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0 Chapter List 220 I Like To Do It Myself
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yingcao Shijin was not an attacker at all. Although he could fight deathly ghosts, Ye Shu summoned more powerful ghosts, and she was gone. Tian Lai Novels

     At this time, the ghost was injured, great fury, and fiercely pounced on the firefly.

     Firefly waved the dandelion, hitting it several times in a row, but still failed to repel the Li Gui, was hit by the Li Gui and bit on the neck.

     If it is a mortal, this bite will directly kill him. But the essence of Shikigami is demons and monsters, which are monsters. Although Firefly was bitten by a big hole, it was not severely injured. The dandelion in his hand was fiercely hit and knocked on the head of the ghost.

     Li Gui didn't know how many times he was "stinged". This time, he couldn't hold it anymore, and he disappeared with a whine.

     Green blood leaked from the wound of the firefly, which caused the crowd to worry.

     Yayi also looked worried, and she opened her mouth to whisper something, only to see Firefly stretched out her hands like dancing and turned turn one round, with dandelion in her hand, green steam rose from her body, very strange, waiting for the steam to dissipate The wound on Firefly's neck is already vanished, and the whole person is more energetic.

     Ye Shu looked surprised, and the onlookers were also amazed.

     "As expected of Hotaru, she can heal herself. In the game, she is a milk."

     "She is so strong in attack, we are afraid that we will be killed if we are beaten by her."During the discussion, Ye Shu showed a full of interest expression, Yingcao turned out to be a nanny? Dongyang’s demons and monsters are really magical. Each shikigami has different moves. The ghosts and gods called by Yinshu are the same as uncivilized monkeys. In other words, the ghosts and monsters of China have not formed a specific culture. The shikigami culture and onmyoji of the East have been closely bound up for thousands of years, with a high degree of civilization.

     But the shortcomings of Shikishen culture are clearly and easy to see. The masters of Shikishen are very weak, while Taoist priests are very strong. There are few ghosts and gods that Taoists rely on.

     For example, Ye Shu, Strength of Ghosts and Gods upper body, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), a finger can poke this firefly screaming.

     Of course, the professional challenge of onmyoji, he poked it a little too mean-spirited.

     So Ye Shu waved his hand and summoned a more powerful ghost.

     This ghost is actually a mountain-moving ghost, but its size is even bigger and the color is also red, which is obviously not a normal mountain-moving ghost.

     As soon as the red mountain ghost came out, he immediately beat his chest, a thunderous roar from his mouth, which shook his eardrum pain.

     The students around were all shocked and backed away quickly. Yayi also showed shock, and Yingcao was holding the dandelion, her face also looked scared.

     Obviously, this mountain moving ghost was enough to crush the firefly, and this was Ye Shu's sixty percent strength.

     "If you are without other Shikigami, I'm afraid you can't beat me."

     Ye Shudan smiled, the students around shut up, and they didn't dare to taunt Ye Shu anymore. The blind could see the horror of moving the mountain ghost.

     Although Mei was surprised, she was not afraid. She put the palms together before one, chanting words, and summoned a shikigami again.She is a petite girl, but this girl is wildly dressed. She wore four soaring braids on her head, the color was still red, and she carried a mace that was bigger than her head on her shoulders, and her face was crazy and cool. Amazingly exploded the Heaven's non-mainstream appearance.

     Oriental people around exclaimed: "Yeah! The wicked girl feels!"

     I don't think she is a particularly strong monster, but she is very famous because she has a low-level mouth and will definitely hit others when she opens her mouth. Even the resentful spirit hates her.

     And she can read the mind, see through people's hearts, poke at the vital points, and hit others with the greatest intensity.

     For example, now, as soon as she came out, she stared at Yingcao, and then she carried a mace in one hand and laughed wildly with one hand akimbo.

     "Ah, Yingcao, have you always wanted to cultivate more vigorously lately? Give up, you are just a doctor, a useless doctor."

     Yingcao blushed and hurriedly covered her small face with dandelions, afraid to see it.

     Jue looked at Yayi again: "Hey, why call me? I don't recognize you as a master. Don't think that you can act wilfully by controlling me with charms... Hey, you are tired of life. Huakai Academy rejects you. You don’t even have any living expenses. Find a man to raise it."

     Yayi's pretty face tightened, and she directly chanted: "I command thee, feel, attack that man."

     Feeling controlled, he turned angrily and looked at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu's face was a little smile, Dongyang's Shijin was really funny, and this wicked girl felt that her mouth was really cheap.

