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0 Chapter List 212 Health-care Version
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The charter wife is a guy who opens one's eyes wide at the sight of profit, and she is good at hooking up with the old monsters, but Ye Shu doesn't matter. Of course, you have to make money. 』』

     The two returned to a few uncles. The uncles looked at Ye Shu again, half believing, half doubting in their eyes, and they didn't seem to think Ye Shu had any abilities.

      It should be noted, Taoism pays attention to avoiding the world and practicing quietly. The older the Taoist priests, the more profound their skills. Ye Shu is no more than a hairy boy, how could it be?

     The charterer smiled flatly and said: "A few old gentlemen, don’t look at him as young, but a Heaven-blessed genius. He learned Dao at the age of three, and he was slightly successful at the age of ten. Now it’s reaching heaven in a single bound. The job is very tight."

     The charter wife was bluffing, and the uncles were all old fritters, and they laughed and said nothing.

     One of the old men coughed and said, "Little brother, do you think how many years we can live?"

     He was studying Ye Shu's Taoism cultivation. Ye Shu indifferent smile, how did he know when these people died? He studied Yinshu instead of Yangshu, but he didn't know anything about watching the stars and measuring the moon, or inquiring about life and death.

     But he is also a person with confidence, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is his confidence, Yang and Yin are universal and are the foundation of Taoism.

     "I don't know when you will die, but I have a method. You can exercise half an hour every day. It shouldn't be a problem to live for a few more decades."

     What Ye Shu said is naturally to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), of course, not what he learned to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), but the mortal version of to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).Mortal Taoist priests and warlocks of the rivers and lakes would walk around with a peach wood sword or talisman put on an act when they practiced. Their walking footwork looks like Tai Chi. This footwork is the mortal version of to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), passed down by the ancestors for thousands of years, there is nowhere to borrow Dao power, and the footwork is incomplete, reducing it to a deceptive technique.

     What Ye Shu learned is the full version of to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), which is directed by the real Zishan himself, and he has also entered the underworld. He can cast ghosts on his body. Under such harsh conditions, he can The power of worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is swayed. If it is someone else, it will be a few snake skins.

     Several uncles were shocked when they heard that he could live for decades.

     "Take this seriously? Don't speak the vernacular, Little Wawa."

     They couldn't believe it, the charter wife was also incapable of believing, and could not help but pull Ye Shu, suggesting that he shouldn't be too bragging.

     Ye Shu said calmly: "Taoism health preservation is mysterious. Who can explain the mystery of this world? If you don't believe it, then forget it, and I won't suffer."

     Ye Shu showed an attitude of believing it or not, and several uncles looked at each other and got up one after another: "In this case, we will believe you once. If it works, we can give you ten million silver."

     The renter was worried and pleasantly surprised, very tangled, and could only hope that Ye Shu would not be bragging.

     Ye Shu doesn't have much ink, and teaches them the mortal version of to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).

     The folklore to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is useless at all. Although Ye Shu is useless for cultivation, it is definitely useful for health preservation. He is now considered to have sufficient reason to send troops, which is one more Divide your own understanding.Several people watched him walking slowly, left and right for a while, and after a while, his feet seemed to be stepping on the clouds. It was indeed mysterious.

     The charter-in-law can't help started learning along with her, but she only moved her fat leg twice and stumbled and couldn't walk at all.

     Ye Shu demonstrated it three times to let them see clearly. All of them are monsters with extraordinary memory, and I can see them clearly after reading them three times.

     Immediately, several impatients walked up, all tripping over, looking embarrassed.

     "Learn more and practice more, it can be accomplished in a week, and then stick to it every day, it will be effective."

     Ye Shu warned that the uncles still had some doubts, but they didn't say it in person, and agreed to come here again next week.

     After they left, the charter wife said anxiously: "Brother, are you okay? They are not ordinary monsters. If they are deceived, they will surely kill us."

     Ye Shu shrugged, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is powerful without a doubt, even if it is a mortal version used for health preservation, it will definitely be curative.

     "Don't worry, you go find a villa for me first, I still have a daughter to move in."

     The charter wife hesitated for a while before going, and she also had to gamble.

     Ye Shu stretched back to the hotel, the sky was already a bit dark, and he was thinking of the hotel's daughter.

     The hotel was not far away, Ye Shu returned to the hotel quickly, and was shocked when he opened the door.

     In the hall, Emily was naked and ran with a pair of huge watermelons, while Ai Qier chased her and made noises constantly.

     What the hell?

     Ye Shu's eyes were full of big watermelons, and he felt that Emily's big watermelon was about to fill his eyes.Emily also saw him, uncaringly turned to face him: "Master Dad, you are back, do you want to take a bath or eat first?"

     At this turn, the big watermelon swayed more severely, and there was a lot of waves. With a move of Ye Shu's throat, Aiqier behind Emily jumped up and held Emily's white rabbit: "Emily, go get dressed and don't show it to Dad."

     Emily obediently ran back to put on her torn clothes.

     Ye Shu finally recovered his wits, Mom Liebi yeah, the female big watermelon had an impact on men too violently, and even Ye Shu couldn't control it.

     He coughed, then reluctantly scolded: "Emily, what are you doing? Why don't you wear clothes?"

     Emily was also wronged and said timidly: "I just don't wear it in the castle, and my clothes are too rotten and too tight, and it hurts to run, and the master also agreed to take off my clothes."

     Let me go, how open are the guys in your castle, running around without clothes? How does it feel the same? This is a serious novel written by Shuaibi!

     Ye Shu whispered, and Emily quickly explained: "Master father, I serve the mistress. There are also girls in the castle. There are no men, so I am very clean."

     She was afraid that Ye Shu would dislike her again, and Ye Shu sighed, is this the problem? You will teach my daughter badly like this!

     "Don't say it, it's getting dark, I will take you out shopping, buy loose clothes, and you will not be allowed to run around without clothes."

     Ye Shu ordered, Emily repeatedly nodded, which means obey orders.So Ye Shu, who had just returned, went out again, this time with his daughter and maid, and entered the bustling night market of the imperial capital.

     Ye Shu originally thought that he would come back after only buying a little clothes, but the two loli went crazy and refused to go home at all. They loved the bustling night market of the imperial capital deeply, not to mention the clothes, and bought a pile of underwear. Not satisfied.

     And this is not the most troublesome, the most troublesome is a large crowd of strong onlookers.

     This time, instead of watching Aqier, this beautiful woman in the making, I was watching Emily, the big breasted loli.

     From the street to the end of the street, I don’t know how many people are special to-and-fro, all staring at Emily, some people with poor self-control have nosebleeds.

     Ye Shu has a headache, this legal loli is really eye-catching, exquisite facial features, western style, a head of gold and the pair of surging watermelons...

     In the end, Ye Shu really had no choice. He bought a big windbreaker and wrapped Emily directly. Now she only showed her face, and the little one was even more lovely.

     But the maid was not very happy, and complained: "Why do you want to wrap me? The big breasts are for people to see. The beauty of our dark creatures does not need to be hidden. This is a gift from Master Lucifer."

     I gift you a big watermelon!

     Ye Shu was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, so he hurriedly bought something and went home. He didn't want to see it on the news tomorrow: Surprise! The western loli has attracted thousands of people to empty alleys because of her length.

     (To be continued.)
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