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0 Chapter List 208 Legal Loli
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yang Yi left, and the matter was temporarily over, it was time to go to the imperial capital. 』

     Ye Shu was quite anxious, and wanted to see Liu Youyou again, that simple and charming vixen, really made people feel uneasy.

     On that day, Ye Shu packed up his belongings, a suitcase, some clothes and money, and the most important twenty best monster crystals.

     The demon crystal is packed in a wooden box, completely cut off the smell, and can be taken directly to the imperial capital, and then given to his wife to coax her.

     Ai Qier also carried a small schoolbag. The little girl loved to play, and she became bored after spending a day or two at home.

     The next day, the father and daughter officially left, Xiao Leng entered the jade pendant, and the small mandrill entered the school bag and headed to the imperial capital.

     This time the mountains are tall, paths are far, it’s not enough to walk the steps, it’s a waste of energy.

     Ye Shu loves trains, so he plans to take the train for a day and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, one move, two gains.

     Ai Qier naturally listened to Ye Shu completely. At noon that day, the two got on the train and entered their soft sleeping compartment.

     There were not many travelers on the train, and only Ye Shu were in the four-person soft sleeper.

     That's good, Ye Shule is clean, holding her arms around her daughter to look at the beautiful scenery outside the window, or eating on the roll-out bed is not a good thing, and there is nothing to worry about.

     The train was moving fast, and the speed was quite fast. Ai Qier looked at the window for a long time. Once she passed the beautiful scenery, she would scream. Sometimes she wanted to go down when she saw the orchard, which made Ye Shu amused.

     After nightfall, the sky began to darken. According to Ye Shu's calculations, they could not reach the imperial capital until dawn, and they had to sleep.Both of them are full of energy and don't need to sleep, but it's a good habit to sleep. Ye Shu still lay down. Ai Qier refused to sleep in her bed. She climbed up and twisted her butt on Ye Shu: "Daddy hug me."

     Ye Shu wouldn't refuse when the little girl acted like a baby. He put his arms around her and fell asleep.

     As the night darkened, the father and daughter gradually fell asleep, and the vampire, Aiqier, was also contaminated with human habits and could fall asleep at night.

     There are still no other travelers in the compartment, but there are footsteps on the train aisle outside from time to time. Once the train stops at the station, travelers will get on the train.

     Ye Shu naturally wouldn't pay much attention to it, but his hearing was too strong and his sleep was not good.

     Ai Qier was carefree and without worries, slept very sweetly with her nose flapped, and her saliva flowed to Ye Shu's chest.

     So in the middle of the night, the train stopped again, and after a ten-minute stop, some guests came up.

     Ye Shu was vague and heard the sound of the door opening. He immediately opened the eyes and his mind was very clear.

     A traveler entered this compartment, afraid that he bought a ticket for the sleeper here.

     Ye Shu thought it might be a human being, but he didn't care much.

     But what made him beyond expectation was that the other party didn't find his bed right away when he came in, but went to Ye Shu's side and sniffed it hard.

     In the darkness, Ye Shu closed his eyes slightly and did not move.

     The guy sniffed for a good while and then went to lock the door again.

     Ye Shu brow raised, which is interesting. It doesn't seem to be an ordinary human. I am afraid that it is an abnormal creature and smells his own blood.Ye Shu still didn't move, he wanted to see what to do.

     Soon, the other party locked the door, and then (to move or do sth) softly and quietly climbed onto the bed.

     Because it was dark everywhere, Ai Qier was covered in the quilt again, and the other party estimated that Ai Qier did not show up, just staring at Ye Shu.

     It leaned close to Ye Shu's neck, sniffed again, then opened its mouth and bit down.

     However, Ye Shu ducked away from one side of his head, and raised his hand by the way, and pinched the other's slender cold neck.


     The other party was caught by Ye Shu's neck, and suddenly screamed, but it was a delicate girl's voice.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, turned around with Aiqier, frowned and looked at this guy.

     He has heavenly eyes, and darkness basically cannot block his sight.

     It is clear from this look that the other party is actually a female doll with a petite figure, maybe not even a meter and five, wearing rather ragged clothes, lose one's head out of fear, and the fangs in her mouth are shining with cold light .


     Ye Shu was stunned, and threw her away: "What kind of creature are you? How dare you bite me."

     Ye Shu awe-inspiring might, the girl clutched her neck and coughed a few times, and then jumped straight to the compartment door to escape.

     However, in a panic, she couldn't open the door anymore. Ye Shu put down Aiqier, Yubu blocked the door as soon as she moved, and turned on the light.

     The girl immediately blocked her eyes with her hand, and backed back again and again, as if afraid of the light.

     Ye Shu looked at her up and down by the door. She was really petite, but she didn't feel like a child or a dwarf, and...her breasts were so big!Two heavy white rabbits hung on the petite body, giving people a strange impact, making Ye Shu couldn't help but think of the word "babyface with big breasts". Is this a legal loli?

     And she doesn't have vampire's breath, she should not be a vampire.

     "Little girl, what kind of creature are you?"

     Ye Shu asked coldly. The little girl kept covering her eyes, screaming in panic, and then stammeringly said: "Turn off...turn off the lights..."

     Her Chinese is very funny, and she has a pure foreign accent.

     Seeing her there's nothing about it, Ye Shu turned off the light.

     When the light was turned off, the big breasted loli finally put down her hand and revealed her face.

     Ye Shu had already glanced around just now, knowing she was not from Huaxia, but when she took a closer look, she found that she was a baby-faced, round face with delicate small face, shiny brown eyes, and a mess of gold knotted.

     Loli, a tramp in the west?

     Ye Shu frowned, but round-faced Lori stared at the door behind him, still figuring out how to escape.

     Ye Shu was unhappy, complexion turned cold: "What kind of creature are you?"

     Ye Shu became stern, round-faced Lolita stammered: "I am... a bat, I... very powerful... don't mess with me..."

     She was actually frightening Ye Shu. Ye Shu was amused by her, and turned on the light again.

     Round-faced Lori immediately covered her eyes and screamed, where she dared to scare.

     At this time, Aiqier on the bed also woke up, leaned on the bed and looked down, and immediately saw round-faced Lori.At this look, Ai Qier was stunned, then she shook her nose and inhaled, opened her small mouth and said something that Ye Shu couldn't understand.

     It was like a legendary ancient animal language, and the speech was like chanting a spell. Although it was very elegant and beautiful, Ye Shu was confused.

     The round-faced loli showed a pleasantly surprised look. She even looked at Aiqier under the light and said something she didn't understand.

     Achille sat up happily, and began to talk in-depth with Round-faced Loli. There was a trace of mystery in their language, and outsiders could not understand it.

     It took a long time for them to end their conversation, and Ai Qier hurriedly said to Ye Shu: "Dad, turn off the lights."

     Ye Shu turned off the light in confusion: "Who is she?"

     "She's a blood bat, dark creatures, a servant of the blood race, Dad, she is starving to death, so let her suck some blood. This is my... fellow."


     Ai Qier learned Huaxian's discourse, and even fellow villagers used it.

     Although Ye Shu was puzzled, he still listened to his daughter's words and stretched out his hand: "Qi'er fellow, give you a sip."

     Round-faced loli swallowed her saliva and opened her mouth to bite, as if she had not eaten for several months. (To be continued.)
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