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0 Chapter List 236 I'm The One With Xiao Jiji
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yasha is an extremely powerful god of shikigami. He is extremely powerful and can defend himself. Ye Shu really didn't expect a good way to clean him up. 』

     However, it was extremely difficult for Yasha to kill him. No matter how fierce the Huangquan tornado was, no one could stop Ye Shu as long as he wanted to run.

     The problem was that Ye Shu couldn't run and had to defeat Nine Streams.

     He stepped away and drew charms in the ridicule of Jiutiao Liu, summoning ghosts and gods.

     Ye Shu could actually use the Demon Sword Fairy, but he still wanted to fight Yasha to see how bad his strength was.

     He didn't run, just summoning the ghosts and gods, and doing his best, summoned a team of evil soldiers and generals.

     Two yin generals, with five yin soldiers, floated in the air without saying a word, exuding a strong evil spirit.

     Everyone watching the battle from a distance couldn't help but stare at the Yin Soldier Yin General.

     "That's the ghost of Taoism, and it's traceable to the same stock with the shikigami of Dongyang. How many cards does Bi Zhenren have?"

     "The Taoist method of summoning the five ghosts is well-known in the world, but it seems that Bizhenren is not the five ghosts."

     "There is a good show to watch now."

     Everyone discuss spiritedly, almost all of them walked out of the villa, looking up at the sky above the mountains, expecting a fierce duel.

     On the roof of the villa, dozens of big men's faces changed slightly, revealing a surprised look.

     Ouyang Ming realized that the yin soldier and the yin general are powerful, and said coldly: "This kid is still a little capable, this must be his trump card."

     Behind him, Lord Ouyang Ling, who has been silent, stared at the Yin Soldier Yin General, in the eye flickers with a strong will to fight.The other big men also got serious, and they were all aroused by the Yin Bing Yin Jiang.

     In the battlefield, Ye Shu stepped on the branch and instructed the Yin soldiers to attack.

     Although Jiu Tiao Liu's face has become more solemn, he still has some overweening arrogance.

     "The ghosts and gods of your Huaxia are totally invulnerable. Your Old Ancestor's Dao skills have been destroyed by you. On the contrary, we Orientals inherited the genuine Dao skills. How many little ghosts dare to fight with me?"

     Nine streams are arrogant, and Yasha is even more arrogant. He held the trident in his hand and yelled loudly: "Come!"

     In the sky thunder from a clear sky, dozens of Water of Yellow Springs fell, turning into tornado blades, and smashed on the Yin Soldier Yin General.

     The two Yin Generals escaped, but the five Yin Soldiers were directly smashed, causing everyone to exclaim and lament that Master Bi was still invincible.

     The two yin generals, great fury, who avoided, opened their mouths under the black mask and screamed.

     Then they drew their swords and rushed towards Yasha like ancient soldiers.

     Dozens of tornadoes came, and the two yin generals were completely surrounded, but the two long swords in their hands swung like a melon, breaking through the tornado, turning into sharp arrows, and stabbing Yasha straight away.

     They must be ancient generals, they have not lost their grand general style even after thousands of years of death, fierce and unafraid of death attacked Yasha.

     Yasha's face finally changed, he stopped laughing wildly, and quickly waved his trident to mobilize the denser Water of Yellow Springs.

     Jiutiaoliu also put the palms together before one, and secretly manipulated Yasha to give support.In the sky, as if submerged by sea water, the Water of Yellow Springs was surging and surging, and the hard-to-see sharp blade smashed down. Once it was hit, it would not die or be maimed.

     The two generals were extremely fierce, breaking the boiling water step by step and approaching, seeing outsiders raising their minds.

     Twenty meters, fifteen meters, ten meters, five meters...

      Little by little approached, the cold light was dazzling, everyone held their breath and stared at the two yin generals.

     Ye Shu was also quite nervous, all in all he hoped that the two generals could approach Yasha.

     However, when the long sword was less than a few centimeters away from Yasha, it broke with a snap.

     The sword broke, the Water of Yellow Springs fell, and the general was basically unable to parry. He was submerged by dozens of Water of Yellow Springs and vanish from sight in an instant.

     Everyone in the distance couldn't help sighing, it was a pity that the general failed.

     Even the big guys on the roof shook their heads regrettably, while Ouyang Ming secretly relaxed and sneered: "I thought it was so powerful, merely this."

     Everyone didn't talk to each other and kept watching.

     Nine streams look pale. Obviously, the battle just now consumed too much energy.

