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0 Chapter List 275 My Daughter
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Encountering Bai Ling in Gu Lin was really a big surprise. 』

     Ye Shuzheng was worried that he couldn't handle the leader, if the emperor sent a master to come, he would not need to be so jealous.

     After watching Bai Ling go, Ye Shu returned slowly to the edge of the swamp. In the thick fog, hundreds of believers were resting and chatting, and they didn't know what happened between Ye Shu and Pika.

     Many people can't even see all around and don't care if there are fewer people.

     So after camping for three days, no one had disappeared, until he was about to enter the swamp.

     "Where is the Protector of Pika? Is he back?"

     Hundreds of people opened their eyes, and there was fog everywhere, and no one could see who was clearly.

     Everyone naturally said that they didn't know, and they had never seen the protection of the beer. The Gu Masters were anxious to enter the swamp, and did not want to bother about it, urging the monsters to lead the team into the swamp to catch insects.

     Ye Shu showed up: "You go into the swamp first, I will look for Pikka, all pay attention to safety."

     Ye Shu didn't want to enter the swamp anymore, it was dirty and wet inside, looking annoying.

     Everyone listened to Ye Shu's order, swarmed into the swamp, and began the spring experience.

     Ye Shu naturally wandered around, walked around, to kill time.

     He even went back to Congcheng and had a big meal before Shi Shiran returned to Gu Lin.

     In this way, a few days have passed, most of the believers have come out, many people have been injured, and many people have gained good results and are full of joy.

     Ye Shu summoned everyone to check the number of people. Now there are more than 30 people missing.

     "Dead, all dead, no help."Some people don't care to say, regardless of other people's life or death. Ye Shu didn't care and led the team away.

     "Then let's go first, Protector Pikka is missing, I can't find him."

     Ye Shu said it, and everyone naturally didn't ask questions. Pika was disgusting, and it would be better if he disappeared.

     So as if nothing had been born, a group of people fell into the vast mountains and returned to the base camp of the Holy Spirit Church under the leadership of the veterans.

     Saint Mi'er led someone to greet her. When she saw Ye Shu, she couldn't help but sighed in relief, then she glanced around and there was no beer, and her eyes flashed with joy.

     She knows the deep-seated hatred of Bika and Ye Shu, and now only Ye Shu is back, and Bika must be dead.

     "Everyone will go back to their homes to rest first, and reward them for their merits. Two days later, they will select the law protectors. Come on.

     Mi'er was quite enthusiastic, and everyone was in high spirits, as if he could be a protector.

     When everyone left, Mi'er pulled Ye Shu into his wooden house.

     "Where is the beer?"

     Mild could not hide his joy, Ye Shu shrugged: "It's dead, there are no bones left."

     Mi'er finally smiled, as happy as a child.

     "You stay here, I'll report the matter to the leader, saying that the protector of Pika has disappeared."

     Mi'er urged, and walked to the palace by himself. It can be seen that she is very nervous and afraid of the anger of the leader.

     Ye Shu was also a little more worried about her, if the leader was angry, Mi'er would definitely bear the brunt.

     However, when he makes one surprised, the leader was not angry, and the palace was quiet and noiseless, and nothing happened.Mi'er returned soon, with surprises in her eyes: "The leader asked you to replace Pika, everything about him is yours!"

     Ye Shu was quite surprised. The leader was also just sufficed. After all, he didn't know that Piika killed him, so why didn't he investigate and let Ye Shu replace Pika directly?

     Ye Shu frowned, feeling very wrong.

     Mi'er said with joy: "There is a lack of talent in the teaching, and the leader can't help it, and he doesn't know that you killed PiKa, let you replace PiKa as it should be by rights."

     "I don't think it is necessary. Your leader is very strange. I always feel that he is giving me a trick.

     Ye Shu groaned, he really couldn't figure out the thoughts of the leader.

     But don't think too much about it at this time. From now on, I will be a big man who teaches single hand covers the Heavens.

     Ye Shu went out immediately and went straight to Pikka's residence.

     Many believers along the way didn't dare to neglect Ye Shu.

     But when he walked to Pikka's residence, the guards here unceremoniously blocked Ye Shu.

     "This is the private domain of Pika Law, and outsiders are not allowed to enter."

     "Presumptuous, Protector Ye will replace Pikka in the future, and this territory belongs to Protector Ye!"

     Mi'er scolded, the guards look at each other in dismay, and then continued to stop.

