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0 Chapter List 194 The Dead Head
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the pitch-black jungle, countless Gu worms crawled around, quickly gathered, and surrounded the two unable to escape monsters. 』

     The two monsters were so scared that urine and feces to simultaneously flow, face without the color of blood, and didn't even have the strength to beg for mercy.

     On the tree, Ye Shu hugged Aiqier and left, quickly leaving the encirclement of Gu worm. The two monsters were thoroughly swallowed up by the Gu worm army, with no bones left.

     Ye Shu finally relaxed, and walked around in the forest with Ai Qier, thinking about the next thing.

     Om Shark has already found it, so I just need to catch him and go back, but the gang of sorcerers is a bit troublesome, and they will definitely not stop there.

     Ye Shu thought for a while, quickened his pace, and rushed back and forth. He will not just run away. At this time, he has no place to fear.

     Ai Qier asked, "Dad, are we going to find Uncle Bald?"

     Ye Shu smiled: "Yes, we have to catch a bad guy, and we can go back to our home in the south of the city."

     When Ai Qier heard it, grinning from ear to ear: "Okay, I miss the dogs, dad, let's hurry up."

     Little Lori has been away for a long time. Although she has fun, she also misses home.

     The two were very agile and walked away after a while.

     But at this moment, Ye Shu frowned and heard the chaotic footsteps, and the gang of sorcerers apparently chased him.

     They are not happy, there are still a lot of people, and there is the sound of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves in the air, obviously there are evil ghosts opening their way.

     Ye Shu was afraid of ghost raisers before, but at this moment he is not afraid of him. His strength has greatly increased. As if he had opened the hanger, the more skillful the Strength of Ghosts and Gods control, it seems that even Xiao Leng has benefited. .According to Ye Shu's guess, this is probably the effect of Yin Shu. The two Gu Power of the King were suppressed by themselves using Yin Shu. After successfully suppressing, Yin Shu was greatly enhanced.

     Hearing the group of people coming, Ye Shu was excited instead, since you are looking for death, then it will fulfill you.

     He went up the tree again, live high and look down.

     Aiqier wondered: "Dad, why are you climbing a tree again?"

     "An enemy is coming, let's watch the show first."

     Ye Shu said, biting his finger, pointing blood and drawing symbols, and summoned the ghosts and gods with the orders of the ancestor Maoshan.

     As soon as the edict came out, the forest was overcast and windy, the trees were rustling, and the dead branches on the ground rolled into the sky.

     On the clearing under the tree, a thin ghost suddenly appeared.

     This is a powerful evil spirit, shaking his nose and sniffing the surrounding scents, then raised his head and stared at Ye Shu with faint green eyes, full of evil aura.

     Ye Shu's eyes were cold, and he sternly rebuked: "Bold!"

     The emaciated ghost immediately lowered his head and whined. Ye Shu stopped paying attention and called the ghosts and gods again.

     This time it was also an evil spirit, as short as a baby, with blood all over his body, very sick.

     When the two evil spirits met, they were almost about to attack each other, but fortunately, Ye Shu sternly reprimanded them to stop their attacks.

     At this time, the sound of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves not far away got closer, and the little ghosts raised by the ghost raisers smelled living people and were approaching.

     Ye Shu sneered: "The food is here, let's eat it."

     The two evil spirits under the tree roared immediately and rushed to the forest ahead.At exactly this time, the group of evil spirits also appeared, and when the two sides confronted, they immediately fell into a group.

     There were a lot of evil spirits on the other side, a dozen, and Ye Shu had only two. However, the two summoned by Ye Shu were real evil spirits from hell. They killed a few when they met each other, swallowed in one bite Belly go.

     In a few minutes, all the dozen evil spirits were killed and eaten, but Ye Shu's two evil spirits were not hurt at all.

     Ye Shu was quite satisfied. This was the first time that he truly relied on Yinshu magic to fight. He also summoned two evil spirits at the same time, which was much better than before.

     But he also felt a little tired, and it was too exhausting to summon two powerful evil spirits at the same time.

     He immediately ordered: "Go back."

     The two evil spirits wordless and uncommunicative disappeared and returned to the underworld.

     Until this time, the group of sorcerers appeared, and many of them vomited blood with a look of don't dare to believe.

     "What about my little ghost? What's going on?"

     "Suddenly lost contact, where is my ghost?"

     More than a dozen ghost raisers were injured, and some were even close to death, suffering heavy injuries.

     Everyone is heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and it is difficult to accept this defeat. They let the little ghosts open the way because they considered that Ye Shu is immune to Gu worms and is not afraid of Gu Masters, so they want the ghost raiser to clean up Ye Shu. Unexpectedly, many little ghosts have disappeared, which is really shocking.