     Yasha didn't look good, but the spirit was really jumping, and he opened his mouth and laughed wildly: "A bunch of rubbish things want to hurt me too? Is this uncle hurt so badly?"

     This kid is really arrogant.

     Ye Shu is coldly snorted, he probably understands the limits of his ghosts and gods, the Yin Bing Yin Jiang is very strong, and it is enough and to spare to deal with the general powerful Shi Shen, but the Yasha is too strong, the Yin soldier Yin Jiang is not strong enough.

     In other words, one's own strength is not enough to summon more powerful Yin soldiers and Yin generals."What else is there your last words? If not, I will take your head."

     Nine Streams spoke coldly, with strong killing intent in their eyes.

     Ye Shu slapped his hands: "You yaksha a little bit, I can't beat it."

     Hearing what he said, Jiu Tiao Liu couldn't help but sneered proudly: "Then you will die! Yasha, kill him!"

     The voice of Jiutiaoliu was very loud, spreading far away, everyone heard it.

     Everyone shook their heads and sighed that Real Bi was about to fall, and even some old monsters felt that it was a pity that Ye Shu is a preacher of Taoism after all, and when he becomes stronger in the future, he will be able to compete with the giant monster.

     On the roof, Master Fang frowned slightly, and said to Ouyang Ming: "Today, my granddaughter's coming-of-age ceremony is not suitable for blood. Old man, let's forget it, Ye Shu No matter good or bad is also a Taoist preacher, and there are larks. Token."

     When Master Fang spoke, the other old monsters with identities also persuaded him.

     But Ouyang Ming said with a cold face: "You guys are here to preside over justice for me. I lose the face of Ouyang's family?"

     Ouyang Ming was so cold that everyone couldn't say anything, so they had to sigh secretly.

     On Ye Shu's side, Yasha had already started. He walked on the waves like a swimming fish, not much slower than Ye Shu, and there were many Water of Yellow Springs in the sky, surrounding Ye Shu to death.

     Jiutiao Liu became more and more arrogant: "This is what caused me, I want you to grinding the bone and scattering the ash!"

     Ye Shu backed up quickly, put the palms together before one, seeing that Yasha was about to attack, he put on an act and began to chant: "Celestial soldiers are arrayed in front, I command thee, come out Xiao Jiji!"He can't summon Shikigami, so making a noise like this naturally makes Demon Sword Fairy take action.

     When everyone saw him learning from Onmyoji to summon Shishen, they thought he was scared and stupid, and some people couldn't help laughing.

     However, the laughter immediately with a grunting sound it stops, because I don't know where a young girl appeared, holding a long knife, stepped forward and came to Ye Shu before stepping out, and then shot it with a backhand.

     Yasha was too late to brake, and the trident blocked it in one fell swoop, but like a lollipop, it was smashed by the back of the demon knife.

     The heavy back of the knife then hit the muscle-filled chest of Yasha, and only heard a horrible howl, the Yasha rolled and rotated, and rolled backwards like a glass ball, but it was completely gone. I was afraid that it would have been shot and flown. Thousands of meters away.

     The audience was silent, the audience downstairs couldn't close their mouths, and the big guys upstairs were also shocked, especially Ouyang Ming. The yin smile on his face condensed, and it looked like he was eating shit.

     Kujo Liu was stunned in the air, and then stared at the Demon Sword Jie tremblingly, but within half a second, the power of the Raven Dog in his body was startled. Kujo-ryu lost the power of Shikigami and turned back into a mortal. He fell all over his thighs and was pierced by branches.

     Ye Shu stepped on the tree branch and shook his head. After a long sigh, he stood with his hand holding his hand, pretending to be forced: "To be honest, you don't need me to kill you. If I use the power of God, what thing is it?"

     He said, looking towards the roof, staring at Ouyang Ming, to point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree.

     Ouyang Ming's face was blue and his body was shaking, but Ye Shu's eyes already had deep fear.He didn't know that Ye Shu couldn't borrow the power of the gods, and listened to Ye Shu to force him to believe it. The rest of the people were also very shocked. Even a mortal like Jiutiaoliu could become a human with the power of the Raven Tengu. If Ye Shu borrowed the power of the Demon Sword Fairy, wouldn’t it meets the god then kills the god?

     Everyone looked uncertain, and Master Fang left the scene.

     "Okay, the competition is over, everyone False Swipe. The old granddaughter should be coming soon, thank you all for coming to greet you, thank you very much."

     (My sister and others are going to the movies, and I don’t eat hot pot anymore. I will update it soon)
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