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0 Chapter List 289 Nine-yin Brine Claw
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu strode to the ring, he didn't pay attention to Ouyang Ling at all, because the elder brothers of these imperial capitals already sent him more than one level. 』

     Ouyang Ling stood proudly, and he also looked down upon Ye Shu. Ye Shu is a mortal, what can he do if he doesn't rely on Shiki?

     All the guests in the audience were silenced, and many brothers sneered at Ye Shu, believing that he undoubtedly sure lose.

     The old guys did not come to a conclusion and looked at the stage seriously.

     Fang's housekeeper also ran into the ring and announced the start of the challenge.

     "Martial Arts Selecting Husband, False Swipe, do not kill your heart, otherwise it will be invalid."

     Steward Fang said such a sentence specially, and looked at Ye Shu, which seemed to have profound meaning.

     Ye Shu brow raised, but Steward Fang was warning himself on the face, but not secretly.

     He wanted him not to kill himself, so as not to ask the Ouyang family to seize the opportunity and kill himself.

      In other words, I made fun of Ouyang Ling and kicked him off the stage. It absolutely cannot be killed.

     Ye Shu understood in his heart that he already knew that the handle couldn't fall into Ouyang's hands.

     After the steward Fang stepped down, the competition officially began. Ouyang Ling Motionless as a Mountain, holding hands while standing and pretending to be forced.


     He said coldly, motioning Ye Shu to do it casually. Ye Shu was not polite, just stepped forward and smashed his fist.

     He has no ghost upper body, his strength is many times weaker, and he is not strong to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).

     Ouyang Ling sneered, straddling his legs and hitting backhand: "Death!"The two fists collided, Ye Shu stepped back a few steps, his fingers were all green. Ouyang Ling continued to stand with her hand in hand: "Without Shiki, what thing do you count?"

     Ouyang Ling's strength also isn't bad. After all, he is the son of the Ouyang family. Ye Shu would be a little troublesome if he didn't use the ghost upper body to deal with him.

     The people in the audience burst into laughter when they watched Ye Shu go backwards, and the old monsters were also puzzled, thinking that Ye Shu was a bit the name does not reflect the reality.

     Ye Shu rubbed his palm. He just wanted to test whether he could not use Yin Shu without Yin Shu. It seemed that he still looked down on Ouyang Ling too much.

     "It's a little bloated. I don't want to play with you anymore. Go down."

     Ye Shu lightly smiled, Ouyang Ling didn't even understand, Ye Shu had already stepped out, and in an instant, terrifying power spurted out of the upper body of the ghost and god.

     With another punch, Ouyang Ling still didn't retreat, and slammed back.

     So he flew upside down like a dead dog, and flew down the ring in embarrassment.

     The laughter in the audience disappeared immediately, everyone was taken aback, a little incapable of believing.

     Ye Shu's face slap came too quickly, and there was no room for thinking.

      Lord Ouyang squeezed his fingers abruptly, his eyes were cold and he seemed to want to use his hands.

     As for Ouyang Ling, who was flying upside down in mid-air, at this moment, the bird screamed, forcibly stopped the inverted flight, and glide back to the ring like a big Peng.

     Ye Shu couldn't help being surprised, this bird is quite capable, it can fly back.

     "Very good, force me to act!"

     Ouyang Ling complexion was ugly extremely, his tone was as cold as frost, and a murderous intent stood straight, shocking the people near the ring back.Everyone was quiet again, and only Steward Fang said: "Martial Arts Selecting Husband, False Swipe, don't be murderous!"

     He seemed to be persuading Ouyang Ling, but he looked at Ye Shu. Ye Shu nodded slightly, this housekeeper is afraid that he will kill him.

      Lord Ouyang is definitely ready to take the opportunity to kill himself. If he wants to kill himself, he will be in his arms. Ye Shu still can't deal with Lord Ouyang.

     "Xiao Ling, looking at your appearance, you have blown up your hair. Is this Martial Arts Selecting Husband or a life and death battle?"

     Ye Shu smiled, said, although he didn't dare to kill him rashly, but if Ouyang Ling forced him, he would kill him and run away to see if Lord Ouyang could catch up with him.

     Ouyang Ling also realized that he was excited and couldn't make sense. He takes a deep breath, disperses the murder, and then quickly approaches: "It's only small-scale, are you afraid?"

     He raised his hands, his ten fingers curled slightly, just like Nine Yin White Bone Claws, very ugly and weird.

     Some old monsters in the audience whispered: "It's the cramp of the Spear Falcon, which is the most basic fighting technique of the Spear Falcon family. Although it seems simple, the effect is amazing. If you can't resist it, the meridian flesh inch by inch broke apart , The bones will be pulled out."

     The old monsters are popular science, and they are quite jealous in their words.

     In fact, monsters do not pay attention to fighting skills, they are basically brutal, relying on monster power to fight. But for some powerful monsters, it is amazing to study some fighting skills, Spear Falcon exactly like this.

