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0 Chapter List 288 Shikigami To Kill You
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The young girl is really too worried, just acting in a play, she is afraid that Bai Ling will be angry.

     "Don't worry, Bai Ling can't be angry, and she's not so stingy. How could she sever the sister relationship with you? An."

     Ye Shu rubbed Mimi and said, the young girl was un'ed outside the door and left.

     After this episode, Ye Shu didn't continue to take a bath. He washed and ate for nothing, then went to sleep well, and had to work tomorrow night.

     Demon Sword Fairy and Ye Shu live in one room, but she doesn't sleep. She is fascinated by watching TV. Only watching TV can temporarily calm her homecoming heart.

     Nothing happened all night, so Ye Shu walked around the next day, swaying for a while and it was night.

     When the sun sets in the west, the guests are continuously. Since it is the little princess who chooses Xu, almost all the families are here, even if you don't have the ability to participate in the competition, you can still watch the fun and celebrate.

     On an open space in the manor, an arena was set up early in the morning. It is wide and large, which is a typical ancient Martial Arts Selecting Husband arena.

     There are seats under the ring, and many people are carrying fruits and vegetables. The atmosphere is peaceful.

     By convention, Martial Arts Selecting Husband False Swipe cannot show human life.

     At the beginning of the competition, anyone can take the stage to challenge or become the master, and the final winner is ideal son-in-law, no doubt.

     The rules are quite simple. As long as you have the heart, you can play a wave, and you will not lose face if you lose. If you win, you will make a lot of money.

     The guests gathered in the ring, the lights were on all around, and the entire manor was like daylight, absolutely clear everywhere.People from all major families are already impatient, and many sons are rubbing their hands, intending to show their skills.

     Master Fang is not an inked person. Seeing all the guests gathered under the ring, he immediately came up to the stage with a smile and said a few words, and then greeted the young girl.

     The young lady came in style, and the eight female elves walked to the audience gracefully with their clothes.

     She put on the veil, only showing these eyes, which looked like ice and snow.

     The young boyfriends were fascinated and stopped making noise.

     Ye Shu also looked at the young girl in the crowd. The young girl is really very temperamental. She is a simple woman who has lived on the plateau all the year round. She has not experienced the darkness of the family. There is a pure snow in her eyes.

     Soon, the young lady and Master Fang sat down, in the audience.

     The rest of the large families with identities also took their seats. As for the ordinary families, they can only stand.

     Ye Shu was also standing. He didn't like sitting with the family members in the past, because he found that he had been caught by many sharp eyes.

     The brothers stared at the young girl, while the older generation stared at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was the public enemy of the imperial capital family, and killed many people, naturally the target of a multitude of arrows.

     Those old guys like Ye Shu Buniao glanced across the crowd, and found Ouyang Ling's family.

      Lord Ouyang came in person this time. This old guy is black and he doesn't know how old he is, but he is only 50 years old when he looks at him. He is very powerful and stronger than the mandala.

     Sitting next to him, Ouyang Ling did not look at Qing Girl but at Ye Shu.Ye Shu a wide grin, Ouyang Ling gritted his teeth and looked away. He is really afraid of Ye Shu now, afraid of Ye Shu's demon sword girl.

     The venue was unusually bustling with noise and excitement, and the Martial Arts Competition Meeting officially started.

     Fang's housekeeper went on stage and said the rules, and then let everyone go on stage freely, without saying anything extra.

     At the beginning, everyone was quite introverted. The elder brothers of the big family were calm, pretending that they were Great Character's, and didn't want to run up to be stunned.

     The younger brother of the small family acted as the stunned green, the first to come on stage was a golden monkey, who was quite arrogant.

     "I will be the first challenger, who will challenge?"

     The golden monkey yelled to the audience. Ye Shu couldn't help but smile. He knew this golden monkey. He seemed to be the home of the golden monkey in Chengbei District? I don't remember very much, it's funny anyway.

     The golden monkey opened his head, and suddenly many youngsters of small families went up, wanting to brush up on the sense of existence, so that the young girl can remember herself.

     These guys are small-scale, and the young men of the big family are all disdainful. Ye Shu couldn't stand it anymore. This is a vegetable market. These people are too weak, just like the vendors and aunts who haggle over price.

      With great difficulty, these people are noisy enough, and the son of a big family has played.

     The big family is different. The Air of a Pimp is fully open when it comes on the field. The people in the small family evade and dare not say anything.

     This time the martial arts competition was officially started. The elder brother of the big family took turns playing, fighting fiercely and seeing blood.But Ye Shu yawned again and again. After ten years of cultivation in Taoyuan, he was already more than one level higher than these people, even without the lightning technique, and by relying solely on Yin technique and physical technique, he could kill these brothers.

