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0 Chapter List 175 Spring Heart Rippling Small Cold Sauce
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xiao Leng is happy to accept Ye Shu's theory, she wants to fall in love. 』』

     Ye Shuzedan hurts, fall in love with Xiao Leng?

     This is a bit weird. Although I like cute girls very much, Xiao Leng is not an ordinary cute girl, how can I talk about it?

     "Do you really want to fall in love with me?"

     Ye Shupo deliberately asked, Xiao Leng un'ed: "I feel a little sick when I see you now, so let's talk about it. I can accept your fallacies."

     Xiao Leng has always been difficult to accept the mating of Ye Shu and Yang Yi. She is now putting a bold face on it and trying to accept it, very frank and straightforward.

     Ye Shu said a few words secretly, not hypocritical.

     "Sure, then I will fall in love with you. I will tell you the process first. First, let's go out on a date, hold hands and go shopping, and then eat and watch a movie. Don't resist me, treat me as your boyfriend and have fun My heart. When it gets dark, I will take you to open the room. You can find some feeling, which is the kind of natural feeling when the love is strong."

     Ye Shu spoke in detail, but it was too simple and rude, without the slightest emotional foundation. Xiao Leng couldn't help frowning: "Why do you want to open a house? Is it a bad thing to open a house?"

     "Of course not doing bad things, I just want you to understand that it is normal for men and women to have sex. If you find that feeling, you won't find me sick in the future."

     Ye Shu explained that, in fact, he had no bottom at all, only a wry smile. This is a bit of nonsense, it's strange that Xiao Leng can find the feeling.

     But he had no choice but to try a few blindly.

     "I'll take a shower, and I will take you out for a date later, so prepare yourself."Ye Shu didn't say much, went to take a shower, and then told Ai Qier to stay in the hotel, and went out with a little cold.

     Still in broad daylight, there are people everywhere, and the city center is even more prosperous. After Ye Shu went out, he signaled Xiao Leng to fly down, stop floating in the air.

     Xiao Leng fell down and looked at Ye Shu in confusion. She has no emotional experience, and she didn't even have the opportunity to talk to boys before, let alone go shopping with men.

     "Give me your hand and let's take it."

     Ye Shu stretched out his hand, Xiao Leng shrank back: "What are you doing, perverted."

     "Dating in love, couples go shopping like this, why are you shy."

     Ye Shu curled his mouth, Xiao Leng considered that he still stretched out his hand. However, she is a ghost and has no physical feeling at all. Ye Shu felt that she was holding an icy wind.

     Xiao Leng is also not very comfortable: "Your yang energy is too strong, I don't want to contact you."

     Ye Shu scratched his head, this is not a way, it is too much trouble to fall in love with a ghost. He thought for a while and said: "You go to a woman's body, find a woman with weak yang, go to her body, and borrow several hours to fall in love with me."

     This method is very good, Xiao Leng can also bear, she is so strong, the body of a weak woman is enough and to spare.

     Xiao Leng was nodded and drifted away quite obediently.

     Ye Shu waited for her where she was. After waiting for more than ten minutes, he was slapped on his shoulder and he screamed in pain.Looking back, he was stunned. He turned out to be a middle-aged woman who was about a meter and a half, a pair of arms with solid muscles and a plain cloth coat. She looked like an aunt in the market, and this aunt's appearance was so good. It's hard to compliment people, the big pancakes are still pockmarked on their faces.

     Ye Shu is not disgusted with this aunt, but... Xiao Leng, why do you use this aunt's body to fall in love with Lao Tzu?

     "Auntie, who are you?"

     Ye Shu put a bold face on it and asked. I hope it’s not Xiao Leng, but the reality is cruel. Auntie spoke up, her throat broken like an iron pot beating: "I’m Xiao Leng, I found a very nice's body, she is sick, Yang I'm very weak, I can borrow it all day."

     Ye Shu covered his chest and looked at Auntie up and down twice, and the corners of his eyes glide: "Xiao Lengjiang, I think you can change to another person. You can find a student girl, that kind of petite and cute high school student is very suitable. your."

     "No, I have read books before. Inner beauty is the most important thing. If you are so perverted, you will definitely be messed up when you see a student girl. I hope you will restrain yourself, or I will let you fly into the sky."

     Xiao Leng righteousnessly refused, Ye Shu wants to cry but doesn't have tears, glanced at the strong aunt again, and stretched out his hand tremblingly: "Come on, Auntie."

     Xiao Leng gave a hum, and a pair of calloused hands tightly grasped Ye Shu's "exquisite little hands".

     After the attack was divided, Auntie started shopping with her little boyfriend.

     Whether it's eating, buying clothes, or going to an amusement park, wherever you go, you will be watched by people everywhere.Xiao Leng's face was indifferent, and she was even very happy because she had never played like this before, and now she plays around like a child of a meter and eight, and she laughs like a barbell from time to time, attracting everyone to point the finger.

