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0 Chapter List 248 Xanadu
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xue Qianshan doesn't care whether Ye Shu is agile, and with his strength, playing Ye Shu will not last for too long. 』

     A dozen Tianjiao insisted on seeing Xue Qianshan, so they had to retreat first and let Xue Qianshan and Ye Shu single out.

     Ye Shu twisted his neck and hooked his finger towards Xue Qianshan: "Come on."

     Xue Qianshan gave a cruel smile: "Should I say you are stupid or crazy? the frog at the bottom of the well!"

     He dashed forward, and would kill Ye Shu with a single move. Ye Shu naturally wouldn't fight him head-on, and he would surely die with one blow.

     He chanted a spell and summoned several evil spirits to pounce on Xueqian Mountain.

     These evil spirits are very fierce, but they are still too weak for Tianjiao, and being suppressed by Overwhelming Righteous Qi in the secret realm, they have no deterrent effect at all.

     Xueqianshan disdainful smile, a fist and a foot, directly dispelled all the evil spirits: "Garbage!"

     The Tianjiao onlookers also sneered again and again, and looked down upon Ye Shu's Yin technique.

     And Ye Shu took advantage of this moment to flee away.

     "Xue Qianshan, didn't expect you to be so strong, but how are you? Can you catch up with me?"

     Ye Shu provokes while running, and the rest of Tianjiao originally wanted to chase together. Hearing this, they all looked towards Xueqianshan.

     Xue Qianshan smiled more cruelly: "It's really interesting, don't do it, let's see how I kill him!"

     He flew high, stepping on the trees in the forest to chase Ye Shu.

     "Keep running, it's too slow. If you only have this ability, you can only suffer."

     Xue Qianshan immediately caught up with Ye Shu, jumping among the trees above Ye Shu's head.

     Ye Shu secretly used force, speeded up the speed, and opened the distance again."Haha, not bad, go ahead."

     Xue Qianshan laughed long and speeded up, chasing Ye Shu like a cat seizing mouse. The rest of Tianjiao followed behind, very relaxed.

     In fact, as long as Xue Qianshan really makes a move, Ye Shu will undoubtedly die, but after Ye Shu's aggressive provocation, Xue Qianshan is not in a hurry and wants to tease Ye Shu slowly.

     Ye Shu also satisfied his mind, speeding up again and again, and Xue Qianshan also speeding up several times, always leaping above Ye Shu's head.

     "No way? Then I have to do it."

     After more than ten minutes, Ye Shu could no longer add it. The demon power of moving the mountain was about to disappear. Ye Shu breathe heavily like an ox, and he couldn't escape anymore.

     But his goal has been achieved, and last used his strength and stopped by a small lake.

     This small lake is only half the size of a football field, hidden deep in the mist, steaming, like a hot spring.

     And the shore is full of peculiar footprints and traces of tails.

     Ye Shu galloped along this road, just looking for the mark on the ground. He knew that there was a monster beast nearby, so he found this place. This small lake was obviously the old nest of that monster beast.

     Xue Qianshan and the other Tianjiao didn't pay attention to the marks on the ground at all, and were all led to the small lake at this moment.

     Until this time, Xue Qianshan looked around carefully, and then sneered: "Your luck is really bad. You ran to a monster's lair. Now I see how you run!"

     While he was talking, the rest of Tianjiao also chased him, feeling that this place was unusual.

     But they no place to fear, they surrounded Ye Shu by the lake."Boy, we have enough fun, do you want to commit suicide or do you want us to do it?"

     A group of Tianjiao Fiendish Qi Collides With The Heavens, Ye Shu shrugged, once again summoning ghosts and gods.

     Several mountain movers jumped out and smashed into the lake with one head, agitating water waves several feet high, and the huge sound pierced the eardrums.

     Ye Shu dodged and hid behind the tree.

     The Tianjiao were a little confused, they didn't know what Ye Shu what the hell, but they weren't confused the next moment, because the lake broke open and a snake-shaped monster with four claws jumped out.


