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0 Chapter List 200 Inconvenient
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

All the guests were seated and the banquet was full of monsters.

     But the atmosphere was a bit weird. The original lively atmosphere seemed to freeze, and many monsters peeked at Ye Shu, and stopped talking loudly.

      talk in whispers The sound is endless, and almost all the monsters are discussing Ye Shu's arrival. Those monsters who didn't understand what happened had heard other people's explanations, and their expressions became weird.

     In this weird atmosphere, Ye Shu and Ai Qi'er were at ease. They were both hungry, gorge oneself, Ye Shu also fed Ai Qi'er blood to avoid her nausea.

     Yinghe hasn't appeared yet, only some fairies are asking everyone to be polite and eat and drink as much as they want.

     Everyone also gradually let go, thinking that Yinghe might not trouble Master Bi.

     However, this is impossible. Ye Shu thinks that Yinghe will definitely find trouble. The difference lies in at what time does it.

     As the meal 6 continued, everyone also let go of their hands and feet to eat and drink, and at this time, Yinghe finally appeared.

     He was dressed in brocade and robes, tied with a crown, and his handsome face was filled with a soft smile, and he was a gentleman.

     The monsters hurriedly got up to welcome, but Yinghe didn't care about these polite things and waved at will. A female fairy next to him sweetly and cutely said: "You all have a meal, and the performance team will be in place immediately."

     Performing party? It seems that this banquet is not just about eating and drinking.

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows, vaguely thinking of something.

     Soon, a group of coquettish female fairies appeared, one by one wearing revealing clothes, with a strong demonic spirit, walking like fairies, attracting everyone's attention.Then they fly up and danced a beautiful dance in the air. The small figure and the handsome face fascinated the demons yelling loudly.

     These female elves can fly, so obviously they are all elves above the tribulation. And none of the fairies above Cross Tribulation is not the target of the alliance, but at the moment they perform aerial dances for many weak ones, which is simply inconceivable.

     The enthusiasm of the demons suddenly reached the peak, and they applauded and admired the dancing fairies very much.

     With a faint smile on Yinghe's face, he also looked upward and danced. He didn't look for Ye Shu, and seemed to have no idea about Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu thought to himself, the quieter this surface is, the more terrifying the storm behind him. Yinghe's villain mentality is afraid that something big will happen.

     After a while, the fairies finished their performance, and left with a smile, attracting everyone to reluctant to part and swallow their saliva.

     The female demon beside Yinghe clapped her hands and called out a group of male monsters.

     There are only seven monsters in this team, all of them have a cold look and solid muscles.

     The demons couldn't help shutting up, and they didn't understand what Yinghe meant.

     Yinghe finally spoke at this time: "Don’t panic, everyone, these are my family members, and I’m not here to perform any violent fights. It’s just that eating and drinking is too boring. As long as any one of them can hold on for one minute, he will reward a high-level soul pill. If he can hold on for three minutes, three, and ten in ten minutes, if he can defeat my family, he will reward a demon crystal."


     There was a big uproar, and everyone was going crazy. This reward is so generous that everyone is not tempted.Immediately there was a monster who had survived the catastrophe jumped out: "I will try!"

     The monsters still didn't persuade them, and thought that this was Young Master Yinghe's birthday party. It was absolutely impossible for those family members to be eager to give sth a try.

     The monster that jumped out of the Tribulation Period selected a family member and started a fight.

     He was good, but he was still weak compared to Jiading, and he was beaten up after only two minutes.

     However, he was not injured, and the other guests kindly caught him.

     "Okay, reward two soul pill!"

     Young Master Yinghe smiled and nodded, a female demon immediately held two small boxes and gave it to the monster with a smile.

     At this time, everyone was completely mad, and a large group of monsters with good strength challenged one after another, and no one was eating, all staring fiercely at the battle.

     Of course, Ye Shu and Aiqier are still eating, they don't care about the challenge, as long as the trouble hasn't come to the door, they will fill their stomachs first.

     But at this moment, Yinghe finally cannot bear glanced at Ye Shu, his face was murderous.

     Ye Shu keenly realized that he coldly smiled, is he going to fuck me?

     Sure enough, after the in full swing challenge was over, a group of beautiful fairies walked out again, none of them had survived the catastrophe, and their strength was very weak.

     Everyone immediately to get agitated, wondering what these fairies are going to do.

     Yinghe smiled and said: "The strength of the family just now is too strong. Many friends who have not crossed the catastrophe cannot get rewards. It is a bit unfair..."Yinghe paused and glanced around the demons, pleasant countenance smiled: "This group of fairies are my maid, and will take up the gauntlet instead of the gauntlet just now. The reward rules remain unchanged."


     This is simply the Monstrous Giant Wave, such a weak maid takes up the gauntlet, wouldn't everyone get a reward?

     Many weak monsters rushed out like chicken blood: "I come, I come!"

     Then Yinghe smiled again: "The maid is a fairy and a lady, but you can't let you challenge them indiscriminately. They choose the guests to challenge. You guys play well. If you play well, maybe you can return carrying a beauty."

     The rules have not changed, but the challenge is changed.

     But this is also good, take care of the fairies. Everyone immediately pretended to be gentlemen, eagerly waiting for the maid to challenge themselves.

     A row of maids smiled and walked into the crowd, making voices constantly.

     "You come, I want to challenge you."

     A maid chose the object, and the challenge began. The selected monster jumped up with excitement, not so much a challenge as a flirting.

     The air is full of ambiguity, and the wild monsters do not conceal their lustful eyes.

     Ye Shu looked at it full of interest, it seemed that it was his turn?

     Sure enough, the maids played around for a while, and one of the maids stared at Ye Shu, giggling pointed at Ye Shu: "I want to challenge you."

     Ye Shu brow raised, and the faces of many guests changed slightly, and the atmosphere immediately became cold. Many people were secretly looking at Yinghe.Yinghe's face was indifferent, and he nodded towards Ye Shu: "Master Ye, we meet again, I wonder if it is convenient for you? If it is not convenient, my maid will not challenge you."

     He spoke loudly. Although there was no ridicule on the face, everyone understood what he meant. He was saying, if you, Ye Shu, don't take up the gauntlet.

     Ye Shu cannot help but laugh, it's really interesting, this Yinghe is really interesting.

     He plot actively, after turning for a long time, finally there is an open and aboveboard reason for the maid to challenge him, and the maid must not be able to beat himself, there must be fraud.

     Ye Shu is not afraid at all, but he really thinks that Yinghe is really a mentally handicapped, going round the curves and skirting the corners, very annoying, what is the difference between being a bitch and standing the corners? I too lazy to care for you!

     He waved his hand: "Inconvenient."

     Throughout the banquet, seven or eight hundred monsters were stunned, thinking that he had heard it wrong, but Ye Shu said that it was inconvenient, so he continued to chew pig's feet.

     Yinghe twitched his cheeks, but he didn't expect Ye Shu to be so cheeky, it would be inconvenient for Nima.

     That maid was also dumbfounded, which is different from what she said. She looked at Yinghe in confusion, Yinghe's throat moved, and the iron-green face forced stretches and unfolds.

     "Since Young Master Ye is not convenient, then don't force it, Xiaoyu, challenge others."

     Everyone look at each other in dismay, the scene was very embarrassing for a while, and Xiaoyu also challenged others with a dry smile.

     The lively atmosphere was completely without, Yinghe was unable to keep smiling after all, turned and left, leaving behind a bunch of monsters with unnatural smiles. (To be continued.)
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