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0 Chapter List 222 It's A Pity
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The legend of the demon sword is widely circulated in the East. Dongyang people admire knives. A good knife represents strength and identity, while the demon knife adds a bit of monster and terrible. Tian Lai Novels

     Ye Shu didn't know the demon knife culture very well, but at this moment, looking at this long and thick knife with black air, he was inexplicably frightened. This knife could definitely kill himself easily.

     Yayi has already withdrawn very far, and said in a worried tone: "Mr. Ye, if you are unable to control the Shishen, please return the Yin and Yang Dao, otherwise it will cause turmoil in the Yang world."

     Returning the Yin and Yang Dao is to invite the Shijin to go, and Yai is asking Ye Shu not to control the demon sword forcibly, so as not to cause harm to the world.

     Ye Shu is not a greedy person, since Yai is so afraid of the demon sword, and he also feels that he can not control the demon sword, returning the Yin Yang Dao is the best way.

     He said: "How to return it?"

     "Please recite the incantation again to express the intention of sending the gods, and the demon sword will leave by itself."

     Ye Shu nodded, put the palms together before one, chanting: "I command thee, please return to Yin and Yang Dao with respect to the demon sword."

     Yayi watched nervously, Ye Shu was sincere and really willing to give away the demon sword.

     However, the Demon Blade did not respond, and lay quietly on the coffee table.

     Yayi's face was pale: "You didn't use onmyoji to summon the shikigami, and I'm afraid you can't use onmyoji to send it away."

     Ye Shu frowned and chanted the curse again: "The sky is clear and the earth is spirited, and the soldiers will turn with the seals, and they will order and follow the orders. The disciple Ye Shu takes the orders from the Patriarch of Maoshan... Lead the order, and the fire returns to the altar."

     This is the decree of Yangshu to send gods, and to return to the altar is to return to the underworld.However, the Demon Sword still did not respond, and Ya Yi's face completely changed: "What can I do? The Demon Sword is too powerful, and the owner cannot order it to do something."

     Ye Shu also thought to be in trouble. He was not an arrogant and conceited person, and he would not try to control the demon knife. He wanted to send it away. In the end, it was difficult to even send it away. Wouldn't the demon knife rest on his neck in the future?

     "Miss Mei, don't panic, I will take the demon knife and store it at home. I will never use it before I find it out."

     Ye Shu can only guarantee that he will not be greedy, and Yayi without any means, thought a bit then said: "We will take away the demon knife now, and I will go with you."

     She was afraid that something might happen, so she wanted to take the Demon Sword home with Ye Shu and store it.

     Ye Shu didn't refuse, but looked at the demon knife embarrassedly. How to take this thing away?

     Yai takes a deep breath, and her tender eyes have become extremely cautious.

     She knotted her hands with a cross, as if praying to God. After a while, she cautious and solemn reached out to the hilt of the knife, trying to grab the demon knife.

     As soon as she touched, she immediately shook, bleeding from the corners of her mouth, and her whole body seemed to be electrified.

     Ye Shu was startled and hurriedly pulled her away: "Be careful!"

     Ya Yi's face was decadent, as if she had been sucked up.

     "It's really a demon knife, a demon sword."

     Empress Yai was very scared, and at this moment she also lost her square inch. Ye Shu thought for a while, frowned and said, "It stands to reason that I am its owner. Maybe I can grab it."

     Ye Shu could only try, and Yayi was very nervous and worried, but let him try.

     Ye Shu lightly let out a breath, cautious and solemn caught it.As a result, nothing happened, the black spirited demon sword was very calm, leaving Ye Shu to hold the handle.

     Both of them were relaxed, and it seemed that the onmyoji contract was still valid, and the shikigami did not resist the master.

     Ye Shu lifted it forcefully, and suddenly felt that the Demon Sword was powerful. If it weren't for his strong physique and the upper body of a ghost, he would basically be unable to lift it.

     Moreover, the Demon Sword was too long and it was inconvenient to carry it. Ye Shu could only carry it on his shoulders, which made it easier now.

     He was carrying the demon sword, just like Jue carrying a mace, very cool and tugging.

     "I'm going to carry home, do you want to follow? Or do you rest?"

     Ye Shu spoke, but Yayi didn't want to rest, she must follow Ye Shu, she wanted to stare at the demon sword.

