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0 Chapter List 172 Broken Jar
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Unexpectedly, Bai Ling actually caught Yang Yi. If he said that he would catch the Omshark, why did he catch Yang Yi?

     Ye Shu secretly hurts herself. Yang Yi is in trouble when he is caught. The Gu King in Yang Yi and the \ King in the within own body are a pair. They will be emotional from time to time and need to be matched. Tian Lai Novels

     And when Yang Yi was arrested, he would definitely be imprisoned by Bai Ling, or even executed, then he would suffer. When the time comes, Wang Qing, it would be useless to break the unicorn arm by himself.

     This time it was really a fucking big deal.

     A group of people walked along the mountain road, and the law enforcement officers held up torches to disperse the darkness. Bai Ling walked in front, proudly like plum looking at the jungle warily.

     Ye Shu thought about it as he walked, and then he leaned over to Bai Ling and said in a low voice: "Miss Bai Ling, are you sure that you caught the saint? Could it be a mistake?"

     Bai Ling glanced at him: "It's the saint. I saw it in Dayan Mountain. This time she tried to attack me with Gu worms, and she has a lot of powerful strength. If it weren't for me, all the intersections have been sealed long ago. She really ran away."

     Although Yang Yi's sorcery can cause trouble, she is still invincible against real masters. Last time she was in the mountains and the conditions were favorable for her to let her run. This time in the sewer, she couldn't run away.

     "Haha, isn't it? Ms. Bai Ling is really superb, admire and admire her."

     Ye Shu smooth whiskers and pat a horse's bottom, Bai Ling's face is cold: "Don't talk if it's okay, I'm thinking about it."

     Bai Ling was really indifferent, Ye Shu curled his lips and backed away angrily.

     Everyone continued to move forward and finally broke through the barren mountains and wild hills and reached the highway.

     There are many cars here, all owned by marshals.The group of people got in the car and returned to the city comfortably. It was a comfortable time.

     When I returned to the city, it was already over five in the morning. Ye Shu didn't take Aiqier back to the hotel, but followed Bai Ling away.

     The reason is simple, he is not safe now, and he is easily killed if he doesn't follow the boss.

     Bai Ling was not very happy, but she acquiesced.

     So they went to yet another more luxurious hotel. This hotel was actually wrapped up by Bai Ling, and it was full of law enforcement officers and some officials from Tian Leifeng.

     Yang Yi was also temporarily imprisoned here, and the captured Holy Spirit Cultists were directly handed over to Gui Congcheng.

     "Miss Bai Ling will bring the saint back to Tianlei Peak. With the saint, there is hope for eliminating the Holy Spirit Cult. We don't have to cooperate with Yinghe."

     In the room where he was staying, Xiao Pa talked to Ye Shu happily. Ye Shu touched his chin and nodded.

     "Bai Ling pass like thunder and move like the wind, eccentric, she caught the saint directly, I'm afraid she will leave for Tianleifeng immediately."

     "Yes, we don't need to be afraid of that kid Yinghe."

     The two had a conversation, and Little Pa was gone. Ye Shu was in distress, Yang Yi.

     After watching Xiaopa leave, Aiqier immediately pulled Ye Shu and complained: "Dad, why are we here? Mengmeng is still in that hotel."

     "It's very clever, it won't happen. Let's hide for a while, it's a bit dangerous now."

     Ye Shu coaxed, Ai Qier pouted and ran to take a bath.

     Ye Shu paced, turn over in one's mind, and then went out.

      At the crack of dawn, it was the darkest, there was no a person's silhouette in the aisle, and the law enforcement officers seemed to be asleep.Bai Ling didn't know where to live, Ye Shu took a glance, and then walked upstairs.

     With such a high building and so many rooms, he walked slowly to look around, and when he reached the highest floor, he finally saw people.

     Those were two black-robed law enforcement officers, standing at the door of the room at the end of the corridor, Motionless as a Mountain, very mighty.

      Without a doubt, Yang Yi was imprisoned inside.

     Ye Shu's appearance also attracted the attention of the two, and his palm covered the hilt.

     Ye Shuzheng face, strode over and said: "I am Ye Shu, Miss Bai Ling's assistant, don't you know me?"

     The two marshals loosened the hilt of their swords and said hello: "I have seen Mr. Ye."

     Ye Shu was in Gui Congshan's great power, and the law enforcement officers who came back had spread, and the two had also heard about it, so naturally they were respectful.

