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0 Chapter List 287 Select Xu Party
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Both girls ran away shyly, and Ye Shu also swayed back slowly. This wave was very refreshing, and he was ready for business. 』

     The so-called business is naturally about the young girl's engagement.

     Ye Shu returned to the wooden house, Liu Youyou and Xiao Leng were whispering, they both smiled shyly, very cute and attractive.

     Ye Shu leaned forward decisively, but Xiao Leng floated away directly, and Liu Youyou also hugged his chest with both hands and hummed: "What are you doing? You can leave if there is nothing else, it's annoying."

     Ah, I just finished my love, I turned my face so quickly, I'm really sad.

     Ye Shu smiled, hugged Liu Youyou and forced it, and then said seriously: "I really want to go. The lady wife has learned about my daughter. We will make other plans when you graduate. Now, Also one insignificant insignificant not worth mentioning, tell the lady wife about the trivial things, and ask the lady wife to be the master."

     Ye Shu's eyes began to look empty again, although he said devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence open and aboveboard, but Liu Youyou still sensitively perceives that he is empty.

     "What is it, Tell me about it."

     Liu Youyou's eyes narrowed, revealing a hint of danger. Ye Shu takes a deep breath, so I'm free.

     "The Liaodong blue sculptor needs my help. I want to be engaged to the little princess of their family. Of course, they are all acting and pretending. I have absolutely no bad intentions towards their little princess. I only have a lady wife in my heart."

     Ye to heave a sigh of relief, and Liu Youyou clenched the teeth, turning over and pressing him on the bed and slapped him."Is it engaged? Little princess, right? You pervert! Why did you pretend to be engaged without the intention? I am so angry that I will kill you!"

     One wave after another, Liu Youyou was so wronged that he beat Ye Shu into a pig's head.

     Ye Shu try one's very best to persuade sb, Liu Youyou understands what Ye Shu means.

     "Hmph, I'm too lazy to care about you, do whatever you like, the whole world women are yours, go and go!"

     Liu Youyou understood that he was still angry, and drove people angrily, talking angry.

     Ye Shu smiled, and in turn pressed her on the bed: "Little fox is not angry, whole world women can't compare to you a tiny bit, wait for me, when you graduate, it will be the day of marriage in Dabie Mountain."

     Liu Youyou listened to his sweet words and couldn't help but show white eyes. The two of them had been tired and crooked for a long time, but the second wave of anger was eliminated.

     In this way, Ye Shu was relieved, and he was not ashamed of going out to fool around.

     On the same day, Ye Shu left the secret realm carrying the demon sword, relaxed and crooked.

     Let's go now, it is estimated that it will take a long time to meet. Ye Shu is going to the East, and Liu Youyou is going to another place to practice, neither of them is sure how much time it will take.

     After leaving the secret realm, Ye Shu went to the Fang Family Manor and told Master Fang that he could act and arrange it as soon as possible.

     Master Fang be pleased beyond one's expectations, and immediately prepared a good wing room for Ye Shu for him to live in.

     Ye Shu didn't bother to look for a hotel, so he stayed at Fang's house for a few days.

      In the afternoon, Master Fang posted an invitation, inviting all sons of Major Clan to participate in Fang Qianxun’s selection party, which is scheduled for tomorrow night.The so-called Chosun party is actually a name, not a real party, but a ring.

     All the princes of the imperial capital family can participate and compete with each other, and the winner will naturally return carrying a beauty.

     In fact, this relatively vulgar way is seldom used, and the monsters have also become civilized people, and they also rely on background forces to speak, and there is rarely any Martial Arts Selecting Husband.

     But Master Fang deliberately did this, just to stop the mouths of major families. Martial Arts Selecting Husband, fair and just, has nothing to say about winning or losing, and others have no reason to embarrass Fang's family.

     The news of the Fang Family Martial Arts Selecting Husband spread quickly. The entire imperial capital family discussed spiritedly. Both the big family and the small family were very concerned about this matter.

     The big family considers power gains and losses, while the small family considers Princess Fang's beauty.

     The beauty of Princess Fang is really to grow out of the mud unsullied, just like the plateau snow lotus, nothing more beautiful can be imagined, who can marry her is absolutely enviable.

     In the study room of Ouyang's mansion, one old and one young are playing chess.

     The old spirit is strong and powerful, and the eyes of the tiger are full of deep colors. Few but hesitate over what move to make, looking hesitant.

     "Ling'er, you've been upset since the auction house incident, and even worse today, are you worried?"

     The old man asked calmly. Ouyang Ling looked up and sighed: "I don't want to participate in the Fang family's selection party. Fang Qianxun saw me killed...I just want to kill her now."The old man frowned: "You don't need to take things to your heart about the auction house. The rest of the families don't know the truth, and they all aimed at Ye Shu. Even if Fang Qianxun saw it with his own eyes, he didn't dare to say it. Old man Fang is a shrewd man. He didn't say a word either, the matter has passed."

     Ouyang Ling remained silent, and the anxious expression in his expression was undoubtedly revealed.

     The old man shook his head slightly disappointed: "You are still unstable. In fact, it is very simple to cover up the truth. You married Fang Qianxun, and she is yours, so naturally she dare not harm you again. The Fang family can't get it done, and wait for the Fang family to completely decline. , Even if you goug Fang Qianxun's eyes, who dare to say anything?"

     Ouyang Ling was shocked, with fierce light in his eyes: "Yes, old man Fang wants to cling to my Ouyang family. He thinks too well. When we marry Fang Qianxun, we will squeeze him dry and kick him away. I dug Fang Qianxun’s eyeballs again so that she would never see me again!"

     There was a gloomy voice in the room, one old and one young continued to play chess, the vicious things seemed to be talked casually.

     For the Fang family, Ye Shu is taking a nice bath. A big family is good, and there are ancient wooden barrels sprinkled with fragrant petals, which is the ultimate enjoyment.

     Ye Shu rubbed it for a while, and laughed.

     Several fairy maids were changing hot water back and forth to ensure that the water would not cool down. Ye Shu's mouth was stunned, and it was inevitable to molest him a few times, and it was cool to see the female fairy blushing.

     Just as she was playing hard, a girl outside the door shouted loudly: "The little princess is here to visit Master Ye."

     Ye Shu hurriedly did not molest, and the maids also retreated one by one, and the room was suddenly empty.Ye Shulisuo got up and wiped the water, but the green girl said: "You don't have to be polite, Master Ye, I'm just here to ask one thing."

     The young girl stood outside the door and did not come in.

     "Then I am impolite, young girl, we are all friends of Bai Ling, you also have no need for excessive courtesy, just ask what's the matter."

     Ye Shu sat down again. He actually felt that the young girl was not how many, and he had become a "far friend".

     The young girl is un'ed, her voice is like melting ice and snow.

     "Young Master Ye, you have an extraordinary relationship with Bai Ling, does she like you?"


     Ye Shu choked and waved his hand quickly: "No no, she doesn't like me, don't talk nonsense, be careful she hacks me to death."

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, what does this young girl think? Isn't this hurting yourself?

     Qing Girl silent for a moment, hesitated: "Does Bai Ling really like Ye Gongzi?"

     "I don't like it or not."

     Ye Shu said decisively, the young girl seemed relaxed: "In this case, I don't have to worry about acting with the son, I'm afraid that Bai Ling will be angry with me and break the sister relationship with me."
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