     Ye Shu's ears were very sensitive, and he couldn't help laughing when he heard the discussion in the audience.

     Cramps and claws? This name is very personal and very suitable for Wuxia novels."It's really uneducated, what name you take, look at me Black Tiger Rip Out The Heart!"

     Ye Shu raised his palms in a similar pattern and similar manner to make gestures, the mockery of which meant it goes without saying.

     Ouyang Ling's eyes narrowed, and the murderous resurrection.

     "I think you can be mad at what time!"

     He slammed close, and the palms of both hands turned into eagle claws, like ten sharp blades, cutting through the air and attacking Ye Shu.

     Ouyang Ling himself is a spear falcon. At this moment, his hands are turned into claws, and he is constantly flying around. It is really Ghostly Layers, and Ye Shu is dazzled.

     Ye Shu feels that if he fights back, he is afraid that he will be badly mangled or mutilated. He didn't want to suffer any skin trauma, so he continuously retreats.

     In Ye Shu's eyes, Ouyang Ling was like a crazy woman, pulling her long nails to shave herself. Although not scary, it was annoying.

     The people in the audience were amazed, because they could feel the powerful force between Ouyang Ling's claws.

     "This kind of fighting technique is simply invincible, the enemy can only retreat, otherwise it will be torn to pieces when touched."

     "It's worthy of being a spearfalcon. It's ridiculous that we can study fighting skills by ourselves. We rely on brute force."

     This group of people flattering is invincible, Ye Shu wanted to laugh, he retreated to the end of the ring, and at the same time opened his eyes.

     Under the eyes of the world, Ouyang Ling is even more like a mad woman. She has long nails and is disgusting.

     His movements are no longer sharp, like slow motion.

     Ye Shu saw him grinning cruelly and grabbing at him, and immediately grabbed backhand.

     "Look at my nine-yin brine claw!"Ye Shu locked the gap between Ouyang Lingying's claws with his sky eyes, one claw striking across.

      In an instant, there were five scratches on Ouyang Ling's cheeks, which were abruptly scratched by Ye Shu.

     If Ye Shu hadn't kept his nails, the kid's nose would have been scratched.


      called out in pain, Ouyang Ling doesn't know at all gave birth to something, hurriedly waved his arms in front of his face, backing crazy.

     When he stopped, everyone could see the five blood stains in the center of his cheek, which was funny.

     The scene was very embarrassing. The monsters who were still flattering just now were dumbfounded, and they didn't know how to round it off.

     Ouyang Ling touched her cheek, trembling with anger, and his murderous intentions skyrocketed.

     Ye Shu had lost interest and patted his fingers to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) and cast it out, reaching behind Ouyang Ling like a teleport, and then kicked him into the air.

     With a little effort on this kick, Ouyang Ling couldn't turn back in midair. He thumped and smashed to the ground, and rolled several times before stopping.

     Ye Shu closed his hands, yawned and bored.

     He bowed his hands to everyone: "I won, and the young girl is mine. Accept it."

     Ouyang Ling, who was struggling to raise her head, spat out blood, alive and angry.

     In the audience, Lord Ouyang stood up abruptly.

     Everyone keep quiet out of fear, only Master Fang neither fast nor slow smiled and said: "It's really wonderful, both of them are a dragon amongst humans, but Master Ye has the inheritance of Taoism, which takes advantage of footwork. Won."

     Master Fang was selling face to Ouyang's family, Lord Ouyang's fists were tight and loose, after all, there was no reason to do it."let's go!"

     He left a word and left. Ouyang Ming hurriedly took people to lift Ouyang Ling. A group of people strayed away, really not giving Fangjia face.

     Many families look at each other in dismay, and they also bid farewell. In the end, only a few families remained.

     However, Master Fang was still very happy, and gave a banquet, but he was worried.

     Ye Shu completely offended the Ouyang family this time. If the larks no longer shelter him, the Ouyang family will definitely do their best to kill Ye Shu.

     But Ye Shu didn't care, anyway, he was going to Dongyang, and talked about it slowly when he got in trouble.

     Next is the engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony does not need to be too grand. Just invite some guests and spread the news.

     A few days later, the news of Princess Fang and Ye Shu’s engagement spread like wildfire, and the beautiful lady sister who everyone was looking forward to followed Ye Shu.

     Small families naturally admire jealousy and hate, while large families are not a word or movement. They are all planning to write in their hearts, secretly ebb and flow, and it is hard to read.

     Ye Shuke didn't care about these farts, he completed the task, quickly packed up his belongings, and took the Demon Sword Fairy to Dongyang.

     However, the day before leaving, the trouble came again.

     At that time, he took a comfortable bath in the room and molested the female goblin, but the door was kicked open and a red shadow flashed in.

     Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitch, his neck was cold, and he was already held by the sword.

     "This...Miss Bai Ling, why are you?"
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