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0 Chapter List 237 The Demon Sword Girl
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As soon as the Demon Dao Ji made a move, he directly shot Yasha into the air. Jiutiao Liu also fell half to death, and the Ouyang family was completely defeated.

     The atmosphere at the scene is very subtle. In addition to the exclamation, there's some left talk in whispers. It is obvious that the matter will not so end easily.

     However, the challenge was raised by Ouyang Ming. With the witness of so many bigwigs, he had to admit defeat if he didn't want to admit defeat.

     Coupled with the presence of Master Fang, Ouyang Ming could only go down the steps: "It is my Ouyang family who lost, there is nothing to say."

     He flicked his sleeves, turned around and left, while Ouyang Ling arranged for someone to rescue Jiutiao Liu, and this family was extremely embarrassed.

     Master Fang was relaxed secretly, he was afraid that Ouyang Ming would not give face, and that would be troublesome.

     "Ye Xiaoyou, don't worry, my old fellow is not a stingy person, so I won't embarrass you anymore."

     Master Fang greeted Ye Shu and did not forget to put gold on Ouyang Ming's face to resolve the embarrassment of Ouyang's family.

     Ye Shu was nodded on the tree and looked at the demon sword girl aside: "Little Jiji, go and play by yourself, don't move the knife."

     The Demon Sword Fairy was un'ed, I don't know where she went.

     Ye Shu strode out and returned to the roof. The look of dozens of big brothers had completely changed when he saw him, and they were all a little more enthusiastic at the moment.

     "Fang Xiaoyou deserves to be a preacher of Taoism. There are heroes from the southwest land. I don't know who Fang Xiaoyou studied from?"

     "The southwest is not a place where Taoism flourishes. Who can Xiaoyou Fang worship as a teacher?"

     These big brothers weren't interested in Ye Shu before, and even his master didn't inquire about it. At this moment, Ye Shu has frustrated the Nine Streams.Ye Shu responded humbly: "My master is a real person from Zishan, and I can rely on him to have today."

     Originally, Ye Shu only answered who he had learned from, and did not consider the name of the real Zishan. As soon as he said it, the expressions of the old monsters present suddenly changed, and even Master Fang was shocked.

     "The real person of Zishan? The real person of Zishan Taoist Temple?"

     Master Fang asked, his tone very uneasy.

     The other big guys also stared at Ye Shu, eager to know the answer. But those Young Master Nianqing are very confused, and the elders who don't knows in the family are shocked.

     Ye Shu was also surprised, and said: "It is indeed the real Zishan of Zishan Taoist Temple."

     Because he was not sure what the people's attitude towards the real Zishan was, Ye Shu didn't say much, only answered Master Fang's question.

     "Unexpectedly, he was actually a disciple of Real Man Zishan. If you had said earlier, the Ouyang family would definitely sell you this face."

     "Yes, how many years have passed, the real person Zishan actually taught a disciple, no way."

     "I heard that he is pensioning in the Southwest, and the senior leaders of the alliance have ordered that he is prohibited from disturbing him. Now that he has accepted a disciple, is it about to come out?

     The old monsters were talking to each other, and the brother-in-law was confused and difficult to question, so they had to hold back.

     Ye Shu asked Master Fang: "Master Fang, how do you know my master?"When he asked, a big man took the lead in answering: "Zishan Zhenren can be said to be the last heir of Taoism, and today in China, it is difficult to see the genuine Dao scholar. At the beginning of the alliance, your master was a distinguished guest of the alliance. The method of the spirit pill was given by him, otherwise the monsters may still be devouring raw meat and fowl, the two cannot exist together with human beings."

     When these words came out, not only Ye Shu, but the rest of the sons and brothers all had a surprise.

     The method of refining the spirit pill is given by the real person of Zishan!

     Huaxia monsters all rely on the soul pill to advance. If there is no soul pill, I am afraid that they will not be able to enter the civilized society. Only eating people and drinking blood will be wiped out by the modern society or the modern society. In short, it is the opposite of mankind.

     The birth of Essence Pill is equivalent to an Industrial Revolution in Monster World, and the great fools understand it.

     Ye Shu admired him, his master was so stunned. He may not exist in Unmatched Under the Heaven, but his contribution is enough to record in history.

     The elder brothers on the roof also put away their arrogance at this time, and regarded Ye Shu as equal to them.

     It's a pity that the people from Ouyang's family have already gone downstairs, otherwise Ouyang Ming must be even more embarrassed.

