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0 Chapter List 254 Suck You To Death
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the sea of flowers behind the lark college, Ye Shu and Liu lay quietly side by side, their fingers clasped together, surrounded by the sea of flowers.

     Although it is winter, the sea of flowers here is still blooming, and the fragrance of flowers is overflowing, making people full of vitality.

     Ye Shu was in a relaxed mood. At this moment, he didn't think about Xue Qianshan at all. Only Liu Youyou was in his eyes.

     "Let me tell you, the situation was really critical at the time, and the dragon was going to kill me. The crucial moment I thought of my vixen, and suddenly burst with invincible energy, tiger body shakes, scared the dragon yelling loudly, and I too He climbed into the hole smoothly and entered the magical Taoyuan."

     Ye Shu smiled and talked about what happened ten years ago. Liu Youyou glared at him, then frightened and angry: "It turns out that everything is caused by Xueqianshan. Fortunately, I always think he is a gentle brother. I didn't expect him to be so vicious! "

     Liu Youyou was not very angry, but Ye Shu was not angry, because he was able to crush Xue Qianshan. What was so angry about a bug.

     He rolled over and hugged Liu Youyou and kissed the corner of her mouth: "Stop talking about this, let's talk about adults."

     Liu Youyou complexion turned red, the introverted charm was released in an instant, making Ye Shu dumbfounded and swallowing his saliva.

     "Youyou, how many tails are you? I still can't hold back your charm."

     Ye Shu looked like an idiot, and Liu Youyou slapped him angrily: "I have seven tails. It seems that I have reached the limit. If there is no adventure, it should be difficult for me to improve."

      Seven-Tailed Demon Fox is already against the sky, but for most vixen, the five tails and six tails are the end, the seven tails are the best, the eight tails are the king, and the nine tails are the best."It's amazing, don't worry, that... I seem to be a rocker."

     Ye Shu looked at his crotch, Liu Youyou hammered him in embarrassment: "You stinky man, you said so well, why are you... you are not serious!"

     "Wow, in front of your wife, are you serious with me? As your husband, what is the difference between "Sao Yibo" and salted fish?"

     Ye Shu chuckled, picked up Liu Youyou and ran towards the river. Liu Youyou buried his head on his shoulders, with shame and joy on his face.

     "Really, don't know what to do with you, say yes first, don't do that."

     "Which thing?"

     "That's it, you still can not resist my charm, I don't allow you to mess around."

     This is a bit unfair, Ye Shu looked anxious and said: "I think your confusion is in the spirit of evil, but I am a monk, and our origins are different. I may not resist your charm in this life. Don't do it."

     "I don't care, you are not allowed to be impulsive anyway, you are still a mortal, you will definitely be sucked to death by me.

     Both of them are very powerful now, and they have a deeper understanding of the charm of the vixen.

     Ye Shu felt that he might have to become a cultivator to resist Liu Youyou's demon. The cultivator would break through the limit of his body and completely break away from the realm of mortals, so he could resist charm.

     However, the cultivator has already vanish without trace, and now there is no Cultivating True Technique at all.

     "Okay, I'll listen to you, no sex, but doing something bad is still possible, right?"

     Ye Shu didn't force it, so he changed his mind and continued to make trouble.

     Liu Youyou lightly bit her lips, and looked at him shyly: "Suck you to death!"

     what?Ye Shu was puzzled: "What?"

     "Well, you used your mouth to help me last time, this time someone helped you... suck you to death, you are a pervert!"

     I rub?

     Ye Shu on the spot to support the sky as a single pillar, the pants broke directly, and instantly fell into a crazy state.

     Can't bear it, this vixen is too sultry.

     Ye Shu hugged her and jumped into the river, hurriedly washed for nothing, the whole person was about to explode.

     Liu Youyou smiled shyly, turned his head, embarrassed to look at Ye Shu: "You calm down, I won't, don't blame me for biting you."

     At the reunion ten years later, Liu Youyou put aside her shyness and waited on Ye Shu wholeheartedly, wanting to offer her cherry mouth.

     This pure little fox was full of shame, and his whole body was glowing red.

     "This is very simple. It doesn't matter if you touch your teeth, your tongue moves..."

     Ye Shu was extremely excited, he was not serious, and opened up the big eagle and went to work with his wife.

     Liu Youyou gently flipped a supercillious look towards him, then squatted down, his head submerged in the water, groping for Ye Shu's legs jerky.

     In winter, the forest is full of spring, the stream is gurgling, and the fragrance of flowers fills the sky.