     No matter how thick Ye Shu's face is, he feels uncomfortable, uncomfortable!

     He wanted to be strong, and treated this auntie who was about 1.8 meters tall as a little cold and romantic, but every time he made up his mind, he couldn't be romantic when he saw Auntie's pocky face.

     Finally, he was tired and bitterly paralyzed on the park bench. I will talk about Nima's banana boat, let alone!

     Xiao Leng stood tall and strong, still looking at the roller coaster in the distance, obviously wanting to play.

     "Mr. Pervert, don't you want to fall in love? What happened to you? "

     Ye Shu secretly wiped tears to himself: "Forget it, you continue to dislike me, I admit it, let's go back."

     Ye Shu had already given up, Xiao Leng thought a bit then said: "I want to ride the roller coaster, can I just ride it once?"

     Xiao Leng's pie pockmarked face was very eager, Ye Shu rubbed his head: "Okay, let's go."

     He took Xiao Leng to ride the roller coaster, which caused the staff members to snicker, and the tourists who had originally planned to ride the roller coaster saw Xiao Leng such a big one, so scared to stop riding, fearing that the roller coaster would derail.

     Ye Shu was speechless, he ignored him, and Xiao Leng occupied a whole roller coaster.

     Then the two started alone.

     Ye Shu is a bold person, not afraid of roller coasters. Xiao Leng is a ghost, so she shouldn't be afraid, but don't know why, she turned pale after the roller coaster was running, and she was holding onto the roller coaster handle.Ye Shu laughed and said, "Are you still afraid of this stuff?"

     Xiao Leng stammeringly said: "I heard that roller coasters were scary when I was a kid, but now I'm so scared sitting."

     Ye Shu squinted to himself and was also drunk.

     Seeing the speed of the roller coaster speed up, Ye Shu couldn't help reaching out and grabbing Xiao Leng's big hand.

     The next moment, the roller coaster goes downhill, rushing like a spinning top huā lā huā lā.

     People sitting on it felt the sky spins, the earth goes round, while Xiao Leng screamed, stabbing Ye Shu's eardrum pain.

     He firmly grasped Xiao Leng's palm, and shouted: "Yes, just shout like that, Aaaaaah!"

     The two yelled together, and the crowd onlookers laughed at them, as if they were watching two clowns.

     Finally, the roller coaster stopped, Xiao Leng's messy head became more messy, her legs became soft, and her palms were full of sweat.

     Ye Shula went to the ground, she was still shaking, and she couldn't stand still.

     Ye Shu cannot help laughing, how scared is Nima? Have you forgotten all your skills?

     He shook his head and helped Xiao Leng to sit down. Xiao Leng rested for a good while and said: "It's so fun, this is a roller coaster."

     She seemed to have fulfilled a wish, showing a look of joy, Ye Shu looked at her sideways, and couldn't help feeling, this little girl.

     "Do you still want to play? Say what you want, and I will take you to fulfill it."

     Ye Shu finally became strong, he didn't want to fall in love anymore, and it was good to help Xiao Leng fulfill his wish.

     Xiao Cooling shook his head: "I don't want to be satisfied all at once, I have to take it slowly, and happiness must be preserved."

     Ye Shu was startled, nodded with a smile: "Well, I will listen to you."The two of them were still holding their hands tightly, and others were still pointing the finger, but Ye Shu was too lazy to bother about it.

     Xiao Leng looked around and gently withdrew his hand back: "You wait for me a moment."

     "Why? Urgency?"

     Ye Shu asked with a smile, Xiao Leng glared at him and ran away happily.

     Ye Shu sat and waited, but after waiting for half an hour, Xiao Leng did not come back.

     He couldn't help but be in a hurry, but don't get into trouble.

     Just about to get up and look for it, a cute little girl with double ponytails and white silk legs suddenly ran up next to her, still wearing a small skirt uniform, attracting the attention of countless people.

     Ye Shu was also stunned, who is this?

     Although she looks very similar to Xiao Leng, but not Xiao Leng, this girl is also very beautiful, but Bi Xiao Leng still differ by some margin.

     "You... Xiao Leng?"

     Ye Shu asked, and the cute girl came over and took his arm directly: "It's me, is this girl to your appetite? Perverted."

     Her voice was soft, her tone was also full of smiles, and she was three-pointed defiant, which really numbed her bones.

     The men who have been peeking at her all around show the pig brother's appearance, afraid of being fascinated by her.

     Ye Shu was also tempted. He was not fascinated by this girl, but he perceived Xiao Leng's youthful vigor, which was really charming poison.

     "Yes, strong invincible, what else do you want to play?"

     "I have to ride a roller coaster." (To be continued.)
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