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0 Chapter List 293 Accept A Female Apprentice
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu's words surprised both Xiang and Yayi, because the shikigami at the level of Yasha is already the highest-rank shikigami currently controlled by the onmyoji. Tian Lai Novels

     For example, Hotaru Hekaku is B-level, a more commonly used backbone god, while Yasha is A-level, very rare, and only the descendants of a large family or extremely talented people can have it. As for Demon Sword Princess, this sss Grade, only exists in the legend.

     "Mr. Ye don't want to speak without thinking. You must know that the snow girl owned by the royal family today is not at the same level as Yasha. My sister has feeble strength. How can I summon the god of equality?"

     Xiang frowned, feeling that Ye Shu's mouth full of guns is really unpleasant.

     Yayi also smiled bitterly: "Mr. Ye, I know I don't have a good talent, and I'm very satisfied to have Firefly and Jue."

     Ye Shu faintly smiled: "I haven't even learned onmyoji, and I don't understand Shiki, but I can summon the Demon Sword Fairy. Don't worry, I have basically figured out the principles of your Shishen culture, and I can help you."

     This isn’t Ye Shu’s force. The higher his Taoism cultivation level, the deeper his understanding of onmyoji. Onmyoji is inherited from Taoism and has been developed to this day. The two are in the same vein, and the subtle differences cannot hinder them. Ye Shu's ghost and god summoning technique is the ancestor of yin and yang summoning technique.

     Ye Shu's words shocked Xiang, he even showed a hard to believe expression.

     "Mr. Ye has never studied onmyoji?"

     Xiang asked in surprise, Ye Shu nodded, and Yai explained, "Mr. Ye is extremely talented, and he summoned the Demon Sword Fairy with a few summoning charms."Xiang was still a little unbelievable, he stood up and said goodbye: "I have to discuss with Otou-sama first, and leave first."

     He ran away in a hurry, Ye Shu shrugged: "What's wrong with your brother?"

     Ye Shu feels that Xiang make a fuss about nothing, but he does not know that he, a Chinese man who has not practiced onmyoji, summoned the Demon Sword Fairy, which is enough to shake the entire East Ocean.

     "Mr. Ye summoned the Demon Sword Girl, brilliant, my brother was naturally shocked, and my father will certainly treat you courteously."

     Mei smiled, her expression lightened a lot.

     Not long after, Xiang came back with the Patriarch. Ya Yi hurriedly sat down, smiling casually.

     The Patriarch did not pay attention to Ya Yi, but looked at Ye Shu with was all smiles, opening his mouth is a bunch of words, full of enthusiasm.

     Xiang became an interpreter, translating word by word: "Mr. Ye is a great talent, I am neglecting you. I agree to your conditions. If Yayi can summon a powerful Shijin, I will definitely not let her marry. people."

     This is very clear, and the Patriarch's heart is moved, after all, a powerful Shijin is too tempting.

     Ye Shu can now be said to be in control of the plug-in, the plug-in of the Oriental style god culture, which is a powerful weapon that can stir the Toyo Island.

     The two parties talked very happily, and then the family owner personally arranged for Ye Shu to arrange a room for Ye Shu, and also brought in a few Oriental women to entertain, and the deserted house finally became alive.

     Ye Shu feels at ease, it will be easy for the Huakai Academy to ask him for it, and he has to change his passivity into the initiative.

     He took Yayi to the dojo that night, planning to teach her to summon Shiki.The dojo at night was pitch black, but if Ye Shu wanted to use it, the Huakai Academy sent a lot of people to palm the lights, making it bright as daylight.

     He even set up a table and poured warm tea, which was kind of a banquet.

     Ya Yi is somewhat uncomfortable, she is now regarded as Ye Shu's apprentice, and her identity has completely changed.

     Ye Shu also doesn't care about identity issues. After considering it for a while, the class started.

     "I used the Yin technique to summon the Demon Sword Fairy that day, so I want to teach you the Yin technique. This is a shortcut. If you master it, it is much easier to use than the Yin Yang technique."

     Ye Shuzheng'er said in the Eight Classics, and Yai couldn't help being surprised: "Yin Shu? Isn't that Taoist secret technique? Is it really possible for Mr. Ye to teach me?"

     Yin Shu is indeed a Taoist secret technique, the secret is to the level that no one wants to learn, everyone has gone to learn Yang Shu, and today Hua Xia Dadi, it is estimated that Ye Shu is still learning Yin Shu by himself.

     "I only teach you an onmyoji technique, and I won't teach you the most important thing. I will take you to see my master in the future. If he agrees, I will teach you again."

