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0 Chapter List 247 Forest Of The Mist
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xue Li took more than a dozen students from the ink study studio to move on, to get deep experience.

     The rest of Taoism students are free to move around the canyon, it is very safe, at most some weak monsters will appear.

     He galloped all the way, Xue Li didn't say a word in front, and the seniors didn't dare to ask more. Ye Shu was suspicious and felt that things were not simple.

     He asked in a low voice, "Brother Chen, would the teacher cook a small stove for the students in the ink study alone?"

     Senior Brother Chen shook his head: "No, we are not strong enough, usually just camping. This year Teacher Xueli actually took us deep into the mountains, perhaps because we value us, let us experience, this is a good thing."

     Senior Brother Chen was quite excited, and the rest of the senior brothers also seemed quite happy, thinking that they received the teacher's attention.

     Ye Shu frowned and looked at Xue Li in front of him, feeling uneasy. He didn't think things were so simple, maybe it was a trick.

     He left an extra eye on him, and he was ready to summon the upper body of the mountain-moving ghost at any time. It would be fine for half an hour, enough to run away.

     As everyone goes deeper, the towering mountains and precipitous ridges become more barren and towering. In the boundless secret realm, there are mountains everywhere, and the roar of the beasts is often heard, which is frightening.

     Looking ahead, Ye Shu saw a large forest sea, with white mist inside, and there were often big birds flying up and down, which was mysterious.

     The experienced students seem to regard this forest sea as their destination, and many arrogant talents have gathered outside the forest sea.

     "That is the Mist Forest, because the water vapor is strong, the white mist is white all the year round, the monsters are hidden in it, and it is difficult to be seen. We basically enter the Mist Forest to experience."Brother Chen explained, excited and nervous, staring straight at Mist Forest.

     In that huge forest, the mountains are up here, down there, and the branches are shaking, as if a beast is hitting a tree trunk.

     Those top students have already entered Mist Forest, hunting monsters wantonly, arrogantly.

     Other Tianjiao formed a small team to enter together, killing the monster beast to obtain the monster crystal.

     The entire Mist Forest seems to have come alive, and there are horrible monsters roaring ear-splitting constantly.

     Teacher Xueli stayed outside the forest for a while, and then coldly said: "Ye Shu stayed, and the rest of the people went inside. This time you must kill three monsters. It's time to use Taoism."

     Everyone was taken aback and somewhat surprised, Brother Chen said: "Teacher, why leave Junior Brother Ye?"

     "He is so weak, will he die with you? I will take him to experience."

     Suddenly, the seniors didn't say anything any more, and hurriedly joined in together, cautious and solemn began to hunt monsters.

     Ye Shu frowned secretly, and his sense of crisis rose in his heart. It was not good, he wanted to do something.

     He looked at Xue Li, and Xue Li glanced at him, put on a fake smile and said: "You follow me in. You are the person that Director Li values, and I will protect you."

     Ye Shu was still uneasy, but it was not good to cast aside all considerations for face. He thought about the countermeasures not a word or movement, and smiled: "I'm annoying Teacher Xueli."

     Xue Li un'ed, grabbed his wrist, and directly worshiped the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) and sank into the Mist Forest.

     His speed at the moment was a bit faster than before, and he was not going in the same direction as the seniors, but to the southwest where the crowd was the least.The southwest has the lowest terrain, many swamps, and the heaviest fog, almost there almost there.

     The students were unwilling to go to the southwest, so there were few people on the way. After entering the mist, there were almost no other people in sight, only Xue Li and Ye Shu walking forward.

     Ye Shu thought about entering the Mist Forest and found a way to sneak away, guarding against the unexpected, but at the moment he was grasped by Xueli's wrist, and there was no way to slip away. This Xueli was afraid that Ye Shu's thoughts had long been expected. .

     The two of them did not speak, but the atmosphere was very solemn, and the air was filled with murderous intent.

     After half an hour, Xue Li's speed slowed down, and the surroundings were white, and even the trees one meter away could not be seen clearly.

