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0 Chapter List 268 Mad Saint
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu stayed for three days, the bald guy entertained him three."

     But on the third day, the bald guy finally lost his breath and began to flicker Ye Shu.

     "Ye Xiaoyou, even if you can escape, you will definitely have a hard time in the future. If you offend the imperial capital, it is not safe anywhere. In fact, the imperial capital poses a greater threat than Yinghe's."

     When this bald guy heard some news, he felt that Ye Shu had fallen into a dead end. How did he know that Ye Shu was getting rich.

     But that's okay, this bald guy sees the wind but rain, and his posture is too low, so he can fish in troubled water easily.

     Ye Shu immediately looked sad: "Frankly, I really don't know what to do, I just have a relationship with Miss Bai Ling, but Miss Bai Ling can't protect me, hey."

     Ye Shu sighed miserably, and the bald guy was happy in the eye flickers, and then hesitated: "Ye Xiaoyou, brother doesn't hide it from you, in fact I can't hang on. You see I'm here for more than ten years, and only one Auditor. Yinghe only promotes flattering, and ignores us low-level officials. Hey, I want to join the Holy Spirit teaching. There is a lot of money and soul pill, and women play casually..."

     The bald guy was very good at talking, and "fellow sufferers empathize with each other" to Ye Shu, suddenly raised Ye Shu's mind.

     "Holy Spirit? You...no, we are members of the Alliance."Ye Shu bewildered and uncertain, his vision was erratic. The bald guy lowered his voice: "aristocrats and nobles reap where one has not sown, we are still little monsters, why? Seriously, I do want to join the Holy Spirit Cult, but I have feeble strength, they are afraid they don’t want me. Ye Xiaoyou is different from you. You are very strong, and you have been in the imperial capital for ten years. You are a hot seller. If you join the Holy Spirit Cult, you will definitely be a VIP, and I will be able to get the spotlight."

     The bald guy flickered and even believed him, Ye Shu got up and frowned, stopped and went, his expression hesitant.

     The bald guy smiled and said: "Ye Xiaoyou, please think about it. We have no future in the league. There is no need to give our lives to the league."

     He temporarily retreated, letting Ye Shu think for himself.

     Ye Shu pretended to think for a long time, and gritted his teeth when the bald guy delivered the meal: "Brother, do you have a way? I decided to join the Holy Spirit!"

     The bald guy was overjoyed and didn't write any ink: "Cheng, brother, I have been in an office for many years, and I still have some ways of doing things, you wait for my news."

     He rushed away, Ye Shu waited for a long time before he came back.

     This time he did not come in alone, but brought a woman wrapped in a black sweater.

     This woman is very petite, with her own hat in her sweater, covering her face.

     Ye Shu was somewhat surprised, and the bald man enthusiastically introduced: "This is a saint of the Holy Spirit. She heard that Ye Xiaoyou was going to join the Holy Spirit and came here personally."


     Ye Shu was taken aback, it seemed that Yang Yi must have something wrong, otherwise he would not choose a new saint.

     He was anxious in his heart, but on the surface he was not a word or movement, calmly saying hello to the saint.The saint nodded looked very quiet, and then she signaled the bald guy to go out first.

     The bald guy left respectfully. After the door was closed, the saint said: "Mr. Ye was in the illustrious capital. He killed Ouyang Spear first and then entered the Lark Academy. Only ten years later, he came out. It is really shocking. Can't beat a mere Yinghe, why is this?"

     The saint's voice also had a quiet breath, her face hidden under the hat, secretly looking at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was shocked. She deserves to be a saint, directly attacking the key point. Her posture is very high, not easy to fool.

     "I am a mortal. I practiced Taoism. I did tricks. It was his carelessness to kill Ouyang Spear. He followed me into the underworld. As for entering the Lark Academy, it was also because the director of Taoism liked me. After I entered the Academy The talent is good, the learning is fast, and it is normal to pass the assessment for ten years."

