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0 Chapter List 271 New Guardian
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Holy Spirit teaches that the base camp is far away from the city, and I don’t know how far it goes into the mountains. It is basically impossible for ordinary people to find such places where birds don’t shit. 』

     Everyone was very happy when they came here, as if a bright future was in sight.

     Mi'er also speeded up, leading everyone down the mountain and into the village.

     There are also many female slaves in the village here, and these female slaves are more beautiful, and people are tempted to watch.

     However, because they were in the base camp, the female slaves here couldn't just enjoy it, the monsters also held back, and followed Mi'er to the central stone building.

     The stone building is not high, but like an ancient palace, there is a large space inside, and there are dragon-shaped stone pillars. There are also many black guards at the door, all of them are masters.

     A group of people walking on the road attracted many followers to watch and give pointers.

     Ye Shu peeked at the surroundings, familiar with the terrain as much as possible.

     Soon, everyone walked to the front of the stone building, facing the leader's bedroom.

     There is a row of steps in front of the stone building, connecting the entrance of the stone building palace.

     Mi'er led the crowd slowly up the steps, looking terrified and solemn.

     Everyone also sensed the frightening breath, they couldn't help being heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and they didn't dare to make a sound.

     Finally, the steps came to an end, and the two guards pushed the door open.

     A touch of darkness came out, with a faint smell of blood.

     The atmosphere here is weird, like a forbidden place for death, making the weak monsters uneasy.

     Ye Shu secretly warned, and stepped into the palace with many panicked monsters.

     Mi'er led the way and led everyone into the hall.This is actually a palace hall, surrounded by tall dragon pillars, and on the top is a dragon chair made of fine stone.

     The crowd came here as if they came to see the emperor.

     Mi'er knelt down and saluted the not a soul in sight dragon chair.

     The monsters looked at each other, wondering what Mi'er was kneeling on.

     "Master, the best believer has brought it, please check it out."

     Mi'er spoke, and a dark shadow suddenly appeared on the not a soul in sight dragon chair. Everyone had a surprise and didn't even see how the dark shadow came.

     Only Ye Shu could see clearly that the dark shadow fell from the roof beam, speeding extremely fast, like a wiping light.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but glanced at the roof beam, there was a lot of dark crimson mucus above it, as if a bug was building a nest, looking extremely disgusting.

     In order not to attract attention, Ye Shu didn't look much, his head dropped slightly, peeking at the dark shadow on the dragon chair.

     The black shadow did not sit down, but floated in the air, completely black, no one could see clearly.

     Ye Shu should be able to see through the shadows if he opened his eyes, but he didn't dare to mess around to avoid accidents.

     "Very well, you are all good, one rewards a slave girl, go down."

     The black shadow's voice is very old and strange, and it feels a little leaky.

     All the monsters were relaxed after hearing this, but they didn't expect the leader to talk so well.

     Mi'er did not dare to stay, and walked out of the palace with everyone.

     Once out of the palace, everyone relaxed.

     "The leader was so kind and scared me to death. He said he would reward female slaves. Where is the female slave?"

     "Yeah, I want a slave girl!"This group of people began to be arrogant again, and Mi'er lightly smiled and brought in some men in black, each leading the monster away.

     "You all have your own house. The female slave will send it away later, please don't be impatient."

     After sending away the monsters, Mi'er said to Ye Shu again: "Mr. Ye, you are the most outstanding, you deserve the highest level of courtesy, please follow me."

     She took Ye Shu to a village, and many followers along the way looked at Mi'er ambiguously, the lust in their eyes does not conceal.

     Not long after, the two entered the village and entered a unique wooden house.

     It's very clean and tidy, although it is simple, but it also has a different style.

     "Mr. Ye, this is my boudoir. If you don't dislike it, live with me in the future."

     Mildly said, Ye Shu couldn't help but hugged her and whispered, "Where is Yang Yi?"

     Mi'er smiled sweetly: "Mr. Ye is really anxious, it's not dark, the slave is shy."

     Ye Shu pushed her onto the bed and pulled the quilt to cover them.

     "How can I meet Yang Yi?"

     Ye Shu said solemnly, and Mil bit his neck lightly, as if following.

     "You saw the leader, do you dare to save Yang Yi? You can't run away if you save it."

     Mi'er's tone became more serious, Ye Shu frowned: "Your leader is very weird, how strong is he?"

     "Very strong, I advise you not to act blindly without thinking. I know you have double gu in your body. You can use other methods to get Yang Yi."

     Mi'er smiled, Ye Shu was puzzled, and asked what way.Mi'er stroked his face: "Two of the three great protectors in the church have died, and they have been vacant for ten years. The Pika family is the leader, except for the leader, he has the most power. The leader must also want someone to distribute power with Pika, and you The most suitable, however, as long as you are a protector, you can completely ask for Yang Yi, or even Mi Yazi, provided that you are more valuable than Pikka."

