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0 Chapter List 178 You Can’t Catch Me With Your IQ
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The night is deep, and the forest is cold and windy. 』

     The three monsters were approaching with their sickles in their hands.

     Ye Shu had been prepared long ago and had observed the situation around him. At this moment, he picked up Aiqier and stood up, calmly responding.

     "Qi'er, fight in the forest later, don't fight head-on, let your cuteness out too, let it harass."

     Aiqier was not afraid, but very excited. She took out the little mandrill from her bag and said, "Moemeng, go and scratch them, just run away."

     The little mandrill was not a bullshit either, it screamed, and immediately rushed to the trees and disappeared.

     The three monsters were slightly startled and slowed down.

     Ye Shu put down Aiqier again, and said in a low voice: "You also hide, look for opportunities to sneak attack, I just confront them."

     Achille nodded, screamed exaggeratedly, and ran into the forest like a flexible rabbit.

     The three monsters are more careful, but they are tough monsters after all, and they are not worthless. They are approaching, raising the sickle in their hands, spurred by the monster, One Hit Kill.

     Seeing them approaching, Ye Shu quickly kicked the monk on the ground. Unexpectedly, the monk is still snoring but not awake.

     Ye Shu was stunned, you are so stupid, you are actually sleeping?

     This was beyond Ye Shu's expectation. Ye Shu thought that the monk pretended to sleep, but he actually slept.

     He hurriedly kicked a few more feet and shouted: "Get up!"

     The monk rolled over, scratching his chin and snoring constantly.

     At this time, the three monsters were approaching, and the volley jumps up suddenly, and the three sickles slammed down.Ye Shu was secretly shocked, these three monsters were very powerful, it was fine to deal with one by himself, but he would definitely die when dealing with three at the same time.

     With a move of his footsteps, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), avoiding with Yu steps, his body swiftly ran into the dense forest.

     The three monsters fell into the air with a single shot, but stepped on the monk's body, and the position was very delicate, squashing the monk's crotch.

     The monk screamed scream, finally awakened, sat up, covered his crotch and screamed.

     The three monsters were surprised abruptly, and then changed hands to cut the monk to death.

     Ye Shuren had already stepped back, and he couldn't save him. This stupid monk was afraid that he would die.

     Unexpectedly, the monk is also a skilled person, immediately rolled and kicked.

     He was too strong to imagine. With this kick, he kicked a monster, spinning and hitting the tree, and the shit came out.

     Everyone present was shocked, and the monk got up in embarrassment, curse without restraint: "What are you doing? You are paralyzed by the old grass, and your blood is stinky!"

     The remaining two monsters look at each other in dismay, and then rushed towards the monk with anger.

     Although the monk is strong, he doesn't seem to know how to fight. Seeing this battle, he quickly ran away.

     "The donor has something to say, and the poor monk is just passing by."

     At this time, the monster that was kicked by the monk stopped/stood. He hit the tree. Although the shit was knocked out, it was a monster after all. He didn't suffer any serious injuries. He got up, grabbed the sickle and rushed towards Ye Shu.Ye Shu wasn't afraid of a single monster, Yu step walked into the forest in the blink of an eye. The monster was able to lock him, and then stepped in, speeding quickly, as if floating on water.

     Both of them entered the dark dense forest, Ye Shu opened his eyes as he ran, and the four fields immediately became bright.

     The Sky Eye can not only see ghosts, but it can also be used as a night vision device, which is very sky-defying.

     Ye Shusi was unaffected by the darkness, and stared at the monster who was pressing every step of the way.

     After a while, his Yubu was getting faster and faster, and he had got rid of the monster's tracking.

     The monster lost its target and looked around in the forest, while Ye Shu hid behind a tree, smiling repeatedly.

     Fighting hard with this monster, you may be injured, it is too unnecessary, now the other party is like a turtle in a jar, just toss slowly.

     Ye Shu drew blood on the palm of his hand, summoning ghosts and gods.

     A huge mountain mover jumped out and accepted the order.

     "Run in circles in the forest, the louder the better."

     Ye Shu gave the order, and the mountain ghost immediately patted his chest and ran wild like a wild horse.

     When the monster heard such a battle, he was immediately taken aback, thinking that something terrible was coming, and sweating on his forehead.

