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0 Chapter List 235 Cattle Fork
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Jiutiao Liu is worthy of being a famous Kyoto teacher, and he was surprised that he could borrow the power of Shishen.

     In the eyes of everyone, Ye Shu was run away, and he fled the manor in the blink of an eye, leaping towards the distant mountains.

     The Nine Streams sneered again and again, and all the power of the god of the crow was poured into his body, and he even mastered the flight, like a big Peng, closely following Ye Shu.

     Everyone on the roof is a person of identity. Although they wanted to see the duel between the two people up close, no one followed, and they continued to stand and watch Ye Shu and Jiutiao Liu from a distance.

     Ouyang Ming said loudly: "Nine streams, bring his head back."

     Kujo-ryu turned his head and nodded his chin, showing strong confidence.

     In the distance, Ye Shu had reached the top of the mountain and stepped on the branches.

     This is the mountains outside the manor. You can see the huge manor and some people walking around. No extra guests have noticed Ye Shu.

     When Ye Shu jumped off the roof, he was already above the upper body of a ghost and god. At this moment, he was lightly stepping on the branches of the tree, and his eyes were swept away. The sky above the jungle has been included in the square inch.

     And Jiutiaoliu also chased him, his arm shook, and he pinched a Yanyue knife out of thin air, which was exactly the weapon of Yatiangu.

     Ye Shu was even more surprised. This old boy could not only borrow the power of the gods, but also borrow weapons, which is amazing.

     It's a pity that Ye Shu, a crow dog, didn't pay attention to it. He waited all the time, smiling at the approaching nine streams.

     "Run, why didn't you run? No one has ever dared to choke my neck, you are the first!"

     Jiutiao Liu does not conceal his arrogance and anger, looking at Ye Shu is like looking at a dead person.On the roof in the distance, Ouyang Ming's group of people stared at this side, their eyesight was very good, and they felt that Ye Shu would definitely die.

     Ye Shufei Cut to the chase, stepped forward, appeared in front of Jiutiao Liu again, and strangled his neck as soon as he stretched out his hand, and shook him up and down particularly unceremoniously.

     Ye Shu's strength is so powerful, pinching the nine streams is the same as pinching a duck, swaying hard for a few times, and the nine streams are stunned.

     "You! I'll kill you!"

     With a violent shout, the nine streams of Yanyue Knife slashed in the air, fast as lightning, and slashed straight on Ye Shu.

     In the eyes of outsiders, Ye Shu would definitely be cut by two segments with a single cut, and Jiutiaoliu also showed a cruel smile.

     However, the moment Yanyuedao was close to her body, Ye Shu disappeared. Jiutiaoliu's Yanyue Knife failed, and the powerful inertia almost made him throw the Yanyue Knife out.

     He was able to hold his breath, his neck was choked again. Ye Shu appeared silently, pinching his neck and shaking it up and down.

     "Your model is so ugly, let me help you remodel it."

     Ye Shuzheng's eight sutras swayed several times, and when Jiutiao Liu furiously fought back, he disappeared again, and then continued to pinch Jiutiao Liu's neck.

     Repeated this four or five times, the Nine Streams were almost spit out, and the head turned into a barrel, as if it was against a wooden barrel.

     "This type is not bad, it is guaranteed that you can attract countless girls."

     Ye Shu a wide grin, Jiu Tiao was trembling with anger, and he realized that Ye Shu was not counseling just now, just teasing himself.In his anger, he slashed again. At the moment Ye Shu disappeared, he flew high, live high and look down, slashing out: "Flock of Crows Chaotic Dance!"

     In an instant, the sky was enveloped by darkness, and countless black crows, Sudden Appearance, rushed down.

     These crows are not living creatures, but rather like ghost birds of the underworld. Each of them has sharp teeth and wings like blades. The densely packed are dazzling.

     These crows are very powerful.

     Ye Shu didn't dare to be careless, he didn't know what would happen if he was surrounded by crows, so he turned around and ran away, slipping into the jungle.

     Countless crows also rushed into the jungle from among the branches, following Ye Shu closely.

     Nine streams of laughter came from high in the sky: "I see how you die, the crow will suck your blood!"

     Ye Shu leaned against a tree, already pointing to the bloody symbol: "Come out, my ghost."

     He doesn't want to fight with a group of crows personally, there are so many, he has to fight at what time.

