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0 Chapter List 255 The Hunt Begins
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Since he couldn't do it in the academy, Ye Shu was not in a hurry, lest he ask for trouble, anyway, the spring hunter is coming soon, and he entered the Mist Forest. It is not with no difficulty to kill the Xue Qianshan gang.

     Ye Shuxian took Liu Youyou back to the Daoist major and met the brothers in the ink study.

     After all, they are brothers. Ye Shu came back alive and made everyone very happy. After some conversation, Director Li also rushed over.

     Director Li attaches great importance to Ye Shu. When Ye Shu disappeared, Director Li was so anxious to death. At this moment, he hastened to ask where Ye Shu had gone in ten years.

     Ye Shu and Director Li spoke individually and talked about Xue Qianshan's conspiracy.

     Director Li's moustache was so angry that it flew, great fury.

     "I find it strange that Xue Li suddenly wants to bring the ink study students into the Mist Forest, and also takes you to experience alone. He has nothing to do with you, it turns out to be a conspiracy!"

     Sherri is a member of the ferret family. She must have been instructed by Xue Qianshan to bring Ye Shu into the Mist Forest. He is the most critical prisoner.

     But Ye Shu was not angry at this time, he didn't even want to say more about it.

     "Director Li, I don't care about this. I am more in the unexpected world. Ten years have passed. Outside How is it going?"

     Ye Shu in the end still Mortal mentality, I feel that ten years is too long. Director Li didn’t think it was too long, and said casually: “It’s still the same, the bigger thing is that Fang Family Little Princess has failed to evolve. She has evolved for eight years, and everyone is watching. People think she must have succeeded. After all, the longer the evolution, the success rate. The higher it is, it is a pity that it failed. The status of the Liaodong Blue Eagle cannot be saved. Now they are choosing a Xu for the little princess Fang."Failed? Ye Shu is somewhat surprised, the young girl still hasn't evolved into Costin.

     But this has nothing to do with him, he continued to ask: "Does not have one very powerful woman killing people everywhere?"

     Ye Shu naturally asked the Demon Sword Fairy, worried that the Demon Sword would run away.

     Director Li was puzzled: "Women are killing people everywhere? I have never heard of this."

     Ye Shu relaxed, if the Demon Sword Fairy ran away, it would definitely cause the Imperial Capital to shake, but now that there is no news at all, the Demon Sword Fairy must be stable.

     "Director Li, I want to leave the secret realm, how do I evaluate it?"

     Ye Shu relaxed, and quickly asked how to leave. Director Li shook his head straight: "You have only been here for ten years, and you have been entrapped, completely without cultivating. It is impossible to pass the assessment. Wait another fifty years and try."

     Ye Shu remained silent, raised his finger to the sky, and another hand threw out a symbol: "Lei!

     For an instant, Lang Lang Qiankun seemed to be shrouded in black cloth, and the surrounding area was dim, lightning flashes and thunder rolls, like the end of the world.

     Director Li have a surprise, stammering: "You...you are..."

     Ye Shu waved away from the thunder, and smiled lightly: "There are many treasures in the secret realm, and there are countless adventures. I just escape from calamity and got the adventure."

     There are too many mysterious places in this secret realm. Everyone knows everything that should be here is here in Baodi, but the very little that Ye Shu can meet. Ye Shu can also be regarded as the pity of heaven.

     Director Li was shocked, he was envious.

     "Okay, I will hand in your list next year, you go to the assessment, I wish you success."Director Li is not too nonsense, Ye Shu hurriedly thanked him, and Director Li said again: "Although your lightning technique has been Perfection, whatever happens must not be the main idea, there are three assessments, and thunder technique alone will not work."

     Three barriers?

     Ye Shu was curious and couldn't help asking a few more questions, but Director Li didn't know the specific assessment, only that there were three levels.

     In that case, we can only wait for next year.

     First spring hunting, then assessment, return to the emperor to find his daughter, go to Nanyang to rescue Yangyi.

