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0 Chapter List 213 Kyoto's First Onmyoji
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu hurriedly took his daughter and Emily back to the hotel. If you continue to stroll, something will definitely happen. 』』

     After returning to the hotel, he was finally settled. Ye Shu ignored the two loli discussing the spoils and went to take a bath by himself, clarifying his thoughts by the way.

     When the charterer finds the villa, she moves in by herself, and then goes to the Baqi International College as a professor, and then ponders how to enter the Lark Academy.

     Just work in the imperial capital, and get to know some monsters during the period.

     Thinking about it, the door suddenly opened, and Emily came in with a big breast.

     Ye Shu was afraid of her, and seriously get up when she saw her come in: "What do you do?"

     Emily walked over and sat down on her knees by the bathtub, looking like an obedient little maid: "Master Dad, please let me bathe for you. This is what I should do."

     Why are the servants of the blood clan so well-behaved? Ye Shu doesn't care, he is used to this.

     "Okay, rub it for me."

     Ye Shu raised his hand and motioned to Emily to do it. Emily smiled and shattered her clothes.

     Ye Shu squirted: "What are you doing again?"

     Emily asked in doubt: "Master Dad What happened? I want to go in and bathe for you."

     Are you a special bath?

     Ye Shu is not a gentleman, but he wants to bathe with Emily suddenly, how would he accept it.

     "Your former master that's it asked you?"

     Ye Shu weakly and without strength said, rubbing himself. Emily nodded, her eyes filled with joy."Our dark creatures serve our masters in this way. I will apply shower gel on my body, and then use my body as a tool to scrub you, so..."

     Emily gestured, her body moving constantly, as if she was rubbing the air with her chest.

     Ye Shu's temple jumped suddenly, this fucking... so exciting!

     He felt that his Dao heart was unstable, and he couldn't be a good person in his life.

     "Don't stand up, I understand, next time, I have kidney deficiency today."

     Ye Shu didn't dare to look more, for fear of messing around. Emily said gently, put on her clothes and said: "Master father, I really want to serve the male host. My friends have served the male host, but I am still a virgin. They said it is very comfortable, and I also want to serve the male host. the host."

     "Get me out!"

     Ye Shu pointed at the door, Emily stick out one's tongue and said, and ran out.

      Damn, let alone Lao Tzu, Confucius can't stand it!

     How come these dark creatures have no concept of chastity?

     Ye Shu sighed public morals are degenerating with each passing day, then raised his hand to swear to the sky: "I, Ye, will never bow to the watermelon forces!"

     As soon as the words fell, the jade pendant on her chest moved, and Xiao Lengchan flew out with a cold face.

      "Stuff it, did you perceive me peeping, so you pretended to be so noble?"

     Xiao Leng's tone was cold, Ye Shu's face was puzzled: "What? Are you peeping?"

     Xiao Leng was lightly snorted and bit her lips.

     "You have a new maid, so you don't need me, I'm leaving, never see you again."She left after speaking, very determined. Ye Shu hurriedly jumped out to pull her: "Hey, reasonable lady, that dark creatures follow Qier, Qier is a blood clan, blood clan will accept servants, I am a crowd, Emily treats me as Qier My father treats it only, I'm very innocent."

     "If you eat melon, you want to eat her melon."

     Xiao Leng's tone became more boring, and Emily's big watermelon became jealous.

     She used to ignore Ye Shu, but she suddenly found an Emily. She was inexplicably angry and irritable, feeling that her belongings were robbed by others.

     "I don't eat melons, I don't like melons at all, I like small snacks, small and cute."

     Ye Shu coaxed, Xiao Leng turned around and kicked: "What does it mean? Do you dislike me for being young?"

     Wow, my sister, why have you become so violent?

     Ye Shu jumped back and put on an Altman posture to defend: "My cross laser hand is not a joke, don't mess around."

     His body bends slightly, and his foam slides downwards, making him a mess.

     He actually teased Xiao Leng deliberately, but after Xiao Leng turned and kicked, he stared between his legs.

     Then she screamed, raising her hand and stomping: "You are a pervert!"

      The yin of caught off guard came, Ye Shu was unprotected, and a wave of long-lost spiral explosions flew into the sky, hitting his head.

     Xiao Leng slid away, ashamed to death.

     In the end, Ye Shu forcibly landed, covering his crotch, feeling that he was going to be wronged to death.

      With great difficulty, I can take a bath comfortably, but I was beaten.He managed to get out, Xiao Leng was gone. Only Aiqier was playing with Mengmeng, while Emily was studying the hotel computer.

     Ye Shu asked, and Ai Qier threw a note: "Daddy, Xiao Leng gave it to you."

     Ye Shu opened it and saw that the note read a line: Mr. Pervert is getting too much, but it has nothing to do with me, just eat watermelon as you like, I'm going to fall in love.

     Going to fall in love? Come to the Imperial Capital to find a handsome and golden evil spirit to fall in love?

     Ye Shu thought about it, put the note away, and went to bed to rest.

     Nothing happened all night, Ye Shu slept soundly. When he woke up the next morning, he was spirit trembling with excitement, but he felt something was wrong. Why was there something soft on the back of his head?

     When he got up and saw, he was startled. Emily was lying on the bedside instead of the pillow, and lying on her big watermelon. Ai Qier slept with herself, now she doesn't hug herself, but sleeps on Emily's belly, which is very sweet.

     Moreover, this Emily has no clothes on!

     If it doesn't work, it won't work, the poor road has to cultivate deviation!

     Ye Shu gritted his teeth and didn't go to see. After washing and going out, he must move into the villa as soon as possible, and then go to school by himself. If he stays away from Emily, he will be finished sooner or later.

