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0 Chapter List 292 Huakaiyuan Laxiang
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The bamboo forest is faint, and the flowered courtyard house is deserted.

     Ya Yi's return home did not stir up any storms, not even a banquet.

     Although Ye Shu didn't understand what the Patriarch said, he could still feel the meaning of it. Patriarch blamed Yayi for not listening to persuasion and ran to Huaxia. Now that Yayi has come back in grief, he is going to scold him to death.

     "Yi, you can go with me. Let's help Demon Sword Fairy find her hometown, and then you will continue to teach at Baqi Academy. With Demon Sword Fairy in, your father dare not stop you."

     Ye Shu was very confident. The Patriarch was scared to pee just now, apparently aware of the horror of Demon Blade Fairy.

     Demon Sword Hime is one of the cream of the crop's shikigami, not even the patron saint of the royal family, and knows how strong a family is.

     Yayi was silent, and after a while, she smiled reluctantly: "Mr. Ye, I made you laugh. If you don't like this place, please leave by yourself, and I will entertain you next day."

     Ye Shu frowned and smiled bitterly: "Yi, you are not interesting enough. What is our relationship? Why are you doing this kind of falsehood? Don't be sad, just follow me."

     When Yai returned to the family, Ye Shu could feel her sadness as if she had changed a person.

     "Unable Mr. Ye, thank you for your kindness, but I can't abandon my family."

     Where is Yayi willing to go with Ye Shu, Ye Shu hesitated for a moment and said: "Well then, I will continue to be your guest of honor, why don't you take me around to see?"

     Yai was un'ed and took Ye Shu out of the living room.

     Outside is a wooden corridor, leading to the dojo on one side and the back mountain on the other.Ye Shu wanted to go to the back mountain. After all, there are hot springs, which should be great.

     The fact is also true. In Houshan Hot Spring, nothing more beautiful can be imagined, and the steam in the air is floating, white like a sea of fog.

     This is a pure natural hot spring, but unfortunately no one enjoys it. The people in the entire Huakaiyuan are dead.

     "This hot spring is huge, and there are several small pools. It's a waste. I don't know if I can go down and take a bath."

     Ye Shu smiled and said, after half a day on the plane, he really wanted to take a bath.

     Ya Yi was about to talk, but someone came from behind and said something to Ya Yi.

     Yayi pursed her lips and smiled reluctantly: "Mr. Ye, you can enjoy it as you please. I'll meet Lady Mother."

     She rushed away, Ye Shu secretly pityed herself, and then went to sit by the hot spring, and now she could only wait for Yayi to return.

     The natural hot springs are covered in white fog and the weather is severely cold. This hot spring is almost like a steaming room. It must have been specially modified by Huakaiyuan.

     Ye Shu couldn't see clearly without opening his eyes. He was thinking about the problem while lying down, feeling a bit tricky.

     He is free and easy, no one can limit it. But Yayi is different. If Yai refuses to leave, he can't abandon him. What can I do?

     While thinking, he heard the sound of water coming from the other side, and someone slipped into the hot spring.

     Ye Shu dazed for a moment, someone takes a bath?

     He was very surprised. In this lifeless house, there are people coming to take a bath?

     Ye Shu opened his eyes and looked straight over.

     At this look, he saw a piece of white skin.

     It is a person's back, with beautiful lines, without a trace of flab, so wonderful and unparalleled.A woman in the bath?

     The woman turned her back to Ye Shu, gently rubbing her body, as graceful as a white swan, and humming a song in her mouth, making a hot spring bath as if bathed in spring breeze.

     A very gentle and elegant oriental woman.

     Ye Shu came to a conclusion, then looked away, and walked away without a word or movement, so as not to be misunderstood.

     But when he moved, the woman in the pool also moved, just like a white smoke, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

     Ye Shu felt a trace of murder, took a step back, lifted his finger, and caught a dart.

