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0 Chapter List 188 Hunting
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When the four people walked here, there was no road ahead, a huge Confusion Fog Swamp, like a Great Desolate Giant Beast, quietly waiting for a lamb in a tiger's den. 』

     At Ye Shu's request, Mi Yazi took the three of them around the swamp, and quickly found a piece of high mountain soil.

     There was damp mud all around, and it was really difficult to find a piece of raised land with wet shoes.

     The four people camped here immediately, and the white fog was all over, and the four people seemed to be unassuming ants.

     Shi Yingjun set up the tent and spread a blanket on the ground to isolate the moisture from the soil.

     Then a few people ate some dry food that's the end of it, and there was no fire, because there was no dry wood.

     Ye Shu took a look at the time. It is already night, and the white mist will turn into black mist later. Without the light from the sky, the Gu Forest Swamp will fall into complete darkness.

     Mi Yazi also paid attention to the time, and then looked at the fading white mist above her head carefully, and said carefully: "The night is when the gu worms are most active, they will all show up, and then many Gu masters will take action to catch them, and the swamp must be chaotic. , We have to be careful."

     This is without a doubt. As soon as the Gu worm becomes active, the Gu Master must also be active. Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

     Ye Shu stared at the swamp with his sky-eyed eyes, but couldn't penetrate the line of sight. He could only see some Gu worms wriggling on the stinky concrete floor at the edge of the swamp, which was very disgusting.

     He didn't look at it anymore, but Strength of Ghosts and Gods was always blessed, and once there was a change, he would react quickly.

     The white mist gradually darkened, the sky lost its bright color, and it was already night.The sound of insects in the swamp increased. It was not the sound of crickets, but the singing of various sorts and varieties.

     It was like a morning market. At first there were vegetable vendors, who were chatting and laughing, and then guests came. Finally, densely packed were all guests. The whole morning market was noisy.

     Gu Forest Swamp exactly like this, as the night darkened, the noise became more exaggerated, and in the end it was like a pond with countless frogs croaking.

     Shi Yingjun covered his ears and said, "What are their ghost names?"

     Mi Yazi explained: "In the winter season, Gu worms are competing for mates. Some powerful Gu worms will eat other Gu worm strength enhancement. The swamp is their hotbed."

     Mi Yazi explained, and Ye Shu stared at the swamp. In the pitch black, some figures flashed by.

     There was also a scream in the swamp.

     "Someone is unable to hold back to do it, but now it is the most dangerous to do it. If they don't have strong strength, they will definitely be killed by the Gu worm. Generally, they wait until the middle of the night when the Gu worm is tired before doing it."

     Mi Yazi said solemnly, knowing these things very well.

     Here they hold back one's troops without moving, but the pot was opened in the swamp. Because someone had started, it caused the commotion of the Gu worms. Those who entered the swamp in advance seemed to be attacked, and screams were heard from time to time.

     But some people rush out embarrassedly, some people even ran out laughing with worms in jars.

     It's a pity that he was intercepted by the Gu Master hiding outside without running far, not only lost the Gu worm, but also lost his life.

     This kind of thing is happening everywhere, and Ye Shu and others are also happening nearby, and the screams seem to be in their ears.Shi Yingjun heart alarmed, trembling in fear, said: "These people are so bad that they dare not go in, hide outside and kill others. It's too cheap."

     "Everyone is like this, everything depends on strength and luck."

     Mi Yazi smiled and looked at Ye Shu: "Shall we do it at what time?"

     Ye Shu didn't want to do anything at all. He didn't want Gu worms, and Shi Yingjun didn't want Gu worms. The purpose of the two of them was completely different from that of others.

     "I'm not in a hurry, please wait slowly. If Miss Mi is in a hurry, please go in first."

     Ye Shu smiled and said, Mi Yazi flipped a supercillious look towards him: "You are really bad, knowing that others are miserable, relying on you, you always reject them."

     She was really invincible, and Ye Shu got up with goosebumps, and Ai Qier vomited, very annoying.

     However, Shi Yingjun had a relaxed face, and he couldn't help but be addicted to female sex.

     Ye Shu was too lazy to bother, he continued to stare at the swamp.

     Time passed, and the tragic action of catching Gu continued, and the momentum became greater and greater. Many people hiding outside also ran in, fearing that the quick-footed climb up first of the good Gu worms by others.

     For a time, fighting, screaming, insects, and even falling into the water cried out at the same time, piercing the black fog on the ground.

     After midnight, Mi Yazi spoke again: "Gu worm has entered a period of fatigue, and we can go in."

     She was a little anxious, unable to hold back.

     Ye Shu nodded, also planning to go in.

     He originally wanted to squat outside, but he didn't squat. Obviously, the humming shark was not in this direction, and there was darkness everywhere, so he couldn't catch him without taking the initiative to sortie.The four came out and officially entered the swamp.

     This swamp is composed of many "small ponds". Between the small ponds, there are mud and ridges for walking. But be very careful, because your vision is blurred, you may step into the water and fall into the smelly swamp if you accidentally step on it.

     Mi Yazi took the lead, stepping cautious and solemn on the soft wet soil, leading the three of them into the swamp.

