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0 Chapter List 273 You're Afraid You're Killing Yourself
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Suddenly being a father made Ye Shu a little no time to deal with it, but this is something to be happy about. Many nine-year-old Loli daughters are also happy.

     Ye Shu didn't stay too much, he hadn't been stunned yet, so he had to be careful about everything and be patient first.

     "Yang Yi, wait, I will save you soon."

     Ye Shu left a word, hurriedly left, Yang Yi whirled in tears, and vitality rekindled in his eyes.

     Ye Shuxun left the basement, returned to the stone house, and hid in the corner.

     He heard footsteps, and two female slaves walked to the basement with water and food.

     Ye Shu waited for them to go into action.

      he by no means left immediately, but walked to the inner room of the stone house, and Pi Ka rested in the inner room, occasionally making strange noises.

     Ye Shu walked in with the sound. Now the inner room is quite luxurious, and there is even a hot spring, which forms a sharp contrast with the front room.

     Ye Shu cautious and solemn moved forward and approached the hot spring.

     At the end of winter and early spring, the hot springs are steaming and the water vapor makes it difficult to see the situation.

     Ye Shu opened his eyes, looked through the water vapor, and locked the two figures in the hot spring.

     One is naturally Pikka, who is soaking naked in the water with his black golden silkworm flying beside him.

     On the other hand, a person's silhouette is a woman. The woman is sitting on her knees by the hot spring with her head hanging on the ground, looking very sad.

     "Mi Yazi, let me tell you the good news. Ye Shu is here, isn't it happy?"

     Pi Ka mocked, closing his eyes slightly, enjoying the warmth of the hot spring.

     The woman looked up in shock, revealing a familiar face of Ye Shu.It was Mi Yazi, she was also a lot weaker, face without the color of blood, but her belly disappeared and she looked a lot slimmer.

     Ye Shu's heart tightened slightly, frowning and staring at the hot spring. What are they doing?

     "Little slave by no means familiar with him, Protector, please Gu match it."

     Mi Yazi's tone was calm and numb, laughing heartily, and with a wave of his hand, the golden silkworm in the air flew to Mi Yazi's mouth.

     Mi Yazi opened her mouth and released her own Gu King, letting the golden silkworm ravage him.

     This is Gu match? It was not an equal mating at all, Mi Yazi's Gu King was reduced to a tool, while Pika's Golden Silkworm vented wantonly.

     Pikka is as crazy and perverted as his bugs, and he deserves to be a family.

     Ye Shu is coldly snorted, if this is not the case, in the Holy Spirit, he slapped him to death.

     With the two worms, Pikka's expression was very refreshing, as if he was venting. But Mi Yazi's face was painful, her Gu worm kept wailing, Mi Yazi lowered her head and wept to herself.

     "I know you are very happy, but you won't be happy soon. Spring is here, and it's time to go to Gu Lin. This time many Protestants have come. They must go for training together. I will kill Ye Shu in Gu Lin. "

     Pi Kayin said coldly, couldn't help laughing out loud.

     Mi Yazi trembled, biting her lips tightly and making no sound, her face turned paler.

     Ye Shu left silently, already sentenced to death in his heart.

     "I forgot that there is such a place as Gu Lin. Gu Master catches insects, right? You want to kill me? I'm afraid to follow the path to one's own doom!"Ye Shu coldly snorted, he was worried that he had no chance to start. He didn't expect to go to Gu Forest in spring. How could such a good opportunity be let go?

     Ye Shu returned to Mi'er's wooden house, and Mi'er immediately asked: "Did you see Yang Yi?"

     "Yes, I also saw Mi Yazi, they are very bad."

     Ye Shu said solemnly, and Mi'er said silently for a while: "Be careful, you're going to Gu Lin the day after tomorrow, and monsters will accompany you to protect our Gu Master, and you will also go."

     "I know, a great opportunity not to be missed."

     Ye Shu's face was cold, and his eyes were full of murderous intent. It is not him who should be careful, but Pikka.

     As the night darkened, the bonfire in the basin went out, and there was no other sound except for the moaning in the darkness.