     This dart is not a Chinese dart. According to Toyo's words, it is kunai, shaped like a broken sword, and is a small weapon commonly used by ninjas.

     Ye Shu grabbed the bitterness that pierced his throat, and said: "Misunderstanding and misunderstanding, I first enjoyed the beautiful scenery by the hot spring, you came later."

     Ye Shu glanced, looking forward.

     A shadow came over, short, kimono, barefoot...flat chest.

     Ye Shu blinked, and the man said in slightly accented Chinese, "Huaxia? Why are you here?"

     His voice is a man's voice, plus such a flat figure, and a heroic and neutral face, it is not a woman at all.

     Ye Shu suddenly hurts. Just now, Nima stared at a man's back for a long time?

     "Miss Mei is back. I am her friend. I will come with her to visit the Patriarch of Huakai Courtyard."

     Ye Shu secretly scolded himself for being blind, and responded flatly.

     When the person heard about Yayi, his face was happy, and then he turned and ran away regardless of Ye Shu."It turned out to be a man, how come he looks so beautiful? Spicy eyes."

     Ye Shu took a walk to watch the scenery in the house, and then returned to the living room after watching it, drinking tea slowly.

     Not long after, Mei came back with the man just now.

     Under the light of the living room, Ye Shu could see the man's appearance clearly.

     He is a real mother, fair-skinned and beautiful, with awe-inspiring might in his eyes, and a short ronin-like head, like an Elegant Pretty Boy.

     Of course, if it's a girl, it would be awesome, what a pity.

     Ye Shu bowed his hand in a salute, and Yayi was in a better mood at the moment, and took the beautiful boy's hand and said: "Mr. Ye, this is my brother and the young master of Huakaiyuan, Huakaiyuanxiang."


     Ye Shu spouted a sip of tea, and the flowers bloomed in the courtyard? Laxiang?

     When Xiang watched him spray the tea, he frowned, as if he was obsessed with cleanliness, and moved back.

     As a person who has lived in China for more than ten years, Yayi still understands certain Chinese very well. Seeing Ye Shu Ping Cha, I feel a little embarrassed.

     "Yes, scribbled, not pull."

     Yayi explained in a low voice, and Ye Shu wiped the corners of his mouth: "Sorry, I was choked, Xiangsang, I was so offended just now in the hot spring, forgive me."

     Xiang had a good impression of Ye Shu and there's nothing about it, and nodded coldly: "Mr. Ye has the Demon Sword Fairy. It really shocked me. I wonder if you can show the Demon Sword Fairy?"

     Xiang went straight to the subject, but Ye Shu was also straightforward. It was obvious that he was more comfortable communicating with Xiang.

     He called Yao Dao Ji, let Xiang carefully examine.

     Demon Sword Fairy stood next to Ye Shu, saying nothing, not interested in the outside world at all.Xiang watched for a long time, and said respectfully: "It is indeed Muramasa Demon Blade. I didn't expect the legendary Shijin to actually exist. What is the purpose of Mr. Ye's trip? My father is short-tempered, maybe I didn't understand it with you."

     He saw Demon Sword Fairy more directly, which also showed that Demon Sword Fairy's noble status in Shijin, Ye Shu can completely rely on Demon Sword Fairy's "tyrannical abuse".

     "I also have nothing about it. I just have a request. Mei has a bright future and cannot let her marry her as a bargaining chip. How will she practice with me in the future?"

     As soon as Ye Shu said this, Ya Yi looked at him blankly, her hands squeezed up.

     Xiangxiu frowned: "This is a private matter for the family, Mr. Ye is improper, unless you want to marry my sister."

     Wow, You these people are really annoying, so please come to this set.

     Yayi's face also changed, and she was embarrassed and shy and said, "Brother, please stop talking..."

     Xiang Duan sat and said nothing.

     Ye Shu stood up and smiled: "Perhaps there is a better way. If Yayi can summon a top-notch god, such as Yasha, she shouldn't have to marry, right?"

     (Happy Valentine's Day)
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