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0 Chapter List 243 Sister, I Think...
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As the so-called reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds, Ye Shu was so excited at the moment that he ran away holding the fox.

     Most of the students here are very powerful, but they still haven’t seen how Ye Shu disappeared. Only some Taoist students recognized to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) and couldn’t help but marvel at it. One hand is really Perfection.

     The mountain behind the college, no sign of human habitation, mountains on one side and water on the other, the scenery is beautiful.

     Ye Shu ran to the foot of the mountain holding Liu Youyou, and then got into the woods.

     Liu Youyou didn't even bother to wonder how Ye Shu was so formidable, because a certain stick of Ye Shu was against her.

     "You die bad guy, are you thinking about doing bad things? That's annoying!"

     Liu Youyou shyly said, raising his hand with a hammer. Ye Shu pressed her to the tree and kissed her when he lowered his head.

     Liu Youyou's annoyance was drowned in it, and only yī yī yā yā could be heard from his throat.

     As it burned, Ye Shu emptied himself, hardly protected Liu Youyou, letting the charm of the vixen hit his mind.

     He was hot and hot, like taking ten kilograms of aphrodisiac. He didn't want to remain calm at all, only beauty was in his eyes.

     I don't know how long he kissed, Ye Shure sweated and immediately began to take off Liu Youyou's clothes.

     Liu Youyou can be regarded as recovering his wits, and quickly pushed him: "Dead bad guy, this is the academy!"

     Where can Liu Youyou let go, no matter how sexy she is, she is still a pure girl in her heart, basically impossible to mess with Ye Shu in the forest.

     Ye Shu Qiangren, his words were extremely hot: "You little fairy, more and more charming, I really couldn't bear ."

     "You have to hold back, this is not at home, don't mess around."Liu Youyou looked around with shame and annoyance. Although he didn't see any figure, he was still afraid of being discovered.

     Ye Shu hugged her again, climbed the high mountains, and sank directly into the towering mountains and precipitous ridges.

     The two of them did not enter a sea of flowers, which was no longer within the scope of the academy. There were only birds and beasts around.

     Liu Youyou finally relaxed a little, blushing, glanced at Ye Shu's tall and upright crotch, and said, "Smelly perverted, get it down."

     "Miss Sister, I can't handle this, I can't help it, but you can."

     Ye Shu gave a smirk and threw Liu Youyou directly into the sea of flowers, and the two of them rolled around with their arms around, playing like a child.

     Ye Shu didn't dissipate, but he wouldn't turn into a beast either. His love and desire for Liu Youyou coexist, and he can bear it for the time being.

     The fragrance of flowers overflowed, the singing of insects and birds, a huge sea of flowers, only Ye Shu two.

     The flower branches swayed constantly, and the two were playing in the sea of flowers, heads rubbing together, and their clothes were messy.

     After the initial warmth, both sides could hardly restrain themselves, Ye Shu had already taken off his clothes, his eyes were hot.

     Liu Youyou showed her fragrant shoulders, half of the white rabbit swayed, her head completely messed up, sweat on her forehead.

     "Don't... badass, you will die..."

     Liu Youyou hugged Ye Shu's head, biting his mouth and said: "I will suck you to death."

     She was serious, and she was also afraid that Ye Shu would be sucked dry, but in this case, her words were like teasing Ye Shu, making Ye Shu so excited that he broke his pants.

     "Then you can suck me to death!"Ye Shu is difficult to suppress. He is a normal young man. He is often tempted at home. Wherever he can stand it, he takes off his pants as soon as he reaches out.

     Seeing him like this, Liu Youyou became even more anxious, and slapped it over: "I'm serious, I didn't tease you, you forgot that I am a fox!"

     A slap slapped Ye Shu dumbfounded, Ye Shu blinked, takes a deep breath to calm down.

     "To be reasonable, I think I can hold it, I'm very awkward now, let's try it, I won't be sucked to death by you."