     Just thinking about it, Jue pointed at him with a mace and said, "You stinky man, what are you laughing at, Lolicon, do you really want to molest Firefly? You are a pervert!"Ye Shu's old blood sprayed, and the surrounding crowd burst into laughter, the atmosphere completely changed, and the face of Yingcao hiding behind the dandelion became even more red.

     Ye Shu was speechless, and said, "Little sister, you can not only speak Chinese, but you can also speak such a slippery way. It's really not bad. Why don't you follow me? I like the rougher loli."

     "Go to hell you, look at how bad you are, you can't even compare to a single hair of Shuten-douji, I won't follow you."

      Shuten-douji is the king of ghosts in the East, rumored to be the god of Shiki. When everyone hears about Shuten-douji, they all look forward to it.

     Ye Shu didn't understand this, and he didn't bother to talk nonsense.

     The mountain-moving ghost rushed forward, it was as big as a mountain, and it directly pressed Jue under him, as if it was pressed into meat sauce.

     Everyone couldn't help but exclaimed, but Yayi smiled calmly, in no rush.

     Ye Shu stared at the mountain-moving ghost, and saw the mountain-moving ghost start to scream, then his back broke open, and a mace directly pierced its body.

     I felt that I got out of it, still madly pulling and dazzling the sky, and the ghost moving the mountain wailed and disappeared.

     The exclamation of the crowd turned into exclamation. Many Orientals clapped their hands and felt that they were swept away: "It's so noisy, a group of countryboys who have never seen the world, clap something."

     Everyone slumped and it was hard to clap.

     Yayi was very helpless, and Chao Ye Shu said, "You give up, you feel very strong."

     Feeling really strong, a mace can overwhelm many ghosts.

     But Ye Shu did not accept as correct. If he summoned the Yin Soldier Yin General, he felt that he would only be beaten.However, he doesn’t want to let the ghosts and gods fight anymore. He still likes to do it himself. Huaxia Daoshu doesn’t value ghosts and gods. If he always summons ghosts and gods, he will inevitably fall into the dissenting religious sect and follow the Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi's. Same as frown.

     "Taoism does not rely on ghosts and gods to fight. How about to do the job oneself?"

     Ye Shu asked with a smile, but the students around him blasted the pot before Yayi answered.

     "He persuaded, obviously his ghost is too weak to be embarrassed."

     "Yes, I have seen his body style, what kind of kung fu should it be, can sneak attack Miss Mei, Miss Mei be careful."

     "I'm really shameless. I want to sneak attack on Miss Mei, but I don't dare to fight with Shijin."

     Many Orientals contemptuously, Ye Shu glanced at them, leisurely said: "I will not attack Miss Mei, how about a fight with Jue myself?"

     The crowd couldn't help but calm down, and all the oriental people looked shocked.

     The culture of Onmyoji is highly dependent on Shijin. In their eyes, only extremely powerful Onmyojis can fight Shijin. This kind of Onmyoji is in ten-thousand does not have one. If the students here fight with Jue, it is equivalent to an ordinary person looking for a hammer, and the brain will come out with a mace.

     "You have the courage, come on, don't ink."

     "That's right, fight with Shijin directly, don't sneak attack Miss Mei, don't call your ghosts, see what you have!"

     Jue Ye laughed heartily, waving a mace and mocking: "You weren't born when I killed Onmyouji's in Toyo, why the Onmyouji on the sea is so mentally retarded."

     She thought that Ye Shu was also an onmyoji, after all, Ye Shu had just summoned a mountain mover.Amidst the ridicule, Ye Shu gently shook his head, stepped forward, and people had already come to Jue.

     Feeling shocked, the reaction was quick, and a mace fell. Ye Shu held the Strength of Ghosts and Gods in his body, how strong his strength was. When he lifted his palm, he grasped the mace abruptly.

     The terrifying power of Shikigami reached his palm and was intangibly resolved.

     In an instant, the scene crow and peacock make no sound, everyone's eyes widened, thinking that they were wrong.

     Ye Shu smiled and pulled out the mace directly: "This stick is good, has a history of hundreds of years?"

     The scene was still crow and peacock make no sound, I felt a drop of sweat on my forehead, then turned around and ran away, and disappeared after two steps.

     The crowd only reacted at this time, and they all took a breath, Ye Shu actually carried the divine strength with his bare hands and took away the weapon of the divine!

     (To be continued.)
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