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0 Chapter List 187 Gu Lin Murder
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu killed him and didn't expect \The king suddenly came out, came out also just sufficed, and put Mingye Gu on it!

     Mingye Gu is the mother of ten thousand Gu, and it is very peculiar. Using singing to confuse people, come over obediently and die. It is so strong.

     As a result, if he didn't agree with him, he was picked up by \Wang!

     This particular harem opens faster than Lao Tzu! Next time I meet Yang Yi, it is estimated that a family tragedy will happen.

     Everyone also click one's tongue in wonder, and praise \The king is really a maverick, rare in the world.

     Mi Yazi couldn't hide the different color in her eyes, staring straight at the constantly shaking leaves, not knowing what she was thinking.

     The leaf bush has been shaking for nearly half an hour, and the trembling finally stopped with the bashful cry of Ming Ye Gu.

     Soon, \Wang came out. This thumb-sized four-legged caterpillar lifted the leaves and walked out very smartly, twisting his neck and buttocks, and then leaped towards Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu felt quite disgusting, but still opened his mouth to let \Wang in, and everything was over.

     Ye Shu coughed a few times and cursed inwardly, making the thief feel uncomfortable.

     The rest of the people didn't feel sick, their eyes looked at Ye Shu very enviously. Only Aiqier looked weird, wrinkling her nose and whispered: "Dad, was the little thumb bug making a child just now?"

     Ye Shu choked, and when it was over, Ai Qier had begun to understand some things, this precocious loli was not so easy to fool.

     "Don't mind, this is normal, it doesn't matter."

     Ye Shu put a bold face on it and explained, Ai Qier blinked and smiled sweetly: "Well, when I am twelve years old, I will also...""Stop! It's getting late, let's keep going, do you want to leave or stay?"

     Ye Shu shifting the topic, several Gu Masters glanced at each other, all looking forward to it.

     "We're not leaving. Mr. Ye has such a powerful gu worm, so why are we afraid?"

     Originally, after the Mingye Gu was settled, these people would definitely want to leave. They didn't dare to enter the inner circle, but at this time they saw Ye Shu's \king, and they all thought about holding their thighs, wherever they would go.

     Mi Yazi also smiled and said, "Mr. Ye, you have a so formidable Gu worm. It’s bad if you don’t put it out sooner. It makes everyone uneasy."

     Ye Shu squinted his eyes: "If you want to go in, let's go in, don't go back this time, it's very annoying."

     Ye Shu waved his hand, motioning Mi Yazi to lead the way. Mi Yazi unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others, nodding to lead the way.

     But she was still thinking about Mingle Gu, and glanced at the bush of leaves, quite excited.

     Shi Yingjun asked curiously: "Brother, don't you care about Mingye Gu?"

     Ye Shu helplessly said: "My Gu worm is special, it is very dragging, since it is unforgiving, what can I do?"

     \The king was indeed ruthless, and he went back to Ye Shu's body to rest after taking Mingye Gu, completely ignoring Mingye Gu.

     Ye Shu couldn't, and everyone could only sigh secretly after listening to him.

     The group left. Not far after they walked out, Mingye Gu's song rang again. Everyone could hear it clearly. The song was full of resentment, just like a little wife who was hoping for her husband's return.

     A group of people couldn't help but take a look at Ye Shu. Ye Shu stretched his hands: "What can I do, I'm also very desperate. Little bugs, don't care about your mother-in-law?"Ye Shu asked King Teng, but \Wang did not react at all.

     Ai Qier bulged her lips: "Huh, grief, not cute at all!"

     Everyone dumbfounded and then moved on.

     After a while, the fog increased in vain, and the air was very cold and humid, and the soil under my feet softened a lot.

     Mi Yazi stopped and said: "We already arrived at the inner circle of the Gu Forest. There is a swamp inside. Although there are fewer trees, the fog is heavier and the torches are almost useless. Moreover, the miasma of the swamp is very dangerous and contains highly poisonous. May die."

     Ye Shu opened his eyes to look at the Gu Forest Swamp, and found that the jungle was sparse, with unknown weeds on the ground, and many puddles.

     Farther away, there was a vast expanse of whiteness, Ye Shu couldn't see clearly with his eyes open, he could only see the situation within about 30 meters.

     The others are even more miserable. They can't even see the situation within 30 centimeters. If they don't have a special torch, they will be blind when they enter.

     "In addition to the swamp miasma and the Gu worm, there is a greater danger, and that is the people inside. Gu masters, head-down masters, and ghost-raising masters may all be inside, and those who dare to enter are basically masters, especially the deepest, masters. There is a lot of fog, and it is best to kill and throw corpses. Many people catch new Gu worms, and they all like blood sacrifices, which is to kill people and feed them new Gu worms."