     Ye Shu felt that he was completely surrounded by mist. If he was alone here, he might not even be able to tell the direction.

     Seeing Xueli slow down, Ye Shu's heart shuddered and secretly opened his eyes.

     Without Strength of Ghosts and Gods, the effect of the Sky Eye is greatly reduced, but at least it can see the situation within a few meters.

     Ye Shu looked around, and now there was a dense forest, the ground was damp, and there were huge footprints of monsters.

     Xue Li stopped abruptly at this time and let go of Ye Shu.

     "There is a very strong monster here. I will wound it first, and then you will kill it. You stayed on the spot and waited."

     Xue Li stepped out after speaking and disappeared directly into the mist.

     Ye Shu frowned, he didn't believe that Xueli was so kind, probably just looking for a reason to leave, then he must be in danger by himself.Ye Shu not saying anything further, immediately bit his finger and summoned the ghosts and gods. A mountain-moving ghost was summoned. Ye Shu performed the ghost upper-body technique again and borrowed the mountain-moving demon power.

      As a result, he reluctantly protects himself, relying on the topography of Mist Forest to escape worry-free.

     After getting ready, there was a sound of breaking through the air not far away, but dozens of Tianjiao flew over and broke all the trunks.

     Ye Shu opened his sky eyes, and when they got closer, he could see clearly that it was Xue Qianshan and his party.

     These dozens of Tianjiao are the people at the top of the academy. At this time, they appear here simultaneously, and they are full of murderous intent and full of excitement. Obviously, they are not for killing monsters.

     Ye Shu's eyes were cold, and Xue Li really was in the same group with them, and she was pitted.

     But he had already expected that, at this moment, he stepped out and ran in the opposite direction.

     He is extremely fast, but Strength of Ghosts and Gods is not enough after all, and it is difficult to escape the pursuit of Xueqianshan and his group.

     "There, he wants to run!"

     Someone screamed, a dozen Tianjiao suddenly turned into a gust of wind, but they surrounded Ye Shu in half a minute.

     Ye Shu's chest stings, the demon power of moving the mountain is too weak, and it's still fading fast. Not only is he insufficient, but he also lacks stamina, and he is crushed to death by Overwhelming Righteous Qi.

     "Run, why didn't you run? I want to find a teacher, right? Did your teacher Xueli tell you he was going to kill the monster?"

     Xue Qianshan laughed wildly, more than a dozen people laughed arrogantly, and their eyes were extremely cold.

     "Don't mess around, Teacher Xue Li will be back soon."Ye Shu pretended to panic and started acting. Xue Qianshan laughed even louder: "Mentally handicapped person, really want to find a teacher? Xueli is from my ferret family, why do you think he brought you here?"

     As expected, Ye Shu hummed and said coldly: "You are so brave, you dare to offend the lark token, don't you know what kind of anger you are facing?"

     Ye Shu scolded, a few older Tianjiao frowned, but more Tianjiao still disdain.

     "Kill you here, who knows? Thought this was the academy?"

     Xue Qianshan sneered again and again and strode closer: "If you dare to slap me, you should know the consequences. I will not only kill you, but also get Liu Youyou, she will become my slave girl, and you can only go to hell. Wailing!"

     Xue Qianshan showed his true evil face, Ye Shu moved sideways, and opened his mouth to mock: "What else can you do except bb? You even seek revenge so many people, are you afraid of me yes or no?"

     "I'm afraid of you? A joke, I will poke you to death with a finger!"

     Xue Qianshan smiles from extreme anger, Ye Shu continued to challenge him: "Do you dare to single out with me? Let your dog legs get out of the way, I will kill you!"

     This kind of excitement is very effective for Xueqianshan, and Xueqianshan can't stand the excitement method the most, shouted loudly: "Okay, I will grinding the bone and scattering the ash today!"

     Seeing this situation, the surrounding students said: "Qianshan, he is violently attacking you, don't play with him, kill him."

     "It's not in a hurry, you back away, I will play with this mouse slowly."
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