     Ye Shu suddenly opens up to a wide panorama, yes, since you haven’t figured out the master’s details, there is no need to take risks, you can play as a protector.

     "This time I brought fifty people back. The most important purpose is to choose two protectors. Can you beat them?"

     Mi'er asked, she didn't have much confidence in Ye Shu, after all, Ye Shu was a mortal and lost to Yinghe.

     Ye Shu laughed, "At what time, choose the guardian?"


     Two people in a whisper, often kiss and bite each other, just like a lover in a close relation, no gap.

     But Ye Shu didn't touch Mi'er, and got up when he got the information.

     He tidied his clothes, but he heard footsteps outside, and many people came over.

     Mi'er was taken aback for a moment and hurriedly slammed his way out. Ye Shu also went out, only to see a man with a cold face and gloomy eyes and some followers came quickly.

     This man looks ordinary, his eyes are small, and he is very cold, and he has a disgusting feeling when he looks at it.

     Mi'er whispered: "It's beer."

     She greeted the past quickly, with a charming voice: "Gong Ying Pi Ka protector."

     Bi opened his mouth and cursed Nanyang, and then went straight to Ye Shu."You are Ye Shu? I really didn't expect you to have the courage to come here. It really makes me happy."

     Pi Ka grinned open, revealing a mouthful of big black teeth, assaults the senses.

     Ye Shu raised his hand and slapped it, disdainful of Beer Ka.

      to be more precise, he disdains any Gu Master, because he is immune to Gu worms, and Gu Master’s methods are simply unable to deal with him.

     This beer may be a terrifying existence in the eyes of others, but in his eyes, it is just a bug.

     "Your eyes are so small, your teeth are so dark, your tone is so smelly, I finally knows why Yang Yi doesn't like you anymore."

     Ye Shu smiled, said, he originally didn't want to be a sidekick, but since he wants to be a protector, he doesn't need to worry about it, and he just rapped with Beer.

     Pikka was stunned and stunned by him, and then smiles from extreme anger: "Haha, I really expand my horizon, where do you have the courage?"

     As soon as he lifted his palm, a Gu King appeared, all black, but black golden silkworm Gu, quite dangerous.

     "Holy woman, you back away."

     Pi Ka coldly said, and Mi'er hurriedly stopped: "Pi Ka protector, he is very important and valuable to us."

     "Go away!"

     The beer drank coldly, with cold light in his small eyes. This sinister and vicious guy had long been expecting Ye Shu to be slaughtered. How could he be merciful at this moment.

     Mi'er didn't dare to defy the law, and walked away with her head down. Beer Ka showed his big black teeth and approached: "Don't worry, I won't kill you right away, I will pry your head open and use it to raise Gu."

     "You really talk a lot, I hate others bb with me!"Ye Shu curled his lips, approached Pikka as soon as he stepped, and then reached out and pinched his golden silkworm.

     Ye Shu's speed was so fast that no one could react. Pi Ka Ye no time to deal with it, his Gu King was pinched by Ye Shu.

     "You are a mortal, you can raise a gu to guard the sky? Do you know how Zhanpeng and Omshark died?"

     Ye Shu sneered and squeezed the black golden silkworm with a hard effort.

     Pikka was stunned, his mouth opened wide, hard to believe.

     The believers around looked stupid, and Mi'er even covered his mouth.

     But Pika quickly reacted. He was great fury and chanted Nanyang mantra loudly. The golden silkworm sap that was squeezed by Ye Shu actually squirmed. In midair turned into countless mosquito-sized golden silkworms and rushed towards Ye Shu frantically.

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows, this beer is still a bit capable, and the golden silkworm can be reorganized if it bursts.

     And these reorganized golden silkworms don't seem to be purely broken Gu worms, they are not afraid of Ye Shu's Gu King breath, and they pounce like a mad dog.

     Ye Shu jumped into the air and avoided the siege of many golden silkworms. Beer Kaangtian roared, waving his hands, those tiny insects rushed towards Ye Shu like locusts.

     Ye Shu still disdain, as long as he thinks, he can kill Pika within 0.1 second, but killing Pika may be a bit too much.

     Just thinking about it, a majestic voice came from the stone building palace: "Pika, stop, this person is the new guardian and sits on an equal footing with you."

     Is the leader.

     The leader was directly appointed.

     Ye Shu is frowned and feels somewhat surprised.But Pi Ka was furious, and said loudly: "Master, he is my life and death enemy, how can you favor him?"

     There was no sound in the stone building palace, but a black air floated out, with a shocking aura.

     The beer ka complexion changed, he knelt down and confessed his mistake, and then the black floated back.

     The believers around were also scared to keep quiet out of fear, and knelt down one after another.

     Ye Shu's pupils shrank, so strong aura, this leader is definitely not something he can contend, he seems to be a monster.

     (There are three chapters in these two days, you can see the chapter list. Why do some people say there are no three chapters)
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