     "Ye Xiaoyou, let's go down and talk slowly, don't worry, Ouyang's family will never embarrass you."

     Master Fang smiled kindly, and the big men nodded one after another, looking at Ye Shu as if looking at a sweet pastry.

      has to say, it’s cool to have a good master. Ye Shu doesn’t have to pretend to be compelling. Others take the initiative to think he is awesome.A group of people talking and laughing, and went down the fifth floor. Master Fang warmly invited Ye Shu to sit next to him. The big guys also had nothing about it.

     Now, Ye Shu talked and laughed cheerfully with the big guys, just like an elder.

     At this time, someone came to report: "Master, Miss Bai Ling is here."

     Everyone is complexion changed again, their expressions are quite subtle.

     However, Master Fang and some old monsters still went downstairs to meet them, with strange expressions.

     Ye Shu was happy, Bai Ling came back from the southwest? This is really an old friend meeting.

     He also wanted to greet him, but the young people in the room did not move, but had a bitter expression. He couldn't help but wonder: "Brothers, why are you so bitter?"

     A young man smiled bitterly: "Miss Bai Ling looks down on us and is even more fierce than the elders in the family. I didn't expect that she would suddenly return to the Imperial Capital. I hope not to toss us."


     Ye Shu was taken aback and laughed inwardly.

     By the way, when Bai Ling was enforcing the law in the imperial capital, almost all the families were provoked. In the end, it was the lark family who took the initiative to throw Bai Ling to the East.

     Now that Bai Ling has returned to the Imperial Capital again, it is strange that everyone is not bitter.

     Ye Shu smiled secretly, and the sons continued to whisper, saying that the top family almost not going out from hidden world, and would not come to participate in Fang Qianxun’s coming-of-age ceremony. Bai Ling came to see how powerful Fang Qianxun was. .

     Bai Ling and Fang Qianxun fought in the northern desert that year, and they drew a tie. They were afraid that they would be unpleasant to the eye. Bai Ling rushed back to the imperial capital all the way back.Not long after, the old monsters came back again, and surrounded by the white silk, who was alone, stepped into the fifth floor.

     Bai Ling's aura is very powerful, with its own coercion, and the halo of the Lark family, better than anyone present.

     Many big brothers let her go in the middle, showing how powerful the halo of the Lark family is, and those god-level families are really standing on top.

     The sons and brothers also got up to say hello, all expressions were unnatural, and they were in awe of Bai Ling.

     Only Ye Shu was relaxed and greeted with a smile: "Hi, Bai Ling, we meet again."

     Bai Ling was not at all surprised, and looked at Ye Shu calmly: "You are very powerful, go down, don't hold the token the fox exploits the tiger's might."

     When she heard about Ye Shu, she slapped Ye Shu and told him to get rid of it.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but feel wronged, I don't have the fox exploits the tiger's might.

     Master Fang lightly coughed and said, "Miss Bai Ling, he is a disciple of the real person of Zishan. I invited him to sit here."

     "The real person Zishan is the real person Zishan, he is him, what are you doing with him?"

     Bai Ling started to smash Master Fang, and Master Fang couldn't help but stunned him without a word.

     The atmosphere is very cold. Bai Ling, a princess capable of causing the downfall of a city or state, deserves to be loved by all people, but turned out to be the object of everyone's fear, which is really painful.

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes and stood up and said: "Well, I'm going down, everyone, let's go down too, don't disturb Miss Bai Ling."

     Ye Shu left, and he kindly greeted the son-in-law buddies. The son-in-law buddies were eager to go down, but did not dare to move, and aimed at Bai Ling vigorously.

     Bai Ling waved her hand, indicating that they could also roll the calf.A large group of elder brothers immediately followed Ye Shu, leaving the old monsters to talk to Bai Ling.

     When they went downstairs, many of the younger brothers became more enthusiastic about Ye Shu, as if treating him as the eldest brother.

     Ye Shu squinted: "Why are you so awkward? Anyway, it's the offspring a famous family of the imperial capital. Is it possible that Bai Ling can kill you?"

     "You don't know Ye Gongzi, the lark family has a real status, you see, Master Fang has been beaten by Bai Ling, and he dare not have a temper. What courage can we have."

     "Yes, and Bai Ling's life is too cold, if she is stared at, Lao Di will be revealed by her. I only went to the brothel a few days ago to play a few fairies, if she knew about it, I'm afraid I will go to jail, Monster It is also forbidden to find a lady."
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