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0 Chapter List 189 Feeding Gu Tide
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the deepest part of the Gu Forest Swamp, there is a lake under the black fog. On the black water surface, criss-crossed strange water plants are pressed together. 』

     As the center of the swamp, this lake was originally a paradise for Gu worms, but at this moment, there was no Gu worm on the entire surface of the water. After the Gu King was born, all the gu worms left the lake and gave up their positions. It even fled the Gu Lin directly.

     On both sides of the lake, there are not many people standing, they are the most powerful sorcerers in the Southwest and Southeast Asia. They waited quietly, not massacre one another like the other Gu Masters.

     Ye Shu and the three were also standing by the lake, Shi Yingjun, holding Aiqier, stared nervously at the faintly discernible ghostly magician in the black mist.

     Ye Shu's face was cold, and he opened his eyes to scan both sides of the lake. His vision is much wider than the others, but despite this, he can still only see clearly within ten meters.

     There were several Gu Masters on the left and right, unable to see their appearance, and looked carefully at Ye Shu secretly.

     They are not Omsharks, nor are they taught by the Holy Spirit. Ye Shu had a general inference in his heart, Om Shark might be opposite to him, perhaps ten meters away.

     It is not appropriate to look blindly under the black mist, Ye Shu did not move rashly, and stood quietly, waiting for the birth of the Gu King with the others.

     Time passed by every minute, and it was already late at night.

     The screams in the swamp were already very weak, most of the Gu Masters who were not strong were caught, and luckily they caught the Gu worm and ran away quickly, no one dared to approach the lake.

     In the end, the whole swamp fell into a dead silence, as if nothing had been born.But there was an abnormal change in the lake, the black steam on the water was drifting away, and the mist was also drifting away.

     In a short while, the whole lake was clearly reflected in front of everyone, Ye Shu had the blessing of the sky, and it was very clear about sth.

     The lake is circular, and on the bank of a large lake, some people stand at intervals.

     Or alone, or in groups of three or four, or even a bunch of more than ten people. If you count carefully, I'm afraid there are already over a hundred people.

     In Nanyang and Southwest China, countless sorcerers came together, and only these hundred people can stand here safe and stable.

     Ye Shu glanced around one by one and revealed familiar faces, the group of Nanyang Gu Masters who had been forced to kneel before.

     They were cowering, hiding behind a group of people with pale faces, and did not dare to move. Obviously, they are not qualified to stand here, but following the big brothers in Nanyang, they want to come and see King Gu.

     Ye Shu was very disdainful of them, so naturally he didn't look much and continued to scan.

     But there is still no Om Shark, not even the people taught by the Holy Spirit.

     "Didn't Omsha not come here? No, he is very strong."

     Ye Shu frowned secretly. Although the Om Shark was restrained by himself, he was undoubtedly very powerful among the sorcerers. Moreover, with the Holy Spirit Cult as the backing, it was impossible not to go here.

     Ye Shu scanned the swamp behind him, but the swamp was still filled with black mist, making it difficult to see.

     He kept an eye on it and continued to wait. At this time, Shi Yingjun whispered: "Brother, Mi Yazi is not here, is she dead? What a pity."When Shi Yingjun mentioned it, Ye Shu remembered Mi Yazi. Mi Yazi is indeed not by the lake, I am afraid it is still in the swamp.

     "Put away your sex, she is not something you can control."

     Ye Shu preached, and Shi Yingjun scratched his head, not thinking about it.

     After a while, the fog on the lake surface disappeared completely, and the black water can be seen be very clear about sth.

     Ye Shu tried to look at the bottom of the water, but couldn't see it and had to give up.

     The rest of the people by the lake were also looking at each other, a lot of people gathered on Ye Shu, they didn't understand what Ye Shu had the ability to stand here.

     Ye Shu ignored everything and just stood as safe and stable.

     At a certain moment, the surface of the lake in the middle of the lake suddenly burst into bubbles, and the gurgling under the water made everyone nervous.

     After a while, the black water in the center rolled and formed a whirlpool. Although it was a small whirlpool, it was shocking enough, because there was no wind and no wave on the surface of the lake. The whirlpool originated from the bottom of the water.

      At the same time, the silence in the swamp was broken again, the densely packed crawling sound sounded, and countless gu insects were actually crawling towards the lake.

     This kind of momentum is comparable to Gu Tide, and besides, it is the powerful Gu Tide in the swamp, which is a hundred times stronger than the previous one in the forest.

     Many people changed their faces, agitated sitting or standing, and some talked in a low voice, talking about what happened.

     "The second Gu Tide? With so many Gu worms coming, we are afraid it will be hard to resist."

     "Quickly sprinkle Gu powder, it's not right."

     Everyone sprinkled powder and summoned their own Gu worms to take precautions.Ye Shu also pulled Shi Yingjun and Aiqier, and stood behind him.

     The army of Gu worms is coming fiercely, like a crawling locust, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     Everyone's voices were raised. If it weren't for a powerful boss to sit down, I'm afraid that many people would run away.

     Finally, an army of Gu worms appeared, directly past the crowd, and plunged into the lake.

     The uppers of some people were crawled by Gu worms, leaving wet crawling marks, but the Gu worms did not attack people, only one falls, the next follows rushed into the lake.

     They swam in the lake, as if possessed by a demon, got into the whirlpool.

     The entire lake was covered with gu worms, all of different sizes and colors, all swimming towards the whirlpool.

     This situation is very shocking and scalp numb. The Gu worms here, if any (one) is caught, it will make people coveted, but at this moment, they all threw into the whirlpool, as if they were dying.

     Everyone was shocked speechless. After a while, some weak Gu masters exclaimed, "My Gu worm!"

     Ye Shu looked at it, but some Gu Master's Gu worms actually baffling out of control, and rushed into the whirlpool in the lake without thinking.

     Everyone had a surprise and quickly collected their own Gu worms. But it was useless at all, as long as the Gu masters with insufficient strength could not control the Gu worms, their Gu worms got out of control, flew into the whirlpool, and plunged into it.

     Many Gu Masters are distressed and have no alternative. They can only watch their Gu worms fall into the water.

     The most powerful Gu Master also changed his face and covered his heart. Obviously, their Gu worms also showed signs of out of control."No, the Gu King is eating, and even our Gu worms are affected. What kind of Gu King is this?"

     "Before it was the Gu Tide that was fleeing, but now it is the Gu Tide that was sent to death. This Gu King is so terrifying that none of us can capture it."

     Everyone completely broke the dead silence and had to communicate, even the Gu Masters in Nanyang took the initiative to speak, and they also found an interpreter to exchange views with the Gu Masters in Southwest.

     66 Continued that some Gu masters lost their worms. Almost half of the Gu masters lost their worms and became ordinary people lacking the strength even to truss a chicken.

     Ye Shu rubbed his heart, \Wang did not move, it seems \Wang is still dangling.

     As soon as his thoughts fell, his heart was hot and his throat itchy, \Wang Puchi rushed out and jumped into the whirlpool vanish from sight in the blink of an eye.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, \Wang was also controlled?

     Once the \king is lost, Ye Shu will not have the plug-in immune to Gu worm attack. I am afraid that he is unable to move a single step. Strength of Ghosts and Gods are extremely dangerous. (To be continued.)
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