     With a roar, the monster beast was disturbed and cleansed by the moving mountain ghost. At this moment, it jumped out, immediately locked on the group of Xue Qianshan, and rushed forward.

     Someone screamed: "Jiaolong! No, get out!"

     The snake-shaped monster beast is draped in scale armor, with a long head and double horns, and a body length of nearly ten meters. It looks like a small four-legged golden dragon, which is terrifying.

     Xue Qianshan's group changed their expressions, obviously knowing the terrible dragon.

     They had to let Ye Shu go and flee desperately. Where did the dragons allow them to go, chasing them madly, the breath of monsters stood straight, breaking countless trees.

     Ye Shu could see heart alarmed, body leaping. This was the first time he saw a monster beast, but he didn't expect it to be the dragon that even the Tianjiao feared.

     He didn't dare to stay longer, and quickly ran Expeditious Retreat in the direction of yet another.

     As the clamor faded away, several screams came from the forest behind. It is estimated that several people have been killed by the dragon.

     Ye Shu resisted the sharp pain in his chest, ran all the way for more than ten minutes, and finally reached the foot of a mountain, and had to stop.Once he stopped, he moved the mountain ghost to complete dissipation, and Ye Shu became a mortal again.

     He leaned against the tree and gasped, dizzying, his vision was blurred, and he couldn't maintain his heavenly eyes.

     The Overwhelming Righteous Qi of the Secret Realm is too strong, restraining the Strength of Ghosts and Gods to death, and also greatly damaged Ye Shu's body.

     He rested for a while, then groped forward with the trunk of his hand.

     Because of the blurred vision of the sky, he could no longer see the road, and vaguely saw a cave in the mountain wall where he could rest.

     Gradually walking in, Ye Shu saw clearly that there was indeed a cave here, covered with weeds, it was dark and the air was very dry.

     He was a little worried, in case what is this monster's cave, he would be dead.

     He hesitated for a moment still didn't go in, so he sat outside under the tree to rest and recover.

     But not after a while, heavy footsteps came, accompanied by a bloody smell.

     The dragon is here!

     Ye Shu complexion big change, did Jiaolong spot him a long time ago? It’s just that you have to chase the more murderous party first, so you let yourself go?

     Now that it comes to chase itself, it will undoubtedly die.

     Ye Shu quickly got up, (to move or do sth) softly and quietly walked towards the cave, the cave was so narrow that the dragon could not chase it in.

      step by step, Ye Shu cautious and solemn stepped forward, not daring to make a sound.

     However, he underestimated the smell of the dragon, and the next moment, a branch was knocked open, a huge snake head came out, and the dragon locked Ye Shu with a glance.

     Ye Shu slammed into the cave amidst the roar of the dragon.The moment his body entered the cave, Jiaolong bit the upper of his shoe, and his huge body got stuck in the hole.

     Ye Shu kicked off his shoes and crawled inside. The dragon roared and twisted at the entrance of the cave, causing the earth quaked, the mountains shook. The gravel in the cave fell one after another, as if an earthquake had occurred.

     Where did Ye Shu dare to stay, drill desperately into the depths and stay away from the hole.

     I don't know how long it took, Ye Shu's knees were worn out, and Jiaolong finally left.

     But the cave hadn't even reached the end, Ye Shu reluctantly stopped/stood and crawled forward. After another moment, a light appeared at the end of the dark cave.

     Ye Shu Yixi, did he get to the other side of the mountain? This is not a cave but a tunnel?

     He quickened his pace and waited for the drilled-out hole opening, but his mouth opened wide in surprise.

     The eyes are full of pink, from the distant mountains to the near water, there are peach trees everywhere.

     The peach blossoms are in full bloom, in the spring and March season, petals are flying in the sky, mountains, streams, woods, peach blossoms are everywhere, and the sweet smell flows, covering every inch of hidden land of peace and prosperity's.

     Ye Shu stepped in stupidly, and a few peach blossoms slid across his face, like a fairy, dancing around him.
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