"

     Bai Ling glanced at him coldly: "You are ready, Xiaopa will contact you."

     She was going to drive guests, Ye Shu naturally wouldn't linger, waved his hand and left: "Then I'll leave, bye."

     Bai Ling stood with her hand in her hand, staring at the backstreet of the courtyard, looking thoughtful.

     Ye Shu left with joy, and when he got off the stairs, Xiaopa jumped over: "Brother Ye Wen, what's up? What is Miss Bai Ling doing with you?"

     "It's just a little insignificant cooperation. Ask her yourself."

     Ye Shu said with a smile, Xiaopa will continue to inquire, Bai Ling's cold voice came upstairs: "Little Pa, come up."

     Where did Xiaopa dare to hesitate, and eagerly ran up quickly.

     Ye Shu left directly, and he didn't go to the office anymore. Anyway, he could participate in the monster meeting, and then just follow the law enforcement officer of Tianleifeng to pretend to be forced.

     All the way back to the hotel, as soon as the door was opened, a slipper smashed over. If it weren't for Ye Shu's flash, he would definitely have been smashed.

     When I fixed my eyes, the little mandrill was jumping on the table, holding slippers in his hand, showing off one's military strength.

     Ye Shu twitched his mouth and strode over: "You monkey is so naughty? Even I dare to smash it!"

     He rolled up his sleeves to clean up the small mandrill, the small mandrill jumped off the ground, and ran into the bedroom chatteringly, looking for Aiqier as the master.Ai Qier ran out holding it, pouting at Ye Shu: "Dad, don't bully the little monkey."

     Ye Shu rolled his eyes, and Ai Qier said with a grin in a blink of an eye: "Dad, I thought of a very nice name."

     "What's the name?"

     Ye Shu also doesn't care, the little girl plays the mandrill's name, but he doesn't want to play it.

     "Little monkeys will be very powerful when they grow up, so I thought of a particularly domineering name, just call it Mengmeng."

     Cute? What is so domineering and prestigious?

     Ye Shu laughed, and the small mandrill screamed unwillingly, feeling that his self-esteem was damaged.

     However, Aiqier has a tendency to like "Mengmeng", completely ignoring the dissatisfaction of the small mandrill.

     "Mengmeng, you also like yes or no? How majestic."

     Aiqier raised the small mandrill, feeling good about herself, which caused the small mandrill to be depressed and miserable.

     Ye Shu ignored the two of them after laughing, eating potato chips and watching TV, enjoying the Happy Time.

     But the happy time always flies quickly, two days are dazzling, Ye Shu had to leave early in the morning of the monster meeting.

     Because Xiaopa found the hotel, he drove a luxury car to pick up Ye Shu, and he was accompanied by several black-robed law enforcement officers.

     Ye Shu took Aiqi'er into the car. As for the small mandrill, after all, it is not a normal animal, so it is not convenient to take it.

     When he got into the car, Xiaopa said to himself: "Our people have already gone back to Congshan, and Miss Bai Ling has also led people to take action. It's up to you whether you can hold Young Master Yinghe."After all, Young Master Yinghe is a red-robed law enforcement officer in Pingxi, and he still has some skills. If he hadn't seen Bai Ling attending the meeting, he would think of something, and 80% would be obstructive.

     "Ms. Bai Ling said that she would find a reason not to participate? Why do you want me to delay it?"

     Ye Shu frowned and said, Xiaopa couldn't help but smile wryly: "Miss Bai Ling's reason is that she is ill. You can tell me in advance that she is afraid of investigation by Young Master Yinghe."

     I got sick? Tang Tang, a red-robed lawman, or a big monster, sick? This reason is so false that a fool believes it.

     "This reason is not good. Yinghe will not believe it. He will definitely send someone to investigate secretly, which will hinder Bai Ling's actions."

     Ye Shu touched his chin and thought, Xiaopa asked him to think of a good reason, otherwise things will suffer.

     After thinking for a while, Ye Shu asked, "Will the fairy come to Auntie?"

     Xiaopa sprayed, and the other black-robed law enforcement officers in the car also coughed a few times, all very embarrassing.

     "Oh, they are all adults. What are you shy? Isn't it normal for women to come to Auntie? Will Bai Ling come?"

     Ye Shu continued to ask, and Xiaopa was honest and scratched his head: "I don't know either, do you know whether the fairy will come to Auntie?"

     He asked several black-robed marshals in the car, and a group of Dungeon Masters shook their heads and said they didn't know. Ye Shu is speechless, these men really have no life experience at all.

     "Call and ask, do you always have fairy friends?"

     Ye Shu urged Xiaopa, Xiaopa had to put a bold face on it to make a call, and then was scolded to pour dog's blood on, but after somehow he asked the result, the fairy would come to the aunt.Ye Shu was surprised secretly, the fairy looks a lot like a woman, and even the physical structure is the same when she becomes a woman.

     "That's OK, just say Bai Ling has come to Auntie, Yinghe can't tear her face."

     Ye Shu made a decision, and the car coughed again, and the scene was very embarrassing.