     Ye Shu picked up a stone on the ground and waited all the time, while the ghost who moved the mountain made a loud noise. The monster was completely panicked and stepped back, obviously wanting to exit the forest.

     At this brief moment, Ye Shu stepped on his footsteps, Yu stepped on, and reached behind the monster in the blink of an eye. He lifted the stone and knocked.

     "I smashed your dog's head!"

     The monster caught off guard, and was distracted by the moving ghost, no way to escape, and was hit in the head by Ye Shu with a stone.If he hadn't had a demon-powered body, he would have been smashed by Ye Shu.

     But this was enough for him to have a dizzy spell. He was panicked and struck a backhand, but Ye Shu had retreated several tens of meters and hid again.

     This monster was holding his head and looking around in a cold and panic manner.

     Ye Shu was also quite surprised. This monster is really powerful. Fortunately, he didn't have the impulse to be tough. If this is not the case, he might have been killed in a guerrilla warfare. He had overestimated himself earlier.

     He continued to hide, ordering the mountain ghost to run around and roar, slowly approaching the monster.

     The monster gritted his teeth and ran out of the forest with big strides. He is giving up chasing Ye Shu, it is important to save his life.

     Ye Shu chuckled and chased furtively, but he heard a scream from the tree, and the small mandrill rushed down towards the monster.

     The monster had a surprise, and when he turned his wrist, the sickle flew out straight, cutting off the small mandrill.

     The small mandrill turned in mid-air and then concealed among the leaves.

     Ye Shuan heave a sigh of relief, the mandrill is not bad.

     After the little mandrill appeared, Ai Qier also appeared. Like a little female ghost, she suddenly sprang out from behind the tree and screamed at the monster. The powerful deterrent made the monster stagnate.

     It's a pity that Ai Qier only has deterrent power. After the monster was shocked, he ran away quickly, and Ai Qier did not dare to chase.

     But after being frightened one after another, the monster was already a dog in the water, and he also threw the sickle, the lethality plummeted.

     Ye Shu gave a dark smile again, and Yu Bu showed it, grabbing the big stone in his hand and quickly approaching.The monster was also aware of it, but it already comes without enough time, and was hit on the head by Ye Shu again.

     Ye Shu stepped back as soon as he succeeded, the monster's counterattack failed, and blood was flowing on his head.

     He roared angrily, but couldn't find where Ye Shu was, so he had to continue running.

     Ye Shu continued to chase him. After doing this five or six times, he succeeded every time. The monster completely collapsed, and his head was completely broken, spectacle too horrible to endure.

     When he escaped from the dense forest, he fell to the side of the fire, convulsing constantly, seeing that he could not survive.

     Ye Shuchang heave a sigh of relief and shook his numb arm. has to say, this monster is very strong, and he is also tricky, otherwise it is impossible to win.

     Ai Qier ran out holding Mengmeng, triumphantly said: "Dad, we cooperated so well."

     As soon as the words fell, a figure appeared in front of him, but the remaining two monsters grabbed the monk and returned.

     The monk's face was bloody, he couldn't stop breathing, and he was obviously beaten badly. But the two monsters were unscathed, with cold faces.

     When they saw their companion twitching on the ground, they didn't care. They just sneered: "Knowing that you have great footwork, we may not be able to catch you, but our bald head can't run away."

     Ye Shu frowned, then smiled: "Why are you so naive? Threatening me with a stranger?"

     The two monsters looked at each other and sneered again and again: "Stuff it, he is your brother, he said personally, you are so close in the car. You can't admit it, then we will kill him immediately."

     Ye Shu squinted, this Monk Wine and Meat is quite witty, he lied and fooled the two mentally retarded monsters."Okay, then you kill him, I watch, and I will run if I kill him."

     Ye Shu picked up Aiqier, ready to run away. In the dark forest, his Yubu can be said to be Unmatched Under the Heaven, and these two monsters have not been able to catch him.

     The other party knew it well, so he threatened it with a monk. But the threat was obviously invalid. The two monsters looked at each other, raised their sickles, and chopped them down.

     The monk was scared and yelled: "Don't ah don't, brother, I'm good for you, your \king..."

     Ye Shu said quickly: "Wait!"

     He also didn't expect that the two monsters actually did their hands. It was a bit unkind to watch the monk die, and the monk also mentioned \The king, he couldn't sit and watch, but remain indifferent.