     When the spring was over, the two washed their bodies and went ashore, and fell into the flower room again.

     "I still want it."

     Ye Shu hasn't dissipated yet, he started acting like a baby with his wife, Liu Youyou kicked him, and angrily poohed a few times: "No! Others on own initiative help you, it already feels very dirty, you still want, Don't even think about it."

     Liu Youyou's shame became resolute, she was really embarrassed one more time.Ye Shu gave a smirk, rolled over to press Liu Youyou, and kissed down her neck.

     "My wife is not nasty, I am nasty, let my husband come to help you nasty."

     Liu Youyou's heartbeat quickened, grabbed his head lightly, raised his neck, and said softly, "Don't..."

     Spring is back, and there is an ambiguous breath in the sea of flowers.

     The two of them went to take a bath again, and they were all refreshed and warm for a long time before it was over.

     Liu Youyou kept complaining: "I don't want you to help me with that, it's really annoying."

     "Who was so comfortable that his toes were straight?"

     "Just go and die!"

     Liu Youyou covered his face and fled, Ye Shu chased after her with a big smile, and pulled her back to the Lark Academy.

     Both of them were refreshed, and after meeting each other, the ruddy face couldn't hide.

     Once back to the academy, many students were onlookers again, Liu Youyou was guilty, and his face became even more red. He lowered his head and let Ye Shu take her away, just like a good girl.

     The two returned to the central wooden house, and the dozens of Tianjiao were still here. The complexion was ugly extremely.

     Ye Shu's face turned cold, and his murderous intent was full.

     Liu Youyou squeezed his palm and pulled him over and said, "Husband, don't do it in the academy."

     Her husband dispelled Ye Shu's killing intent, and Liu Youyou was obviously worried that he would be impulsive and engage in trouble in the academy, so he specifically called "husband".

     Ye Shu helpless smile: "You little fairy, I won't do anything. I'll be spring hunting soon, right? I will kill them in the forest."

     Liu Youyou un'ed: "Good husband."

     The dozens of Tianjiao looked at their heads rubbing together close relation, no gap, and they were even more angry and embarrassed."Youyou, it turns out your boyfriend is not dead, congratulations."

     One female Tianjiao spoke to ease the atmosphere, and the others put a bold face on it. Congratulations, even Xue Qianshan put on a fake smile and said.

     Liu Youyou smiled and thanked her. Now she is mature and restrained, her thoughts and emotions are freely received, and she knows how to be polite.

     Ye Shu also knows politeness, but he doesn’t want politeness. Chaoxue Qianshan and the others raised their heads: “Aren’t you very angry? After so much effort, I didn’t kill me. How many people died? Jiaolong Does it feel good?"

     Ye Shu's ruthless ridicule immediately made more than a dozen Tianjiao no longer polite, and there were so many students around, Xue Qianshan's losing face was directly furious.

     "Ye Shu, do you think you are Unmatched Under the Heaven? If it weren't in the academy, I would have killed you early, I tell you, my ferret family is not easy to offend, since you offend me so, don't blame me for being polite. Put it here, next spring hunting, you may still be missing, look out for yourself!"

     This kid directly exposed the murderous intent, and the psychological quality is really bad. The students onlookers were restless, knowing that next year the Spring Hunting Snow Qianshan would kill Ye Shu.

     Although the other dozen Tianjiao were very angry, they felt Xue Qianshan was still too impulsive. One person whispered: "Qianshan, don't be impulsive. Now we kill him. Others will definitely think of us. He does. The lark token."

     "Hehe, I have sent someone to investigate. He has nothing to do with the Lark Family. That token doesn't know at all. Where did you pick it up? What are you afraid of!"

     Xue Qianshan did not hesitate at all, angered, staring at Ye Shu coldly, wishing to kill him on the spot.The crowd was dead silent, knowing that there will be a good show next year in Spring Hunting.

     Ye Shu a wide grin: "You can still bb so much. You can continue bb. I'm going to take my wife out.

     Ye Shu didn't care about Xue Qianshan at all, and took Liu Youyou to the Daoist major. It was time to meet Senior Brother and Director Li.

     Liu Youyou was very well-behaved and followed Ye Shu away.

     Xue Qianshan looked at Liu Youyou's sweet little lady, and slammed his fist on the door with anger.

     "Ye Shu, I will kill you!"

     (There is still a long time before the end, ten years is very short for the monster world, and there is a lot of things written, please don’t panic. It should be added in a few days, don’t worry)
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