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0 Chapter List 294 Kyoto Shokuoni
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After leaving the mansion, walking along the bamboo forest trail, and then walking a specific footwork, the scene changed.

     Ye Shu returned to the residential area. It was early in the morning when the streets were full of children busy with school, and many office workers were heading to the station.

     Shi was very familiar with Kyoto, and took Ye Shu to a platform.

     "Mr. Ye, I know that Chinese people don’t like being too polite. I have studied in China for five years and I know a little bit about it, so I don’t pay attention to imaginary things. I will take you to Akihabara first. After sunset, we will go. Kabuki listens to buy spring, I promise you satisfaction."

     The stone was strangely chuckled, and his eyes were hot. Ye Shu thought this kid was quite interesting, but it seemed that he wanted to make waves.

     "Ishi, I and you really regret not having met earlier, I have long been looking forward to visiting your Akihabara. I heard that there are many beautiful young ladies yes or no?"

     The so-called Akihabara, to put it bluntly, is a holy land for otaku, which is derived from the second-dimensional holy land of animation industry.

     This young master Shi is very mortal, and seems to be deeply obsessed with the oriental house culture, and is more inclined to mortals than Ye Shu.

     Shi rubbed his hands and laughed strangely, repeatedly nodded, and took Ye Shu to the tram.

     Ye Shu is unfamiliar with Kyoto. He was flower viewing from horseback all the way. When he got off the bus, he didn't know where he was.

     In front of you is Akihabara, a sacred place for otaku full of mystery.

     Early in the morning, some otaku have come out to wander around, and of course there are many tourists, all of whom are mortals, without any (one) strange creatures.Shi went straight to Akihabara. He ran to play all the hand-run shops, Maid Cafe, and Little Yellow Bookstore. He introduced Ye Shu to Ye Shu at first, and then he was completely intoxicated.

     Ye Shu is also not to know whether to laugh or cry, are you a dead house? It's no wonder that you can't be a master, you can only make money by doing business outside.

     Although Ye Shu had a mortal heart, he was no longer a mortal in essence, let alone the otaku who stayed at home back then, so he quickly lost interest in Akihabara.

     He found a coffee shop to sit down and drink coffee, but Shi this person didn't care about him and ran to play by himself.

     Ye Shu was really dumbfounded. This kid is at least over 30 years old, and he is still such a house.

     He ignores the stone, drinks coffee free and unconstrained, and enjoys a rare time.

     On the other side, behind a CD shop, Shi carried large and small bags and was making a low call.

     "Akihabara, come here quickly, his picture has been given to you, you find a chance to test him."

     After Shi finished the call, he smiled and ran into the CD store to go shopping.

     In the coffee shop, Ye Shu waited for a long time, but Shi never came back, but suddenly there were more customers in the shop. At the same time, more than a dozen guests came, all of them intentionally or unintentionally looked at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu glanced, brows slightly wrinkled.

     "A group of mortals, but the aura is weird, Onmyoji?"

     Ye Shu is so keen, these people stare at him as soon as they come in, how can he be a big head?

     Ye Shu still drank coffee slowly, waiting for almost there, he checked out and left, and walked to a place with few people.

     The dozen or so strange people in the store also left, followed Ye Shu from a distance, and began to follow."Stone ran away, but a group of young boys came. It seems that Huakaiyuan has a conspiracy against me."

     Ye Shu sneered inwardly, place that has people, there will be disputes over interests, and Huakaiyuan is afraid that his mind will be moved.

     He continued on, turning all the way, and finally found a place where no one was, but under a bridge.

     There is a river under the bridge with green grass on both sides, and there are no ghosts near the bridge piers.

     Ye Shu walked directly down the river to admire the river water up close. The group of people behind also showed their fangs and all ran off.

     Ye Shu looked at them indifferently, they had a leader, and they used Oriental chirp chirp twitter twitter. Ye Shu was unmoved because he didn't understand.

     A group of people suddenly became angry, and a sweet-looking girl stood out from the crowd, stammeringly said: "You, we want to compete with you, and summon your shikigami!"