     They don't give face to the saint at all, and Mi'er has no authority.

     "Holy woman, what does it mean? If the protector of Pika comes back, let's see how you die!"

     These people act like a snob, and their exports are not bad. Ye Shu directly kicked them, kicking them all, blood spraying.

     "It's so close!

     After kicking the group of people, Ye Shu kicked the door open again and entered the house.The guards had a surprise. The church members in the village ran over. They were obviously Pikka's private soldiers.

     Ye Shu didn't take care of it, and went inside.

     There was a lot of noise outside, but it soon stopped. It seemed that there was movement on the palace side, and the believers did not dare to make a mistake.

     The female slaves in the house were also frightened, and they walked out of the room to check and saw Ye Shu strode in, doesn't know at all what happened.

     Ye Shu ignored them, he just wanted to save Yang Yi.

     Soon, he entered the underground cell and kicked the cell door open with force.

     Yang Yi looked at him weakly, panicked: "What are you doing? Don't be so nonsense, I'm fine."

     She thought Ye Shu was fooling around impulsively, but she didn't know that Ye Shu had no fears of trouble in the rear.

     Seeing that Yang Yi was still worried about him this time, Ye Shu couldn't help but feel distressed. He strode over and broke the chain, picked up Yang Yi and left.

     "Where's the beer? What's going on?"

     Yang Yi lose one's head out of fear, still afraid of Ye Shu's accident.

     Ye Shu said as he walked: "Yang Yi, we've communicated so many times, do you still do not know my wit? Pi Ka is dead, now I am Pi Ka."

     Ye Shu's domineering side leaks, Yang Yi's face was startled, and he fell silent.

     With complicated eyes, she lowered her head and said nothing.

     Ye Shu comforted: "I know what you are thinking. Pika is your own brother. Seriously, people like Pika, in ancient times, it’s not true. In modern times, you also want to dip into the pig cage. Don’t pity him. Let's go find Mi Yazi."

     Ye Shu mentioned Mi Yazi, and Yang Yi finally had the spirit, and no longer thought about beer.At this time, the whole village shook, because the saint gave the leader's handbook, Bika was dismissed, and Ye Shu became the only guardian.

     The servant maid in the room also heard the news. Seeing Ye Shu came out, she knelt down and koozed her head quickly, afraid to raise her eyes.

     "Burn all the things in Pikka, clean the house again, prepare hot water, and serve the saint Yangyi bath."

     Ye Shu gave the order, and the servants hurriedly acted, where they dare to resist.

     Ye Shu took Yang Yi to the hot spring in the inner room, asked the female slave, and finally saw Mi Yazi.

     Mi Yazi lives in the inner room. She is Pikka's gu, she can't go anywhere, she has completely lost her freedom.

     At this time, Ye Shu brought Yang Yi, and the two women were weeping disconsolately. The scenery ten years ago had all become miserable.

     Ye Shu sighed in his heart, leave for now, and let the two women be alone for a while.

     He left the house, and now many believers outside were busy burning things.

     Some doglegs also came to flatter, and planned to give Ye Shu a bonfire party.

     Pikka is everybody hits a man who is down, the Holy Spirit teaches "change of dynasty" and Ye Shu becomes the new leader.

     Most people would definitely die with joy, but Ye Shu only had worries in his heart.

     Yang Yi and Mi Yazi were rescued, but they could not be taken away. The leader is pressed on his head, he dare not act blindly without thinking, and now he is not successful at all.

     Ye Shu strolled outside, accepted the worship of the followers, and then returned to the house.

     Yang Yi and Mi Yazi's emotions stabilized, and some servants waited for them to take a bath, bathing directly in the hot spring, steaming, and the garden was full of spring.Both of them are stunningly beautiful women, so they are in a good mood.

     Ye Shu squinted and leaned forward, and Yang Yi quickly turned around, covering his chest.

     Mi Yazi didn't pay attention, and restored his original temperament.

     "Young Master Ye, you little villain is nine years late, shouldn't you punish you?"

     Ye Shu coughed: "How to punish? Should I give the two of you a bath?"

     Ye Shu laughed and said, the Holy Spirit teaching is too depressing, it is rare to relax, this moment is a good opportunity.

     Mi Yazi flipped a supercillious look towards him, Yang Yi bit her lip lightly: "Don't make a fuss, get out, we are finished bathing, and we are going to see our daughter."

     Ye Shu was serious when he mentioned his daughter.

     Yes, there is a daughter, his own daughter.
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