     Ye Shuxin was talking nonsense, anyway, outsiders certainly didn't know about the students at the Lark Academy.

     The saint did not question, because she didn't understand.

     "Mr. Ye's Taoism is good, his footwork is against the sky, but he is still less capable than desirable against big monsters. Can I think so?"

     The saint briefly summarized Ye Shu's skills, and Ye Shu smiled bitterly: "You can say so, you should also know that it is not easy to cultivate, and it is already very good for me to have achieved today."

     Ye Shu praised himself in order to gain a higher status. The saint lightly nodded, with a smile, said: "Your footwork is amazing. If you are willing to teach my followers, I can let you hold important positions."

     This saint didn't talk nonsense at all, she just made a request.Ye Shu pretended to be hesitant, and nodded after a long time: "Well, I will try my best."

     Just kidding, how can it be teach outsiders pure to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), just toss about.

     Seeing his agreement, the saint didn't say any more, but she didn't leave either, instead she sat down gracefully and raised her legs.

     Ye Shu looked at her puzzled, she took off her hat, revealing a beautiful oval face.

     "I heard that Mr. Ye had countless ties with the former saint I taught. I wonder if it is true?"

     The saint with the oval face lifted the tea and sipped it lightly, her mouth looked like a smile yet not a smile.

     Ye Shu was shocked again. He really underestimated the Holy Spirit Cult, and a saint touched him through.

     He preemptively nodded and said, "Indeed, I also have this consideration for joining the Holy Spirit Cult. I wonder what happened to Yang Yi?"

     When the saint heard him ask, giggled: "She can’t even be a saint. What do you think of her? I grew up with her and watched her so much love. I was about to become a slave girl. Because of you, I became the saint of yearn for sth even in one's dreams. Fortune plays with a people."

     She seemed very happy, but she was not surprised, her emotions were very complicated.

     Ye Shu felt that she had told herself this deliberately, and the woman's mind was very deep.

     Ye Shu beat sb at their own game and began to take the role.

     "If I make a great contribution to the Holy Spirit, can I get support?"

     Ye Shu walked a few steps closer, and the saint with an oval face covered her mouth and smiled: "Unless you replace Pikka, Yang Yi's younger brother is now the second in command in the teaching. You are afraid that you can't even hurt his hair."

     "Yang Yi was imprisoned by Pika?"Ye Shu said coldly, the saint nodded with a smile: "Of course, I have been imprisoned for nine years, but after all, Yang Yi is Bikka's relatives, Bikka will not do anything to her, maybe it's just singing every night. "

     Ye Shu became silent, staring at the saint dignifiedly, and then said after a moment: "What are your plans? I think you are so simple looking for I by no means."

     The saint smiled again and lay on the sand casually, unbuttoned her sweater, revealing her white naked body, which was actually vacuumed.

     Ye Shu was stunned, what the hell?

     "Don’t be surprised. The women taught by the Holy Spirit are very depressed. I like to expose my body. This is what Mi Yazi taught me. When Mi Yazi hasn’t become a gu, she often takes me to the city to play exciting games. , We secretly took off our clothes in crowded places and blushed and ran away when we were about to be spotted. Doesn't it sound exciting?"


     Ye Shu frowned and stared at her: "What are you talking about?"

     "I said these are complaints, and Yang Yi has received all the love, but I have fallen into a lowly woman. The believers do not respect me and will only covet me. Exposing my body is the only way for me to vent, you say it is pathetic ?"

     She smiled and talked, touching her fingers between her legs, without worrying about Ye Shu's gaze.

     "Miyako asked me to tell you that if you can't kill the leader, don't die."

     As soon as these words came out, Ye Shu immediately understood that this saint had already known her plan.

      At the same time, the saint's fingers have slipped into her legs, she closes the eyes, flushing her face: "You are Yang Yi's man, if she knows that I am in front of you like this... it's so exciting..."Ye Shu turned around and left: "I am waiting for you outside, and immediately take me to the Holy Spirit Church."
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