     Therefore, when the ghosts and gods were summoned, a few ghosts roared out, and a crow appeared in the sky, and immediately rushed over as if they had seen food.

     To the dead, these evil spirits seem to be hungry, taking crows as food, grabbing them and eating them.

      The densely packed crows screamed, like a crying child, hurriedly fleeing.

     There was a mess in the forest, the leaves were rustling, and a few evil spirits were rushing to eat. These crows were only for food.

     Ye Shu jumped up over the jungle. Nine streams were about to enter the jungle. When they saw Ye Shu coming out, they couldn't help but be stunned. They saw many crows flying around like a dog, immediately agape and tongue-tied, hard to believe.

     "What did you do? My crows..."Before he finished speaking, his tone was dumb, just like a drake, because Ye Shu pinched his neck and shook it.

     Ouyangming and his party in the distance look at each other in dismay, all bewildered and uncertain.

     "Jiu Tiao Liu what the hell? Why do you always get choked and kill Bi Zhenren in one breath?"

     "I think he wanted to torture Real Bi, but he was tortured back. This Toyo Onmyoji has no real skills."

     Everyone analyzed clearly and logically, and Ouyang Ming said coldly: "There is one more powerful shikigami. I have to be careful when I see it. He claims to be the first in Kyoto and that shikigami is better than the shikigami of the royal family. I have to be stronger."

     As soon as Ouyang Ming's words fell, the nine streams over there were completely mad. After pushing Ye Shu back again, he threw the Yanyue knife and put the palms together before one.

     "You forced me, you are very good, if you can force me to use my hole cards, I will keep your whole body!"

     The Nine Streams sternly reprimanded, and after the spell was over, waves suddenly appeared in the air, as if a big river was flowing.

     The waves became more and more violent and gathered into a small lake in the air, and then a muscular man with two horns on his chest popped up.

     He is holding a sharp fork in his hand, hunting in his clothes, and he is very mighty.

     Kujo Liu Yin and cold command: "Yasha, kill him!"

     Yasha is a widely circulated evil spirit. It is rumored that the Buddha was born in Yin and demons and lived in the yellow spring. There are also legends that he was born in the sea.

     As soon as Yasha appeared, Ye Shu immediately sensed a horrible ghost. This shikigami is definitely the scariest shikigami he has faced so far, not the demon sword girl.And this Yasha was also arrogant, staring at Ye Shu with a sneer: "It's really annoying, an ant wants this uncle to do it!"

     He said, holding up the trident: "Die, the sea of yellow springs!"

     Like a sea tornado, a transfigured trident smashed into the air like lightning.

     Ye Shu caught off guard. Although he avoided most of the attacks with Yubu, he was hit in the shoulder by the fork of the Huangquan tornado, and almost a piece of meat was cut off.

     too fast!

     Ye Shu was taken aback. This Yasha is very strong, and he can't avoid it with Yu steps, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes.

     He immediately drew near, and Yu stepped forward, his body like the wind.

     Kujo-liu frowned and said, "Be careful, he is very good at sneak attacks."

     Yasha also lost Ye Shu's trace, but the evil demon was not afraid at all. Instead, he laughed wildly: "Good come!"

     He held up the trident, and dozens of Huangquan tornadoes turned into forks and rushed down, surrounding him, as if he was in the middle of the Huangquan.

     Where can Ye Shu get close? You will be crossed as soon as you get close. Close Combat obviously won't work.

     He had to step back and consider countermeasures.

     The Nine Streams laughed, and everyone on the roof nodded: "Yasha is reckoned to be first or second best in the East. I didn't expect that Nine Streams should have a Yasha. No wonder he is called a Kyoto Master."

     Ouyang Ming was praised by everyone, showing a touch of complacency.

     "I see how he died, the challenge of open and aboveboard, and I can't blame us if he died."

     Downstairs, many guests were also alarmed by the movement of Yasha, and they came out to observe with their heads up, and soon some people discussed spiritedly."It's Real Bi, why did he hit someone else again?"

     "That's nine streams, the guest of Ouyang's family, it must be Ouyang's family to retaliate, now Bi Zhenren is probably dead."

     "That's Yasha? Look at his weapon, rumors can stir Huang Quan, it's terrifying!"

     (There is one more chapter later, let’s have a hot pot with my sister)
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