     The most important aspect of Yin Shu is to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology). To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) handed down by the real person of Zishan Mountain, it can’t even be compared to the Daoist astrology. The real treasure, without the consent of the real Zishan, Ye Shu would not spread it.

     But the magic is different, like the lightning technique, which is widely spread and everyone can learn, there is nothing to keep private.

     The Five Ghost Summoning Technique is also a relatively common technique, and it is not a big problem to teach someone who is predestined.

     After listening to Ye Shu's explanation, Yayi suddenly understood, sitting earnestly on her knees, like a good student.Ye Shu began to teach him the Five Ghost Summoning Art, without to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) as a basis, and without going through the underworld baptism, Mei learned very hard, and it took a long time to understand it.

     But she has Yin Yang technique as the foundation. After learning, she was surprised: "This is very similar to Yin Yang technique. Huaxia Taoism must be the ancestor of Yin Yang technique. I have already touched the threshold."

     Mei's talent is actually good, but the family doesn't pay attention to it and don't give resources.

     Now Ye Shu taught her with all her heart, she learned to concentrate, far better than ordinary people.

     Of course, the most important thing is that she herself is an onmyoji master with a solid foundation, and the onmyoji of the same root with different branches can be quickly understood.

     After Ye Shu finished teaching, he let Yai explore freely.

     At this time, in the bedroom in the middle of the mansion, the Patriarch of Huakaiyuan was pacing with his fingers frowning, obviously thinking about an extremely important thing.

      After a long time, he yelled outwards in Oriental language: "Sheng."

     Xiang pushed in and asked what was going on.

     "You go to the Yinyangliao in Kyoto, and report this to the Elders Council of Huakaiyuan, and ask the elders to decide. The house will be looked after by your brother Shi."

     For a while, frowned: "Mr. Ye is not malicious, no need to go to war."

     "You don't understand, the birth of Demon Sword Fairy is of great significance, but it was summoned by a hairy boy who didn't understand onmyoji. We must figure out how to do it!"

     Xiang nodded hesitantly, and left the bamboo forest overnight.

     The Patriarch took a long time and called someone again.

     This person has a big face and is quite good-looking. He is a nice rough guy.

     "Otou-sama, what is it called Shi?"The rough man asked respectfully and secretly yawned. The Patriarch solemnly said: "Tomorrow you will take that Huaxia guy out to play and find a chance to test him. He is a little bit suspicious that he can't control Demon Sword Fairy."

     The rough guy is a bit dazed, pondered only understood, repeatedly nodded: "Stone understands."

     The next day, Ye Shu stretched out and got up, and immediately there was a beautiful servant waiting for him to wash.

     Today is a sunny day, Ye Shu doesn't plan to live in the house anymore. Yayi is busy practising Yin technique, and she has nothing to do, so it is better to go for a walk.

     He put on his shoes and socks and opened the door, only to come to him a big square-faced man in a suit, tie and leather shoes, with a simple face.

     Who is this?

     "Mr. Ye, at Xiahuakaiyuanshi, Xiang's younger brother, Otou-sama asked me to entertain you later, Xiang has something to do, I hope you forgive me."

     The visitor was very bold and took the lead in speaking, harmless to human and animals.

     Ye Shu brow raised. Yesterday it was good, but today he changed suddenly. What the hell?

     "It turned out to be the second young master, long admiration, young master Shi, look at your western dress clothes, do you want to take me out to visit Kyoto?"

     "Yes, yes, Mr. Ye is really smart. There is nothing beautiful in my house. Mr. Ye must be bored. If you take Mr. Ye to Kabukicho in Xiatai, Mr. Ye will definitely like it."

     Shi said with a smile that every man knew. Ye Shu came with interest, this stone was refreshing enough, he was a gentleman, much easier to get along with than Xiang.

     He is naturally not welcome and can play for nothing.Ye Shu left with Shi immediately, and the two talked happily to each other, birds of a feather, and they became "good friends" for a while.

     When going out, Ya Yi ran up, she was a little tired, afraid that she had been studying Yin Shu all night.

     "Brother Shi, are you back at what time? Where are you going?"

     Mei seems to realize that something is wrong, with a trace of worry in her eyes.

     Shi laughed, a big face full of enthusiasm.

     "I've been back long ago, business isn't good outside, and I'm busy, so I'll come back as an otaku. It's rare that Xiang has something to do, I can be a young master once, haha."

     The worry in Yayi's eyes disappeared, and he said to Ye Shu: "Master...Master, have fun."
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