     Ye Shu nodded and smiled: "I'll look at the saint of the Holy Spirit, maybe I can ask something."


     The two of them are somewhat difficult, and Ye Shu took out the lark token: "Give me a face."

     When the two looked at the token, their expressions changed drastically, and they dared not lift their heads: "Please come in."

     They opened the door and Ye Shu went directly in. The two closed the door again, and then glanced at each other, one of them left noiselessly.

     In the room, Ye Shu turned on the light and saw Yang Yi sitting on the bed.

      she by no means was tied up, but her breath was very weak, she was obviously injured badly, and she had no strength to escape.

     As soon as Ye Shu came, Yang Yi was stunned, and then suffocated with anger and said: "Undercover!"She turned the old account, Ye Shu smiled with her hands in her arms: "Hey, Xiao Yiyi, it's not that I said you, why did you get caught? I, an undercover agent, have never revealed your secrets."

     Ye Shu first came to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, Yang Yi gritted his teeth with anger: "I don't want to talk to you, please leave."

     She was full of anger and was mocked by Ye Shu again.

     Ye Shu sat down and said with a serious face: "You have suffered a heavy loss this time? You have been doing troubles everywhere, but in the end, hairless got one, why bother?"

     "Hmph, if it wasn't for the woman Sudden Appearance, we would have succeeded. Once the madman of the abnormal Biological Research Institute came out, he would be in chaos when he returned to Congcheng. We took advantage of the chaos to release Gu and control the monsters, and the power increased!"

     Yang Yi was very angry, flustered and exasperated. Ye Shu raised his eyebrows. It turned out that you had this plan. The bureaucracy of returning to Congcheng was too rubbish. The Holy Spirit Cult could have been successful. As a result, Bai Ling suddenly intervened and directly killed a wave of force and captured the saint alive. Lost out of Xiang.

     Ye Shu couldn't help laughing again, shook his head and said, "Xiao Yiyi, you should retire from education, and you can mix with me in the future. You Nanyang people just like to die and are so weak that you dare to yell at China. Are the lessons learned ten years ago not enough?"

     "You... shut up, this is the great mission I teach, how can you be insulted!"

     Yang Yi glared at Ye Shu fiercely, with big eyes and bulging small lips, so cute.Ye Shu snorted and poked her to the point: "Okay, the Miao family girl is stout, I won't advise you anymore, but I want to ask you, what will King Gu do after you are imprisoned? When you are in love, you have both hands. It’s not enough. And the alliance’s sky prison is unreasonable. Every monster is ruthless. If you are in the sky prison, maybe a bunch of female fairies will put you on you."

     (I wish you all a Merry Christmas, go out on a date after watching it, just like me, seven or eight young ladies take turns to make appointments, and being handsome is also an annoyance.)


     Yang Yi was embarrassed and angry, but unable to respond, his eyes started to flush.

     "If so, I committed suicide, don't bother you!"

     She turned around and said, live without hope.

     Ye Shu tuts, you saint, you are still too young, why are you so impulsive.

     "Okay, you can commit suicide, but I don't want to commit suicide. I'm so handsome, I can't just die like that. Hurry up, come on, try to make King Gu pregnant tonight, and you don't have to be so miserable."

     Ye Shu was about to hug Yangyi, Yangyi squeezed his fists, and quickly avoided, but immediately stood up and did not hide: "Okay, I can't wait to kill you, I'm pregnant early. Anyway, I'm not clean anymore, you want Just do it, come on."

     She lay down on the bed, her eyes red and motionless.

     Ye Shu's old face twitched: "Brother, I'm really kidding."

     "Don't be hypocritical, you goddamn Han!"

     Yang Yi blasted out angrily, then put the palms together before one, chanting some spell silently, Ye Shu was taken aback, and immediately felt a fire in his abdomen, and Yang Yi's body was also red.He was taken aback, and quickly backed away: "Big sister, what the heck are you doing? I said it was a joke!"

     "I want you to come over and keep doing it tonight. You must make King Gu conceive. I won't have to do with each other in the future. If I see you again, I will definitely kill you!"

     Damn it, meow meow?

     You mother-in-law, don't fucking break the jar. Miao women are not so staunch.

     Ye Shu quickly turned and ran, but \Wang was already in love, forcing him to turn his head and pounce on Yangyi.

     "You are so special... I Go To Your Mother's winter melon skin!"

     (To be continued.)
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