     In the middle of the night, the competition finally came to an end, and Ouyang Ling played.

     The Ouyang family is one of the largest families in the imperial capital, at least on the surface. Ouyang Ling is also one of the strongest sons. As soon as he enters the field, he carries the power of the Ouyang family, plus the power of the Alliance Air Force family in power, directly triumph in every battle, and everyone gives face, and does not say that he will fight to death.

     So Ouyang Ling easily came to the top and he won.

     Many families applauded and celebrated. Ouyang Ling stood proudly in the ring, not forgetting to pretend to be forced: "If there are no challengers, then I will be welcome."

      Lord Ouyang stood up and said, "Ling'er, don't be arrogant, everyone gives you face, thank you quickly."

     Ouyang Ling bowed unwillingly and thanked everyone. Naturally, everyone was polite and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

      Lord Ouyang's style is to deliberately show the power of his family, he has the style of ruling the group of the imperial capital.

     Master Fang, not a word or movement, glanced at Ye Shu who was watching the show in the distance.

     Ye Shu twisted his neck and squeezed forward: "I'll challenge, okay?"

     Everyone looked at Ye Shu, and many people's complexions changed. Some old guys expression was strange and keep silent.

     Ouyang Ling immediately sullen his face and clenched his fists. He was not afraid of Ye Shu, but he was afraid of Demon Sword Fairy, he would never dare to fight Ye Shu.The scene went deserted, Lord Ouyang in the eye flickers bewildered look, and was about to speak, but Master Fang smiled and said, "Ye Xiaoyou, what's the matter with you? Isn't it going to hit my house?"

     Ye Shu clasped his hand and smiled: "Master Fang is serious, how dare you hit your place, but Princess Fang is stunning, which man doesn't like it? The Fang family did not stipulate that you can't participate in the game, just try it, in case you get the heart of Princess Fang What?"

     Ye Shu looked like a playboy. Master Fang deliberately showed an awkward look, looking around to see the major families.

     The old monsters of the major families did not speak. Everyone knew that Ye Shu's identity was special.

     However, Lord Ouyang is true, and only he can come forward here.

     "Young Master Ye is really a passionate person. Since you want to challenge Ling'er, then Ling'er can only take it."

      Lord Ouyang laughed and said, everyone looked at each other in dismay and smelled the smoke of gunpowder in the air.

     On the ring, Ouyang Ling's face tightened, and he was timid before fighting. He was really afraid of Demon Sword Fairy, but he didn't dare to speak out, otherwise he would be extremely embarrassed.

     He could only look at Lord Ouyang, winking constantly.

      Lord Ouyang lightly smiled, and said: "But Ye Gongzi has a shikigami, which is a bit unfair. I heard that Dongyang’s shikigami is weak and strong. Summoning depends on luck. Ye Gongzi is lucky. He summoned one that is enough to kill everyone present. Human shikigami. This is unfair. Although Ling'er is strong, I can match your shikigami without stregth to fight."

      What Lord Ouyang said was naturally the Demon Sword Fairy. After the massacre at the auction site, the Demon Sword Fairy was named Zhendi Capital. Everyone knew.At this moment everyone nodded, they were not afraid of Ye Shu, but they were afraid of Demon Sword Fairy.

     Ouyang Ling in the ring took the opportunity to say: "Mr Bi, if you want to challenge me, then bring it on, I will take care of what you use. Even if I lose, I will be honorable even in defeat, unlike some people who rely on outsiders. Things!"

     Wow, my little brother is so good at acting hard.

     But what kind of demon sword girl is needed to kill you.

     Ye Shu pretended to be hesitant, showing a lack of confidence. Many old fried dough sticks couldn’t help but smile, Lord Ouyang also left no trace and smiled, using his means to force a youngster to give up his hole cards, stretch a hand and grab it, and he was very shameless, but it seemed to be It makes sense.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a while, and then "naively" compromised.

     "Well, I don't use Shiki. I hope Young Master Ouyang start off leniently."

     After Ye Shu said, he walked to the ring. Ouyang Ling suddenly sneered again and again, and the winning ticket was in hand.

     Everyone sat down again, ready to watch the play.

      Lord Ouyang also sat down, and the butler next to him, Ouyang Ming, whispered: "Master, he also has thunder-striking technique. It is said that he was tied with Mandala. I'm afraid..."

     "Hehe, if he attracts thunder, such a big battle is no longer a match. He wants to put Ling'er to death. It's so better, there is no reason for the old Zhengshou to do it."

     "But the lark..."

     "Injury his meridians and use up his talents. What about the larks?"

      Lord Ouyang squeezed his fingers. Five fingers, like eagle claws, can Tearing Apart The Vaults Of Heaven.
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