     Before at home, Ye Shu never dared to touch Liu Youyou, just because he was afraid of being sucked to death, but now he is very confident, with Strength of Ghosts and Gods, he is no longer a mortal.

     Liu Youyou pushed him nonchalantly: "Don't be so lusty, it's really going to die. I have six tails now, and I secretly asked the senior sister, they said... human beings will do it when they touch me, and they will be sucked up directly. of."

     "I'm not a human anymore. Look at me and hug you, it's okay, Youyou, I really want to..."

     Ye Shu was very uncomfortable. Isn't it normal to have sex with the one he loves? How about not letting it go.

     Liu Youyou looked at him carefully after hearing what he said, looking very surprised: "You are so strong, what have you experienced after I left?"

     Liu Youyou was very curious, Ye Shu had to put up with Liu Youyou count by fives and tens, and even said Gu match.

     Liu Youyou was fascinated at first, and was afraid for a while, but when Ye Shu mentioned Gu Pei and Yang Yi, he immediately cocked his mouth.

     "Okay you, with a strange woman... disgusting, get out of here!"Liu Youyou was so angry that he kicked Ye Shu away, pouting his small mouth high.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly with a stick: "It's all because of Gu, I also can't do anything about it, that bug is too cheap."

     Ye Shu repeatedly apologized and regretted, Liu Youyou coldly snorted, looked doesn't look him.

     It's no joke that the vixen is jealous, Ye Shu wept sadly, and brazen faced leaned over to hug her: "When you graduate, I will go to Dabie Mountain to propose marriage immediately. Let's have a cute daughter."

     The corner of Liu Youyou's mouth curled, and his face hummed: "Sound beautiful, I don't want to marry you, I am Heaven's proud daughter, and many men pursue me."

     The little fox began to boast, and Ye Shu smiled in his heart and lowered his head to bit her crystal earlobe: "But you just like me."

     "Go to hell!"

     The two of them started fighting again and ignited again, Ye Shu had to dry mouth and tongue.

     Liu Youyou was also strong, but in the end she was still worried about winning, she turned over and pressed Ye Shu to stop him from moving.

     "Be obedient, you can't take risks. Even if you got stronger, you can't mess around. What can I do if you are sucked to death."

     She was talking about a very dirty topic, but she had to make Ye Shu be vigilant. Ye Shu was not an arrogant person. If she was sucked to death, she would lose money.

      He thought for a bit, leaning close to Liu Youyou's ears and said: "There is a river over there, let's go wash for nothing, and then do something shameful."

     Liu Youyou pretty blushed, then raised his hand and hit: "I can't say it!"

     "Stop, do something else."

     Liu Youyou's face became even more red: "Huh, I need to use my hands again, it's too abnormal, nasty!"In the Chengnan apartment in the past, Liu Youyou used to help Ye Shu with his hands from time to time. At this moment, when he thought of it, his neck was red with shame.

     Ye Shuzheng'er coughed over the eight classics: "You can do without your hands."

     Liu Youyou looked at him puzzled: "Then how?"



     Ye Shu's screams came from the sea of flowers, and the embarrassed vixen beat him to death, making it horrible.

     "Hmph, you perverted fellow, thinking about unclean things, it's too bad, I ignore you!"

     Liu You timidly arranged his clothes, Ye Shu touched his chin and scratched Mimi: "I just said'Mouth.' Based on your knowledge, you shouldn't understand it. How can you understand it in seconds?"

     Liu Youyou is a pure and innocent little fox in Dabie Mountain. How ignorant he used to be, how do you understand "mouth" now?

     Ye Shu asked, Liu Youyou's ears were red, and he turned and stomped: "I don't understand why, senior sisters often say, I'm 180 years old, I just understand!"

     The little fox was still stubborn, Ye Shu laughed out, rushed over and hugged her and ran into the river: "You still don't understand well, let uncle teach you well."
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