     A large group of people looked at each other in horror, afraid to take a step forward. The injured ghost trainers were unable to sit down and lost their combat effectiveness.The Holy Spirit Cult who took the lead was also panicked. The black-robed man who was standing next to Om Shark loudly shouted: "Don't be afraid, everyone, he just can dress up as God, play the devil. Go ahead together. He must be nearby!"

     This black-robed man should also be the guardian of the Holy Spirit, after all, he was standing with Omsha when he came. At this moment, he boosted morale and spoke very nicely, but no one dared to move forward. In this dark forest, fear was breeding.

     Ye Shu stood on the tree, staring coldly. He observed for a while, he has not seen Mi Yazi, that big belly woman didn't know where he went.

     He didn't look at it any more, leaning on the tree and sneered: "What? Didn't you want to kill me?"

     As soon as Ye Shu spoke, everyone raised their heads and looked at the big tree not far away, and could see Ye Shu's fuzzy figure.

     The guardian a severe shout: "He was there, everyone killed him together!"

     This guardian was a bit courageous, and actually took the lead in the charge. The black-robed people taught by the Holy Spirit naturally follow, and the other sorcerers hesitated for a moment also rush forward.

     Ye Shu live high and look down, looking down, very disdainful. There are many Gu masters here, Gu masters have nothing to do with him, and the ghost raisers have basically lost their combat power. As for the monsters of the Holy Spirit, they were all killed by Ye Shu.

     Now the mysterious head-down division still has combat power, but where is the head-down division?

     Ye Shu smiled and looked at the protector who took the lead in the charge, "You are the one of the three great protectors taught by the Holy Spirit, right? I have long heard that Nanyang descends his head strange and unpredictable. When I see it today, I will lead the charge, just like a fool. , Should you stop pretending?"This guardian sits on the same level as the Om Shark. Before, he said nothing, Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters, but at the moment he is a leader like a mentally retarded person. He looks very weak and obviously pretends to numb Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu is so shrewd, he can see through it at a glance.

     Zhanpeng stopped immediately, smiled casually, and lifted his hand to remove the devil mask.

     "It's worthy of being an expert in Taoism, and there are many strange people in China, today I can be regarded as an insight."

     Zhanpeng has small eyes and big face, and his neck is very long and thin. It looks very strange and ugly.

     He and Ye Shu looked at each other, with a sense of war hidden in their eyes.

     The others were shocked when Zhanpeng showed his true colors, because the Holy Spirit Cultists never showed up outside, and there was no need for Zhanpeng to show up.

     Ye Shu didn't understand why he suddenly showed his face, and raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you want to be singled out?"

     Zhanpeng's throat gurgled, as if all the bones in his neck were twisting.

     "Southwestern's head-dropping technique is all about taking hairs to draw grass. It's really not on the stage. Today, I will perform Nanyang's head-dropping technique. Please take a good look."

     The tent didn't pretend to be a fool, but was full of anger, as if Ye Shu's single-handedness was just right for him.

     Everyone was bewildered and uncertain, slowly backing away, Ye Shu also frowned, put Aiqier on the tree, and jumped down.


     He wanted to learn, after all, it is rare to meet an expert, so it is necessary to test himself.

     Zhanpeng Yinsi smiled, then raised his hands and grabbed his neck.Under everyone's attention, he slowly pulled his neck, which will stretch the neck longer and longer, and then only heard a click, the skin of his neck cracked, revealing bright red flesh and blood.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, what the hell?

     The others were also shocked. The knowledgeable Gu Master exclaimed in surprise: "Oh my God, Feitoujiang! The most terrifying and weird Xijiangtou!"

     Flying head down?

     Ye Shu's heart suddenly felt that he knew something about Feitoujiang. He had checked a lot of information, and the introduction of Feitoujiang in it made him slap his tongue.

      In a nutshell, flying head descending means descending the head for himself. At twelve o’clock every night, the head is detached and he goes out to practice blood-sucking practice. There are seven stages, and each stage lasts 7 × 7 = 49 days. Consummation, it is said that the lower head teacher can long life unaging.

     This type of head drop technique is the most difficult to practice because it is too easy to die at first. At the beginning of the training to fly the head, the head will fly with the neck, internal organs, and intestines, and because the skill is too weak to fly high, it is easy to die when attacked by animals. In Nanyang, many residents will install iron hooks in their houses, just to hook the bowels of the bower's internal organs, preventing him from returning, violent death.

     At this time, Zhanpeng showed the flying head drop, shocking everyone to retreat after the complexion big change.

     Ye Shu was also vigilant and stared at Zhanpeng closely.

     Soon, the tent has completely pulled out his head. If it is a powerful flying head, only has one head. However, Zhanpeng's head is still connected to his neck, and there is still a pool of disgusting internal organs hanging under his neck.

     Obviously, the tent is not a powerful head-down master, he has not yet cultivated home.But Ye Shu is still vigilant, how powerful is this "dead head"?

     (To be continued.)
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