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0 Chapter List 231 Take The Demon Sword Girl To Pretend
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

With the Lark Token in hand, the big monsters of the Imperial Capital dared not rush it no matter how strong they were. 』

     Ye Shu also secretly relaxed when seeing the old guys leaving.

     Ouyang Spear was dragged away by the Styx monster, and he would definitely not be able to escape the relationship. Without the token, I am afraid that he had already suffered. Those old monsters are much more powerful than Ouyang Spear.

     The people around him also reacted and looked at each other for a while, seeing Ye Shu's eyes completely changed.

     "Ouyang Spear is dead? Is that the underworld?"

     "Daoshu is really terrible, there is such a hand, Bi Zhenren enters the underworld, I am afraid it is Unmatched Under the Heaven."

     "I don't think it is necessary. He was also seriously injured. It seemed that he couldn't get out just now. The girl next to him is weird and I don't know what it is."

     Everyone was talking, their eyes gradually moved to the cold Demon Sword Fairy, obviously very curious about the Demon Sword Fairy.

     Demon Sword Princess is beautiful, uncommon martial heroism, and will attract countless eyeballs wherever she goes.

     Ye Shu ignored the outsiders. He took the Demon Sword Fairy to leave, and Ya Yi opened the way. The three returned to Ya Yi's office, and they were finally clean.

     Ye Shu sat down, feeling spirit weary, strength exhausted, and his whole body was painful.

     Ye Yi was worried, and quickly rubbed medicine on him to treat the wound. Ye Shu didn't actually have a serious problem, it was just a skin trauma. What he felt most uncomfortable at the moment was the ghostly spirit in the underworld.

     Although he already left the underworld, the sequelae did not disappear. He felt that his vitality was fading away, as if the evil spirits of hell were desperate for their lives.

     "Monster Sword Girl, don't run around, wait here, don't use the knife."Ye Shu sternly warned that he fell weakly and without strength. He really couldn't stand it anymore and had to rest.

     In this sleep, I slept directly for most of the day, and when I woke up, it was already sunset.

     The light outside the window was dim, and there was no movement in the room.

     Ye Shu looked sideways, and saw Demon Sword Fairy sitting aside with Demon Sword on his lap, staring at himself without blinking.

     This girl was really obedient, and she didn't run around.

     Ye Shu shook his head and shook his ears, got up and bounced a few times. The whole person was full of energy, and the trauma was scarred under Self-Restoration, and there was no pain at all.

     "Where is Mei?"

     Ye Shu asked, Demon Sword Fairy shook his head: "I don't know."

     She speaks few words, not a single extra word.

     Ye Shu didn't ask any more, opened the door by himself and went out, just in time to see Yayi coming back, with worry on his face.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but said: "Yi, what happened?" Seeing that he woke up, Yai immediately smiled, but turned around and worried again.

     "Mr. Ye, Fang Jiaming is hosting a banquet in the evening, here is an invitation, please come to the banquet."

     Yayi took out an invitation with gold lettering on it, which seemed to be expensive.

     Ye Shu took a look, and it said that the Liaodong Blue Carving Fang Family had a banquet for the Fang family princess to wash the dust and invite friends from the imperial capital to participate.

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows and didn't quite understand it. Just looking at the literal meaning, it seemed that a big family was washing the dust for his own young lady, why did he entertain himself.Seeing him puzzled, Ya Yi said in deep thought: "The dean told me that you need to be careful. Although the Qingdiao Fang family is lacking hatred and enmity with you, it may be entrusted by others, and specially set a Hongmen banquet to invite you over to solve you. With Ouyang Mao."

      such a saying Ye Shu understands. To put it bluntly, this blue-carved Fang family is just going to have a big banquet. Others will invite Fang to entertain themselves. When the Hongmen banquet comes, it is estimated that friction will be inevitable.

     The big family relationship in the imperial capital is tangled and complicated, which can be said to be closely linked with one another. I killed Ouyang Spear by myself. I am afraid that many families have been shaken and they want to make a wave of themselves.

     Ye Shu received the invitation nodded: "I understand."

     Ya Yi said anxiously: "Mr. Ye going?"

     "You can't go, but don't worry, since they entertained me, they just want to put it on the table and say that they don't dare to play yin, my token is still very useful."

     Ye Shu didn't panic, just see the opportunity and act. He called the Demon Sword Fairy, said goodbye to Yayi, and had to go back to the villa.