     Ye Shu stepped on the roof and stared at the central stone building palace. The more he looked at it, the more frightened he became. There was only one feeling in his heart that a monster lived in the palace.

     The night passed quickly, and some veterans appeared on the second day, each selecting monsters and incorporating them into their own team.

     These teams are like the imperial forest army, there are many in number, so many sorcerers, and now there are more monsters.

     Mi'er released the news, saying that he was going to Gu Lin. Protestants with powerful strength might be promoted to guardians through training.

     Suddenly, those powerful and ambitious monsters rubbed their shoulders and were ready to go to the mysterious Gu Lin show of skill.

     Ye Shu was very calm. He had been to Gu Lin a long time ago, and he was carrying two Gu Kings. He didn't have any sense of fear for Gu Lin.

     And that Pi Ka spent the whole day brushing up on her presence, yelling everywhere, showing her status, and taunting Ye Shu by the way, just like a wild dog.Ye Shu was upset, if it wasn't easy to get started, this Pi Ka would have died a hundred times long ago, and the entire Holy Spirit Cult had made him worry.

     One day passed, and early the next morning, the Holy Spirit Church made a noise, and Pi Ka's broken voice roared everywhere.

     This time Pika led the team, he had long been unable to hold back temperament, and wanted to leave the Holy Spirit Cult immediately and then kill Ye Shu.

     Mi'er didn't go with her, she stayed in the Holy Spirit Church to handle teaching affairs.

     There were a total of more than a hundred people on this trip, most of whom were Protestants. The Holy Spirit Cult did not know where to win so many masters. They were sent to Gu Lin for training, which was equivalent to benefiting Gu masters.

     The monsters became bodyguards, and Ye Shu was naturally the bodyguard leader.

     He is also a protector of the law, and his performance is very low-key and peaceful, which makes everyone more biased towards him.

     As for Pikka, everyone sees him like a plague god.

     This kid led the veteran to lead the team, and looked back at Ye Shu from time to time, with a very murderous vision in his eyes.

     After a few days of rushing, everyone approached the Huaxia border, and then entered the vast mountains of the sea of fog.

     When I got here, I was completely far away from the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Pikka began to feel restless, and always stared at Ye Shuyin with a smile.

     However, he still didn't do anything, and seemed to be waiting to enter the Gu Forest, killing him without knowing it.

     Ye Shu thinks the same way. Do it now, and the rest will know it. It's better to do it furtively.

     So the two of them had their own murderous intentions and approached the Gu Forest step by step.

     The Gu Forest is on the border of China, and the four fields are vast and vast. The fog in the Gu Forest is the heaviest and extremely cold.As in previous years, many sorcerers have come this year, including those from Nanyang Huaxia, unpleasant to the eye.

     The Holy Spirit taught that this group of people was so large that it was frightening wherever they went, and Warlocks fled one after another.

     Pikka's murderous intent does not conceal, he led everyone into the depths of the Gu Forest and stopped by the swamp.

     I can't see all around here, except for the powerful monsters, everyone else is blind.

     Ye Shu opened his eyes and saw be very clear about sth. He waited with a smile and waited for Peka to follow the path to one's own doom.

     Unsurprisingly, after the team camped on the edge of the swamp, Pikka gave an order: "There are still three days to enter the swamp. You are waiting here. Huo Fa and I will drive away other Gu masters. This area is all taught by my Holy Spirit. Forbidden land, whoever enters will die!"

     Pi Ka said domineeringly, everyone thought he was for the sake of the believers, and couldn't help but change him a little.

     Ye Shu applauded and responded: "The Pi-Ka guardian is really for the country, for the people, then let's go and drive people away, within a radius of ten miles, no other forces are allowed to enter."

     Seeing Ye Shuying and He, Pikka's smirk couldn't hide: "So far so good, please."

     Beer clicked to the west, simply neat.

     Ye Shu sneered at the corner of his mouth. Do you still want to pretend this time? You will come back and give Lao Tzu a knife later, you can still pose a matter of no concern to oneself yes or no?

     Ye Shu sneered secretly and went east.

     He knew that Pikka would definitely come around to kill himself, and that he would disappear by then and it had nothing to do with him.

     It just so happened that Ye Shu planned to do the same.
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