     Ye Shu smiled. These people have really low IQs. They tried Shishen when they came, and they obviously knew Ye Shu's identity very well.

     That shows that it was indeed instructed by Huakaiyuan, because only Huakaiyuan knew about own identity.

     "Do you want to meet Demon Sword Princess yes or no?"

     The girl nodded vigorously, unable to pull.

     Ye Shu didn't know why Huakai Academy wanted to see Demon Sword Fairy, but if the enemy wanted to see it, then he couldn't let him see it.

     Ye Shu yawned: "You guys go together, I'm in a hurry."

     The girl understood, and immediately explained to everyone angrily. Suddenly, a large group of people rushed over.

     It really rushed over, like a hungry tiger, with red eyes and a strange roar, crossing the sky, rushing towards Ye Shu.Ye Shu was startled, not an onmyoji?

     The eyes of these people turned red and they were still eating like wild animals, which was very strange.

     Ye Shu was puzzled and had already started. To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), he kicked all these strange humans into the river one by one, and was washed away by the water, leaving only the girl who understood the Chinese language.

     The girl was pressed by him on the bridge pier, unable to move a single step, with a look of horror.

     Ye Shu squeezed her mouth open, and found that there were barbs on her tongue and her teeth were sharp, not human teeth at all.

     "What the hell are you?"

     Ye Shuqi said, the girl was panicking and struggling again and again. Ye Shu patted her little face: "Don't tell me you can go swimming in the river."

     "We are, ghouls. We used to be onmyojis. We were demonized by the power of God."


     Ye Shu was looking thoughtful, he thought of nine streams. Back then, he fought with Jiutiao Liu. Jiutiao Liu took advantage of the power of Shijin, which looked like a ghost upper body, completely able to escape from the realm of mortals, which surprised him.

     "You onmyoji can borrow the power of the god of the upper body, right? But like you, you will be demonized if you don't control it properly, so you are a monster?"

     "You are, shemale, we are, legally, ghouls, the government will provide us with meat, and we are living well."

     The girl was very angry and felt that she was despised.

     Seeing her reaction, Ye Shu knew that ghouls must be often despised, otherwise she wouldn't have to be so angry.

      "All right, go away, look at you cute, spare your life."

     Ye Shu let her go, wandered up to the river, and walked towards Akihabara.The girl rubbed her chin and watched Ye Shuyuan go, as angrily as a little cat, and then hurried down to the river to find people.

     Ye Shu quickly returned to Akihabara, after some searching, he finally found the stone.

     Shi actually sat in Maid Cafe, face blushed red, watching a maid write on his pastry.

     Ye Shu stepped forward, and Shi was taken aback, as if nothing had happened, and greeted: "Mr. Ye, where have you been? I can't find you, sit down and sit down."

     Ye Shu sat down and put on a fake smile: "Do you Huakaiyuan engage in conspiratorial activities? Ask a bunch of ladyboys to make me laugh?"

     Shi immediately felt guilty, scratching his head and looking at it. "What is it? Mr. Ye, I have been doing business all year round. Today, with great difficulty, I can return to the holy land of my dreams. I don't know what happened."

     Ye Shu squinted his eyes: "You are a pretty good person, but your father has a problem. Maybe I should go. Before I leave, I will let Demon Blade Fairy chop down your yard. I haven't had any trouble for a long time. Very itchy hands."

     Shi finally stopped pretending, and hurriedly said: "Don't Mr. Ye, your Demon Sword Fairy is very meaningful, and my father cares about not altogether inexcusable. Yin and Yang will also find faults, you can't cut the Yin and Yang also?"

     Ye Shu remained silent, and Shi continued: "The monster sword is an evil thing. Every time it is born, there must be catastrophes, and the monster sword will attract powerful monsters, like Ibaraki-douji, Shuten-douji, and so on. The whole of Kyoto is gone, Akihabara is gone, and the maid is gone. How can you say that we can't care?"
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