     Nothing happened all the way, Ye Shu deliberately paid attention to the surroundings to see if anyone came to watch, but nothing happened.

      In other words, the Ouyang family does not dare to play yin, or in other words, Ouyang Spear's position in the Ouyang family is not enough for the Ouyang family to take risks.

     Not long after, the two returned to the villa. Emily was holding the watermelon naked again, watching the sunset at the door, both like and scared.

     This exhibitionist.

     Ye Shu was speechless, and he didn't bother to preach now, so he didn't kill Emily. Emily took the initiative to come over and say hello: "Master, father, you are back, do you want to eat first, take a shower, or eat me first?""Go and put the hot water, don't wander around."

     Ye Shu waved her hand, and Emily went to work immediately.

     Ye Shu ignored it, stepped inside quickly, and then let out a small cold.

     Little Lenggui has been in the upper body for several days, and today he has entered a bloody battle in the underworld. Ye Shu is really worried about her.

     But when she came out, she was in good spirits, and she even had a radiant look.

     Ye Shu asked, "Xiao Leng, are you okay?"

     Xiao Leng glanced at him: "I have something to do, and I am almost suffocated. I never want to get on your body again."

     Seeing her like this, Ye Shu felt relieved and rubbed his hands and smiled: "Okay, I won't be up for the time being. You can visit our villa. I bought this by one person by own strength. It costs 30 million."

     Ye Shu bluffed, Xiao Leng glanced around, indifferent: "Not as good as my previous bedroom."

     This daughter of a rich family doesn't care about what villas, she waved her hand and wanted to go out: "I'm going to fall in love."

     She still didn't forget her love, drifting outside, only to see Demon Sword Fairy.

     These days, she has been stunned and didn't understand Ye Shu's experience. At this moment, she saw a young girl with white breasts and underwear, her face turned black.

     "You just took a maid, and now you take another one. Look at her as your personal bodyguard, right? Mr. Pervert is really a woman."

     Xiao Lengjiang Deadpan glanced at Ye Shu, without giving Ye Shu a chance to explain, and flew away after a quick slip.

     Ye Shu sighing voice, wailing breath, is this a fire in the harem? But Lao Tzu hadn't even sex with a girl.He muttered to himself, then went to take a bath while whistling, not worrying, let's enjoy a good life.

     Nothing happened all night, Ye Shu woke up the next day, fully recovered, confident that he could deal with Ouyang Mao once more.

     It was the situation in front of her that made her a little speechless. His head was resting on Emily's big watermelon, and his cheeks were falling into softness.

     And Aiqier lay on her body, her saliva flowed onto her Mimi.

     These two loli can really toss people, doesn't know at all, when did they hug themselves.

     Ye Shu (to move or do sth) softly and quietly let go of Aiqier, shook her head and yawned and went out, and saw the Demon Sword Fairy sitting on the carpet watching TV, even eating potato chips, and the demon knives were thrown aside Up.

     This well-behaved and gloomy girl does not seem to be lethal. But Ye Shu knew her horror, she went crazy, afraid that she would even kill herself.

     "Little Jiji, morning."

     Ye Shu greeted him, and the Demon Sword Fairy turned to look at him: "I'm bored."


     Did Demon Sword Princess take the initiative to express her thoughts? Ye Shu was quite surprised and couldn't help but smile: "You can go out to play, but don't use your knife. This is no longer the Edo era. Killing people is not allowed."

     "Are you afraid of me killing people? In fact, the monsters here are very weak and can't provoke me to kill. I will only knock them out with the back of a knife."

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and then he was happy: "Are you sure? Can you control the demon sword?"

     "Why not, if the enemy is very weak, the demon sword will not bother killing."This is good. Ye Shu has always been afraid that Demon Sword Fairy will be mad. After all, Demon Sword Fairy is too weird. It is a murderous knife. At this time, Demon Sword Fairy actively expressed his thoughts and dispelled Ye Shu's concerns. In other words, he can call the Demon Sword appropriately. Ji up.

     "I will take you to the banquet in the evening, it should be able to make you move your hands and feet, but you must remember not to willfully slaughter the innocent, be elegant."


     Demon Sword Fairy un'ed, a trace of depressed fighting will flashed through her pale yellow eyes.

     Ye Shu is also happy. If he can use Demon Sword Fairy, then he is really worthwhile. Taking Demon Sword Fairy to pretend to be forceful, he can definitely pretend to be dumbstruck and unable to reply!
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