     The two monsters stopped their sickles and smiled darkly, believing they had succeeded in their trickery.

     "You hands tied and wait to be captured, we let him go and your daughter will be fine."

     The two monsters negotiated, Ye Shu shook his head, in deadly earnest laughed: "I am not trying to save him, I am trying to remind you one thing. If you hold my brother, then I will definitely not stand aside and do nothing, but Once you kill him, then I will be completely free. When you run into the woods, the mountain is high and the river is far, you will never find me anymore. Yinghe will definitely kill you when you return. You say yes Isn't it true?"

     The two monsters were startled and frowned: "Then what do you want?"

     "Just keep the status quo. Everyone, make friends. If you have something to say, you can hold my brother first. I won't run. Or else eat some beef jerky first, everyone is hungry."Ye Shu greeted warmly and sat down to find beef jerky. The two monsters looked at each other a few times, and also pulled the monk to sit down.

     The two groups began to stare, Ye Shu lost a little beef jerky and went over, but the two monsters didn't eat it, just watch the monk closely and beware of him running away.

     Ye Shu was about to laugh to death, these two mentally handicapped monsters, he was sure that these two guys were novices, except for powerful strength, completely without life experience.

     That monk was a person with ample experience. Looking at the situation, he couldn’t help but whispered to persuade him bitterly: “You can’t catch my brother, he runs so fast. It’s no way for you to imprison me and hold him. Is it going to last a lifetime?"

     The two monsters were coldly snorted and glanced at the leisurely and contented Ye Shu Leng and said: "There is so much time. He is a human. Sooner or later, when we are tired, are you really stupid for us? Hold him now for three to five days. If you chase him for eight days, can he still run away?"

     When the monk heard this, he showed a stunned look: "The two masters are really smart, and Lao Na admires it. Why don't we let me go, how about the three of us?"

     "To shut up!"

     The two monsters scolded them angrily, and Ye Shu raised his head and glanced over there: "It's late, I'm going to bed, don't make trouble."

     Ye Shu fell asleep, and the two monsters were overjoyed and stared at Ye Shu closely.

     After Ye Shu fell asleep, Ai Qier squeezed into his arms and fell asleep, and the two of them did not move.

     The two monsters pressed the joy, one held the monk, and the other slowly approached Ye Shu.

     Seeing that he was approaching Ye Shu, Ye Shu suddenly turned over, and the stone in his hand banged on the monster's nose.The nose is a weak spot, and the monster burst into tears, covering his nose and backing away.

     Ye Shumeng babbled twice and continued to sleep.

     The monk hurriedly said: "This kid is dreaming, don't be afraid, keep going."

     The monster holding his nose had a long nosebleed, his clothes were wet, his eyes were fierce and angry, he strode closer, and with one stroke of the sickle, he cut it down at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu rolled around with a donkey, hugged Aiqier, and then threw a stone.

     This time the monster escaped, but became even more angry: "You bastard, you are playing me!"

     He was so angry that Ye Shu got up and said innocently: "What's wrong? I seem to be dreaming."

     Monster not say a word, fast approaching. However, Ye Shu's footwork was so powerful that he ran into the woods in a hurry.

     "You broke the contract and you want to attack me sneakily, then I can't help it, bye."

     Ye Shu twisted his ass and left, both monsters were in a hurry. The monk was also anxious: "Damn, don't let him run away, let's chase after him! This brother who has suffered a thousand swords doesn't care about me at all!"

     The monk took the lead in chasing after him with blood on his face, and the two monsters hurriedly chased after him.

     As soon as he entered the dense forest, his vision was dark, and the monk pointed to the east: "Separately chase, I will go here, you go over there, hurry up, he will get over it quickly, don't drag."

     After the monk said, he ran away. The two monsters also chased in the other direction. After several tens of meters, Mao didn't see one. Then the two monsters glanced at each other and yelled at each other and turned around to chase the monk.

     On a tree not far away, Ye Shu leaned on a branch to eat beef jerky. Ai Qier looked at the tree and shook her head: "How come there is such a stupid person."Ye Shu a wide grin: "Go, go to the monk, this old boy owes my one person love. He said that he would benefit me, and I would lose if I didn't take it."

     (It is a four-thousand-word chapter, so it’s a bit more expensive) (To be continued.)
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