     Mi Yazi continued, and everyone's expressions changed. Ye Shu didn't panic. He was somewhat uncertain and asked, "Why are the head-down masters and ghost raisers coming to join in the fun?"Mi Yazi smiled: "Gu masters are actually very weak. If their Gu worms are not strong enough, then they are equivalent to a mortal. Therefore, many Gu masters will seek the help of head-down masters and ghost-raising masters, just calling friends to protect themselves. "

      so that's how it is, it makes sense to think about it. For example, Om Shark, Om Shark is so hard to deal with, but completely unable to deal with Ye Shu, Ye Shu will be beaten to death as soon as they meet. He would definitely find a ghost teacher or a head-down teacher to help him, so that he could deal with Ye Shu.

     Thinking about it this way, Ye Shu frowned, and it seemed that he couldn't care less, Om Shark is not worth mentioning, but the ghost raiser and the head descender inside must guard against.

     After a lot of discussions, everyone moved on and finally stepped into the inner circle of Gu Lin.

     As soon as I entered, the special torch began to dim, not illuminating the place half a meter away.

     Except for Ye Shu, everyone is blind, cautious and solemn groping forward, sometimes stepping on a pothole will be terribly scared, afraid of falling into a swamp.

     Ye Shu was also very cautious, scanning the surroundings with his sky eyes open, and soon a powerful Gu worm appeared.

     These gu worms are staring at everyone, if it weren't for the king, they would definitely attack.

     Ye Shu chose the weaker ones from these Gu worms, and then told everyone.

     Everyone was naturally surprised and caught quickly. Ye Shuyi was deterred by the king, and Mi Yazi also kindly helped. In a short while, several Gu Masters all gained.

     Gu worms caught in the inner circle are ten times more powerful than those in the outer circle.

     Seeing that they had all gained something, Ye Shu couldn't help but said: "All right, go back, you can go out in a few minutes, don't go further."Ye Shu has his own consideration. These people regard themselves as thighs anyway, and it is a bit unkind to take them to death. Now the gu worms in the inner circle have also been caught, it is time to stop.

     Several people also knew the danger of the inner circle, and immediately followed Ye Shu's arrangement, thanked them and left.

     Soon, there were only four people left here, Ye Shu and Aiqier, Shi Yingjun and Mi Yazi.

     Mi Yazi said with a giggle: "Mr. Ye is so kind, so considerate of others, they fall in love with you."

     Aiqier stared, coldly snorted towards Mi Yazi. Mi Yazi laughed more happily, which made Ai Qier angry.

     Ye Shu didn't want to listen to her wave, and said coldly: "Continue to lead the way, I won't talk to you too much, don't mess with me, I naturally let you use it."

     Mi Yazi eyes flash, with a crooked smile: "Well, it's really straightforward, bad."

     The four of them continued to advance, and encountered many powerful Gu worms, but they were not attacked because the king was sitting in town.

     This is simply hanging up, and it is rampant in Gu Forest Swamp, and no one will believe it.

     And they also found the rest, of course, the rest are corpses.

     These corpses were lying in the smelly waterweeds or potholes, not yet decomposed, but their bodies were occupied by Gu worms. When they got closer, they could even hear the sound of Gu worms eating bones, which made the scalp numb.

     Mi Yazi also rarely seriously get up, obviously afraid of the Gu worms here.

     The strong monk Shi Yingjun even tightly leaned on Ye Shu, cautious and solemn said: "Brother, I'm afraid that I will overturn the car before leaving. Let your king come out to eat the gu worms. Let's leave when we are full. "Ye Shu shook his head: "\If the king really wants to eat, he will come out by himself, I could not control. And I also have other purposes, I must go deeper."

     Shi Yingjun had no choice but to follow Ye Shu to move on.

     Finally, the four reached the deepest point. The fog here is almost the same as honey, too thick to dissolve, Ye Shu's vision of the sky was forced to shrink to within ten meters, he couldn't see the distance, only a large swamp in front of him.

     The black miasma and mist are intertwined, and the smell is even more disgusting. In the swamp, weird calls sounded from time to time.

     "This is the Gu Forest Swamp. The really powerful Gu worms are thousands of meters long and wide in the swamp."

     Mi Yazi explained that she was afraid to move forward and asked Ye Shu's opinion.

     Ye Shu is not empty, but his goal is not to catch Gu worms, but to catch Om Sharks.

     "Don't go in first, let's find a good place to camp, and wait for others to go in and find the way." (To be continued.)
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