     He ran to the community to find a charter wife, who was not in the lake, but was exercising on the shore, staggering from side to side like a tumbler.

     Ye Shu took a closer look before he recognized her as to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), which is very funny.

     Ye Shu strode over and suddenly frightened her: "The charterer, I didn't allow you to learn the footwork of my worth several cities. What is the sin for you to steal the footwork of my Taoist Supreme Existence?"The charterer raised her hand and waved: "Go, don't pretend, you, many Taoist priests know your footwork. It just makes a slight change. It doesn't feel different. I'm afraid you will kill you."

     The chartered woman such a saying, her face is really somewhat worried, and she asks Ye Shu whether it is useful or not. Those big guys are not easy to provoke.

     "It must be useful, don't worry, where is my villa?"

     "I found one, but the asking price was too high. A monthly rent of 80,000 yuan. I have lost too much for you. I will not let you live until you succeed."

     This is excusable, Ye Shu didn't force it, so wait a week and take a look.

     He would be fine, but he didn't want to go back to the hotel, he felt painful thinking of Emily.

     "The charterer, all three of your tenants have any background. Are there any Westerners or Orientals?"

     Ye Shu asked casually, he had nothing to do and wanted to see the blood family and the Onmyoji, not sure if there were any.

     The charter wife really nodded when she heard it: "There are no Westerners, but there is an Oriental, who claims to be the first onmyoji in Kyoto. Do you know Kyoto? The capital of the neon country."

     Ye Shu brow raised, the first onmyoji in Kyoto? This is a bit big, right?

     If it were the first onmyoji in Kyoto, he would have been a guest of the alliance long ago, where he would still live in a rented house.

     "Is he in a rented house? I'll see him."

     Ye Shu was interested, and didn't know what kind of strange existence the Onmyoji was. He heard that they summon Shiki to fight, and Shiki is another name for the Eastern Demon.

     He is summoning ghosts and gods to fight, a bit similar to Onmyoji.

     The charter wife saw him interested and took him"Today is the weekend, and the three tenants are all at home. They are all students of Yachi International College, a squirrel, a wolf, there is still one Onmyoji, I think they have a good relationship with each other and should be easy to talk."

     Yaki International College?

     Ye Shu couldn't help but smile. This is a coincidence. He is a professor at Baqi International College.

     Soon, the two of them went up to the 20th floor, and the charter wife directly opened the door with the key, no trace of politeness.

     As soon as the door opened, a scent wafted out, and the sound of gūlū gūlū came from the kitchen, as if someone was cooking something.

     The charter wife was too lazy to go in and let Ye Shu go in by herself. She continued to ponder to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).

     Ye Shuxin stepped inside, his nose trembling: "The aroma of malt."


     A head stuck out in the kitchen, but it was a long-headed, square-faced boy.

     His face is really square, although it is not big, it is like a rectangle, and it makes people want to laugh at the first sight, plus the long head is even more weird and weird.

     Ye Shu cannot help but laugh and say hello: "Hello."

     The younger brother bent over and said hello: "Hello, are you a new tenant?"

     He is very good in Chinese. It is estimated that he has been in Huaxia for a long time, but he still has a slight accent, which is not standard. Obviously he is not from Huaxia.

     This must be the No. 1 Onmyoji in Kyoto. Ye Shu felt that he was very weak, and there's nothing about it.

     "I am not a new tenant. I am a professor of Taoism at Baqi International College. I am friends with the charter wife. I heard that there is a Onmyoji here, so I want to see it."After hearing this, this little brother ignored the Baqi International College, instead staring at the words "Professor of Taoism", a pair of eyes shining brightly.

     "Are you a Taoist? I am very interested in Taoism. According to legend, the four words'Daofa Yinyang' are the origin of Onmyouji's, and the ancient Chinese Yinyang family is the predecessor of Onmyouji's."

     He is very humble, which does not fit his name, Onmyouji's, the number one in Kyoto.

     Ye Shu kind of likes his character, and he is naturally humble: "Don't dare to be or be, Yin Yang Liao is one of the Four Great Influences in the world, and it must have its own advantages."

     The two were polite to each other, and then the Fanglian brother suddenly remembered something, and bent over to apologize: "Sorry, I still have something, I won't entertain you now."

     He went into the kitchen and continued to stew. Ye Shu took a look. He was stewing a large pot of slimy things, and the aroma of malt came out of it.

     This pot is full of weight and scent, I'm afraid it can feed two pigs.

     Ye Shu quietly watched, Fang Lian Xiao brother stirred for a while, then directly picked up the pot, took a large plate, poured a plate, and then placed it on the ground, put the palms together before one, and started chanting.

     "The Celestial soldiers are in front, I command thee!"

     As soon as he finished reading, a large group of weird creatures appeared out of thin air on the ground, each of which looked strange, and ate.

     Ye Shu looked at these creatures. They were completely without human form. The most human-like creature was a crimson, ugly, big-bellied creature, which was scary.Seeing Ye Shu’s surprise, the square-faced brother couldn’t help but enthusiastically introduced: “These are the shikigami I summoned through childhood. I only brought five. In Kyoto, I have twelve shikigami, which is the most among my peers. , So it’s known as the first onmyoji in Kyoto, although every time they call me they seem to be laughing at me... This is Tang Paper Umbrella Demon, this is Tianxie Guichi, this is Red Tongue, this is Lantern Ghost..."

     (Onmyojis are a group of people who used ancient Japanese astrology and divination. They are government forces. They are real. All the shikigami in the article are also real in the Japanese monster culture. They are not based on the game. You don’t have to be true.) (To be continued.)
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