     Ye Shu's eyes could still see the situation a few meters nearby. On the left and right, it was all dark dirty water. There were many weeds and gu insects in the potholes under the dirty water, as well as dead bodies.

     These potholes seem to be very shallow, but in fact they are swamps. When stepping on them, they will fall into the soil. Gu worms swarmed up and swallowed the thighs, almost certainly dead.

     Ye Shu hugged Aiqier and pulled Shi Yingjun again, walking steadily on the dirt. He needed to jump occasionally, and he did not make a mistake. The group of four quickly entered the swamp.

     There's more land to walk on, and it's more sturdy. You can see people walking and fighting from far and near, there's some left screaming and crawling on the ground, and the body is covered with worms, begging for help.

     However, no one paid attention to them.

     When Mi Yazi arrived here, she had already summoned her own Gu worm. Her Gu worm is a small yellow bug with white stripes on it, which looks very strange.

     This white-stranded yellow worm flies around Mi Yazi, driving away Gu worms that are close, and it is very effective.

     Ye Shu thought to herself that this lady's gu worm was also quite powerful. She had been pretending to be delicate before, but now she finally couldn't do it anymore.

     "Mr. Ye, I don't know what Gu worm you want to catch?"Mi Yazi asked at this time, as if she wanted to help Ye Shu. Ye Shu faintly smiled: "I don't catch insects, I'm here to travel, you are free."

     Mi Yazi was taken aback and chuckled, "Mr. Ye is really humorous. Since you don't trust me, I won't force it. I'm going to catch bugs."

     She smiled, and soon disappeared into the darkness.

     Shi Yingjun said in astonishment, "What does it mean?" Ye Shu was also quite surprised. Just like Mi Yazi left? It's not reasonable, she don't tell me it's not want to use herself?

     After thinking about it, a sense of crisis struck, and two Gu Masters approached in the rear, and two black Gu worms attacked Ye Shu at the same time.

     Ye Shu coldly snorted, pulling Shi Yingjun behind him, and then slapped him towards the void.

     With only two snaps, the two Gu worms burst directly. The two Gu masters spurted blood and fell powerlessly. They were drowned and swallowed by the Gu worms, dead but will not close the eyes.

     Shi Yingjun and Aiqier didn't even know what they had given birth, and were very confused.

     "Brother, what's wrong?"

     "Be careful, the people here want blood sacrifices to feed Gu worms. We all look weak and we will definitely become the target of a multitude of arrows."

     Ye Shu explained, in the eye flickers cool.

     Mi Yazi said that when Gu masters obtain new Gu worms, they usually make blood sacrifices, and blood sacrifices are to kill individuals to let Gu worms try.

     It was the blood sacrifice just now, the two Gu Masters wanted to kill the three of Ye Shu.

     Shi Yingjun understood, and quickly hugged Ai Qier: "I will help you see your daughter, you protect us, be careful."

     Shi Yingjunkong has a lot of strength, and now he can only watch children.Ye Shu nodded and strode to the noisiest place.

     "Walking this way, it's our turn to attack and make a bloody road."

     Om Shark is a powerful Gu Master, he must have gone to the most powerful Gu King in the swamp, and the Gu King is at the innermost, and the innermost is also the most dangerous.

     The three of them went straight to the deepest place. Gu masters and corpses were everywhere along the way. Walking along the way, doesn't know at all how many people they saw.

     The three of Ye Shu were also fiercely attacked. The Gu masters one by one caught Ye Shu and killed them as if they had taken medicine.

     However, they were basically unable to succeed. Gu worms did not dare to attack Ye Shu, and Ye Shu borrowed Strength of Ghosts and Gods to slap one, surmount all difficulties (on the way to success), doesn't know at all how many killed people.

     Finally, the swamp came to an end, and there was a small lake in front of it, filled with steam, and the lake water was black. At this moment, some of the most powerful Gu Masters were standing by the lake, looking at the middle of the water.

     Ye Shu was very embarrassed at this time. He was covered with Gu worm mucus and human blood. He was murderous-looking and his eyes were cold.

     Fools can see that he is not easy to provoke, but the fog here is too heavy for others to observe him carefully, and when he appears his head, three Gu Masters rushed over and released Gu worms to eat him.


     Ye Shu is irritable and has a very serious killing intention. At this moment, he shows no mercy and slaps the Gu worms away. The three worms wailed and did not dare to approach.

     The three Gu Masters had a surprise, quickly collected the injured Gu worms, and retreated back into the mist.

     Ye Shu was also a little surprised. Just now, he didn't shoot bad Gu worms, but just shoot flying. It seems that the Gu Master here is much better.But he was completely worthy, and walked to the lake with Shi Yingjun and Aiqier.

     There are many strong people here, but they didn't do anything, but looked at the lake quietly, as if waiting for something.

     Of course, each of them was very alert to each other. The people beside Ye Shu found Ye Shu approaching, and they all turned their heads and looked like a ghost in the dark, staring at Ye Shu closely.

     Ye Shu shook his arm and couldn't clean up the dirty smelly mucus. He ignored it, standing by the lake, looking for the Om Shark through the heavy white fog.

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