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0 Chapter List 301 Shocked
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chairman Gong Xiao's analysis made Ye Shu's understanding of the world situation clearer than ever.

     As Gong Xiao said, Her Majesty the Blood Queen is born and will definitely invade the East. Perhaps her Majesty will act when she reaches adulthood.

     Her Majesty is Aiqier, she certainly has no intention of aggression, but those vampire grand dukes, cabinet chiefs and the like must have bad intentions. This is the truth verified in the last ages history.

     The banquet room was completely silent, and the vast majority of people were a little confused, because no one expected that President Gong Xiao suddenly talked about the world situation.

     Everyone just had a cup of tea, but the president just ate a big meal.

     "President, what you said is too frightening words to scare people. Westerners have stood at the apex of civilization for nearly a hundred years. Compared with us, Easterners are more barbaric. I don't think the blood race will invade the East."

     The young master of the Caobi family spoke, he stopped/stood and attracted everyone's attention.

     "Since the blood queen is born, then we send someone to congratulate it. In today's society, we have to consider the relationship between the country and the country. The relationship between our country and the western countries is harmonious. Then we should also be an alliance with the blood family and what relationship should we have with China. , Be careful to mistake the country and the people."

     The Caobi Miaoshe was upright and awe-inspiring, and when he spoke, he brought a gentleman to emphasize that he looked like a king.

     Everyone talked in whispers, and they seemed to agree with the views of Caobi Miaoshe.Caobi Miao Society couldn't help showing a hint of sorrow, and said negatively: "If Guild Master Your Excellency asks this Chinese man to be the vice president, the Western blood will definitely be dissatisfied, because they will think that we are going to form an alliance with the monster alliance. Sometimes, a Unintentional actions may make people step into the land of consigned to eternal damnation, the president think twice."

     The banquet room was quiet for a moment, and then the discussion grew louder.

     "It is true that you cannot act rashly, lest you pass the wrong message. It is better to send someone to the west to congratulate the emperor, which has shown friendship."

     "Mr. Ye can play in the East first, and don't have to talk about the annoying things."

     Many elders spoke, but Chairman Gongxiao was silent, and then waved his hands: "You all go out, I will chat with Mr. Ye alone."

     Everyone glanced at each other, got up and left, and even the Patriarch of Huakaiyuan left unhappily. No one dared not listen to the president's words.

     Yayi glanced at Ye Shu and went out with Xiang.

     Soon, only Ye Shu and Gong Xiao were left in the banquet room.

     Gong Xiao coughed, his expression relaxed, with a smile on his mouth.

     "Mr. Ye, we really shouldn't talk about bothering things. I just saw Mr. Ye come in and look at me Tsuchimikado Family, but what's the matter?"

     Ye Shu shook his head secretly, Gong Xiao also compromised, and he would no longer rashly ask himself to be the vice chairman.

     "And there's nothing about it important thing, I just want to ask, do I look like someone from the Tsuchimikado Family?"

      This problem is Ye Shu's goal, Hongye's words let him can't avoid caring about it.

     Gong Xiao was obviously taken aback, looked up and down Ye Shu, puzzled: "Mr. Ye Why did you ask?"Ye Shu didn't hide it. Everyone knew about the summoning of Hongye, so there was no need to worry.

     "The ghost girl Hongye asked me if I was a descendant of the Tsuchimikado Family when she saw me, as far as I know, Hongye knows Tsuchimikado very well. More than a thousand years ago, she was obsessed with Tsuchimikado's Seimei ancestor, so her The question makes me very concerned."

     After Ye Shu finished speaking, Gong Xiao was even more confused. He fell into deep thought and thought for a long time before saying: "Who are Mr. Ye's parents?"

     Ye Shu answered truthfully that he had never seen biological parents.

     In Gongxiao's eyes, there was bright light flashes, and a trace of uncanny expression appeared on his face.

     "Mr. Ye, can you tell me your bloodline? The blood of the old Guan Ye is far stronger than that of a monster. This is not something a mortal can do."

     Gong Xiao felt that Ye Shu was special early in the morning, so he took the opportunity to ask questions and looked forward to it.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment still said: "I traveled to England a few years ago and was bitten by a vampire, so I have the blood of today."

     Gong Xiao was stunned again, he didn't expect it to be like this.

     After thinking for a while, Gong Xiao suddenly shook his head: "Mr. Ye may have understood wrongly. It is not that the vampire bit you and you have a peculiar bloodline, but you have a peculiar bloodline, which attracts the vampire to bite you. This activates you. The bloodline of the vampire deliberately did it, I am afraid it has a plan."


     This time it's Ye Shu's turn to be stunned, I have a peculiar blood?

      So many years have come in the wrong order?

     "Do you have evidence?"

     Ye Shu frowned, he vaguely felt that his life experience was extraordinary, kept inside a drum all these years.Gongxiao smiled kindly: "Mr. Ye doesn't seem to understand vampires. Vampires can't just bite living people. That is the iron law of the Western government. Mr. Ye was bitten. You are still a foreigner, obviously because of your peculiar attraction. A vampire. If I expected it, the vampire planted a Bloodline Mark in your body. This is to keep you in captivity. But Mr. Ye's genius is so brilliant, and at this point, vampire's idea fell through."

     "So to speak, my blood is born extraordinary?"

     "Yes, that vampire just accidentally activated the blood of Mr. Ye, to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it."

     Everything is clear. Back then, in Ram Alley, England, that coquettish and sexy Daphne was not going to have a one-night stand with herself, but to raise herself in captivity so that she could feed Achille in the future.

     Although Ye Shu had already had mental preparation, it was still a bit uncomfortable now, because he already regarded Aiqier as his daughter.

     But he calmed down quickly, and now is not the time to ponder his daughter.

     "President Gongxiao, my blood is related to Tuyumen?"

     Ye Shu thought about it, his heart twisted. This is the same as Xiao Feng in Demigods and Semi-Devils. After being a Han for so long, he has already had a relationship with the Han nationality. As a result, he is a Khitan and is uncomfortable.

     If Ye Shu is a descendant of the Tsuchimikado Family, this joke is a big deal, and he is basically unable to accept it.Gong Xiao said: "Ghost girl Hongye is not a mortal, she is most sensitive to bloodlines. Since she mentioned the Tuyumen, it must have been revealed that Mr. Ye's blood is related to the Tuyumen. Mr. Ye can follow me to the Tuyumen. The palace verifies that if you are really a descendant of Tsuchimikado's, then it is really fortunate for my family."

     Public filial piety warmly invited Ye Shu to be somewhat unable to sit or stand still (out of nervousness etc), and then he said goodbye: "I have to think about it again, forgive me."

     He walked away quickly, Gong Xiao shook his head and sighed, not knowing what he was thinking.

     Ye Shu left the banquet room with a pain on his face.

     In fact, this is what happened, and the result is basically certain. He must be a descendant of Tsuchimikado's.

     A Chinese monster would definitely not be able to accept it if he knew that he was an Oriental, let alone a mortal?

     "Surprised, what the hell is it?"

     Ye Shu walked around the corridor, went straight to the study room of Huakaiyuan, and began to search for ancient books.

     As soon as she entered, Mei ran over and asked gently, "Master, what did the president tell you? Can you be the vice president?"

     "Don't mention these things, you help me find books, about the Tsuchimikado Family family, find out everything."

     (Ye Shu is a mixed race)
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