     Ye Shu planned everything, and then waited for Spring Hunt with peace of mind.

     The winter passed quickly, and after a few snowfalls, the sky began to clear, and a ray of sun shone on Bailing City.

     The spring is full, and the students are full of excitement, and they can spring hunting again.

     Ye Shu was resting in a wooden house at this time, his strength greatly increased, and Director Li specially gave him a separate bedroom. Ye Shu was so happy that he brought Liu Youyou every day to furtively trysts.

     At this moment, they were naturally trying again, Liu Youyou's face was red, and his body was weak, and Ye Shu was tossed with it.

     "Alright, get ready to go out, be careful, Xue Qianshan and the others are the pride of the academy after all."

     Liu Youyou urged, Ye Shu hugged her for a few kisses, chuckled: "I like to kill the proud, it's time for them to feel despair."

     Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him and pulled him out: "Go, I want to follow you, lest you have an accident."

     Ye Shu faintly smiled and held her down: "You are not allowed to go, just stay in the college."

     Liu Youyou was startled, his expression anxious: "No, I must go."She was actually worried about Ye Shu's loss, and it was convenient for her to follow along to intercede.

     How Ye Shu didn't understand her thoughts, this little lady was always afraid of her own accident.

     However, it is impossible for him to have an accident. Ye Shu didn't want Liu Youyou to see that he was killing, and he still killed her classmate.

     "You are obedient, just stay at the academy, and I will come back safely."

     Ye Shu said strongly, Liu Youyou pursed his lips, and finally nodded.

     There is no need to say any more, Ye Shu is very cool, waved and left.

     At the gate of the academy, there are already many students gathering together. They are all looking for the direction of the Daoist major, looking for Ye Shu.

     This spring hunting was not easy. The hatred of Ye Shu and Xue Qianshan had already spread in the academy. Once they left the hospital, the two would fight life and death.

     For the students who have always enjoyed peace, the struggle between life and death can be described as a feast. Everyone wants to see who wins and who is defeated by Ye Shu and Xue Qianshan.

     Inside the college, in a remote wooden house, two elderly people smiled and drank, and both glanced at outside the window.

     "The spring hunt has already begun, and the little Taoist priest is going to take revenge."

     "His skills in Taoism are so high that he may not lose to Xueqianshan, but there are a lot of people on the side of Xueqianshan, all of them Heaven's Chosen Child. I think it's difficult."

     The two of them spoke and drank another drink.

     "Life or death is up to you. If there is a knot, then you have to solve it. It depends on who is better at it."

     "The son that the Ferret family really values is not Xue Qianshan, and the little Taoist is not a member of the Lark Family. None of them will cause shock if they die. We don't have to worry about it."As the tea ran out, the cabin returned to quiet, and the two old men disappeared like a breeze.

     Thousands of students gathered at the entrance of the college. Ye Shu had already joined the team and went forward with the brothers from the ink study studio.

     Along the way, countless people glanced over, and they all looked at Ye Shu, and the talk never stopped.

     "I think Ye Shu is still the same, not very strong, this time I am afraid he will die."

     "Yes, Xue Qianshan didn't kill him last time, so I won't let him go this time."

     During the discussion, the brothers in the ink and wash study were very anxious, and they persuaded Ye Shu: "Junior Brother Ye, I think it's fine, you don't go, there is no need to lose your life in vain, just swallow it and forget it."

     "Junior brother, you are a genius. If you practice for another fifty years, you definitely don't have to be afraid of the snowy mountains. You will endure it first."

     Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, shook his head and looked at Xue Li who led the team.

     This year, Xueli is leading the team again. Does this bastard play the same old trick?

     Ye Shu sneered, looking at Xue Qianshan and others who were staring at oneself viciously not far away.

     Seeing how they are holding the winning tickets one by one, it must be their own destiny.

     Then eat, the hunt has begun, and see who eats who.
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