     Xiaopa cautious and solemn said: "Brother Ye Wen, you have to say it yourself, we dare not say it."

     How dare they say that Bai Ling came to Auntie and was hacked to death in minutes.

     Ye Shu thought to himself that these guys were quite clever, and let himself go to blame.

     He lightly smiled: "I am Bai Ling's assistant now, with privileges, can I order you?"

     Xiaopa's face turned black, and said aggrieved: "Yes."

     "You said later, don't be afraid, brother will cover you."

     Ye Shu harmless to human and animals, Xiaopa's heart is inwardly cursed, tears are coming out.

     The car drove quickly, and soon returned to Congcheng, heading for the mountainous area to the south.

     Ye Shu looked outside through the window. There were piles of cars on the usually deserted road. It was obvious that the monsters returning to Congcheng were also rushing to Guicong Mountain.

     This kind of event is still very attractive, especially the one hundred soul pill, even the monsters who have survived the catastrophe cannot be ignored.

     About half an hour later, the car had already driven into the vast mountains. There are no villages or fields in these mountains, only one road leads to the next city.

     And more than a thousand meters into the mountain, a small forked road appeared, and many cars drove into the forked road.

     However, there is no way to go for just over ten minutes, and there is a vast mountain that is difficult to open up.This place is part of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, and further south is Nanyang.

     Xiaopa led the group to get out of the car and followed the crowd to the mountains.

     Normally, monster gatherings are held in mountains that are rarely crowded, such as the monster market at Tianlei Peak, and the monster meeting in Gui Congcheng is no exception.

     Along the way, I don’t know how many monsters I have encountered. They are all local monsters. I don’t know Xiaopa, but I am quite respectful when I see a few black-robed law enforcement officers.

     And Ye Shu and Aiqier are undoubtedly the focus. They are too strange and not monsters. In addition, the beautiful woman in the making of Aiqier is so eye-catching that many monsters secretly look at them.

     After going forward for almost half an hour, a high mountain appeared in front of him. There are modern steps and roads on the mountain, as well as pavilions and squares. At this moment, a large group of people are making noise on it.

     Xiaopa took a breath and said, "Finally, I'm exhausted."

     Ye Shu looked at that high mountain. This mountain is well-prepared, like a mountain park for human beings. I don't know how much it cost.

     When he looked out, more than a dozen black-robed law enforcement officers walked in front of him, all of whom were from Bai Ling.

     The two groups of people did not greet each other, they just led Ye Shu and others to the mountain.

     There is a huge space on the top of the mountain, with a large square and a big arena, and there are many pavilions around, and there are even monsters selling food and drinking, and starting a business.

     A group of people walked into a pavilion and settled down. Before their hips were sitting hot, another group of people came, and Yinghe was the one in front.Yinghe is a red-robed lawman, very powerful, and there are not enough black-robed lawmen here to fight with one hand. Everyone immediately became nervous, and felt a strong sense of oppression.

     Ye Shu frowned too, this Yinghe Bad Premonition.

     Xiaopa took the lead to get up to greet him with a flattering smile: "Young Master Yinghe, we meet again."

     Yinghe nodded, sweeping across the crowd, frowned: "Miss Bai Ling is not here?"

     His words were obstinate, and a trace of terrifying demon power spread out, suppressing everyone unable to breathe.

     Xiaopa should have said that Bai Ling had come to Auntie, but at this moment she did not dare to say anything.

     Ye Shu was actually very heart alarmed, body leaping, but his body was under pressure, and there was a sudden flow of heat, which made him comfortable all of a sudden.

     It must be \Wang or Panda's blood to relieve Yinghe's pressure.

     "Prince Yinghe, Miss Bai Ling has abdominal pain and can't go out. I will replace her this time. You should have been notified. I am the disciple of Zhenren Zishan and Ms. Bai Ling's assistant."

     Ye Shu stood up and said, Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters. This appearance of him really surprised everyone, because he was only a human and was not affected by the demon power of Yinghe, which was too weird.

     Yinghe also showed a look of surprise, and forcibly eased his tone: "Really? I don't know why Miss Bai Ling has abdominal pain?"

     Yinghe was still a bit overbearing, he was not upset about Ye Shu, and naturally he wanted to give him his power at the moment.

     Ye Shu arched his hands and smiled and said, "Girls always have so many days every month. I can't tell you, how about you go and ask Marshal Bailing?"

     Ye Shu said, everyone was stunned, and then the expression was strange.Yinghe raised his eyebrows and had to give up the investigation.

     "So that's how it is, trivial matter. But I, there is still one question, Mr. Ye is really the disciple of True Man Zishan? Any proof?"

     Yinghe's compelling force continued, Ye Shu faintly smiled, with a bloody symbol, summoned a mountain mover, and hit the ground with a snap.

     Everyone have a surprise, stared dumbstruck.

     Ye Shu summoned the order and chased away the mountain-moving ghosts, and then said lightly: "Panther Daobi, this name was personally named by Mr. Zishan. He said it fits my image." (To be continued.)
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