     So Ye Shu carried the demon sword to lead the way, and Yayi followed behind.

     As soon as the office door was opened, the one that greet the eye was Firefly. The little loli who was holding the dandelion was still blushing, as if something shy was brewing.

     But as soon as the demon sword appeared, she immediately groaned, turned and ran away, where she dared to approach.

     Yayi said strangely: "Firefly, what are you going to do?"

     Yingcao blocked her face with dandelions, and she was scared and shy and said, "That... I thought I could help her get the mace back..."

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and then he remembered the mace he had paid. He looked back at the house, the mace was still on the ground.

     "In the house, go get it."

     Ye Shu smiled, Yingcao shook his head again and again: "Woo, I dare not go over, that knife is so scary."

     It's so cute.

     Ye Shu smiled and walked away: "I'll go first one step."He carried the demon sword and stayed away first, so as not to frighten Firefly.

     Leaving this way, he was eye-catching. Of course, he had the most angry eyes. Dongyang students admired Yayi, and naturally resented Ye Shu.

     But when they saw the demon sword, they were all frightened, and some people were scared to pee.

     Onmyoji can sense the horror of the demon sword, how can he not panic?

     "Oh my god, what thing is that? Demon sword?"

     "How could True Person Bi possess such a long demon sword? Why is he carrying it?"

      Discuss spiritedly, all onmyojis were frightened.

     Ye Shu quickened his pace and walked to the school gate to wait.

     After a while, Mei rushed over, sorry to say: "I feel very naughty, it delayed me a little bit time."

     "It's okay, let's go, just to be on the safe side, I want to use Taoism on my way, can you keep up?"

     Ye Shu didn't dare to carry the weird demon knife slowly, he must go back and seal the demon knife as soon as possible.

     Yayi nodded: "I ran soon, you don't have to worry me."

     Ye Shu stopped talking nonsense, as soon as he raised his foot, he was gone. Yayi was about to use the Yin Yang technique to run wildly, this stared dumbstruck, looked around blankly, and didn't see where Ye Shu was after looking for a long time.

     After a few seconds, Ye Shu appeared again, and said amusedly: "Can you still keep up?"

     Yai complexion turned red, I am embarrassed to shook his head: "Daoshu is really powerful..."

     Ye Shu is not modest anymore. To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is simply a Taoist treasure, and I cannot overstate it.

     "I'll take you and run, I'm still capable of taking someone."Ye Shu carried the demon knife in one hand, and stretched out to pull Yayi with the other. Yayi was startled, her face flushed again.

     The shyness and tenderness of the Dongyang girl were undoubtedly revealed, and Mei was embarrassed to hold hands with Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu didn't think about it so much, and took her hand and ran.

     The two of them fast as lightning and soon came to the Imperial City. Ye Shu specially picked up a few people to run in the lanes. How terrible he was. Even if someone noticed it, he just felt a gust of wind blowing by, and there was no figure in sight.

     Soon, Ye Shu returned to the community and stopped in front of the villa he rented.

     Yai faint with blurred vision, the whole person was confused: "Where is this...?"

     She feels like motion sickness and can't figure out anything.

     "This is my villa. It's very quiet around it, and there's nothing about it people. The demon knife is safe here."

     Ye Shu said, carrying the demon knife to open the door, and Yai naturally followed him, looking at Ye Shu's eyes a little more curiosity and admiration, and a hint of shame.

      A man who is so formidable is not greedy or overbearing, and he is also very gentle in his life. They are really worthy of admiration for girls.

     Yayi thought in her heart, with an inexplicable emotion in her heart, and then Ye Shu opened the door, and a sweet laugh came out.

     "Hehe, master, don't touch it, itching..."

     Naked, legal loli, shaking a pair of big watermelons, ran around the room, followed by a little girl.

     Ye Shu brow raised his old face with a twitch, and legal loli turned to her, not caring that his body was being seen, the shining white rabbit and two pink cherries ready to appear at the call."Master, father, you are back, do you want to take a shower or eat first? Or eat me first."

     Ye Shu's face full of black lines, Yayi next to her opened her mouth wide, looking at Ye Shu hard to believe, and then she covered her mouth and ran away like Sanguan collapsed.

     What a perverted man!

     (To be continued.)
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